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If the Assassin’s Creed characters had tumblr. [ pic/gif credits (x)(x)(x) ]

Dragon Age Version
Mass Effect Version


the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)


“And so I’d thought I’d let you know
That these things take forever, I especially am slow
But I realized that I need you
And I wondered if I could come home”

First Day of my Life ~ Bright Eyes (listen here)


Hello again! I’m back with lots of arts and news! (They’re mostly from personal projects tho, but I’ll do a post about it later~). The asks are about this post, now, some notes:

- I must have some kind of special hability or something to do things the wrong way, the thing was to draw characters with certain clothes and it looks as if I made a point to hide the clothes with the arms aaaaa

- On the same note, I first drew Muffet with her normal clothes. “Why?” you may wonder. I could say something like “I did it in order to get the hang of the character” or something like that, but no, the sour truth is that when I start drawing I just get so inmerged in what I’m doing I don’t think straight, and since I was watching a reference of Muffet with her normal clothes (because I don’t think I ever drew her before, at least not the UT version), I completely forgot about the actual goal of the drawing c’:

-The two last ones were requested by @askbloomtale (I didn’t want to flood you all with many posts so I decided to put them all in one).

As always, Fellby is from TrioBlasterSets AU, a fantastic fanfic made by @antarestyl and @namekian-maoh !

Teach Me Something I Don’t Know

This is an edited repost of the third installment in the series of ficlets about preschool teacher Claire/ suit and tie Jamie.  Lots of thanks to @awesomeeyeroll and @internallydeceased for your input and editing skills.

Necessary Proximity

Jamie realized on their third official date that he never wanted to be without Claire. They were sitting in a darkened movie theatre and as he methodically stroked her knuckles he was hit with a wave of sadness.

But why? For the last few months wherever they had found a spare moment they were together, usually at Lallybroch with his extended family. His nieces and nephew quite possibly believed the demure teacher hung the moon! Claire’s smiling face was even a regular fixture at Sunday meals after they attended mass with the Murrays at the village kirk. It didn’t take very long to see that all the things meaningful in his life were also deeply important to her.

This is why it made no sense that he missed her when she was sitting right next to him, holding his hand.

Claire leaned a bit more into him, her head happily nestled in the crook of his neck. He radiated warmth in spite of the drafty theatre, and she melted against him. He was like a magnet, and her body was metal; unable to resist. She was falling hard for him. She tried to reason with herself that everything was so great because it was a new relationship, that they were blissfully unaware of the world around them. And yet, the thought still lingered. They had had an instant attraction, and they weren’t the only ones who noticed. She had been in relationships before but, this was different.

She never gave much credence to the idea of soulmates, but if there was such a thing; he was hers.

“Jamie?” she whispered. “Could we please go? I just can’t seem to focus.” She spoke rather quickly, not letting on to the fact that he was the reason.

He held her tighter to him, kissing the top of her head.

“Aye, if that’s what ye want.” He smiled. “I know a place we can go.”

They left the theatre, hand in hand; staying that way until they reached his car. He opened the door for her, kissing her hand as she sat down.

“Ready?” He asked once he was in the driver’s seat.

She nodded, eyes sparkling, and grinning ear to ear.

The Murray kids were playing outside in the courtyard when the car pulled up. Of course they had to mob the couple to ask their usual hundred questions before their mother shooed them inside for their nightly bath.

Jamie took Claire’s hand and tugged her in the direction of the path. She laced her fingers with his as they walked up the hill with the main house behind them.

“Jenny and Ian have such sweet kids.” she declared. “They’ve done a fantastic job. If our kids are half as good we’ll have some amazing kids.”

She flushed red as soon as the words were out of her mouth. A sweet kiss to her forehead quickly dissipated any regretful feelings she might have had.

“Aye, you’re right about all of that.” he soothed. “Maybe we’ll get a ginger as well.”

They continued walking in silence until they reached the bench at the side of the water. He sat then brought her to sit on his lap before he wrapped his arms around her. With such busy professional lives physical closeness as well as quiet were things they enjoyed beyond measure, for this reason Jamie decided to take a step forward in their relationship.

“I want you to move in with me at Lallybroch.” he began. “I want you with me. Always.”

Claire paused before replying. She knew what he was saying was difficult to put into words. She felt like she had a place in a family again after a very long time.


It was all she needed to say and it was perfect.

anonymous asked:

It's okay if you don't have time because I know you're busy but I was wondering WCIF everything you used on Phoebe Elmore, Thea Albert and Jaela Aydey if that's not too much to ask of course! Have a super fantastic day 💖

Hello sweetie, thank you very much! I’m sorry for take too long to answer you but here it is Jaela > Babydrew Nosemask \ Bambi Brows \ Blush Nº14 \ Contacts \ Dry Lips (Helen Edit) \ Eyebags Nº3 \ Eyelashes \ Eyeliner \ Freckles V5 \ Hair Skysims 267 \ Mouth Corner \ Under Nose Highlighter
Phoebe > Blush Nº14 \ Contacts \ Cherry Nosemask \ Contacts \ Emma Brows \ Eyebags Nº3 \ Eyelashes \ Eyeliner Nº2 \ Freckles \ Hair Sintiklia Eliza \ Huckleberry Pie Skin \ Lips Nº77 \ Mouth Corner \ Under Nose Highlighter
Thea* > Blush Nº14 \ Contacts \ Dry Lips (Joe-Stuff Edit) \ Eyes Overlay \ Eyelashes \ Eyeliner Nº1 \ Hair Wingssims’ Wings OS0203 \ January Brows \ Moles \ Mouth Corner \ Sunshine Nosemask \ Tenko Skin \ Under Nose Highlighter
*She looks different here because it’s her new version the one I have in my game now, I didn’t have her old file sorry but you can download her here :3


One Year of Sounds Good Feels Good ~ @5sos

This album has changed my life. I know that sounds a bit cheesy but it is true! To me, it makes me feel better that people have songs that they can relate to and get help from them. This album has made me cry, laugh, smile (a lot), basically all the emotions. Each song is different and has unique lyrics that has a different meaning for all of us. I could go on for a very long time on how each song is beautiful, but that would take forever. Thank you @5sos for creating this album for us and yourself. I hope you know how much we love and appreciate you! - love, 5sos fam (written by me)

any-moment-now  asked:

hey! first of, you're very talanted! so lot's of kudos! now, the John & Sherlock porn set of you are absolutely wonderful and hot and VERY relevent to my interests :D in the last two gifs there is a guy with serious sherlock hair. where did you get those bits from, if you don't mind sharing? would very much like to check out the original. it looks very... nice ;) take care! /annie

The two clips in each gif are from different things, the first gif is from porn, and i cant find it for the life of looking, all i could find was this gif which is the same thing in mine…

 the other clip is this…

so if anyone else knows please tell me, and i’ll edit and add. <3

  • White person: Why are you so angry? People say things sometimes because they don't know any better. Why don't you educate them instead of yelling at them?
  • Kat Blaque: Here's this really polite video I made about why you're wrong and I hope it helps you understand.
  • White person: I don't want to watch a video, I want you to personally educate me now.
  • Kat Blaque: Ok, well I guess I can do that. You don't seem like you understand so here's a 5 page description of my points.
  • White Person: Wow that was way too long for me to read. I'm sorry but if you want me to be educated on this, you have to be willing to speak to me politely. I feel so attacked right now.
  • Kat Blaque: Ok.. well here's a video.. matter a fact, here's another video i made if you have any other questions. These take me like 20 hours to edit and I work very hard at them and I do it so that you can understand these things.
  • White Person: Ok, so I watched your video and I don't agree. You need to stop dividing people by race. That's racism. I'm white and I grew up poor and I really don't appreciate being told that I have privilege. You have privilege. You're black and affirmative action only supports you. I lost my job because a black got it instead and they were under-qualified.
  • Kat Blaque: How do you know they were under-qualified-seems sorta racist. Also, Affirmative Action only helps white woman in 2015.
  • White person: Wow, are you really attacking me because I'm a white woman? Wow. You people are part of the problem. Nevermind, I'm so glad I have black friends who are nice to me. You seem so angry, you need help. We're all human. all the same.
  • Kat Blaque: I'm different and I don't really see a problem with celebrating that.
  • White Person: You're part of the problem. Whatever. EQUALITY!!
  • Kat Blaque: .....