the economy is in shambles

Pokemon Theory

Team Rocket and all the bad guys in Pokemon are actually fake distractions made by the government to keep children with something to do.

The economy is in shambles and there’s no budget for a functioning school system. Creating a bunch of Pokemon gyms and a fake criminal organization to keep children preoccupied is a cheaper alternative. With the added bonus of training children to become Pokemon trainers and soldiers for future wars.

What the fuck with the money man. I’ve been out here 15 years and I’ve never had a job offer. Every job i’ve ever had has been a joke. COLLEGE was and still is a total scam unless you’re rich in which case you being there is inevitable. How many super rich kids do you know that straight dropped out of an ivy league university. ..its all fucked yall…the people that control the money have fucked civilization up so bad that the only way out is either War or free cash and double time production of goods and food. Housing is available…but money isnt. Fuck welfare. What about art? What about freedom? Oh yea they been telling me for years that things have be this way….but a simple application of basic logic will render their explanations null and void. Think hard all you young people….don’t get caught in their trap…try to learn to live without money…and if those of you who are rich think its fun to look down on the poor…I hope you live long enough to regret it completely. ..
I am so sick of trying to make money. No body wants to pay me to do anything for them…and I dont really want to work for them…i want to make art and raise my son and be with my wife…I dont want to be out there begging for work or loans….I have class…I have manners and thats more than I can say for all the rich people I know…your insane notions of fairness have ruined an entire generation. Ive been fucked over and kicked around my whole stupid life…lied to…forgotten…you cant call me lazy. Ive worked more than I care to even comprehend. Ive worked and paid rent for fucking ever. I hate it. I hate this bullshit. And I hate all you people that think i’m whining. Fuck you. You dont know shit about my struggle or my pain. Most of you arent worth the trouble to share a joint with and talk about it all…With your fake ass job where u sit and surf the internet for a living. Fuuuuuuck yooooouu. Fuckin entertainers…fucking athletes…what the fuck good are you? Wasting more than most people will ever have in their whole miserable pointless lives…
Man im gonna have an aneurysm. ..
To be continued

You know what pisses me off? Why is the penny not the smallest coin. Why is the dime the smallest? Why? Why is the one cent coin bigger than the ten cent coin? Someone explain. This is why the economy is in shambles

markiplier is a supernaturally nice guy

if everyone was more like him, the world would be a nicer place and the world economy would be in shambles because we can’t have 7 billion people playing five nights at freddys and happy wheels that would just be too damn much

Just going to leave this preview of our SS’17 collection here. Girl gang goals!

We’re running the same sets through from core (32-34 A-D, 36 B-D. UK8-16/US4-12) to fuller bust (30-36 DD-G) to curve (38 B-G, 40-42 C-G. UK18-24/US14-20). That’s a lot of sizes (and please don’t ask us about more sizes because our economy is a shambles).

Are you as excited as we are? 

problems for different professions

doctor: “this person is dying. I have to save them”

president: “the economy is in shambles. I’ve gotta fix it and also get us out of this war”

firefighter: “there are people in that burning building. I’ll risk my life to get them out”

astrophysicist: “I can’t decide if pluto should count as a planet or not”

anonymous asked:

So what can we honestly, and realistically expect to happen when trump becomes president? I'm hoping for political gridlock for four years but that seems unlikely haha

how do i put this? it’s gonna be Bad. and hopefully in four years those people who voted for him will realize their SS is gone, their medicaid is cut, their jobs aren’t coming back, everything is privatized, the wall doesn’t come up, hillary isn’t in jail, infrastructure collapses and the economy is literally in shambles maybe just maybe we can get control back.

Labor force participation rate for 25-29 year olds hits all-time low

Hey, remember that whole 2010 “recovery summer” thing? Yeah, that was classic.

From CNS News:

The labor force participation rate in April 2014 for Americans ages 25 to 29 hit the lowest level recorded since 1982, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) started tracking such data.

The labor force participation rate, which is the percentage of the civilian non-institutional population who participated in the labor force by either having a job during the month or actively seeking one, hit a record low in April 2014 of 79.8%.

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Look, there’s no getting around it, the economy is in shambles.