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so I drew this a while ago and never finished because partway through they revealed straight Jaal and I lost all spirit. now they’re in gay limbo

Tumblr has a problem with diverse media.

This is nothing new.

Today, a friend of mine expressed that she has become too paralysed with fear to continue writing. She’s working through it and it’s compounded by her mental illness which magnifies this sort of self-destructive rumination. However, as for the trigger, she named it specifically as Tumblr’s vicious hostility towards any piece of work which does not pass their arbitrary, ever-shifting and vastly varying criteria. Criteria for being “inclusive”, as well as portraying “diverse” characters in a way which doesn’t raise red flags for some subset of users and thus gets stamped “problematic”, or if you’re feeling saucy, “garbage shit trash”.

To summarize: Tumblr “critical consumption” has effectively silenced a queer, female, mentally ill creative voice.

I am a minority creator myself (biracial, mentally ill) and I’ll be the first to admit that hanging around tumblr has been helpful in learning how to examine my programming and how it shows up in my work. However, I possess a confidence– and arrogance– in my work that others do not, which allows me to press forward even when my inbox accuses my queer characters being “lip service” because they don’t have romantic arcs.

Is deep-sj tumblr happy with this model? Are we content to batter aspiring socially-conscious creators into abandoning the idea of creating altogether, while scores of white boys skim past your open condemnation of Urbance with a scoff, if they even read it at all?

Let’s talk about Urbance. Before I get right into it I have a related anecdote.

Some time ago, I recommended The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula LeGuin to a user seeking books with gender-nonbinary characters (the work in question contains characters who are, quite explicitly and viscerally, genderfluid). They immediately discarded the idea after reading its summary on goodreads. They didn’t want to read a book about “some white guys from Earth having to ~learn to accept~ gender noncomforming aliens and that being the entire arc of the story”.

Anyone who’s actually read Left Hand knows this is ludicrous, but for your benefit, the main character is black, and he is the only Earthborn human in the story; the Gethenians are described as ‘Inuit brown’ and are humanoid in every respect besides their unique sexual physiology. The core themes of the book are actually about exploring a society which doesn’t have a masculinity construct. Where everyone is both male and female. No time is spent by the (BLACK) protag being disgusted or crudely fascinated by the Gethenians; only with examining how his two-gendered social programming has led him to frequently prejudge and misunderstand them.

No, that wasn’t good enough. These barriers need to not exist, because we want diverse stories where LGBT and people of color don’t face prejudice, right?

Urbance. Urbance was almost utterly destroyed by Tumblr; its creators sought to portray a society where everyone was mixed race (their characters were unmistakably black and asian-coded) and the construct of 'race’ was absent, a relic of a bygone era. Tumblr users decided that this, in itself, was racist. They proceeded to pick apart every line of a translated-from-French Q&A page and decided that Urbance was acephobic, nb-phobic, transphobic, queer-erasing, whatever; until, embarrassingly enough, Urbance received a funding surge at the eleventh hour from fucking GamerGate.

GamerGate had to pick up a promising, racially and sexually diverse project because Tumblr users were so utterly batshit hateful towards it that it almost didn’t get funded. Simply to spite us.

So that’s at least one high profile 'progressive’ piece of media that Tumblr has waved its dick and balls at and nearly destroyed– has there been an analogous example of a diverse project that Tumblr has rallied behind? 

Oh right– The Arkh Project. 

I really have nothing else to add that hasn’t been said a hundred times over by people more versed in this stuff than I am– everything is problematic, progress in small steps, glass half full, etc.

The fact of the matter is Tumblr needs to sort its fucking attitude out, and quick, or we’re looking at a lot of the same shit for the next ten years while the same straight white guys make everything, and laugh at “SJWs” constantly, impotently, pointlessly, complaining. While queer, female, mentally ill writers languish in corners, silent, hiding like battered wives from the people who are supposed to be their advocates, their protectors, and their fans.

Sort it out.

Another new commission’s post because my art just keeps on improving! And this time I’m adding in sketch commissions! (more examples of my art here!)

The prices are as follows:

Bust Sketch: $20

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⇩ Terms and how to contact me under the cut! ⇩

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Starring Liam Kosta as the Sun :)

The Pathfinder as the Fool

Shepard as the Chariot

Legion as the Hanged Man

this was mostly an excuse to draw liam tbh. What a space nerd.


New commission post for the new year! [ art tag is here for more examples ] and keep in mind I do draw more than just World of Warcraft!

  • You can contact me through tumblr messenger. This has been very effective in helping me keep close contact with my buyers so I can send you previews in real time and we can discuss anything you’d like changed!
  • Armor is going to cost more, keep this in mind when buying. The extra cost is subjective to each commission. I’ll just have to see how much I’ll be drawing before I can give you the final price.
  • You will be paying through invoice due to Paypals new ToS. This isn’t a scary thing, it’s just like buying anything else online. You’ll get an e-mail from me with an invoice listing what you bought and how much it costs, there will be button to pay and the rest is self explanatory.
  • Due to the above statement I will require your Paypal e-mail.
  • I have a right to refuse any commission I am not comfortable with/feel I cannot draw. It’s nothing personal to you, so please don’t take offense.
  • I will not be doing refunds. I’ve yet to have this issue, but once we get past the sketch phase of your commission, once I’ve drawn the lines and added colors, there’s no going back. Should you be unhappy with the art, I will work with you to fix what needs to be fixed.

hey everybody, and thank you for joining us for another episode of million dollars but. 

The Corruption of Azngrl4whitegods

I’ve been asked by a few people to explain how me and @azngrl4whitegods relationship, so I am making this post to answer some questions. I met her once through a friend of a friend, I always knew that a lot of Asian girls had a thing for White guys. But honestly, I assumed she was different, she seemed friendly but not particularly flirty.

We chat mostly online and she seemed big on talking about her views on being marginalized by a white-run society. She talked about her Asian boyfriend and her white exes and her attraction to them, and I knew what had to be done. You see I’ve always had a thing for fucking with taken girls, I currently have a black girl in a relationship who will do literally anything I say for me. This includes: Posing in the lingerie her boyfriend got her, trash talking her boyfriend and even cancelling a date because I said so. I was determined to make @azngrl4whitegods part of my harem.

The opportunity came when I learned that our girl started a small Wordpress blog talking about White privilege and her views as an Asian in society. You may not believe me now, but back then she was very guarded about being explicit in her appreciation for whites but she did always speak of White superiority. This honesty caused her to be ostracized by the Asian community, so I saw an opportunity.

I knew from my time enjoying the the raceplay community on tumblr how she could market herself to a broader audience. She had to change her tone and show the world her place and how it has affected her. She has referenced a few times that she almost went the route of a Social Justice Warrior, and I take full credit in sparing us all from that path ahaha. I told her to gain more readership she had to talk more about her views and experiences of White Men and her blog is the result of that.

This tumblr has had the welcome side effect of bringing us closer together (and I guess giving her a platform to espouse her views,) and according to her our relationship status is “very complicated,” I am happy to say that I am corrupting another non-white girl dating a non-white guy. My race and demeanor have afforded me privileges that I have no trouble using with her, I gave her a community and a platform. If any other minority girls with boyfriends want the same treatment, you know where to find me.

Unfortunately, Brittane has died from the latest episode of Supergirl. Ace Reporter has done her in and she is in her resting place.

I am still alive and will represent my boo thang™ Hopefully, she will be resurrected soon. Until then she may be missing from her tumblr. Maybe she’s floating in the mass effect universe.

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  • Me on Tumblr: I love girls so much and honestly recognizing that I am, in fact, a lesbian has been a huge weight off my shoulders. To be able to properly and accurately label myself has been refreshing to a point where some of the stress that has been building in me over these years has been let off. Thank you.
  • Me on Snapchat: Here's a picture of me thinking about boys because I love them. :)))

xkit creating a blacklist feature and us tagging things ourselves as ‘not safe for work’ was far more effective than anything tumblr has ever tried to do