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Fight For Love - A Bellamy Blake Imagine

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Summary: Imagine Bellamy saving you from Mount Weather. Requested

You stood on the dropship ramp, anxiously panting as the loud pops of gunfire echoed in your ears. Bombs went off, blasting dirt and body parts into the air. Arrows flew, rapidly whizzing past your ears before meeting their fleshy targets with master precision. Those targets were your friends, the foot soldiers that fought valiantly to protect their newfound home but their efforts had fallen short.

Clarke had just called for the troops to fall back as the relentless grounder army advanced on camp, slashing their way through the delinquents and leaving a bloody trail of death in their wake. You had hesitantly followed her orders, retreating to the protective walls of the spaceship, but you couldn’t seem to remove yourself from the doorway. You refused the let the dropship doors close without Bellamy aboard.  

Amidst the chaos, you saw him. He had just poked his greasy mop top out of one of the foxholes, gazing at the madness of camp with a rifle clutched firmly in his hands.

“Bellamy!” you called out, urging him to make his way to the dropship immediately.

Clarke was getting ready to shut the doors, prepared to roast the grounders alive with the dropship’s thrusters and Bellamy would join them if he didn’t make haste.

As Bellamy’s eyes locked with yours, you felt a subtle sense of relief. He was unharmed, he was alive, and if he floored it, he had just enough time to make it into the dropship and into your arms. That small glimmer of hope was quickly dashed by a tall and fearsome grounder stepping into Bellamy’s path.

You screamed as you watched the grounder viciously knock Bellamy to the ground. He scrambled backward in the dirt as the grounder held him at the mercy of his sword but before Bellamy could come face to face with the grim reaper, Finn dove into action to rescue his friend.

The two young men seemed to struggle against the prowess of the grounder. They wrestled back and forth in the dirt and just as soon as Finn had freed Bellamy from the jaws of death, it was now the spacewalker that was being choked within an inch of his life.  

“Bellamy!” you shrieked again.

Bellamy looked at you and then at his dying friend. And you knew that he would never abandon a friend in need to solidify his own safety. He made brief eye contact with you, giving you a reassuring nod before tackling the grounder off of Finn.

“No!” you cried.

Miller and Clarke grabbed you, forcefully pulling you into the ship as you kicked and screamed in rebellion.

That was your last memory of Bellamy and it haunted you even now as you lingered in the shadow of your own demise.

You had spent the past three days captive in a steel cage inside of Mount Weather. The price you paid for freedom was pain in the form of a drill. They only released you from your cell to harvest your precious bone marrow. Your body was weak, your joints ached, and a sharp pain pervaded your chest with every drawn breath. You suffered so much from the torturous procedure that you nearly welcomed death.

It wasn’t the incessant buzzing of the drill or the burning agony that came with it that made you want to give up the ghost, but it was the thought of living in a world without your best friend that made you believe that surviving just wasn’t worth the fight anymore.

For all you knew, Bellamy hadn’t survived the fiery blast at the drop ship. It had been weeks since you’d felt his warm embrace or relished in his tender kiss and you were beginning to think that you would die without ever experiencing those earthly pleasures ever again. And a life void of Bellamy Blake didn’t seem like a life worth living.    

It was your turn again. The lab assistants dragged your limp body from the cage and placed you on the operating table underneath the blinding, white light. You didn’t fight back as they strapped you down. You just closed your eyes, knowing this was it. With your weakening condition, it would only take one more bone marrow extraction for them to finish you off. Your only hope was that Bellamy might’ve been on the other side waiting to take your hand and welcome you into the afterlife.  

Instead of hearing the high pitched screech of the drill, you heard two gunshots ring out into the room. You heard the weight of the two lab assistants hitting the concrete floor. And out of the blinding light of the lamp, the frame of a Mount Weather guard became clear.

His helmet-clad face was looking down at you as he removed the belted straps that held you in place. Once you were free, he removed his goggles and helmet to reveal messy dark hair and deep brown eyes.

“Bellamy…” you whispered.

He took your frail body into his arms and lifted you off of the table. He cradled you close to him, rocking you gently against his chest.

“Shhh…I’m here,” Bellamy whispered. He planted a gentle kiss on your forehead. “You’re going to be okay…you’re going to be okay.”

soumako warbuddy brotp headcanons

*possible spoilers for eyes wide open all the time 

  • arguing over the window seat on the plane ride home from iraq / “rock paper scissors.” / “we’re grown men, makoto.” / “then fight me for it.” / (echo, their bomb-sniffing dog, ends up getting the window seat)

  • sousuke getting so bored on base that he steals one of makoto’s ya paperbacks and reads the whole thing in one night before busting into the barracks at three in the morning to shake makoto awake and exclaim, “she kisses him and just dies?” / “sousuke, what -” / “there are - there’s rules, you can’t just end a book like that!” / “what?” / “i’m going to the range, this needs to be blown up.” / “wait!”

  • sousuke being the one that’s got a coffee addiction but makoto is the one that wants to go to coffee shops all the time / “the wifi is free!” / “but there’s people here.” 

  • they make it through their first tour and makoto’s ecstatic to be going home, whereas sousuke is subdued as always. makoto finally asks about his family and that’s when sousuke admits he doesn’t have any and will probably end up staying in a shitty hotel by an equally shitty bar until it’s time to come back. makoto stares at him unblinkingly for all of five seconds before grabbing him by the arm and dragging him to his plane, where he forces him into the seat next to him and simply says, “you’re coming home with me.” / “maybe i don’t want to?” / “maybe i don’t care?” 

  • sousuke is terrified the first time makoto takes him to the tachibana home. he’s awkward and tries to stay out of the way until ran comes into the guest bedroom and says to him, “makoto’s out with mom and ren. i need help getting the flour down from the top shelf. i’m making pizza from scratch. come help me with it and you can have some.” / “you can make pizza from scratch?” / “how else do you think it’s made? come on, we can make it faster if you help.” 

  • waiting in the living room for ran’s boyfriend to pick her up for their first date. makoto’s cleaning pistols and sousuke’s sharpening an array of throwing knives before him. someone cooked echo a steak and she’s ripping it to pieces. / “not gonna give you the stereotypical big brother speeches but hunting people down is our thing. it’s also the dog’s thing. have her back by eight.”

  • sousuke, makoto, and ren going out and following them anyway, hiding in the bushes outside the movie theater / mako: “this is an invasion of privacy, she’s going to think we don’t trust her!” / ren: “i don’t trust her.” / sousuke: “i trust her but i wouldn’t have trusted me when i was a teenage boy.” / “mako: “that’s not - ugh. whatever. move over.”

  • makoto freezes up in the middle of his first firefight and sousuke yanks him into the nearest burning building to look him in the face and pant, “look, i know how it looks, i get it -” / “i don’t - don’t think i can -” / “no, fuck that, you can, you’re - you’re really fucking nice and that takes guts out here so don’t tell me you can’t, you can. i’m right here with your dumb ass. okay? ready?” / “yeah, i’m ready.” / “good.” / “your breath really stinks by the way.” / “are you fucking kidding me?”

  • out in the field hunkering down for the night in the middle of a jungle. / “how’s your spot?” / “there’s a rock digging into my back.” / “yeah, there’s one digging into my neck.” / “wanna trade?” / “sure.”

  • after the captivity of their team, they go home and try to recover. when one wakes up with nightmares the other sits up with them and they just talk shit until morning because it’s easier to sleep in the sunlight after being in the dark for so long.

  • other times makoto will come into the kitchen in the middle of the night and find sousuke already there, and he’ll never want to talk about his dreams but he doesn’t have to because makoto’s having the same ones. so they sit at the table in silence because they don’t need words, because they feel each others pain as much as their own and that’s the only way they want to survive it. 

  • when they move to iwatobi and sousuke’s signing for his first real house, the realtor asks, “so do you have any siblings?”

    it doesn’t even take sousuke two seconds to tell her, “i have a brother.” 

After seeing Jurassic World, I’ve been inspired to add some limited edition bombs to the shop for a short time! Each of these bombs are themed after the four raptors from the film(Blue, Charlie, Echo, Delta) and each bomb holds a different colored set of stripes that wrap halfway around the bomb, much like the markings of the raptors that inspired them! All four bombs share a common scent(pine forest), but something special mixed in for each. 

Raptor Blue - Blue markings, scented with spearmint pine.

Raptor Charlie - Pale Green markings, scented with peppermint pine.

Raptor Delta - Yellow markings, scented with citrus(orange/lemon) pine.

Raptor Echo - Brown markings, scented with eucalyptus pine.

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[ It is absolutely, genuinely, one hundred
percent terrifying to wake up and not know
where you are. Your legs will cramp, your
throat will go thick, your eyes will fly open
and no matter how loud you’ll want to scream,
you’ll fail. Not a single sound will come out, and
that’s the scary part. You can’t do anything.

  Julius’ arms are hooked to thin tubes, and
he can’t turn his head. It’s not like he doesn’t
want to, but if he moves the nurse that’s
standing over him will see that he’s awake.
Julius can’t stop staring though. In the bright
room she looks like a ghost as she gently pulls
on the tubes that’s filling his body with
transparent liquid. His throat tightens the
moment he realizes that all of his limbs are
wrapped in white bandages.

  So, of course, he is absolutely terrified.
There’s no screams. There’s no echoes
of bombings. He’s not in the battle field
anymore. When the nurse has left the
silence that follows makes him stiffly sit
up to stare out of the large window. It’s
night and the clouds outside clearly show
signs of rain. High houses shine against
the slight mist. He’s never seen such houses.
That’s all there is, high houses with large
blinking letters, glaring him straight in the
face. When he looks down on the white
sheet that’s covering him he sees the pale
blue glow they paint him in. It’s beautiful,
but he needs to get out of here.

  Right now.

  Julius doesn’t know how he does it, but
he rips the tubes straight out of his arms
(followed by a high beep sound) and darts
for the door with the slight limp he’s forced
to deal with. His wound hasn’t healed, and
it feels like it’s slowly opening up the faster
he runs down the corridors, not having a
single idea of where he’s going. Nurses and
doctors yell after him as he scurries. The
bandages around his legs unfolds and drags
after him as he jumps down stairs with small
cries of pain after each step he takes.

  People are gasping at him when he finally
comes into a larger room with couches and
plants and a large glass door on the opposite
side. It’s crazy, he’s crazy, but he flies out the
door and down the stairs and tumbles down
and groans, and crawls until he can pull himself
up to his feet.

  But it’s rude, it’s so rude, how a doctor slams
his shoes down on the bandages that are
collecting dirty behind him and grips him by
the shoulder, and finally Julius can scream,
so he does.

  It feels like the whole town is crumbling when
he screams until his throat grows raspy, and he
kicks as good as he can, warm blood running
down his naked thighs under his hospital gown.

“You have to let me go,
I don’t know where I am!”

[ Julius’ body gets forced back and once again
he desperately kicks, but he’s so small, he’s
always been small, so he feels more like a
grumpy kid in a candy store than someone
that feels like he’s fighting for his life. He
takes a deep breath and gets close to the
doctor’s face, having his eyes squeezed shut.

“Let me go!”

[ But he’s not listening, and the panic just
grows in Julius’ stomach as he’s getting lifted
up the stairs at least a meter above the hard
stone steps. He kicks even more, maybe
even cries, staring down at the red droplets
that are marking his tracks, and he sobs.