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the signs as different leonardo dicaprio stages
  • aries: Wolf of Wall Street Leo
  • taurus: grocery shopping in uggs and purple velvet sweatpants Leo
  • gemini: coachella dad dancing leo
  • cancer: 90s heartthrob jailbait Leo
  • leo: tanning through the car window leo
  • virgo: top-knot and beard eco-warrior Leo
  • libra: selfies and vape with Tom Hardy Leo
  • scorpio: Academy Award Winner Leonardo DiCaprio
  • sagittarius: Splashes random topless woman in the ocean Leo
  • capricorn: partying with Victoria Secret models on a yacht Leo
  • aquarius: water gun fight leo
  • pisces: sipping tea on a yacht Leo

A/N: Yes a new story. I had this idea and needed to write it down. It’s just the start to look what you all think about it. Let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated.

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker, Winter Soldier

Words: 1.143

Warnings: none

Summary: You are a young journarlist in New York. Everything is boring until you witnessed a car crash. You saw a man completely dressed in black with a mask. He seemed to be a ghost. Could he be your ghoststory?

Daily news are difficult. Sometimes it happens something incredible thrilling, like the visit of a high statesman in a small town. On other days something is shocking, like a ‘blood’ assassination with fake blood of eco-warriors on a fashion designer. To work as a freelance journalist can be difficult and fun at the same time. On one day there is a story and on another day there isn’t a story. Really easy. But to work in New York as a freelance journalist can be really, really strange. A very few are able to be the first with news and sensations, even then the competition is really huge.

But what if, there is a story so big that is maybe too big for one little, young journalist?

And what if, this story could change the life of the journalist forever?

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Can I just say something here: it’s okay if you don’t reblog every worldwide issue or if you don’t want to follow blogs that post loads of horrific news stories.

It’s okay to have a happy place and it’s okay for tumblr to be that place. We’re all allowed to have somewhere where we can chill out and relax away from the crazy, if we want to. You can be super against all the awful shit that goes on in the world and you can preach it 24/7 and share it on facebook or talk about it on instagram or whatever but like don’t let other people bully you into not having somewhere peaceful away from it all if that’s what you need and desire. 

I’m so fed up of people getting shouted at on here for not being a tumblr eco warrior or a tumblr anti racism warrior. You do not have to be on duty ALL THE TIME. If tumblr is your chill zone then THATS FINE. Chill man. 

Strategic voting

I’ll try and explain it this way:

Vastly over simplify this, we’ll take three of the running parties: Green, Labour, and UKIP. Labour has a massive left wing party, with a well established position in UK politics and out of the three are most likely to get in. UKIP is right wing and has a growing following of the racist middle aged and the ill-informed, who - because of the strong views preached by UKIP - will definitely turn up to vote. The Greens, however, have a smaller following than the other two; consisting of mainly students and eco-warriors, and are less likely to get in

Say I want to vote Green, their policies are better suited to my situation and I than any of the other parties - however logically I shouldn’t vote for them.

Because the Greens have a smaller following, and currently has only 1-3 seats in government, it is unlikely that they will gain many/any seats this time around, and if they do it’ll most likely be maintaining the seats they have already.

There is probably going to be a larger turn out than normal for UKIP because of the media spectacle they have created, and so will probably gain a great many number of seats. Which is not good.

In order to stop UKIP from gaining enough seats for them to have power, the logical way for me to vote would be for Labour. Labour’s policies are close to what I want, though not as close as the Greens, but the more seats Labour has the less there are for UKIP to take.

I could also vote for the Conservatives or the Lib Dems, however I’m not a fan of the Conservatives as a party and the Lib Dems have demeaned themselves in the past so as much as they are options, personally I wouldn’t take them. Plus it’s easier to explain the problem with three and not five parties. 

I hope this helps to explain things easier. Strategic voting is also why you should definitely go out and vote on May 7th (2015) if you can, even if you don’t like politics or politicians. If you don’t vote then the bad guys have a better chance of getting in, because the people who like the bad guy’s policies /will/ vote.