the eden sessions


Hozier - From Eden | Mahogany Session

It was the morning after Serenity’s First Annual Snowball. With a rather sore head and a zombie-like action, the brunette rolled over to check the time on her phone, only to discover a text message from Eden about having a session today. Desperately wanting to share the exciting stories behind lat night, Demetria darted up out of bed and wrestled for any spare clothes she had laid around Aiden’s bedroom. He was sound asleep, as per usual and probably wouldn’t wake up until she returned from her session. 

Throughout the duration of her journey to the therapists office, she couldn’t quite possibly shake the grin off of her face and allowed herself to invasively burst into Eden’s office. Upon entering, Demi eagerly closed the door behind her without even making eye contact yet. “Okay, soooo… I have so freaking much to tell you. Yes, you are currently talking to the Snowball Queen and- wait, oh my god. I took loads of pictures for y-” As her tone was hurried, scrambling for the phone to pull up the photos for Eden, Demetria lifted her gaze to take one look at the blonde, cutting her own words off. “-what’s wrong?



Sigur Rós at The Eden Project…

So on Sunday I wet down to Cornwall to see Sigur Rós and Daughter. The show was outstanding, and the day was amazing. We got there early so headed into the project and had a look around to get the feel of the place. I was shocked at how quiet the place was, there was loads of people around yet it was so peaceful. Food time; we headed around all the various food halls to see what was on offer and settled for the Halloumi and Beef Gourmet Burgers, with a side of Sweet potato fries. These fries were the best thing in the world!!! So much so a few hours later I queued up again for an extensive period of time to get more!

We went off on a tour of the biospheres and ended up joining a tour group half way through a tour…..turned out this tour group was actually Sigur Rós. So we were just walking round on this tour with Jonsi and co, pretty awesome. They knew we knew who they were, but we didn’t make a big deal out of it as they were relaxing also and learning about everything, we shared some nods and smiles and a hello, but that was about it. I had to resist turning into a massive fan boy and played it cool.

Getting on to the show itself, it was stunning Daughter were outstanding and Sigur Rós as normal were mind blowing. It was the same set as when I saw them in London earlier in the year, only this time I knew the newest songs they played.
The setting was absolutely perfect for them as the sound was top class!

The sun, Sailor Jerry’s and Sigur Rós made out for a perfect Sunday afternoon/evening I must say.