the eclectic society movement

The civil rights movement worked because it hurt white America’s pockets. Protesting and all that is great and has it purpose, But If you want to make change, that same strategy must be evoked. It must be well planned and executed. Go for major corporations. …Nothing changes in congress because Big Corporations have congress on lock. ie they hold the power to make change. …Let the big corporations feel something as a result of the MB situations. Get into their pockets. …And I guarantee you, you will see change. This is America. At the end of the day green has hierarchy above all other races. & Blind protest does nothing but fuel their pockets even more with media coverage and “click bate”. ‪#‎JustPointingOutTheObvious‬ Don’t just “support”, be smart. This has to be an intellectual battle, not just one on the battlefield.
—  Jenewby

“Mr Nasty Time” - by Jenewby


Toro Y Moi / Les Sins - “Bother”
Yung Simmie - “Lean With The Sprite”
Melat - “L.I.P.S.”
Rudimental ft. MNEK & Syron - “Spoons”
Perrion - “Rollin”
Ghost Hunna - “Talkin’ That”
Lil Silva ft. Sampha - “Salient Sarah”
Bok Bok ft. Kelela - “Melba’s Call”
Samuel - “Falling Star”
Nicole Millar - “Fall”

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