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10 Little Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

Look, you don’t have to be a radical eco-warrior to make a positive impact on the environment. By introducing even a couple of these simple habits into your everyday life, you can help make our planet into a cleaner, healthier place.

1. Don’t drive a bulldozer through the forest to get to work: Think twice next time you have the urge to cut through the forest on your bulldozer in the morning to shave a few minutes off your commute. Or, at the very least, consider plowing through the woods in a more energy-efficient vehicle.

2. Reuse your hats instead of throwing them away at the end of the day: Even though it’s a little inconvenient, wearing the same hat two or even three times before throwing it away can do a lot of good for the planet.

3. Turn off the lights every time you blink: You don’t need light when you’re blinking since your eyes are closed, so why not quickly switch the lights off and then back on every time you blink? It’s a great way to save power, and it helps you save some money, too. All you have to do is station yourself near your light switch at all times, and you’re ready to go!

4. Buy used beef: If more people bought secondhand beef instead of brand-new beef, we could cut global carbon emissions by upwards of 25 percent every year. Next time you need some beef, check eBay or thrift stores before buying it fresh.

5. Spend just one hour a week geoengineering: It’s only 60 minutes of your time, but it makes a huge difference in the long run. Seeding just one cloud with aerosolized sulphur or fertilizing just a single square mile of the ocean with a few tons of phytoplankton-attracting iron could offset thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s definitely worth it!

6. Only kill as many polar bears as you can eat: With climate change destroying their habitat at an alarming rate, polar bears are becoming increasingly endangered. That’s why it’s important to only harvest the number of them that you need to eat every day and not a single polar bear more.

7. Tip over any garbage trucks you see: Garbage trucks thrive on our trash and actively encourage wasteful consumption habits. But if we tip them all over so they can’t go around collecting trash, people will have no choice but to start recycling more. Bonus if you can tip the garbage trucks into a pond or levee, where there are plenty of hungry fish who’d be eager to feast on all the discarded bags of food scraps that would otherwise end up rotting in a landfill.

8. Plant a tree for each time you use your computer: If you’re taking from Mother Nature, it’s only fair that you give back. Planting a tree after each time you use your computer will not only help the environment, but will make you think twice next time you unnecessarily want to check an email.

9. Resist filling any parts of your car with gas that aren’t the gas tank: While it’s admittedly a nice luxury to have a glove box or backseat full of fresh, warm petroleum, filling up the interior of your car with gas is a treat you should think twice about before indulging in, as it is actually fairly wasteful and harmful to the environment.

10. Never exhale: This one’s so easy there’s no reason not to do it. By only inhaling and never exhaling, you can easily reduce the carbon emissions coming from your mouth to zero.

Kia takes the top spot in USA TODAY’s Ad Meter

No one had a better night than Tom Brady, but Melissa McCarthy and @kia came close.

Her slapstick shtick for Kia won the 29th annual USA TODAY Ad Meter competition in a crazy commercial where she gets bounced out of a boat by a rampaging whale, among other ecological calamities.

The 60-second spot, called “Hero’s Journey,” is about an eco-warrior called on to save the whales — and the trees and the polar ice caps.

The Girl in the Pond Pt. 2 (Bones: Marvel AU)

Characters  in this chapter: Steve Rogers, Female Reader, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, Original Male Character

Warnings: Language, More talks about a dead body, Slight violence.

Pairings: None. (Eventual Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: You are a forensic anthropologist working for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. when you and your team get recruited by the FBI to aid one of their top field agents, Special Agent Steve Rogers. Together, along with  your colleagues/friends you put faces on the voiceless and throw the bad guys where they belong.

Author’s Note: So this is my first Marvel AU series and I’m quite nervous on how this is going to turn out. The series is going to be based on the TV show Bones and since the show is 12 seasons long I’m just going to base the series on some of my favorite episodes including the series finale coming out in the upcoming weeks. I only hope I do it justice. I want to thank @mrs-squirrel-chester​ for convincing me into writing this and for not only being as awesome beta but because she also made this kick-ass edit above.

“What’s the context of the find?” you asked Agent Rogers as you both walked down the grassy hill, reading the names on the rows of white marble headstones.

“Routine landscaping,” Steve replied, looking down at his notepad. “Dropped a load in the local pond, one of the workmen thought he saw something.”

You recognized the emblem on the side of the black windowless van that was parked a few yards away from the pond; it was the Smithsonian Medico-Legal Lab emblem. The passenger door opened and a young man hopped out; duffle bag in one hand and a camera in the other.

Recognizing him immediately, you waved him over. “Hi Peter.”

Peter greeted you with a hug, ““This eco-warrior look works for you. Very action oriented.”

“Thanks.” you replied, looking down at your outfit. “Agent Rogers, you remember my assistant Peter Parker?”

“Of course,” Agent Rogers answered, sticking out his right hand. “Great to see you again kid.”

“How was Guatemala? Dig up lots of massacred victims? Learn a thing or two about machete strikes?” Peter asked you, completely ignoring Steve, who made a face at Peter’s rude gesture.

You cleared your throat and Peter quickly realized his mistake. “Sorry,” he muttered, taking Agent Rogers’ hand to give it a firm shake. “Good to see you again Agent.”  

“Hey Pete, I need water samples and temperature readings from the pond,” you ordered.

“Right away doc.”  He spun on his heel, quickly turning the other way, leaving you alone with Agent Rogers.

“Kid’s got no sense of discretion. Typical Squint…” Steve said, as they reached the river bank.

“Squint?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ah you know, when cops get stuck, we bring in people like you. You know? Squints. You know, you squint at things,” Steve explained with a shit-eating grin. “Like this,” he demonstrated for you.

“Oh, you mean people with very high IQ’s and basic reasoning skills?” You gave him a smart-ass answer.

His smile dropped, giving you a look as if he had just tucked his tail between his legs. “Yeah.”

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Apollo, off screen- Alright, who’s next? That would be Alouette Hollyhock. A brave eco-warrior, Alouette knows the importance of research. Non-fiction is useful, but as a true bookworm, she reads everything. Drama is her favorite genre, and it definitely rubs off on her personality. She’s looking for someone of compatible values to have a little family with. Will Marigold be the one?

arthur is that at first slightly intimidating uncle to the JL children whom once they get to know better they realise is actually adorable and will bring them nice shells and salted caramel and teaches them about sea life and how to be a good eco-warrior

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ORIN: And I will release them and (gestures to the rig) destroy this abomination. 

SUPERMAN: I can’t allow you to do that. 

ORIN: Their machines poison my oceans. Ruin the Earth. There is nothing of this world but rot, decay and death. (points Trident at Superman) And you would be it’s champion?


SUPERMAN: You’ve been destroying oil installations all over the planet. This has to stop. 

ORIN: I will never stop. I do this to protect my people like you protect theirs.

the signs as different leonardo dicaprio stages
  • aries: Wolf of Wall Street Leo
  • taurus: grocery shopping in uggs and purple velvet sweatpants Leo
  • gemini: coachella dad dancing leo
  • cancer: 90s heartthrob jailbait Leo
  • leo: tanning through the car window leo
  • virgo: top-knot and beard eco-warrior Leo
  • libra: selfies and vape with Tom Hardy Leo
  • scorpio: Academy Award Winner Leonardo DiCaprio
  • sagittarius: Splashes random topless woman in the ocean Leo
  • capricorn: partying with Victoria Secret models on a yacht Leo
  • aquarius: water gun fight leo
  • pisces: sipping tea on a yacht Leo

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can you make a steve/bucky au fic rec list please? (or if you already have one link it or something idk)

These are all the AU fics on list 1-23

Stucky Fic Rec List #3 All AU 

Stucky Fic Rec List #5 All AU

Stucky Fic Rec List#11 All AU

Off by a Thousand Miles - 3k, T, AU,- Bucky, a Brooklyn-based cop, has his head turned by Steve Rogers, who’s just opened up a flower shop in his neighbourhood. It all goes horribly wrong when a string of murders leads to Steve being the prime suspect. STEVE OWNS A FLOWER SHOP AND HOW COULD ANYONE THINK HES CAPABLE OF MURDER OMG

So How Come I Feel So Lonely When You’re Up Getting Down - 2k, M, AU- Steve Rogers, architect, goes to a strip club under duress. He doesn’t expect to see a familiar face on stage. (Tony Stark’s resultant and incessant teasing is, however, entirely expected.) I WAS KINDA IFFY ABOUT THIS ONE BUT I LOVED IT 

Do You Remember When? - 11k, G, AU - Everything Bucky owns has been packed away in boxes, hidden away, tucked into a corner on the truck for them to take to the next house. Everything Steve’s known so well for years now. And it’s so strange to look around and see it all gone. They’ve known it’s coming for weeks now, and Steve still can’t believe it. Still can’t quite wrap his head around the fact that his best friend, the one person who means more to him than anything, is leaving. WOW, THE CUTEST THING EVER, CHILD HOOD BFF’S MEET AGAIN AND BONUS BUCKY IS LIKE ” OH NO HES HOT” 

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Like Me Yet - 1k, T, AU -  In which Steve Rogers, university lecturer and part-time eco-warrior, recovers from being shot. In which Bucky Barnes, NYPD homicide detective, comes to terms with domesticity. In which Captain America, Steve Rogers’ dog, supposes there’s room for Bucky too. OHMYGOD I NEED MORE COP!BUCKY AND CIVILIAN!STEVE IN MY LIFE

When The Sun Sets On Dark Silhouettes  - 8k, T, AU  - Bucky is taken on a mission, and Steve will go against every order to find him. CIA AU. “When you get him back, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do?” Sam asks. Steve very consciously does not think about the state Bucky will be in when—not if, never if—he comes home. “I’m gonna touch him, so I know he’s real.”   READ THIS LINE ( He breaks Steve’s heart and he makes it complete and he’s the blood that runs through Steve’s fucking veins. ) 911 I AM NOT OKAY

Listen To Your Heart (But Don’t Say Goodbye To Me) - 10k, E, AU - There is a Hades, and there is a Persephone. They’re just not the ones you’d expect. HNNNG I AM A PILE OF GOOP PLS READ THIS

The Heart Is Hard To Find - 3k, T, AU -  Steve is gorgeous, tall and blond and built like a football player. And he talks to Bucky like a real person, not some caricature to appease. The thought of him getting up makes Bucky panic slightly. “No! That’s not-” He blushes and kills time by drinking his coffee. “I’m not- I don’t know-” “It’s ok.” Steve smiles and Bucky gets the feeling he understands despite Bucky’s gibbering. “Do you want me to go?” “No, stay. Gotta start somewhere, right?”  AU WHERE BUCKY IS THE PRESIDENT’S SON AND OH NO MY POOR BBY BUCKY BUT ITS OKAY HE HAS STEVE

If This Inst a Kingdom Then I Don’t Know What Is  - 10k, E AU -  “Punk,” Bucky bites back fondly, putting a warm hand on his arm conciliatorily. He leaves his hand there a little too long for a casual gesture, and Steve’s breath seems to hitch in his throat. “Can’t leave. God, Steve. You know I’m with you. ‘Till the end of the line.” And in that moment, on that day, Steve was amazed to discover that when Bucky said “I’m with you ‘till the end of the line,” every time he called him punk and knocked him on the shoulder… what he meant was, “I love you.” And it nearly scared Steve out of his damn shirt. PRINCESS BRIDE AU HHHNG SO GOOD OH NO 

Like a Plane Crash That Never Hits The Ground - 15k, E, AU - Bucky finds himself cock blocked by Steve Rogers. Which is unfortunate, since it’s Steve’s pants he’s trying to get into. (Or the meta one where they’re making a movie about the Winter Soldier and Steve’s the Ice King.) EEEEK BUCKY IS KINDA A DICK AND STEVE IS A CUTIE AND I AM MELTING

Make One Dream Come True - 14k, T, AU-ish? -  Five times the Winter Soldier evaded capture. In which there are tuxedoes, vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred), fakeout makeouts, massive property damage, a shark pit, and Steve has an Ursula Andress moment. But mostly, in true James Bond fashion, villains are seduced to the side of goodOHMYGOD I WAS PUTTING OFF READING THIS BUT HEYOOOO

In Poison Places, We Are Anti-Venom - 1k, M, AU - “From what I gather, it pretty much works like ordering a pizza,” Sharon says, completely straight-faced. Bucky is honestly not sure which one of them feels more like knocking themselves unconscious to escape this conversation. AWW IDK WHAT MY FEELINGS ARE DOING BUT IM REALLY HAPPY?? ALSO AHHHH

Monday - 1k, E, PWP, AU -  ”I bet I could get you off before next lesson.” He murmurs and Steve has to take a breath before speaking again.”Prove it.”HIGHSCHOOL AU HNNNG CUTIES

The Sirens And The Thunder - 15k, T, AU - “Hide that,” he says, forcing the words out past every instinct. “As well as you can, all right? Before morning.” Steve stares at him blankly, like he needs a moment to work this out, then swallows once, sharply. “What’s your name?” he asks at last—asks as he stands there with the pelt in his hands. And oh, he thinks suddenly, what is his name? He can’t speak it, not with this mouth, he can’t sing it into the air like he can in the ocean. He just shakes his head; like his nakedness, it’s something he can’t explain. Steve nods, just nods, his eye swelling shut and blood drying on his shirt collar, and says “we’ll figure it out.”  (An AU where Bucky is a young selkie who is accidentally called to Steve and ends up staying around to help this poor, wretched kid not die.)  OH MY GOD THIS WAS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL IM CRYING 

Coffee, Humanities, And The Russian Army - 9k, M, AU - History professor Bucky has a crush on the new Ethics professor, and the two of them start seeking every opportunity to flirt and tease each other, but neither is sure if the other wants something serious. Natasha and Clint take it upon themselves to ‘help’. 60% Sass, 30% Fluff, and 10% Hot Grinding. XHNHERGV IM CRYING THIS IS SO PERFECT 

The President’s Son - 38k, E, AU - Agent Steve Rogers is assigned to protect President Barnes’ son, Bucky - a troubled war veteran with a penchant for causing havoc. Bucky is a war hero but keeps veering to the path of self destruction, and Steve is sure as hell doesn’t want to get fired over this shit. His job is to protect Bucky, even from himself. THIS IS SO GOOD I NEVER WANT IT TO END 

Sorry Kid, Better Watch Your Step - 2k G, AU -  On your 18th birthday, you receive a tattoo of the first words your soul mate will ever say to you. Mostly, it turns out to be a blessing, but sometimes not so much, especially when soul mates don’t always match up. Steve knew what his would say before it even showed up. AHHHH THIS WAS SO CUTE BUT NOW IM IN SO MUCH PAIN UGH

A Song You Might Hear At A Wedding - 9k, E, AU - Steve Rogers is the good-looking lead singer of a struggling band, while James Barnes is half of a dynamic duo, on the verge of the big-time. When Stark Industries is reduced to playing at a wedding in order to raise funds and profile, Steve tells himself that this is the very last time he’s going to sleep with Bucky. (Or, the one in which Tony rants, Bruce mediates and Clint has fantastic eye-sex with the best man.) RIVALING ROCKSTARS AU SWAG SWAG SWAG THAT IS ALL

Where The Circle Ends - 30k , M , AU -  In which the world has gone to hell in a zombie apocalypse handbasket and, in the middle of it all, Steve finds the one person he never thought he’d see again. Angst and feelings (amongst other things) ensue. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE AU AYEEEE 

Magnetic - 2k, M, AU - The one where American-born, Russian based swimmer Bucky Barnes is Steve Roger’s number one rival for Olympic gold. In which Steve and Bucky are good friends despite the media’s attempt at rivalry beat up and Steve has a lot of feelings. SWEET OLYMPIC BABIES JUST MAKE OUT ALREADYYYYYY 

And If The World Comes To An End ( I’ll Be There To Hold Your Hand) - 4k, T, AU - Steve slowly opens his eyes only to come face to face with a frying pan. He shoots up, trying to sit upright and failing miserably and only becoming more tangled in the blankets. He looks up to find the man holding up the frying pan defensively, with a bemused expression on his face.also known as the au in which steve accidentally drunkenly climbs into Bucky’s apartment instead of his own THE MOST AMAZING CUTE THING OH MY GOD 

You Were Standing There - 14k, M, AU - Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk. The wrong house happens to belong to Steve Rogers.  Just READ THIS PART “You gotta know how much I want you, right?”“When you showed up on my couch that morning,” Steve says, and Bucky can feel his breath, almost touch his lips, “it took about five minutes for me to realize I was a goner.”“Got ya beat,” says Bucky.“Do you now?”“Second I opened my eyes, I knew,”   Oh MY GOD THIS WAS PERFECT 

Put Walk Among Us On And Turn It Up -  23k, M, AU - When Bucky was sixteen and drunk for the first time (on schnapps, dear god, not that he ever admits that part) he let his friend’s greaseball older brother talk him into a homemade stab-n-stick that is just… awful. He walks into the shop from the business card late at night, and a little guy in a too-big hoodie and skinny jeans looks up from the counter The Chubby!Punk!Bucky meets Tiny!TattooArtist!Steve  AU .GOOD B YE OH MY GOD YES 


Lines - 33k, E , AU - Modern day au where Steve Rogers is un-serum’d and is looking for work. When Tony and Bruce save his ass from certain-broken-nose, Steve finds himself coaxed into a world of tattoos, science, and a guy named Bucky Barnes. AWW OH MY GOSH CUTEST THING I NEED MORE 

Springtime Storms - AU Loki/Tom Hiddleston Fluff Fanfiction

This is my submission to this week’s ‘TTT’ teasing-tales-tuesday, with this weeks theme being ‘Caught In the Storm’.
For those of you that follow my writing, i don’t normally write fluff or feels, so I hope i’ve not made too much of a hash of it with this! Lets face it, normally in my stories there’s dicks flying left, right and centre!

And i would like to dedicate this fic to my lovely friend elfpunk. She’s had a bit of a shitty day, and as if it prove my point earlier, it was one of her manips that inspired me to write this, so here it is:

Rated: PG13 - No trigger warnings.

2900 Words - 10-15 minute read.


“Come on, not much further now!” Loki called, twenty feet ahead of you as you paused for breath, almost at the peak of the ridge. Seeing that you were starting to run out of energy, he bounded back down the path, stopping in front of you with a bounce and grabbed your hands. Walking backwards he pulled you up the last part of the path, having some sort of sixth sense to know where to tread so that he didn’t trip or fall. When you finally crested the peak you let out a gasp, the view really was beautiful, an expansive vista before you, you could see the entire valley.

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Road Trip - Chapter 2 - AU William Buxton (Tom Hiddleston) Fanfiction Fluff

Road Trip follows modern day Structural Engineer William Buxton, and Biologist Sarah Falls as they present a documentary/fly-on-the-wall TV show road trip along the Grand Canyon to California.

Rated: PG-13 - Romance/Fluff
No Warnings
3400 Words - 20 minute read

Catch up: Chapter 1


Once she’d heard the click of the lock Sarah looked back at Donna;

“That’s Will? You could have told me!”

Donna grinned at her; “Hey, you should have done your research! You could have just checked imdb or googled him you know!”

Sarah let out a huff. Not only was she now sexually frustrated, the object of her frustration was now naked in her shower;

“Ok, you have a point”

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