the eight tails

anyway it's snowing AGAIN bitch if we liked snow we would have stayed back east

I can’t really talk about the Thing I am Definitely Not Writing About without spoiling the joke, but please consider this joke that I don’t know if I can put in:

Baby alpha Chicken Nugget tries to peacock for Yuri-kun, who is so beautiful and who he admires and worships so much. Yuri doesn’t notice.

Victor shows up dressed in Armani, with his metaphorical tail dragging eight feet behind him, flips it up, dances around Yuri, puts his hands all over him and grooms him in front of baby alpha who had previously believed he could display for Yuri.


Yuri still doesn’t notice.

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Let’s not forget the epic SasuKarin moment of Sasuke saving Karin from the Eight Tails:

Him being worried about her safety:

And him awakening a new Sharingan Ability, all for her sake:

Hehe, sorry if the post was kinda weird and random, I just thought it’d be necessary since I was on my Lunch Break! XD

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Feet or Tails: Part Eight

Summary: Maiden’s Cove has always had legends of merpeople living nearby. Y/N finds out that those legends might hold some truth to them.

Warnings: gabrielxreader, merman!Gabriel, human!reader

Word Count: 1346

Author: Gwen

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

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It took a couple days to recover, mostly due to the fact Bobby wanted to make sure you were alright. When he finally deemed you healthy, you decided to go to the library and dig up some info about swimmers and creatures in the ocean.

A lemon scent drifted past you as you walked in, noticing one of the librarians cleaning the shelves. She had great pride in her work as she moved with a determined look. You considered asking her for help, but you left her alone and opted to use one of the few computers to search for the different sections.

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I wonder why Naruto’s childhood was the way it was. Kushina it appears was a vessel for the kyuubi therefore all she did was use her chains to keep the kyuubi sealed inside her. The intention wasn’t for her to be able to use the Kyuubi’s power. 

Minato’s intention for Naruto was to be a weapon like he saw Killer Bee using and struggling with the eight-tails’ power.

Since Kushina was made jinchuriki under Sandaime’s reign and Naruto under Minato’s… does this mean the Sandaime simply intended to keep Naruto a vessel as he did with Kushina? Jiraiya later trained Naruto and the Sandaime wondered when he had learned to use that power.

What I’m saying is that there is a difference in philosophy or long term plans for the jinchuriki of Konoha between Sandaime and Yondaime. Naruto for all his chakra and talent for higher level techniques could not grow as a ninja until he stole a scroll or was trained by specific individuals. 


She’s a kitsune. Sharing her body with another spirit that is mischievous, dangerous, and out of control.

She has powers that were barely even hinted at yet.

Her mother is 900 years old, with countless life lessons to teach, potentially dozens of old enemies or rivals or friends for Kira to meet and interact with, could have other kitsune children for Kira to meet and get to know.

She just found out in the past year that she’s as good as immortal and going to outlive everyone she loves and cares about.

She went to train with three nigh-all powerful and ancient spirits or guardians or whatever.

She was dating the most significant supernatural being in Beacon Hills and regarded as his equal, never his lesser.

She got her ability to heal when she got her first tail, through attaining wisdom and experience. She had at least eight more tails to go, each of which would coincide with learning another lesson or having another important experience and gaining her more power in the process.

She’s an expert swordswoman, instinctively. What else could she do, that she just didn’t even know to try yet?

She’s the first and only girl on the lacrosse team, the show’s favorite and go-to sport.

She was in a position to mentor new character Hayden on what its like to suddenly be a supernatural creature with a dangerous side you don’t know how to control.

She made a deal with three very old, very powerful beings to save her friends, a deal which could have serious consequences if broken, a deal that her friends would absolutely do everything in their power to break to save her.

Teen Wolf Writers and Producers: But nah, see, there really was nothing left to do with Kira’s character, we had to make room for more new characters with untapped potential and more to explore. We basically did all we could with Kira, it was time for her to go.