the edits are so ugly dont look at me

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hello! could you do a tutorial on how you sketch *O* i really like ur style!


sketch (v ugly)

External image

the sketch is just there to show me a vague idea of where i want everything?? its very loose and messy

then when i ink i decide where i want everything and what i want it to look like

External image

ill edit anatomy and tweak things, sometimes i’ll find a completely different pose i like even more and roll w/ it

look at this ugly edit wth is this
Hello cuties! I’ve just reached my goal and I am so hapP tHANKu sm for following my trash blog and liking my gfx or just scroll through.
tHIS IS CRAZY LIKE I dont know how to thank you for all the sweet thing u guys tell me i still can’t believe it. This blog grow a lot thanks to all of u amazing ppl here;; I feel that starting this blog was a new experience bc I was able to make so many new friends and i’m so glad that I met you guys! thank you thank you, you all are absolutely incredible. ♡

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this is totally random im too lazy srry lmao
you guys are amazing


i was tagged by akirasmado, ((and a bunch of other people a million years ago, which ive forgotten, im sorry,)) to post some selfies, so heres some extremely edited pics of me, so u dont have to see how ugly i really am :’)

well i tag ohkagura, tobiios, cabendishayarambles, takatins, sassy-megane & everybody else who wants to do it, tho you dont have to do it ofc