the egorovs


On the night of 4th June, 2017, 45-year-old electrician Sergey Egorov of Moscow was spending time in Redkino village, Tver oblast, and was invited on a local party. During the party, he got drunk and had an argument with other guests that did not believe him when he said that he have served in the army. Sergey got angry and opened fire on the guests, killing 9 people. One of the guests, 21-year-old woman called Marina managed to hide under a blanket and had to witness her friends’ death. She said that Sergey would make women dig graves for their men and then kill the women.  The police arrived when everyone in the house except Marina were dead. She said: “I saw blood, guts and body parts. I was covered in blood. I wanted to take a gun and to kill the killer”. Sergey Egorov was arrested.