the edwardian corset

1900s Combination Corset Bloomers: It has little shell buttons all the way down the back.  soft sheer white cotton with the finest Valenciennes lace details all over front & back. There’s a small name embroidered on the front side it says “Helene”, There are little delicate ribbon “belt loops” inside the front lace near bust for a silk ribbon that will tie it in tighter for shape.This has that wonderful antique Gibson Girl style/shape commonly called a pigeon front, for the way it billows out full in front.                


1) Stays, 1750, France.

2) Corset, 1875.

3) Ventilated corset, 1885.

4) Corset, 1898.

5) Sports corset, 1900.

6) Corset catalog, 1902-03.

7) Brassiere, 1915.

8) Men’s health belt, 1930.

9) Brassiere, 1938.

10) Panty girdle, 1969.