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Hullo everyone! 🌙 

Here is an illustrated set of instructions I made on how to make a Positivity Spell Jar for my illustration class this past quarter. 

What you’ll need:

A Jar


Salt- for protection

Glitter-for fun

Candle- light and let melt around edges of jar to Cast Spell

Rosemary- for mental strength

Lavender- to keep calm

Citrine- for abundance

Rose Quartz- for love

Blue Thread- for harmony


As you set each item into the jar focus on what they represent to you. Your magick and energy melding with each, coming from inside you and around you. Close off the jar and wrap the thread round the top of the jar. Light the candle, visualizing the flame as the energy casting the spell.  

This can be modified to make absolutely any type of spell jar. Use different ingredients and colors to symbolize different things.



*Please do not delete caption or take credit for illustrations* 


Tarot Moon - handpainted cardigan, available in sizes XS/S, M and L, each one unique and one of a kind

Moon in Taurus - handpainted fashion, exclusive original art to wear:



Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is Most commonly known for its relaxing effects on the body, therapeutic-grade lavender has been highly regarded for the skin. It may be used to cleanse cuts, skin irritations, help you fall asleep, cure headaches, and more.

Art by @baasic-witch 04.01.2017

Detail of some handpainted leggins with poppy blossoms and crescent moons. Like all my garments these are one of a kind and will be available in size S. A shop update is coming up on next Monday, August 03, 2015!


McQueen created his own ‘museum of woman-monsters’ in his second couture collection for Givenchy, Eclect Dissect, shown in July 1997. In the period leading up to to the show, his art director Simon Costin combined the late Victorian costumes McQueen was then looking at with with a series of animated skeletons and muscle men from the sixteenth-century anatomical plates of Andreas Vesalius in a series of collages.

Fashion atf the Edge: Spectacle, Modernity, Deathliness by Caroline Evans

The last two weeks have been been crazy, so I’m sorry about the lack of posts over the last little while. In the meantime, though, here’s a quick 2am sketch I did early this morning. I was taking a break from a stressful project by listening to some of my favorite tunes, and voila. Out of my fingertips and charcoal onto my sketchbook flowed this peaceful music lover. She’s definitely in her happy place, listening to her best playlist on her massive headphones. :) 

Yay for finally playing around with my #ArtSnacks box goodies! :) 
Vine charcoal from April’s box and white charcoal pencil from March.
Thanks, @ArtSnacks! 

Happy April, guys! Guess what? We found faeries dancing in our garden last night. We even snapped a photo before they saw us and ran away. Just kidding - April Fools! 

What’s not an April Fools prank is this: We are having a flash sale at The Eclectic Illustrator through tomorrow night. Enter the code, “NOTAFOOL14” at checkout to receive 20% off your entire purchase! Don’t dilly-dally around because this is a flash sale and will be gone with Thursday’s morning sun, just like our faerie friends…