the elder of scrolls skyrim


Domhnacha - Dragonsworn

The Tribe of the Lughna during times of war or great peril select a maiden to undergo the ‘Rite of the Dragonsworn’.

To these ancient peoples of the Druadach Mountains the dragon represents the highest pinnacle of a hunters skill and the rite imbues that power and strength into their chosen Champion.

The Old Gods now stir within the dread forests great depths, and the hidden ways leading to his Lords Hunting Grounds open once more. 

The Horned God awaits his next Champion - be they the sacrifice or the bearer of the killing knife. 


Vld in the world of elder scrolls.

Keith is a half-blood dunmer.His mother abandoned him when he was a child and left behind many questions. After the death of his father, Keith followed mother’s steps and went to Skyrim looking for answers.

Shiro - nord, veteran of the Great War. He got a dwemer arm-prosthesis after the experiments in the Talmor captivity. Shiro escaped from captivity and fought on empire side till the end of the war, but the elves did not want to lose a valuable specimen, so Shiro was forced to hide in the cold forests of Skyrim.

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Well I’m a little irritated because I can’t get Arya’s glowy eyes to line up with her actual eyes (which has been a problem ever since I scaled her height) no matter what I do in NifSkope, but I’ve wasted too much time on it so I’ll probably just get rid of them entirely at this point.

But no more disco magma shaders, and they have their own colors!


To do what?  That’s the correct response, you nuggets.