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Detail of some handpainted leggins with poppy blossoms and crescent moons. Like all my garments these are one of a kind and will be available in size S. A shop update is coming up on next Monday, August 03, 2015!


Tarot Moon - handpainted cardigan, available in sizes XS/S, M and L, each one unique and one of a kind

Moon in Taurus - handpainted fashion, exclusive original art to wear:


The last two weeks have been been crazy, so I’m sorry about the lack of posts over the last little while. In the meantime, though, here’s a quick 2am sketch I did early this morning. I was taking a break from a stressful project by listening to some of my favorite tunes, and voila. Out of my fingertips and charcoal onto my sketchbook flowed this peaceful music lover. She’s definitely in her happy place, listening to her best playlist on her massive headphones. :) 

Yay for finally playing around with my #ArtSnacks box goodies! :) 
Vine charcoal from April’s box and white charcoal pencil from March.
Thanks, @ArtSnacks! 


Last summer when I was nannying for a family with 3 young boys, I used to have them do scribble art with me. We would literally scribble in our sketchbooks and then look for shapes in the scribbles we had drawn. Sometimes we’d find something goofy, sometimes it was purely inventive and imaginary, and sometimes it was more literal in form.

One day, I found an interesting-looking man carrying a bag, a sweet polar bear, and a wide-eyed girl all bundled up against the weather. They all seemed winter-themed, and there was a story waiting there to be discovered. In August, I scanned the sketches into the computer and started putting textures and colour into them. Sadly, they were set aside in September for a little while, and then I sort of left them aside for a longer while. As I was going through some files this morning, I rediscovered them! :) *Happy dances* 

So, here they are, my scribble sketches - in all their WIP glory (or lack thereof, lol). I will finish them in the near future; they will not be forgotten again! :) 

My dad’s birthday is this week, so for his big day I painted him a fun little concept I’ve had playing in my brain for a while. He absolutely loves the green aliens from toy story and the minions from despicable me. He thinks they’re hilarious and enjoys their silliness.

Ever since I saw Despicable Me for the first time, I’ve wondered what would happen if the aliens and the minions met in the same universe. I just keep thinking that if they did meet, they’d be instant best friends and go traipsing around the universe saying, “oooOOOoooh…the claw…banana!” Can’t you just imagine this hilarious green and yellow hoard bouncing around the world, causing mischief and having fun? Anyway, I’ve brainstormed over this funny idea for a while now and decided to finally do something with it for my dad’s birthday…

Thus, this design was born. What if they DID meet? At some place like the Mad Hatter in Dland? I could totally see the aliens trying on minion goggles and minions wearing alien-themed beanie hats. It would be a hilarious, giggle-worthy time. 

So, happy birthday, Dad (even though you’re not on tumblr)! I hope your birthday week is marvelous and that you love this little painting I did for you. :) :D All my love!! <3


These colorful hand lettered illustrations are finally up at my shop, The Eclectic Illustrator. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed designing and drawing them! May they bring a little spring sunshine to your day. :) 

One of my proudest moments as an art student was earning a bronze award with the AIGA for this illustration. More importantly, though, was how much I loved designing, painting, and inking this mock book cover, and how much I love the fairytale that inspired it. 


Spring break for me means our tutoring/daycare center at my school is closed and I have a week off from my day job. Spring break also means that I still manage to find myself on campus at 8:30am Monday morning, coffee in one hand, paintbrushes in the other, ready to help decorate my friend’s classroom. Her room theme this year is “Candyland,” and oh, is it ever epic!

We started last fall with some basic decorations at the beginning of the school year - a tree, Plumpy and his plum basket. As the year has progressed, my teacher friend and I have painted and inventively assembled Lord Licorice, Mr. Mint, Jolly, Grandma Nutt, and Gloppy, each in their own environment just like on the board game. We’ve also designed a multicolored path that winds around the classroom and which grows each day as the students learn more. 

Today, I painted Princess Lolly while my friend patiently assembled, spray painted and wrapped 30-someodd CDs glued to straws and transformed them into lollipops for the Lollipop Woods. Each of our previous characters has been introduced to the classroom at a corresponding holiday, and since yesterday was Easter, Princess Lolly seemed like a wonderful, young, spring, happily celebratory person to arrive next. 

MH and I are SO THRILLED with how Princess Lolly and her woods turned out. We are both proud of all our hard work paying off and grateful that we are able to take house paints, old CDs, a little cellophane, a little card stock, and a few colorful straws and turn M’s classroom into a wonderland for her kids. Although it was so much fun to paint and work on, what I’m really excited for is the kids’ reactions next Monday after break when they walk into their class for the first time since we added Princess Lolly. I hope they absolutely love it! :) :D 


My marine alphabet - works in progress. I am starting to add colour to these digitally and I can’t wait to see the end result. 26 letters full of my own line art and watercolors. I’ve never designed a complete visual alphabet before - this is so fun!

I drew this in college and just rediscovered it. It was an assignment for my advanced illustration class, and one of my favourites from my entire university career. ALL the Tolkien love… :) :D