the edge stone

A real life-saver

You run headlong through the night. You can hear the sounds of pursuit behind you, but you don’t dare look back. Over and over in your head you berate yourself for coming out here – the prize you’re playing for seems all but worthless now, and the price of losing has suddenly become much higher than you can afford.

Your heart is pounding in your chest – you were never that fit to begin with and the beats have started to run together into a single throb. The sounds behind you are coming closer and dawn and safety are still a long way off. Even as you frantically navigate the rocks and trees in the filtered moonlight your mind is searching for anything to give you an edge. The stones and trees make great obstacles but poor weapons, and the bag thumping against your legs is now empty of all but a few necessities that you never travel without – A sudden burst of hope adds a bit of strength to your faltering legs, as you stretch your hand into your bag, searching by touch because taking your eyes off your path means falling and falling means losing. Your fingers, slick with sweat, find what you were looking for among the lint and erasure shavings. You pull it out triumphantly and put it to a use that it both was and was not meant for – it was always meant to save your life, but not under these circumstances.

The night grows slightly less dim, as your heart manages to find a yet faster rhythm and your lungs burn. Your legs feel looser and are moving faster too, so fast that you feel as though you’re on puppet strings, an out-of-control joyride with someone else at the steering wheel. You dodge boulders and jump fallen logs and somehow your puppet-limbs stay under you, until at last the light shifts from blue to red as a sliver of sun shows over the horizon and shines through the trees. Dawn is almost at hand and you have almost gotten out with your life – the prize is long forgotten. As the sun pulls away from the edge of the world you leap the stream you had forded when you had set out at dusk. Your mad dash doesn’t stop there, continuing across the quad and to the dorms. You run up the stairs because you just can’t stop moving, and the puppet strings finally tangle, sending you face-first into a concrete edge, but you’re up in a moment because there is no pain and you can’t stop moving. You pull out the key to your door but drop it three times because your hands are shaking ­– in fact now that you’ve stopped moving you’re practically vibrating, the motion refusing to die.

Your roommate is woken by your graceless entrance to the room. Their first expression is relief, at seeing you back, quickly chased by concern, probably because you’re shifting your weight from foot to foot and your head is whipping back and forth taking in the whole room while your hands fly out from your bed to your pockets to your hair because you still can’t stop moving. They tumble out of bed – sleep chased off by your erratic behavior –  and try to hug you, pet your hair and reassure you that you’re safe now, you made it back. You push out of the hug, arms flung out to their fullest extent. You can feel that your eyes are open too wide, and your mouth as well, less of a smile than a baring of teeth. Your roommate flinches back from your expression.

“Where are my rings, I should put them back on,” the word hurtle off your tongue at the speed of thought and into an impressive, unintelligible multi-syllable collision. You don’t wait for your roommate to respond, already tearing through your things looking for the iron rings you always wear – except tonight when you thought it was a good idea to challenge the Gentry to a game. You pull them out of the clutter, but your hands are shaking so badly that you only manage to get one of the five on, dropping the other four to the floor. You bend down to get them and after far too many tries they are all safe on your fingers. Your roommate is slightly less cautious once they see the iron sitting comfortably against your bare skin, but you still whip around to them and begin to babble again.

“Sorry sorry sorry” as you start to spin in circles on the spot, just to keep moving, bring the shaking back under control, “sorry don’t mean to scare you I’m fine really I swear I managed to get away they didn’t catch me I just can’t stop shaking right now I’ve had way too much coffee except I haven’t had any I guess the EpiPen hasn’t worn off yet I’ll be fine.”

anonymous asked:

I have to ask now, how did half your opponents get disqualified?

Lol it was like 5 years ago so I don’t fully remember, I know one of them was using a Poison Heal Gliscor, which at the time was not yet legal so he was right out. Another openly admitted to using hacked Pokemon in front of the moderator, and another had something come up and had to leave… I had 6 battles total and I won 3 of them by default, 2 of them genuinely, and lost the final one because of a double crit Ice Beam on my Tyranitar following a Stone Edge miss while it was against a Froslass. I still remember my team too it was Tyranitar, Hippowdon, Scizor, Cradily, Excadrill, and I believe either Aggron or Carracosta. 

🔷 Irises

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Summary: You and Yoongi hate each other but somehow you still have feelings for him. 

Pairing: Painter!Yoongi x reader

Genre:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u kno 

Words: 5k 

A/N: I really like ‘enemies to lovers’ fanfictions so I decided to write one. I hope you like it. I apologize for any errors.

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She works the stem into the bun at the nape of her neck and turns for him to inspect. He catches the sweet fragrance of the flower in the air as she moves. “How does it look?”

Perfect. “Good.”

Kneeling down, he sighs and sets to work. Long fingers pick at the tendrils of grass and stray weeds that have sprouted up around the edges of the stone and pluck at vines that curl across its surface. He tells himself that the tremor in his hand is simply an artifact of old age. Satisfied with his work, he brushes off his hands. He frowns as he discovers the stains on his fingers left behind by the plants. Green smudges have worked their way into his fingertips. He tries to rub away the stains, but they are stubborn, smearing across his palms and corrupting his mood. He curls his fingers into fists and his eyes squeeze shut, attempting to will away memories of this particular shade.

“Green was never a good color for us.”

Excerpt from @sadladybug ‘s Zutara fic entitled Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow. This is the second of four artworks I have planned for this.

I know this doesn’t fit any theme for this year’s Zutara week, but I’d want to contribute as best as this poor artist can q w q enjoy! Happy Zutara Week!



You just got to have a little fun. Have some funny moments, make jokes, laugh, have fun in the moment, live in the moment and just…LIVE.

Swim in some beer, slam down 2 beers, make faces, laugh while in pain, have fun, dance, play along, jump around, crack jokes, be abnormal.


Battle Ready Alolan Form Giveaway (9th Jan, 2017)

Ratman (Raticate) 

Male. Lv. 50, Jolly, Thick Fat, Holding a Toxic Orb

Move-set: U-Turn, Facade, Sucker Punch, Protect

RazzleDazzle (Raichu)

Female. Lv. 50, Timid, Surge Surfer, Holding a Life Orb

Move-set: Psycic, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power (ice), Nasty Plot

Khione (Sandslash)

Female. Lv. 50, Adamant, Slush Rush, Holding an Assault Vest

Move-Set: Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Leech Life, Icicle Spear 

Viktor (Ninetales)

Male. Lv. 50, Timid, Snow Warning, Holding a Light Clay

Move-set: Aurora veil, Freeze dry, Moonblast, Hidden power

Klavier (Dugtrio)

Male. Lv. 50, Jolly, Sand Force, Holding a Focus Sash

Move-set: Earthquake, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Toxic

Penny (Persian)

Female. Lv. 50, Timid, Technician, Holding a Life Orb

Move-set: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power, Substitute

Smeagol (Golem)

Male. Lv. 50, Adament,  Galvanize, Holding an Assault Vest

Move-set: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Giga Impact, Explosion

Murky (Muk)

Male. Lv. 50, Careful, Power of Alchemy, Holding a Black Sludge

Move-set: Curse, Poison Jab, Rest, Sleep Talk

Eggscelent (Exeggutor)

Male. Lv. 50, Brave, Harvest, Holding a Sitrus Berry 

Move-set: Dragon Hammer, Trick Room, Seed Bomb, Flamethrower

Shego (Marowak)

Female. Lv. 50, Adamant, Rock Head, Holding a Focus Band

Move-set: Shadow Bone, Flareblitz, Iron Head, Earthquake


  • Deposit a MALE ROGGENROLA [Named TapuGA] into the GTS. We do NOT accept anything else, don’t ask.
  • You may only deposit for ONE of EACH pokemon. If we catch you double dipping we will ban you from future giveaways on here and our own giveaway blogs.
  • Level and Gender Lock to avoid sniping if possible. Wrong gender or level lock = NO TRADE. We do not call you out if you use the wrong locks.
  • Wrong nickname = NO TRADE
  • Do NOT pester us about how long you’ve been in the GTS, if you pester us you will be banned.
  • This part of the giveaway will last ~4 hours or until we run out of pokemon, whichever happens first. We will not clone more, we do not do holds. We will announce when the giveaway ends, please don’t ask.
  • Be patient. Do not tell us when you deposit, we don’t want to know.

Thanks for participating!


“For the fashion of Minas Tirith was such that it was built on seven levels, each delved into the hill, and about each was set a wall, and in each wall was a gate. But the gates were not set in a line: the Great Gate in the City Wall was at the east point of the circuit, but the next faced half south, and the third half north, and so to and fro upwards; so that the paved way that climbed towards the Citadel turned first this way and then that across the face of the hill. And each time that it passed the line of the Great Gate it went through an arched tunnel, piercing a vast pier of rock whose huge out-thrust bulk divided in two all the circles of the City save the first. For partly in the primeval shaping of the hill, partly by the mighty craft and labour of old, there stood up from the rear of the wide court behind the Gate a towering bastion of stone, its edge sharp as a ship-keel facing east. Up it rose, even to the level of the topmost circle, and there was crowned by a battlement; so that those in the Citadel might, like mariners in a mountainous ship, look from its peak sheer down upon the Gate seven hundred feet below. The entrance to the Citadel also looked eastward, but was delved in the heart of the rock; thence a long lamp-lit slope ran up to the seventh gate. Thus men reached at last the High Court, and the Place of the Fountain before the feet of the White Tower: tall and shapely, fifty fathoms from its base to the pinnacle, where the banner of the Stewards floated a thousand feet above the plain.”

-The Predator Pokemon
-Ability: Pure Power
-Sig. Move: Dragon Blade “The user gather its energy for one turn, the next turn it will strike its opponent with a sharp claw ”
   Type: Dragon
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 130
   Accuracy: 100%
    -Flare Blitz
    -Stone Edge
    -Night Slash

-Mega evolves with PREDANIGHTITE-

-Ability: Knightmare “Attack cant be decreased. Raises Attack if the user has an status condition”

Was talking to a friend the other day about a theory some have about Loki manifesting himself as mental illness to speak to his followers and get close to them.

  • No.
  • ‘After that Loki was taken unconditionally and put into a cave. Taking three flat stones, the gods set them up on end and bored a hole through each. Then Loki’s sons were captured, Vali and Nari or Narfi. The Æsir changed Vali into a wolf and he tore asunder his brother Narfi. The Æsir took his entrails and with them bound Loki over the edges of the three stones - one under his shoulder, the second under his loins, the third under his knee-joints - and these bonds became iron. Then Skaði took a poisonous snake and fastened it up over him so that the venom from it should drop on to his face. ‘
  • The Aesir visited madness upon one of his children. He had to watch the child transform and lose his mind and kill his brother. 
  • After, he was confined, bound in his son’s entrails, and subjected to a torture technique that has been well documented as psychologically degrading. The water normally used is replaced with a snake’s venom.
  • Loki bringing mental illness to someone is not something that should be romanticised. His PTSD is not a plot device for romantic escapism. If he’s messing with someone’s head like that, chances are, it’s for vengeance, not care. 
  • His wife is Compassion for a reason. 
  • He is capable of far more clever ways of communication than giving someone an excuse to ignore medical advice.
Giveaway 1/8/16: Minior & Friends

Im gonna split this giveaway into two separate subcategories like i did with the Oricorio/Grass type GA. first up we have…

Random BR Minior Giveaway

Disclaimer- most Minior are non shiny !

Minior, lv 100, in a level ball

Adamant nature, shields down ability, holding a white herb

6IVs, EVs in 252 attack, 200 speed, 58 hp

Moveset: Shell Smash, Acrobatics, Stone Edge, Explosion


You can deposit for and receive one Minior. the Minior you receive will be random, and one of these colors- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, or black (shiny). here are the numbers of each color that I have-

Red: 10 Orange: 10 Yellow: 12 Green: 12 Blue: 4 Indigo: 10 Violet: 4 Shiny: 2

If you receive a shiny minor, send me a photo with the OT showing and you will receive the following prize- a BR Solgaleo and a shiny pokemon of your choice, holding a megastone of your choice !


Beauty and The Beast Giveaway

Two of the coolest mons in the game, imo- though clearly very different

Darthea the Hydreigon (BR)

female, lv 100, in a friend ball, holding a dragon fang

Barry the Ribombee (non-BR)

male, lv 30, in a love ball, holding a heart scale



~~~ Deposit a lv 1-10 male Salandit into the gts for your wanted mon.

~~~ Name your Salandit NJSKGA

~~~ You can have one of each.

~~~ When inquiring about your deposit, you must do so off anon ! only inquire about your deposit if you have been waiting in the gts for over 45 minutes.

~~~ This giveaway will go until 11pm central.

~~~ Enjoy !

Returning Lost Notebooks

Anon said:  for the melchritz prompt thing. maybe a wrong number au or accidental meetings

IDK if this counts as “Accidental meeting” But DAMN i luv this AU and for some reason i haven’t seen it done before??????

Words: 1532

No one ever really returned lost notebooks, did they? People always wrote their name and email and address on their notebook, but Moritz had never witnessed or heard of anyone actually lose their notebook and then get an email or text saying: ‘Hey, I found your book. When can you pick it up?’

That was until Moritz found a dark blue leather bound notebook sitting on the edge of a fountain in the park. It was just beginning to drizzle rain when he was shuffling through to meet Ilse at a cafe and catch up over lunch. And that’s when he spotted the notebook on the edge of the stone mountain, spewing water out of a cherub’s mouth.

It was already damp, but the pages weren’t destroyed yet and he felt the need to save it before it became a mess of runny ink and ruined pages. He grabbed it quickly, flipping through the pages to see that there slightly smudged pen-writing on most of the pages. He didn’t want to go through it, so he simply skipped to the front to see the same smudged writing on the inside cover.

‘M. Gabor, 3548 Edington Alley APT 2’

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