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I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow  by sunsetmog

Pairing: Nick Grimshaw / Louis Tomlinson

Words: 122k

Rating: Explicit

Summary: The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he’s spent the last ten minutes snapping at him. The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered. 

Or: Nick and Louis don’t like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Than A Man Swear He Loves Me the sequel - from Louis’s POV


favourite costumes → Merlin (part one)


Fringe Rewatch: 77/∞

↳ 2.09 Snakehead


Torchwood Fest: Day 2 Favourite Secondary Character. (Okay, so I wanted to post this sooner, but I had forgotten that Tumblr had a limit with the gif sizes etc… So I had to re-do all of them (while petting my cat, I apologize.) so the quality is not as good as previously) (Because Martha Jones is probably my favourite companion in Doctor Who and was amazing in Torchwood as well!)

“Suddenly, in an underground mortuary, on a wet night in Cardiff, I hear the song of a nightingale.”


I’ll be the one,
If you want me to,
Anywhere I would, 
Have followed you.

lizzy league

lizzy from after school and orange caramel will be making her solo debut very soon. her company pledis entertainment has not been doing so well and their groups including her own are in danger of being cut. in an effort to help lizzy out i want to actively promote her on my blog and i encourage others to do so as well.

lizzy is one of the sweetest girls and her group has had a lot of bad luck. i want her to do well so please support lizzy these next few weeks as she promotes her song!!! you can help by watching her mv, reblogging edits or gifsets on tumblr, tweeting about her, voting for her on music shows, buying her album, etc.