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Mae & Celica “””S”””

I was having a not so great day so for fun I whipped up a “”””S Support”””” for two cuties who should have smooched and been girlfriends, Mae and Celica. It was relaxing and this turned out tooth-rottingly fluffy lol, thought some of my followers might enjoy it so here you go. Also I wrote this in like 2 hours and haven’t tried to write either of these characters before so be gentle ;p 

Mae: Hey… Celica.

Celica: Oh no, you seem so somber again…

Mae: W-what? Wait, no way! N-no somber sourpusses over here!

Mae: …Well. Kind of.

Mae: Look, you’ve given me the confidence to say this, but I still need to psych myself up first.

Celica: I don’t understand. What’s this all about, Mae?

Mae: …

Mae: …I love you.

Celica: …Hm? That’s all?

Mae: Y-yeah. I… I love you, Celica.

Celica: But I know that already, Mae. I love you as well. You’re my dear friend.

Mae: No, I mean—I mean LOVE love! Y’know, the romantic kind?

Mae: The “I-want-to-hold-you-and-protect-you-and-wow-you’re-gorgeous-I-want-to-kiss-you-so-bad-and-oh-my-gods-did-I-really-just-say-all-that” kind…

Celica: I…

Celica: G-goodness. So when you confided in me before… I wasn’t expecting… I’m not quite sure what to say.

Mae: You can say you don’t feel the same! Heck, I expect you to!

Mae: I know you’ve never seen me…y’know, as a woman. And my personality is way below your station.

Mae: Besides, there’s that– That boy, Alm, from the castle…

Mae: But you gave me a real confidence boost the other day, dammit! Mila can’t blame a gal for trying!

Celica: …Mila… I wonder.

Mae: Huh?

Celica: I…always assumed Alm was my destiny. That’s been deeply ingrained in me, and supported by others.

Celica: But… Not only are you, one of the people I most trust, challenging that…

Celica: You’re proposing an alternative.

Celica: I wonder… Heehee… Oh, Mae, always creating trouble…

Mae: C-Celica, listen! If you really like that guy, I’m not getting your way! Really!

Celica: Don’t, worry, Mae. I… Heeheehee… Your words have really stirred my heart.

Celica: You’ve so long been a powerful presence in my life… And I know you’d protect that life with yours.

Celica: I stand by my words that you’re an absolute catch.

Mae: Aw jeez, you’re making me blush again! Celica, are you seriously…?

Celica: I want to…to try this, Mae. Try being with you.

Celica: Destiny or no, it… I think it would make me very happy.

Mae: Oh. My. Gosh. I…you feel the same? I didn’t have a plan for you feeling the same!


Mae: Pfffftha! Duma Priests? Pirate Kings? Boey? Look out, Mae’s unstoppable!

Mae: Any of you lay a finger on my girl, I’ll have your hide!

Mae: …U-um, unless it’s too early to be calling you “my girl”… Haha…

Celica: Oh, never change, Mae. I… I love you… The way you are.  

I’m going to make a list of the small fe echoes things. Y’know like

Just Fire Emblem Echoes Things ™ :

  • Clive’s little beautify mark
  • Alm and Celica are crazy cat people
  • Leon is flamboyant gay
  • Berkut is edgelord. Like the edgiest Lord. Like sharper than Kamui’s blade edge.
  • Fernand is hot. Silque is hot. Lukas is hot. Clive is hot. Clair is hot. Celica is hot. Everyone is just. H O T.
  • Alm makes puns.
  • Celica is swiggity swooty comin’ for that pirate Booty
  • C H E E S E  L O V E R
  • The dynamics of Mae and Boey, and Tobin and Gray
  • Playing Alm’s army and you’re tryna do the thing but the enemy keeps crashing on your party
  • “Alm no”
  • A L M Y E S
  • “Celica no”
  • Celica: FUck you
  • Holey cheese, nut of life, “Valentia” oranges

more to come…


“After returning to the priory on Novis, Boey weathered a trying courtship with Mae until the two were wed. Children came soon and in plentiful number, giving the pair a host of new excuses to argue. Joy takes curious forms at times, but Boey was a happy man indeed”

After i finished crying about all the endings each of the characters got i simply couldn’t help myself and had to draw this perfect family <3

don’t go where i can’t follow (lukas x reader)

ask: lukas anon: “this is the lukas anon!! please go all out with the angst i live for it. but maybe his s/o got super injured on the battle field protecting him from an enemy he didn’t notice. and it doesn’t matter if you end it with his s/o living with a cute fluffy ending or a angst dying, i’ll leave that up to you. i hope this is specific enough.”

a/n: this was hard to decide for the ending bc i wanna make lukas suffer but not too much ya feel?

warnings: angst n mentions of death (no one dies fr i promise) (word count: 778) got a lil carried away w this one aha

   Wiping the sweat off your forehead, you take down another bow knight, trying to carve a path so the mages could get through to the armored units.

   That’s when you see Lukas, calling to Silque for her to come heal him. You know what your objective is, but you know that the mages on your team are strong enough to beat a few more bow knights, so you abandon your mission and rush over to help Lukas.

   “Lukas!” You yell, rushing to his side, narrowly missing a spell shot at you by a Cantor. “You okay?” He’s thrown off by your sudden appearance, using his steel lance to knock a terror out of the air. 

   “I’ve had better days,” he retorts, taking out another terror, trying to get closer to it’s maker. “Is Silque or Tatiana nearby? My armor isn’t strong against magic attacks, I don’t know why Faye hasn’t taken out the mages yet.” 

   “I hope so,” you grit your teeth, getting close to Lukas in case another magical attack came his way. “You look awful.”

   As he opens his mouth to reply, another Death attack comes his way. Knowing he couldn’t take another hit without being severely injured, you step in the way, taking the hit. 

   You hear him yell for Silque, though it sounds muddled, like you were underwater, before you succumb to the darkness.

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remind-who-you-are  asked:

I just read a post that Echo's been confirmed as a s5 regular and in a interview with JR he said there was a possibility even if small that Bell and Echo could be dating by the time they get to Earth (bc it's 6 years) or that they could even have a little child to match Clarke's and i'm freaking out because I really don't like Echo for one and I'm really getting sick of people getting between C/B relationship after we are given hope. so can you please help me see how bellarke can happen in s5?

That’s not what the interview said at all. Echo has been confirmed as a Season 5 regular, but it makes sense that everyone on the Ark right now would be a Season regular (so far the only person on the Ark who isn’t is Emori-I’m hoping for an announcement for her soon!)

As it relates to the possibility of a baby, JRoth seems pretty negative about that:

IGN: Speaking of parents, my mind goes to wondering if someone, maybe multiple someones, might come down from the Ark with a child in tow?

Rothenberg: Yeah, well, you know there’s not much you can do when you’re sitting in space for five years. I do think having a child up there would make surviving infinitely harder. Much like birth rates were closely monitored on the Ark prior to the series starting, that’s not a burden they want to take on. Not that they won’t and I’m not saying one way or another, but producing a show with a bunch of kids is a pain in the butt too [Laughs] so we wouldn’t want to use too many of them.

Also keep in mind that Eric Goldman (the IGN interviewer is very strongly anti-Bellarke and anti-Bellamy Blake), his interviews and reviews almost always avoid Bellamy and Bellarke or speak about him/the relationship in a derogatory manner. 


In San Diego for a night &, since I have a sixth sense for it, run across some ‘Art Deco’. Obviously this is reproduction, but I admire the effort. The inside looks cool, too, even thought I couldn’t get a decent photo of it. If I lived down here, I would definitely go to Dental Express for my dental needs.

anonymous asked:

If u had to chose a moment for Becho to happen, don't u think it you be better if it was during those 6 years? Like that other nony point it out, couples that get together during time jump don't usually stay together and we are not gonna have to watch their development (bc I really think something it's going to happen between them at some point, wich I'm fine w/, just don't wanna watch) since I think it's not gonna take that long (i hope) before the OG (aka. bellarke) takes over again.

Oh I’m not saying that Becho won’t happen. I’m saying it’s not a threat to Bellarke. Listen, Echo is SUPER hot. The dynamics of betrayal and power imbalance have been left behind and it’s something new. Those were the issues I had with it. But even then, I recognized there was a story. Honestly, I just didn’t care to freak out about ship wars because I don’t think there is one. And I don’t think Becho is worrisome. I can see the story and the story is Bellarke. But what is the ROAD to Bellarke? This is long and there are a lot of bumps on the way.

Echo is still lost. I don’t know who she is and I don’t think she knows who she is either.