the ecstasies of women

If You Want Her, Claim Her

She is the high-value woman who has captured your attention, your mind and perhaps even your heart.

You know her because she is self-possessed, grounded and conscious. She is aware of her worth without being arrogant or prideful. She has standards and behaves accordingly.

She’s not needy, insecure, dependent or boring.

She is magical and inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

By her very presence and commitment to being her best self, she will illuminate the ways in which you’ve denied your hearts longing and bypassed living for simply existing. She will invite you to do more, be more and embrace life in all its fullness.

A high-value woman waits for no man.

She will not play games. Your heart is safe with her, but she will not stop her life to wait for you to decide. Her integrity is intact.

She will not compromise or sell out for attention or a smidgen of love. Her life is full and fulfilling, so she will not orbit around you. Nor does she want that from you. With her own life full, she will not promote you to leading man status until you’ve earned that space in her world.

There will always be a piece of her that she keeps back until you choose her. It’s not that she is hiding or withholding, but she knows that her heart is a treasure she will only offer to the one who has clearly stated his desire for all she is.
Her love is pure and fierce. When she’s all in, she will be completely yours. She will stand beside you every step of the journey.

But first, you must claim her.

If you have seen her worth, you can bet that others have as well. While you may have caught her attention, you will not fully have her until you’ve claimed her.
She will not put all her eggs in a basket that clearly isn’t hers.

The high-value woman may have deep feelings for you—she may even love you—but until you’ve chosen her, she will not fully invest in you.

She will remain open to the possibility of another man entering her life even if she really wants you, because she knows that the man she ultimately wants in her life is one who is willing to take a stand for what he wants—including her.

She is reserving her deepest love for a man with integrity, whom she can fully trust.

If you choose to claim her, you will feel her surrender into you. Her edges will soften, her heart will open fully and the love she feels for you will overflow. Her openness and vulnerability may break you wide open, ushering you into places that have only existed in your dreams.

But first, you must claim her.

~ Lisa Vallejos

👏👏👏   👏👏👏   👏👏👏  👏👏👏 Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! There lived a certain man in Russia long ago He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow Most people looked at him with terror and with fear But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear He could preach the bible like a preacher Full of ecstasy and fire But he also was the kind of teacher Women would desire Ra ra Rasputin       👏👏 Lover of the Russian queen 👏👏 There was a cat that really was gone Ra ra Rasputin  👏👏 Russia's greatest love machine 👏👏 It was a shame how he carried on

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Greetings~ senpai-chan! What kind of porn stash that modern au SLBP lords might have? Let's make it a classic scenario when MC found them, accidentally. C:

Hahahhahaha, oh my goodness you are soaked in SinTM, my dear @cottonballwithmustache, I do so approve! Hm hm hm, answer after the break aite? For some explicit content, fufufufufu!

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TW: Rape, Serious Gore

Doing something like this for her son was not typically what Brenda would do. But god, Chris was her only child, and she wanted to do something about his twentieth birthday. Something to help him. Make him feel better. Make him feel like a man.

So she got Miss Audrey Scarlet on the phone and made a time for her to come over.

She arrived right on time, just as the sun was going down. Miss Audrey was just as gorgeous as she sounded on the phone- swaying hips, legs as long as the day, a pearly white smile, and heavily lidded amber eyes. A dream in a woman, and she could be bought with a price.

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There lived a certain man, in Russia long ago
He was hot and sexy, his eyes were burning cold,

Most people in BSD fandom would look at him with terror and fear,
But to some FanChicks he was such a lovely dear.
He could kill you like serial killer, full of ecstasy and power
But he also was the kind of character, women would desire.

Horror of BSD
There was a rat that really was gone

BSD fandom ’s greatest killer machine
It was shame that how hot he looked.

—  Chuuya Sexual being high on Ra Ra Rasputin and spreading hate on Fyodor.
My first time, I call it Rainey's Choice - Just once!

It began innocent enough, the typical story, I found a stash of porn( my brothers) and one movie stood out, it was called “Black Stuff” it had a black man and a white women on the cover and she looked happy!!! It was the only movie I “borrowed” from the stash, I don’t know if you can wear out a DVD but I tried, that wasn’t the only thing I almost wore out that year.

The scenes were mixed black man/white girl or black girl/white man but I was watching for the black men, they were just so sexy. The white women were in ecstasy with the black men, I knew some of it was acting but I still loved it. I was really liking the oral scenes in particular, watching those girls please those huge black men with their mouths was so hot! It was on my mind a lot, it was all I could think of.
I had a boyfriend, sex was good I thought (just ok) but that movie made me doubt that. I never did anything with him like in that movie, I never wanted to, He wasn’t big or as sexual, or sexy as those black men. I was starting to watch porn more and more, I was going BBC crazy!

One day after maybe a year after the discovery of “Black Stuff” give or take a month, I decided to take the matter into my own hands, I wanted sex like that! I had always noticed this dive bar on my way home from work and decided that was the place. I dressed up as sexy as I could, see I wasn’t a “ goody two shoes” but I wasn’t very experienced or sexual. I did the best I could and I walked into that dirty dive bar. I was just going to suck one, a black one. I was just going to get it out of my system as they say, Just once.

It wasn’t busy, it was quiet, I was the only girl. I was so nervous, I walked into the bar and ordered a beer, I was barely past drinking age and didn’t drink much, I ordered the beer in the green bottle because I had seen my dad drink it. I was nervous but a drink should help I thought, but it didn’t. Nervously I turned and looked around the room, there were about seven men and one guy was black, I stared, I didn’t mean to, I got caught looking. I did that thing people do when they make eye contact but didn’t want to, I quickly look down then away, I turned around in my seat. The drink wasn’t helping at all, what am I doing! I’m not like this, I don’t have casual sex with random men I meet in dive bars. I almost left but then he came over said hello.

He was tall, we’ll tall for me, 5'9 or so is how I recall it, young,lean, and dark skin, and handsome. He was very nice and had confidence but not arrogance or at least not too much arrogance because honestly a lil bit of it is sexy. He was sexy, he didn’t hit on me, he just talked but he had this smile, like he knew. He was right because after maybe five minutes I asked him to take me somewhere… “ do you have a place we could go and talk” I heard a girl say that to a guy at a party once, so o tried it. I finished my beer and we left. I can’t believe I asked him, but just this once right?

We ended up in my car behind some buildings near the bar. It was dark and hidden so I felt ok, I don’t remember the how but I ended up in the back of the car on my knees. I was on the floor rubbing his hard cock through his jeans, he played with my hair. He loved my hair he said, he told me to pull it out and so I did as told and out popped the biggest cock I had seen in my life that wasn’t in a movie. I just stared at it, it was dark and stood up and out and so dark, did I mention I love them dark? I was kind of in shock and awe, “Touch it” he said, I snapped out of it and I reached out and held it and wow! My boyfriend was Arron’s 5 inches and thin, so thin compared to this man.

It was so hard and beautiful I began to stroke it and play with it. I just wanted to suck it, like in those movies. I remembered what I saw and I asked if I could spit on it, he said yes so I spit on it and began to stroke it harder. it looked so good that I finally kissed the tip and worked my way down to his balls, I had never done oral before, I never wanted to but those movies had driven me crazy and for the first time ever I wanted to do oral to suck his cock, his big black cock. So after kissing his balls I licked up to the tip sliding my tongue on the underside of his cock all the way and opened up my mouth and swallowed the head of his cock. It felt dirty, slutty and I got into it.

I began to work my way up and down the shaft of his cock, he played with my hair and guided me up and down, gentle but firmly. Soon I developed a good pace and I was rubbing myself between my legs, I was becoming a lust filled slut for him and I liked it, it felt good in my mouth, his hands on my head, I heard him moan, I loved making him moan. Finally I stopped to catch my breath and I looked and saw that I had only sucked less than half of it. I was upset because I was struggling and had pushed passed it and though I had sucked a lot of it but it was barely half of it. I could tell because of the line of demarcation left by my spit. His cock was only barely half shiny. I decided there and then that I was going to get it all, I was now a cock sucker and I was going to be good at it! It was an epiphany!

He had a different idea though, I don’t know how to this day I swear I don’t know how but I ended up on the back seat of the car, my ass up, on all fours, panties and jeans down.
He rubbed himself against me, I was so wet. I felt how big and thick he was, so hard for me. I wasn’t ready though, all I had wanted was to suck him. I felt so vulnerable, I envisioned it. Me, ass up ready to take a strangers big black cock in a car like a slut, a total dirty BBC slut. I wasn’t ready, I hadn’t even sucked or kissed one an hour ago. It got to me, then he began to push it in and I whimpered, I began to cry. It was too much too fast. I cried and he stopped and we talked.

I told him how I felt and he was kind and understanding. I told him I just wanted to suck him, to be back on the on my knees where no one could see until he came. He understood and I was so grateful that I decided to give him the best blow job I could, so I did! I was determined to make it great for him. I remembered the movies and did the things I could recall…spit, suck, stroke. I sucked him hard, I used my tongue on the tip and licked under the head. Spit, suck, stroke. I listened for his moans to determine what worked and would do those things even more. Spit, suck, stroke!

I worked up and down the shaft determined to please him, to be his bitch. His cock sucking bitch. I felt my throat stretch and at times I felt like I couldn’t possibly take any more but I would back up and inch and hold him in my throat, then I’d moan and use my throat like a muscle to massage his cock. I would then take time and work all the way up to the tip and back down to that point where I had struggled and push for more and more every trip up and down.

I had changed for him, for his cock, for his big black cock. I wanted it all, I wanted to feel the bottom. I wasn’t an expert of course but I had energy and desire to please, desire like I’d never had before. I twirled my head, I made it noisy and sloppy. I massaged his balls. I’ve become a lover of balls since then his were the first I touched. I gently held them and played with them, tickled them. I built the pace up and he moaned and groaned as he lay back in the seat.

Finally after fifteen or twenty minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot streams of cum in my hair and face. Hot cum as he told me how good I was. He breathed so hard and so did I. I did it! I sucked a big black cock, like a slut.

After calming down we talked, I got his phone number and promised to call. I dropped him off at the train station. I never called, I tried to go back to my boyfriend and be happy that I had got it out of my system. I had done it just once.

FYI: I did hit the bottom and in retrospect it wasn’t that big compared to some of the big cocks I’ve had since. He was a gentleman and that why he got to be my first, I sometimes wish h would of fucked me but at the time that would of been forced. I’m glad he didn’t. I made BJ’s my thing, I practiced on toys and people. I read up on how to and watched the pros for technique. I’m fucking good at it now. I didn’t go strictly black after this experience but I’m glad I’m BBC only now.

When men love women, every hostile act demonstrates that love, every brutality is a sign of it; and every complaint that a woman makes against the hostility of male dominance is taken to be a complaint against love, a refusal to be a real woman, that is, to suffer male hostility as an ecstasy, to suffer love.
—  “Right Wing Women” by Andrea Dworkin

“I disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. To enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy. I am a neurotic — in the sense that I live in my world. I will not adjust myself to the world. I am adjusted to myself.”

Anaïs Nin - The Diary of Anaïs Nin

© Oana Cambrea