the elder scrolls:skyrim

What your Skyrim Race says about you
  • High Elf: You Want Benedict Cumberbatch to do unspeakable things to you.
  • Nord: You Probably supported Gamergate
  • Khajiit: You're a fucking furry and probably had a crush on Kovu growing up.
  • Breton: You're really boring. Like, super boring.
  • Redguard: You would be boring but you have a thing for pretty swords so that makes you not boring.
  • Wood Elf: You have a Lord of the Rings fetish.
  • Argonian: You're pissed you can't actually play as a dragon.
  • Dark Elf: You're edgy and have seriously debated about wearing a trench coat.
  • Orcs: You're so forgettable that the op forgot they were even in the game and had to add this in the next time he reblogged it
  • Imperial: You're the boring clean cut white guy from a bad 90's direct to vhs movie