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Jimmy Fallon, Ed Sheeran & The Roots Sing “Shape of You”
(Classroom Instruments)


+300 followers! this is for Yoouuu!!! :DD

yep… my another messy animation. sorry about these lil grey things below but i couldn’t resist mwahahah

oh and this is an optimized version so if you’d like to see it in original size visit deviantart (also barnowlsoul)


drop the bass and dance like Kristen Kringle on my gif! *ba dum tss* #i know it’s not funny…

under my last post are so many “fuck”, “shit” and tears (but it’s awesome, i love You, Guys)… so i decided i’ll make something more possitive *stupid laugh*

/and… omfg… 3x15… TODAY!!!! i’m dying/

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When They Get Jealous (Gotham Villains)

Fandom: Gotham

Prompt: “loved the gotham heroes jealousy post! can you do one for the villains, if you haven’t already?” - Anon

Warnings: Mentions of violence, murder, and torture

A/N: Eyy, so glad someone requested this. Btw this is really old, so I’m sorry to the Anon for the long wait.

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When someone who lives next to you is playing their music super duper loud at night while you’re trying to sleep.