the eight passenger


This is the commercial vessel Torrens out of Saint Clair, registration number MSV-7760, calling Sevastopol traffic control. We’re carrying three passengers on a Weyland-Yutani bond. You’re holding the Nostromo flight recorder unit. We request immediate permission to transfer the passengers port-side. Over.


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all my imagines that I wrote everyday in february, enjoy! (inspired by dodie clark doing vedif) 

day one: Ashton - That Band

it was just a festival, until she bumped into someone who caused things to take an unexpected twist.

day two: Luke - Alive, just

crushed by the waves, amnesia ridden and unable to remember the one closest to her.

day three: Michael - Nightmares No More 

he was her safety net, always there to catch her after a bad dream

day four: Calum - Background People

sometimes it’s the one you don’t pay attention to that has the biggest impact.

day five: Ashton - That Band, part two 

she caught a musician’s eye without knowing, now she had to find him.

day six: Luke - Nights Without You 

an unexpected visit from the one she needed most.

day seven: Michael - Ever Growing Love 

who’d of thought that two strangers would’ve impacted so strongly on each others lives, told through the perspective of a close friend. 

day eight: Calum - Passenger 

you go through life as an observer, you see people go by and never know them. but what if you got to, just once without knowing? 

day nine: Ashton - If Only: Part Three

to him she was everything, yet to her he was a stranger to talk to unaware of him being her guardian angel. 

day ten: Luke - Winter Chills

snowball fights on a fresh winter morning, a simple yet sweet way to spend with the person you love. 

day eleven: Michael - Loose Threads: Part Three

devastated from last nights actions she goes to see Michael and hear him out one last time. 

day twelve: Calum - Cheat Day

a surprise order is in store for Calum as he tries his best to be a supportive friend, yet ultimately fails. 

day thirteen: Ashton  - A Day To Remember

both single, both up for an adventure. what a way to spend valentine’s day. 

day fourteen: Luke - Home Comforts

long distance is never easy, sometimes it just takes the sound of his voice to bring you the comfort you truly need. 

day fifteen: Michael - (preference)  #40. Let’s break the rules, just for one night.

all she wanted was something different, but what Michael had in store for her wasn’t what she expected. 

day sixteen: Calum - (preference)  #35. So you’re telling me that you’re dead?

rushing to see her friend who remains in a coma she is unable to hold back her feelings for him, and as they say, comatose patients can hear you. 

day seventeen: Ashton - (preference)  #55. Sometimes the darkest days have bright bursts.

supportive figures come in all forms, even the best friend you’re deeply in love with. 

day eighteen: Luke - (preference)  #44. It was just a walk.

it was just a chat between strangers, nothing else. or at least that was all it was meant to be. 

day nineteen: Michael - Interview 

yet another interview the band had to do whilst she sat out of sight watching, until a story she wished to not hear came to her attention. 

day twenty: Calum - Night Life 

one too many drinks has been known to cause the unexpected to become something else entirely, much to her and Calum’s confusion. 

day twenty one: Ashton - One Sided: Part Seven

it’s no longer just her as her written words screamed for help whilst he silently wished for her to stay.

day twenty two: Luke - Sacrifices 

sometimes to achieve your dreams you have to make the greatest sacrifices, other times they’re made on your behalf. 

day twenty three: Michael - Postcards From My Past 

years and years worth of written care all for her, yet knowing he is soon coming home an apparent hidden message is uncovered. 

day twenty four: Calum - Judgement 

their entire relationship revolved around secrecy, meeting in hidden places to remain out of the world’s eye. but in reality, the secret can hurt more than the truth. 

day twenty five: Ashton - Mistaken Identity 

a last minute night out before she goes back for her last few months at school manage to change all because of a mysterious individual. 

day twenty six: Luke - Old Times 

some messages will always have the same memories, no matter how much time passes or how things change. 

day twenty seven: Michael - Postcards From My Past, part two

with Michael home she has little time to decipher his messages and meanings, but it isn’t easy with the box of postcards that have been collected over the years.

day twenty eight: Calum - A Goodbye

it’s never easy to say goodbye to the ones you love and have grown as a person with but sometimes it’s inevitable. 

thank you for reading wedif, it was certainly an adventure! - catherine x 

Honeymooners Pt 5

Who knows? Not I! But everyone is so nice and I finally got to the end of my ideas so now it will definitely slow down for real, so like probably nothing today/tomorrow but maybe? I don’t know. I write so sporadically… Appreciate all the lovely lovely feedback and seriously, if you have any suggestions/ideas please let me know, I’d be happy to try and include them. (namely things to do on a honeymoon)

The tram bounced and and swayed, winding its way down the mountainside and towards the beach. You sat with your arms crossed protectively over your chest, beach wrap wrapped tightly around you while you still had its comforting presence. Mostly you focused on your breathing.

Loki, meanwhile, leaned back easily, legs spread wide apart with one arm resting protectively on your shoulder as the tram moved along.

It was a hanging tram, seating about eight passengers but only you and Loki rode at this time. It sailed along marvelously over the treetops, offering a beautiful view of the beach and surrounding countryside. For you though, the view was mostly lost as you wracked your nerves over having to see Loki naked as well as him seeing you completely exposed.

“Is it really a nude required beach, surely no one is going to enforce it?” You grumbled, studying your hands.

Loki chuckled, “Well, I suggest we try and fit in darling, but if you’re too shy, I will defend your honor.”


Loki shrugged, idly toying with your hair, “Of course. I must say, your modesty is amusing, I can’t think of a single instance in all the time we’ve known each other that I’ve seen you this nervous, nor naked as I am surely about to.”

You bit your lip, “I haven’t seen you naked either.”

Again, Loki shrugged, “There are bathhouses frequented on Asgard, being nude is hardly unheard of.”

“That sounds dreadful.” It sounded interesting if you were being honest. You weren’t as shy normally as you felt right now, but the idea of seeing Loki in all his glory both intrigued and excited you, but you feared how your body might react. Without the safety of cover, it might be immediately apparent how you feel about him and that could ruin whatever relationship the two of you had built. It interested you that Loki’s body had responded in such a way to yours this morning, but physical stimuli could cause all sorts of reactions and you hardly felt flattered.

“Beach.” A mechanical voice announced as the doors slid open. A dazed looking couple stood outside the door, barely covered in towels and leaning on each other as they giggled giddily at one another. They noticed you and Loki and their shy giggles increased as they slowly scrambled into the tram. You waited for them before nervously gripping Loki’s hand and dragging him after you.

Two small huts, clearly marked as bathrooms as well as showers for rinsing off the salt water stood a short distance from where the tram landed.

“I guess there’s lockers in there for our things?” You asked.

Loki shook his head, “There’s enclosures throughout the beach as private secluded areas for couples to well,” he cleared his throat and looked at you pointedly, “each corresponds with the room number.”

“There is no shame here.” You muttered.

Loki laughed, “It’s a lovers’ resort, they were very clear in their intentions of what couples do.”

Sighing, you nodded, “Alright, well based on the number system, we’re over there.”

Moans and grunts grew louder as you approached various enclosures, the sounds slowly waning as you distanced yourself from each place. Some were quiet, faint sounds of conversations, others had soft screams occasionally peppering the air.

“Someone could be murdered out here and no one would know.” You exclaimed.

Loki laughed, “I think most have other ideas in mind.”

“Can never be too cautious.” Your words faded as a naked couple walked past you and Loki, bodies hanging on each other as they kissed. You blinked hard, face flushed as you looked at Loki’s face. “I uh…”

Loki raised his eyebrow unperturbed. Another couple passed you, equally bare and you forced yourself to continue looking ahead. “This is so awkward,” you muttered out of the corner of your mouth.”

“We’re almost to our base of sorts.”

“Oh good!” There was a hanging curtain covering the entrance and you rushed in, tripping and collapsing onto a pile of pillows. You slowly rolled over and looked around. It was really just a small room, a pile of pillowy cushions resting in the middle as a sort of makeshift bed with no ceiling. You could lay here and stargaze if you wanted, you realized, though the sun was still crawling upwards. “This is nice.” You tilted your head to the side.

Loki looked around the small space and nodded, “Agreed, a little place of solitude, you can bathe in the sun or other activities, depending on what you choose to partake in. I wish I had thought to bring a book.”

“Unless it was a sex book, people might talk.”

Loki rolled his eyes, “I’m sure the cover could be adjusted to suit my needs.”

“I wonder where Clara and Toran are, we forgot to ask their room number. Maybe they’re in the water.” You thought of Clara’s look at Loki and found you didn’t want her seeing him naked, that surge of possessiveness welled once more within you.

Loki sank down into the cushions beside you, trying to get comfortable. “Well this was your idea. However you want to go forward, I will follow. We still have to meet the owner and I doubt he would be minding his guests in such a location, so this is for relaxation.”

“This is hardly relaxing.” You grumbled, “why can’t it be clothing optional, not nude required?”

Loki laughed, “Your modesty continues to amuse me.” He sat up and pulled off his shirt, laying back once more and resting his arm over his eyes as he lay soaking in the sun. His skin was so pale, yet the rippling of his toned muscles beneath his abdomen had your legs squirming together. If Loki shirtless could excite you… You forced the thought away, as always it came creeping back.

“You can take off your wrap I suppose, allow your body to absorb the vitamins from the sunlight.” Loki lifted his hand and offered you a crooked smile.

“Yea, yea,” you stood up and undid the towel, bunching it up as an extra pillow beneath your head.

Loki’s hand quickly returned to covering his eyes but a ghost of a smile stayed on his face. “Our work from this morning has stayed.”

You looked down at the bruises on your hips and grimaced, they were quite tender. “We really should go to the water, anyone who doesn’t visit the beach… that’s got to be suspicious.”

Loki nodded absently, “Shall I lead or will you strip first.”

You bit at your lip nervously, trying to think of which would be worse. Apparently you stayed quiet for too long, for Loki grunted and slowly straightened up. As he stood, he pulled his swim trunks down, revealing himself in all his nude glory. Your eyes widened, for sitting up you were almost at the height to stare directly at his manhood. You quickly looked away, sinking your teeth into your fist as you tried to stay quiet and aloof.

The brief glimpse you had been unable to ignore of Loki, he was massive, truly a god in his own right. No wonder he had that extra strip of leather hanging over his regular armor, he was walking around with a deadly weapon. A whole stream of thoughts, each ogling and marveling at him ran through your head as your mind all but blanked.

“Darling, are you going to now or do you need help?”

You leapt to your feet, faking a coughing fit as you looked anywhere but at the ground. “I got it.” You turned your back to him, slowly undoing the straps of your bikini top and discarding it beside Loki’s swim trunks. Breathing in deeply, eyes closed, you shimmied out of your bottoms, struggling to maintain your composure as Loki stood a close distance behind you.

You’re just getting undressed for a shower, like you do every day,’ you told yourself, slowly spinning around and folding your arms over your chest. “Ok.” You squeaked, pressing your knees together.

Loki’s gaze flickered down but quickly returned to your face. “You look very lovely.” He muttered, his voice sounding strained. Clearing his throat, Loki glanced away, “Shall we, erm, shall we go to the water?”

You allowed a brief smile of victory, pleased that Loki suddenly seemed more self conscious. “Now who’s the shy one?” You taunted.

Loki placed his hands on his hips and you fought the urge to follow their movements. “You’re still covering yourself love, have some confidence, you’re certainly not hard to look at.”

“That was almost a compliment.” You struggled to stop yet another blush.

Loki chuckled, “I’m almost good at them.”

“You’re an ass.”

Loki twisted his back, glancing down at his own behind. “It’s there, care to kiss it, as they say?”

You covered your eyes, groaning loudly as you grabbed his forearm and dragged him from the enclosure. “My day job is much easier than this.” You grumbled.

Loki laughed, “I’d imagine it is. I must say, this is far more amusing though.”

You had come to the end of the sea of tent like enclosures, finally reaching an open expanse of the beach. You had never seen so many naked people spread out on towels and under umbrellas, dozing in the morning sunlight.

“That’s a lot of people.” Loki commented idly.

“Let’s just get to the water, the sooner I can cover myself, the better I’ll feel.”

Loki wrapped his hands around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder, “I saw one of your Midgardian movies, one of the characters said ‘flaunt it if you’ve got it’. I think it’s fair to say you should flaunt it.” He pecked your cheek lightly before passing in front of you, grabbing your hand and tugging you along.

A genuine smile, appreciating the kindness of Loki’s words crossed your face and you tilted your head to the side, allowing him to lead you. Clearly your infatuation was not misplaced.

The third red truck that stole my attention
never really took me anywhere.
Instead, it sat in parking lots
like it was waiting for an excuse
to hit the gas and go.
I spent eight months in the passenger seat
before realizing there was no adventure awaiting me;
there wasn’t even a destination.
Leaving was painless;
I simply opened the door and walked away.
—  m.j.b.//I think I’ll just ride my bike from now on

anonymous asked:

core 6 on a random roadtrip?

  • Their junior year of highschool Minkus buys them tickets for Coachella.
  • They were all going to fly there but Smackle is terrified of flying and the only way to get her to go is to drive there.
  • It’s a 40 hour car ride and Cory literally begs them to fly but they refuse to leave Smackle and decide that if they leave a week early enough they can stop in different cities on their way through.
  • Minkus gets them an eight passenger mom van to drive and Maya lovingly dubs it the “silver bullet”.
  • Everyone tries to convince her to call it something different since a silver bullet could be thought of as dirty, but she refuses to call it anything else. 
  • Lucas drives most of the time because he is the best driver and no one else is quite as trusted to get them to California safely.
  • Riley isn’t allowed to drive because she gets distracted by tall buildings and pretty scenery. 
  • Maya sits in the front passenger seat when Lucas drives because he likes to play country music and Maya would rather jump out of the car than listen to another song about cowboy boots. 
  • Zay makes Lucas take a detour to DC so that he can stop at Langley. He and Maya both spend forty five minutes trying to figure out how they can join the CIA. 
  • Smackle gets offended that they’d rather join the CIA than the NSA. 
  • They spend the day at the Smithsonian and Farkle/Smackle/Maya get really into all of the science exhibits. 
  • Maya leaves them both shocked when she wins a science trivia contest against the two of them.
  • Farkle and Smackle don’t speak to her for two hours until she reminds them that they’ll always be better at everything else than she is. 
  • While driving through Tennessee Farkle sees a sign for the Oak Ridge nuclear facility and forces Lucas to stop there.
  • They spend half a day learning about all of the crazy stuff that went down there back during the cold war.
  • He and Smackle get in trouble for trying to sneak into the top secret area and they’re all forced to leave.
  • While everyone is asleep Lucas drives straight through to Nashville and checks them into a hotel. 
  • When Maya wakes up to see a giant cowboy themed neon sign she yells “absolutely not” and looks up busses to NYC.
  • They spend two days in Nashville and Smackle gets really into the southern aesthetic. She wears cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and all denim. 
  • Maya and Riley get into a karaoke competition on Broadway at Tootsies in the afternoon and they win $200 dollars. 
  • Since they’re minors they can’t get into any of the bars after ten and Maya promises Lucas that once they’re twenty-one they can come back and have the “full Nashville experience.” 
  • Once they’re almost out of Tennessee they stop at Neely’s BBQ in Memphis because of how much Riley loves the Neely’s TV show.
  • Riley gets BBQ Spaghetti and cries over how good it is and how she’s never leaving Memphis.
  • Zay has to throw her over his shoulder to get her out of the restaurant. 
  • Maya buys three boxes of takehome BBQ spaghetti and a few bottles of Neely’s BBQ sauce so that Riley can have some on the road.
  • Riley eats all three boxes within two hours of leaving the restaurant and they have to pull over at a rest stop because she gets sick.
  • They stop in Little Rock, Arkansas because Zay saw something at a rest stop about gem stone digging and he wants to do it.
  • Lucas finds a Ruby in his hunk of dirt and has it turned into a necklace at the tourist shop for Maya.
  • Farkle and Smackle find a bunch of awesome gemstones and buy little collectable books to keep theirs in.
  • Zay and Riley turn all of theirs into jewelry and they both walk around acting like they’re super rich.
  • Maya gives hers to Riley because Riley’s excitement over them was adorable.
  • After they leave Little Rock they get a hotel on the side of the road in between Little Rock and Oklahoma City. The hotel gets their bed request wrong and they all have to sleep on one giant king sized bed.
  • When they wake up in the morning the girls are all cuddled up with eachother, Zay has Maya’s legs on top of him, Farkle is falling off of the edge of the bed, and Lucas is on the floor. 
  • They make a stop in Oklahoma City because Maya wants to go to the Bombing memorial. She buys a bouquet of flowers and puts a flower on the names of everyone who has a birthday that week.
  • Maya ends up walking off by herself for about an hour and just crying because the memorial is so beautiful, and being from NYC and visiting the 911 memorial she feels connected to the victims.
  • She sits quietly in her seat during the hour and a half drive to Amarillo, Texas and decides to herself to paint something for the museum when she gets home. 
  • They stop in Amarillo and go to Cadillac Ranch because Lucas and Zay went there when they were little and they wanted to see if their names were still painted on a car. 
  • It of course wasn’t and they get super offended for about ten minutes before deciding to repaint the cars.
  • All six of the kids paint their own area of a car. Riley paints a purple cat, Lucas paints his name, Farkle paints a robot, Smackle paints flowers, Zay paints a self portrait of himself, and Maya turns the entire car into the NYC skyline.
  • They all have dinner at Cadillac ranch and lay under the stars until it closes. Then they get a hotel right outside of Amarillo.
  • At the hotel they get two rooms with a conjoined door. Smackle and Zay stay in one room watching some history film, Riley and Farkle stay in the other watching Hairspray, Lucas and Maya end up out in the hot tub all night talking about life and trying to count the stars.
  • The next morning Zay finds out that they have to drive through Albuquerque and he begs everyone to stop at the HSM school.
  • They do, and since school is in session they pretend like they go there so that they can get in.
  • Zay and Riley stand in front of Sharpay’s locker and basically cry for ten minutes until Maya has to force them to leave.
  • Riley also begs Farkle to reenact some of the scenes between Troy and Gabriella that take place in the hallway. He does but then the principal calls them out to ask why they arent in class and they take off running  to their car.
  • Lucas gets tired of driving and Maya tries to drive. She lasts for about an hour before they collectively decide she has to stop because she’s trying to race other cars.
  • She also played a game called “let’s piss off everyone” where she drove in the fast lane at the same speed as the car next to her in the slow lane. People were honking at her. There was a line of about twenty cars behind them.
  • Zay had to take over driving because Maya was definitely going to get them killed. 
  • When they get to Phoenix Zay dares Maya to grab a cactus. She does and ends up getting stuck.
  • They have to go to the ER to get it taken out because Farkle doesn’t want her to get an infection and Smackle convinces her that if she does get an infection he entire hand will fall off.
  • That was the moment that Lucas decided not to leave Zay and Maya alone together.
  • Riley convinces everyone to stop at this restaurant in Tempe called Phoenix Market where she orders her weight in Nachos and declares that she’s never leaving Phoenix.
  • They get a hotel in Tempe and Farkle begs them to stop at a Walmart so that he can buy eggs and a skillet for a science experiment. 
  • It’s the first Walmart that Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Smackle have ever been in (Since they dont have them in NY) and they spend two hours going crazy over all of the things you can buy. 
  • The next morning everyone wakes up to find that Farkle and Smackle are missing. When they look outside of the hotel room they see the two of them with a skillet on the ground in the parking lot and the two of them are frying eggs.
  • They have scrambled eggs for breakfast and Riley spends twenty minutes complaining about the 115 degree weather in the spring.
  • The drive from Tempe to Coachella is 3 and a half hours and in that time Lucas convinces them to stop at In n out three times.
  • He practically cries when he takes a bite because the last time he ate In n Out was in Dallas like four years ago and he’s missed it so much.
  • Riley doesnt understand what the big deal about In n Out is and Lucas kicks her out of the trip.
  • Maya kicks him from under the table and he invites her back in. 
  • When they finally get to Coachella they find out Minkus has gotten them a huge camper for the weekend and they spend the weekend having the best time ever.
  • After Coachella is over they decide to go a slightly different way home and end up taking a slight detour to LA where they spend three days.
  • Once they leave LA they drive to the Grand Canyon and spend a day listening to Maya cry about how beautiful all of the colors are and Riley cry about how clear the sky is. 
  • Then they drive through Vegas and listen to Zay cry about how much he wishes he was twenty one because he wants to have a night like the hangover. 
  • They also stop in Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh before getting home. 
  • They dub it the greatest trip ever and decide to do it every summer until they’re dead. 


Obit of the Day: The Man Who Brought Down KAL 007

On September 1, 1983 at approximately 6:00 p.m. local time, a Soviet MiG jet launched two air-to-air missiles at Korean Air Lines Flight 007 (KAL 007). They dentoated 50 meters behind the Boeing 747 destroying the plane’s hydraulic systems and damaging the tail. Twenty-eight minutes later the passenger jet crashed on Moneron Island in Japan killing all 269 people aboard*.

The Soviets claimed that the jet, which was on the second leg of a flight from New York to Seoul, was actually a spy plane having crossed over into Soviet territory twice before being shot down. In fact, due to a tragic pilot error, the auto-pilot was simply set incorrectly and the plane crossed into the territory without the crew’s knowledge.

The attack on KAL 007 created an international uproar, and while the Soviet Union insisted that the plane was there to spy, President Ronald Reagan referred to the attack as a “crime against humanity.” To make matters worse, the Soviets hindered U.S. search-and-rescue efforts. It wasn’t until after the fall of Communism in 1991 that full records were made available and it was determined that KAL 007 was known to be a passenger plane and was, most likely, in international airspace when missiles were launched.

The order to destroy KAL 007 was given by General Anatoly Kornukov, who was the senior officer on Sakahlin Island. General Kornukov was himself ordered to bring down the aircraft once it was determined that it was not a civilian aircraft. Gen. Kornukov replied, “What civilian? [It] has flown over Kamchatka! It [came] from the ocean without identification. I am giving the order to attack if it crosses the State border.” The pilot who fired the missiles that brought down KAL 007 later stated that he was never asked if the plane was a civilian aircraft, and even though he knew it was a Boeing 747 he never reported it.

General Kornukov was not reprimanded for his actions and it did no harm to his career. In fact, fifteen years after the tragedy General Kornukov was named the head of the Russian Air Force by then-president Boris Yeltsin. The U.S. government and survivor families were upset by the decision but General Kornukov remained in his post until he reached retirement age in 2002.

Anatoly Kornukov, who said “I will always be convinced that I gave the right order” when asked about the incident years later, died on July 1, 2014 at the age of 72. 

Sources: NY Times and Wikipedia

(Image of the September 12, 1983 cover of Time is courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine and copyright of Time, Inc. The cover was originally painted by Thomas Paone.)

* Of the 269 killed the countries with by far the largest casualties were South Korea with 105 passengers and crew dead and the United States with 62 killed, including Georgia Rep. Larry McDonald. Twenty-two children under the age of 12 were also on Flight 007.

The story has it that when the gold ran out, a new enterprise was formed and the Grizzly Peak Rafting Company came into being.

The result, the Grizzly River Run, commonly known as GRR, is the wildest, wettest raft ride in the West.

The eight-passenger rafts start with a 45-foot high climb up Grizzly Peak, with drenching drops to follow.

You’ll race down a California river through white water rapids, mountain caverns, waterfalls, and to a dizzying drop into the river gorge.

There are two drops, the final one being the Grizzly-Go-Round.

Guests drop 22 feet, while the raft spins 360º.

Each ride is unique, but one thing is certain, you will get wet.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask you to write a blurb for "The way you said I love you" prompt for a variation of 28? (Not "when I'm dead", but "as you're dying/in a coma, as if that'd bring you back to me") I want you to break my heart, please.

Since the original prompt was written as though Will was dead, it’s only fair that the second time around I make it about Nico.

The Way You Said I Love You

Twelve survivors. Nine conscious, three unresponsive. The rest killed. Will’s stomach threatened to heave up its contents. All bodies still alive are being rushed to a hospital immediately. The news cast that played in the staff room was usually bleak and normally, Will didn’t pay much attention to it. That is, until he caught sight of a headline that made his heart stop.

Nico had been in Italy for three weeks, wrapping up the last of his mother’s ties and working on transferring her financial statements to America. Will had planned on picking Nico up from the airport on his way home and he was heading out of the hospital when he saw the headline.

An American airliner on its way back to the states from Italy reportedly lost control and crash landed just outside New York. Of the ninety-eight passengers aboard, only twelve survived. Will glanced down at his phone, his gut twisting. There was no way that had been Nico’s plane, right? Will watched in horror as the news cut to a scene of a plane on fire, firemen dashing around it spraying water to try and douse the flames.

Will quickly dialed Nico’s phone. When it went to voicemail several times, Will’s hands begun to shake and he squeezed his eyes shut when tears started falling.

“Nico? You better be okay. I swear, if that was your plane, I’m never letting you fly again. Why aren’t you picking up? I’m worried sick. I hope you’re alright. I love-” A beep cut Will off and automatically ended the call.

He sunk into a chair in the brake room, his whole body trembling. He didn’t even know who to call to find out if his husband had been on that plane, and if he was one of the survivors or not.

Not. Will didn’t know what he would do if he got a call that Nico was dead. He’d probably scream, pull his hair, slam his fist into a wall. Or he might go numb, stare blankly as the words sunk in, too shocked to speak. He didn’t know what he’d do. He never thought this would happen to him.

Time seemed to crawl by, Will refreshing the news web page every few seconds to see if the list of survivors had been released yet, checking his call logs to see if maybe his phone hadn’t picked up a call from Nico assuring him that no, he hadn’t been on that plane, and yes, he was alright. Surly he would have been contacted by now if Nico had been in the crash, wouldn’t he?

Some of the survivors’ names have been released. Will listened closely, staring at the tiled floor. Nine names he didn’t recognize were listed and Will’s heart squeezed even tighter. He tried calling Nico again, but it didn’t even dial this time, just sending Will straight to Nico’s stupid voicemail.

Hey, this is Nico di Angelo-Solace. I couldn’t get to the phone, but leave a message and I might call you back. Will felt a watery smile pull on his lips, his whole body trembling with an intense need to know if his husband was okay or not.

He stayed in the break room long after his shift ended, calling the airline company several times to try and get an answer out of the about Nico, but no one seem to be able to give him any solid information.

Somehow, Will made it home, lying in bed for hours watching the news cast long after it had stopped reporting on the crash.

Will got a call from the police at three in the morning.

It’s not my fault if I write sad stuff when you guys keep asking for it.

CHINA, HONG KONG : A giant 60-meter-tall ferris wheel is lit up as it is used by passengers for the first time, in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong on December 5, 2014. The 60-meter wheel has 42 gondolas, each holding eight to 10 passengers and is expected to attract a million passengers a year - a rate of 2,740 a day, according to local media. AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE

Carry That Weight - Chapter 1

(Note: This fic is a 60s AU. There are some racial slurs in this story but they are true to the period and portrayed as WRONG. Our heroes are fighting racial and social inequality. You can check out my other multi-chapter fics on my Tumblr master post or on my Ao3 account.)

September 1962
Pontiac, Illinois

A clump of brothers and sisters gathered around a pair of walnut caskets. Heads bowed, they said nothing to one another and barely acknowledged the mass of mourners spilling over the cemetery lawn onto the asphalt path. Only Castiel stood erect, refusing to bow his head when the very concept of prayer didn’t save his parents. They died painfully in a plane crash west of Chicago. Television journalists reported the fireball being seen as far away as Milwaukee.

Tessa’s elbow jabbed his ribs. She wanted him to bow his head and pray like the rest of them. He ignored her and stared at the horizon with his hands clasped before him. Where was God in that senseless moment of destruction? Where were their parents? Where were the forty-eight other passengers who burned to death? He imagined all of them milling around the cemetery rattling chains like Dickensian ghosts and that horror forced his gaze to the blanket of autumn leaves beneath his feet.

“Cas, come on,” Tessa hissed under her breath. “At least act like you’re praying with the rest of them. There are reporters watching.”

“I don’t care. A god that would take parents from children for no reason deserves my silence.” He tipped his chin in a subtle direction toward their youngest sister, Hannah, just barely thirteen and shrouded by heavy dark hair and a black minidress. Knee-high socks protected her legs from the biting cold, as did her black pea coat, but she didn’t seem to notice the weather through her tears. “You really think God deserves my thanks and prayers when I’m burying Mom and Dad while scavengers take pictures to sell more papers? They’ll make money off those pictures. I don’t even know how I’m supposed to begin taking care of the rest of you in their places. This isn’t right. It’s not the natural order. It’s a bored deity toying with minuscule lives.”

“I’m seventeen now. I don’t need to be taken care of,” she said.

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New Girl- Stiles Stilinski one shot

New year, new school. You had moved every year since you were seven. Your mom had a job that required a ton of moving around. This year you would be a junior at Beacon Hills high school.

You had missed the first week of school but today was going to be your first day. You were pretty used to first days at new schools. You didn’t even get nervous anymore. You had a policy to not get too close to anyone and absolutely no boyfriends. You knew you would end up moving away and never seeing them again.

You hadn’t slept all night for some odd reason. You painted your room the other day and we’re still wearing the clothes you painted in. They were old and ratty and of course covered in paint. Your hair was up and very greasy, you haven’t washed it in a few days. There were quite noticeable bags under your eyes from the lack of sleep as well.

“Hi honey, the moving van that has all of your clothes and other girly things broke down so your things won’t be here until after school at least.” your dad said as he peaked around your door.

“Great.” you looked down at what you are wearing, “I guess I’m going to school looking like this.”

Your dad looked at his watch, “I’m running late, gotta go. Love you!” He yelled as he ran down the stairs.

As you started to out your shoes on your realized that your backpack was also in the moving van the broke down. You looked over at your desk and saw the many books that you would have to carry to school. You sighed and grabbed your keys and somehow all the books and walked out to your car.

Once you found a parking spot at the school you grabbed a total of eight textbooks from the passenger seat and carried them into the school. You found the front office and asked the secretary where your locker was. She handed you a slip of paper with your combination on it. You managed to get a locker on the second floor. Great.

You lugged the books up stairs and located your locker. You balanced the books between your hip and left arm and after a few tries got your locker open. As you tried to grab your books they all fell to the ground with a loud slap.

No one bothered to help, instead they just stared. You picked the books up one by one. As you stood up from grabbing the last book you hit your head in the edge of your locker.

“Shit!” you yelled. You reached up to your head and felt a huge cut. You looked at your hand and saw a great amount of blood.

“Here let me help.” you heard someone say. It was a man but you couldn’t see due to the blood running into your eye. You just clenched your eyes shut and covered the cut. “We should get you to the nurse.” the man said.

He guided you down the stairs to the nurses office. The nurse sat you down on the exam bed.

“She hit her head on her locker. As you can see she hit it pretty hard.” the guy said to the nurse.

“Thank you, Stiles. I can take it from here.” said the nurse.

You were guessing the guy must’ve been named Stiles. What the hell kind of a name is Stiles?

The nurse cleaned up your cut and placed a bandaid over it. Yet another great piece to this not so amazing fashion statement. The nurse checked you for a concussion and then told you it was best if you went home. She gave you a note excusing you from class and you walked out of the office. You were feeling a little lightheaded, you lost quite a bit of blood from the cut. Right as you stepped out a boy with dark hair and brown eyes stoop up.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“A little light headed.” you said. “The nurse is sending me home. The good thing is I won’t have to go to chemistry.” you laughed.

“God, Mr. Harris is the worst. Do you need a ride home?” Stiles asked.

“No, my car is parked outside. I just have to go to my locker and get my keys.” you looked around unfamiliar with this part of the school. “Although I don’t know how to get to my locker.”

“I can walk you. Follow me.” Stiles lead the way. “So, what’s with the paint covered clothes?” He asked.

“I just moved here and I was painting my room. The moving van the was carrying all of my clothes broke down and I had nothing else to wear. Hence why I look like a homeless meth addict.”

“You make a cute homeless meth addict.” He laughed. You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not so you like smiled and blushed. He was pretty cute you had to admit.

As you walked up the stairs your vision started to go black and you had to stop and hold onto the railing.

“Woah, are you okay?” Stiles asked as he came to your side to make sure you didn’t fall.

“Uhm, yeah. I just felt like I was going to faint.” You took a breath and started up the stairs again o get your keys.

“I’ll drive you home.” Stiles said. “I don’t think it’s safe for you to drive.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks.” you said. You grabbed your keys quick so you could get in your house and Stiles brought you out to a blue Jeep. “Won’t you get in trouble for leaving?” you asked.

“Not if I don’t get caught.” he said. He opened the door for you and helped you in. He went around to the drivers side, got in and started the car.

You gave him directions to your house and he started to drive.

“So I never got your name. I’m Stiles.” he said and smiled.

“I’m (Y/n).”

“So why did you move to Beacon Hills?” Stiles asked.

“My moms jobs requires us to move every year. Because of that I have my own rules to not get close to anyone and my number one rule is no boyfriends.” you told him.

“Too bad.” he smirked.

You just smiled and blushed once again. “Oh, take a right here!” you said as Stiles took a sharp turn. “It’s that house right there.” you pointed at your house.

Stiles turned into your driveway and turned off his Jeep. You and Stiles both opened your door at the same time. He came around to you to help you out of the car. You hit your head, you didn’t break your leg. He walked you to your door, you unlocked it and Stiles looked inside at the many boxes not yet unpacked. He also saw a house case of stairs.

“Here, I’ll help you upstairs.” Stiles said as he followed you inside. He helped you up the stairs and to your room.

“Thank you for helping me. No one else even bothered.” you said as you say onto your bed.

“No problem, I don’t know why they wouldn’t help someone as beautiful as you.” he said as you blushed one last time.

“Well I’m going to try to get some rest. I’ll see you at school tomorrow?” you questioned.

“Yes you will! I will wait outside the main doors for you.” you smiled at his kindness.

“Bye, Stiles.” you laughed.

“Bye, (Y/n).” he smirked.

He let himself out and you thought to yourself that following your rules here in Beacon Hills would be a little difficult.

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5, 7, and 44!

Corr blimey! Here we go!  You didn’t say a pairing, so I’mma go with Destiel :3 Sorry this is so late, I couldn’t remember what I tagged the prompt post as so I gave up looking but I just spent 10 minutes going through the last 4 days of posts to find it again. :)

Destiel + “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Dean reaches out for Cas’ hand the longer they stay at the cashier. Cas is talking to the tall guy behind the counter. 

“Cas? Come on,” Dean says, he tugs on Cas’ little finger discreetly, but Cas carries on talking, he’s mid conversation afterall. Dean then takes his whole hand, more conspicuously this time, making sure that the cashier can see him holding his boyfriend’s hand.

“Three dollars, ninety eight please,” The cashier says nonchanlantly. Cas hands over the money and gets his change. The cashier hands Cas his bag of items and they leave the shop.

“You were talking for ages.” Dean tells him.

“He was nice to talk to,” Cas replies, smiling and looking back at the small store. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

“No…” Dean mumbles.

“The guy has a girlfriend, Dean, he told me last week about her and that they were going to Italy this summer.”

“Oh… Well, maybe I just wanna hold your hand sometimes.”

“Uh, huh, all right then Dean, whatever you say.” He says and pecks him on the cheek. 

Destiel + “I almost lost you.”

Dean sat as close as he could on the hard plastic chair to the side of Cas’ bed in the hospital’s ER. Machines were beeping, humming and buzzing, relaying information Dean barely understood. All he knew was that Cas was alive and had a very good chance of a full recovery. They’d been hit by another car just eight hours ago. Dean had come away with superficial cuts and brusies and a broken arm. The same couldn’t be said for Cas who was still unconscious with several broken ribs and a punctured lung after the car hit the passenger side. 

Eight hours of waiting. Eight hours of worrying. Eight hours of telling himself that it’ll all be okay.Eight hours of that niggling in his brain saying ‘this is it, you’ve lost him, you never said you loved him’. Eight hours of holding his hand and asking him to wake up. 

And he did, after eight hours and fourty seven minutes, Cas was waking up. His hand clutched around Dean’s own and Cas looked up at him from where he was sat.

There was a moan and something that sounded like a cough but was more of a gurgle. 

“Hey, Cas? You waking up buddy?” Just another moan, but his eyes opened quickly before squeezing shut again from the bright lights in the room. “Hey, I’m just gonna get your doctor, don’t go back to sleep.” Dean tells him and wriggles his hand from Cas’ grip. 

“Hey, he’s waking up.” He tells the blonde haired doctor who then follows him back to the room, where he goes over Cas’ vitals and deems him as fit as he can be at this stage. Cas opens his eyes fully after the doctor finished assaulting his eyes with the penlight. 

Dean has his hand captured again in his own and squeezes it lightly when Cas turns to him. It feels like forever since he saw those ocean blue eyes. 

“Hey,” Dean smiles. Cas just croaks some sort of greeting back.

“I thought I lost you.” Dean tells him, voice cracking suddenly as the relief washes over him. Tears threaten to cascade over the edges of Dean’s green eyes, but Cas is already there to wipe them again with a thumb. 

“Gon… be… kay.” Cas said brokenly as he tries to speak again.

“I know, all going to be fine,”

Destiel + “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

“I’ve done this hundreds of times, Cas, you know this. We agreed not to go on about this.”

“If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” Cas crosses his arms and scowls at Dean. Yes, they’ve had this conversation so many times beforehand, yes, Dean always asks not to talk about it and yes, Cas knows that Dean will be okay.

“Look, I’ve gotta go, I just got a page from the boys and we’ve got a house on fire on 5th avenue.” Dean kisses Cas. “I’ll see you tonight, don’t wait up, I’ll be there in the morning.” Having a fireman for a boyfriend did have it’s downsides, the late nights, coming in at two in the morning and the whole dangerous job idea as well had Cas on edge. 

“Love you, Dean.” 

“I know.” and with that Dean disappears out the flat, down the stairs to where his work partner is waiting in the fire response car.
Writer Claims Hitler Is Buried in Spain, Did Not Commit Suicide

Julio Barreiro Rivas is a Spanish sculptor, composer, writer, and historian living in Venezuela. The octogenarian was born in the Galician province of Pontevedra and since then has led a pretty interesting life: heading up a family band called Los Hijos de la Casa Grande, masterminding an alleged orgy island for senior Venezuelan military officers, and claiming to have met Hitler. In fact, Julio has an interesting theory about Hitler: He says that history’s most despised man never killed himself at all and actually died and is buried in a cemetery in Galicia, northwest Spain.

“This finding wouldn’t change Europe’s history; it would just modify it,“ he told me modestly during a 30-minute international call. "People in Berlin and Russia know that Hitler and Eva were very unlikely to commit suicide one day after their wedding. Their friend Franco needed to compensate them for their favors in times of war, so he kept Hitler’s gold in Spain.”

Admittedly, there are a vast amount of holes in Julio’s story. Who are these “people in Berlin and Russia” who “know” for certain that Adolf and his lover would not have spent their honeymoon killing themselves? And how does he know that the former fascist dictator of Spain owed Hitler a favor? Still, Julio is committed to his tale and tells it with a burning intensity. When you speak to him, you get the feeling that this isn’t a prank, a joke, an attempt at being snide, or even some kind of artistic allegory. When I spoke with him, he genuinely seemed to believe what he was saying. 

“Even more nonsensical is the story about their bodies being burned with gasoline in the chancellery garden,” Julio continued. “Only those who would be truly interested in eradicating the memory of Hitler would believe it. That is, the Germans, who might believe it out of shame, and the Russians and the Americans, because they weren’t able to catch him.” Or just people who don’t really care about where exactly history’s most evil man is rotting. But Julio went on.

“Hitler set off early in the morning of April 29th, 1945, aboard a three-engine airplane. He landed in a small village called Córneas, hidden amid the mountains of Lugo, where an escort from the Guardia Civil [the Spanish military police] and some donkeys carrying saddlebags full of gold bars and other relics were waiting for him. He headed for Samos, through the towns of Cebreiro, el Hospital, and Triacastela, where he would eventually meet a committee from Samos’s convent. I don’t think anyone can refute my theory, since I saw Hitler, alive and kicking, in the convent.”

I guess he’s right. Who can dispute the claims of an 80-year-old Spanish man in a funny hat? According to Julio, he was 14 when he first encountered Hitler, Eva Braun, and some other German and Italian refugees. He was helping his uncle, a stonemason, build the Guardia Civilheadquarters in Samos, and the contract included a little secret job: the construction of an underground maze beneath the building for Hitler to live in. Apparently Franco was on very good terms with Mauro Gómez, who was then serving as abbot of the monastery, and the fascist leader visited Samos in 1943. Julio said that it was thanks to this job that he got to see the Nazi fugitives.

“I was the master builder’s nephew and the friend and confidant of the monastery’s abbot. I gained the confidence of all the people lodged there. I got to meet Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva personally in 1945. Aside from being a very pretty woman, Braun was young and nice, and the only thing she could say in Spanish was, ”Hola, ¿cómo estás, guapo?” [“Hello, how are you, handsome?”] I made friends, doing a job as their errand boy. He would tell me about all the things he used to buy for them and that Germans must have a lot of money, since they handed out really generous tips.”

I asked him about the specific purpose of the tunnels, but Julio was reluctant to provide an exact answer, apparently out of respect for his trade. “Soon after I arrived in Venezuela, I was hired by a government-owned company for the construction of a holiday resort and for other projects that I consider a state secret. What would the Venezuelan people think of me if I revealed these other secrets? I was not directly hired to build the Guardia Civil headquarters in Samos or Hitler’s bunker-apartment. But I think I am the only survivor who knows where he is buried. These jobs were commissioned by Franco. What would happen if I went to Spain and lifted the stone leading to Adolf Hitler’s tomb?“

I would pay to see that. I would also pay to see Hitler dressed as a Benedictine monk waltzing around a Galician convent. It is a fact, however, that Galicia was a strategic enclave for the Führer. Germans kept antennae in the town of Cospeito, submarines in the waters of the Atlantic coast, an airport in Las Rozas (Lugo), and even a tomb in San Amaro’s cemetery in A Coruña. Some alternative historians, like Abel Basti, also support the theory that the dictator didn’t pass away in his bunker but fled to Argentina from the Galician coast. Julio explains that he doesn’t know exactly how long Hitler could have been living in Galicia, although he is confident that his remains are still there. Unless a fire that occurred in 1951 eliminated all traces.

“It looked as if the monastery fire was a case of arson, with the only purpose of burning down any trace of Hitler and his cronies from Samos Convent,” Julio asserted.

Based on this information found in a newspaper archive, Franco visited Samos again after it had been rebuilt in 1960. It wasn’t until 1947 that Julio found out how Hitler got to Galicia. “My master announced that we had to leave, loaded with suitcases crammed with iron, for the construction of a furnace. We went past El Cebreiro, arrived at Piedrafita, and we plunged into a stone path. After a long walk, we got to Córneas. The first thing we saw was the majesty of a German three-engine airplane that, as we found out, had landed there on the first of May, 1945, where it had remained for nearly a year.

“I spent three months working in Córneas. The landowner told me how they had ruined his potatoes. There were eight passengers on board, including a woman. He also said that one of the passengers got injured when landing. I believe there must be someone in this little village who remembers the plane.”

At this point, I started to feel like a detective in a Nazi B movie. It is easy to find data on the web apparently confirming that a three-engine aircraft, namely a C-352, did land in Córneas. For example, here’s a comprehensive article by Luis G. Pavón, published in issue 67–68 of theRevista Española de Historia Militar, with photographs and details about this most strange event. Most of the facts match Julio’s description: anonymous and mysterious passengers, a skilful Blue Division pilot, strange accidental deaths of some witnesses, the Guardia Civil reception, and the remains of the aircraft guarded by soldiers for months. According to this version, the plane landed in 1950, coming from Getafe (Madrid), and both the plane itself and its passengers were Spanish. I point this out to Julio.

“That story cannot be true, since by that time the war was over, and so was the Blue Division. I was at the Pontoneros barracks, in Zaragoza. The locals in Córneas told me that the plane landed on May 1, 1945, with a frightening noise. That was the same day the Second World War ended and the German disengagement was a fact, so all the Spaniards from the Blue Division had to rush out.”

I decided to travel to Córneas following in the supposed footsteps of the Führer. If you are ever looking for a place to hide and never to be found, this is it; it’s basically just a bunch of micro-villages scattered throughout a mountain valley. According to Julio, the plane landed in a spot called Escanlar, on the property known as Finca do Noceiro. The mistress of the house confirmed it happened, though she could not specify a date. “It happened many years ago; I wasn’t here at that point. My husband knows about it, but he’s napping now,” she said. I decided against asking her if Hitler was one of the passengers. “Do you know if any of the passengers were German?” I asked. “No idea,” she replied. “Those who were on board were fine. I think they just ran out of fuel.”

I asked a few more neighbors, who also said they were too young to remember. One of them said that a few years ago a Gypsy had visited the village who remembered things vividly. “He said that he came to help scrap the plane when he was a kid and that he had great memories of those days.” I didn’t find anything else, and I have no idea why I expected I would.

I asked Julio whether it was true that he had tried to contact Baltasar Garzón, the judge who avidly pursued the extradition of General Pinochet, the prosecution of the Basque separatist group ETA, and the opening of an inquiry into crimes against humanity committed by Franco. If there was one man in Spain who might be up for investigating Julio’s version of the facts, it would be Garzón.

“I went to Garzón when I found out he was interested in looking for the dead bodies of the victims of Franco’s repressive regime. It would be important for Spain and the entire world if they searched the catacombs of the monastery of Samos and found the remains of the most dreadful criminal in the history of humanity. It took me so long to tell him my version of events because there used to be a strict control over state secrets.”

Perhaps tellingly, Garzón never answered.

Hitler buried in a Galician tomb, secret tunnels, fascist monasteries, mysterious planes. Is Julio right or wrong? Is he crazy or not? Maybe no one should listen to the ranting of an 80-year-old man without skepticism. Draw your own conclusions. I only know one thing: There’s a part of me that really wants to believe.

Javi Camino reports for Vice