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We all know that when Zuko tried to join the gaang Katara didn’t trust him. She points out it’s because of Ba Sing Se in the book two finale, even after Toph says he isn’t lying, Katara refuses to trust him. She doesn’t forgive him until the Southern Raiders, but Aang did. He was fine with trusting Zuko. Even before Toph pointed anything out, Aang was ready to forgive him. This wasn’t just a peaceful air boy thing. I’m convinced it had something to do with their secret from book one.

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Master Jinora (Jinora)

As the eldest daughter, Jinora inherited the role of Air Nation leader when her father, Master Tenzin, retired. With an ever-growing population of airbenders in an increasingly hostile world, she and her siblings work tirelessly to secure the future of their culture. Asserting control over traditional airbender homelands, advocating for international human rights, and creating a robust network of alliances, Jinora is now regarded as one of the world’s most important politicians and religious figures.

With the help of her father, Jinora has started compiling the world’s most comprehensive library. Housed in the Eastern Air Temple, the project consolidates texts from Ba Sing Se University, the Fire Nation royal archives, the Northern and Southern Water Tribe Palaces, and even from Wan Shi Tong’s library in the spirit world. Scholars from around the world now travel to the Eastern Air Temple to study in an environment free from strife and political interference.


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“We’re home, buddy. We’re home.” - Aang, The Southern Air Temple

The difference in Aang’s expression between these two shots is so sad to me. In The Southern Air Temple, he looks so happy to see his home again. It’s a clear day, and he’s just happy, nothing much behind it. He has hope:

Aang: Just because no one has seen an airbender doesn’t mean the Fire Nation killed them all. They probably escaped.
Katara: I know it’s hard to accept.
Aang: You don’t understand, Katara. The only way to get to an airbender temple is on a flying bison, and I doubt the Fire Nation has any flying bison. Right, Appa?

In The Guru, upon seeing the Eastern Air Temple, he’s also smiling, but this time it’s hidden behind a fog, and he’s almost tearing up. He doesn’t have any delusion that he’ll find living Air Nomads in this temple anymore. He knows he’s alone, he’s just glad for the memories.

What’s so tragic is that back in the days, he didn’t even want to go there: “How could they do that to me! They wanted to take away everything I knew and everyone I loved!”. It wasn’t home to him back then. But now, after he did end up losing everything and everyone he loved, he’ll cherish just about any piece, any souvenir, any ruin which reminds him of his people with all he’s got.

luke cuts off his jedi training with yoda and leaves dagobah to save han and leia and aang abandons his training with pathik to master the avatar state and leaves the eastern air temple to save katara….coincidence ???

Kalsang – “Good fortune”

  • 16 Years Old (Born 190 AG, Year of the Tiger)
  • Parents: Jinora & Kai
  • Home: Eastern Air Temple / Southern Air Temple mostly
  • Personality: ENFP
    • Free Spirit
    • Charming
    • Independent
    • Energetic
    • Curious
    • Observant
    • Distracted
  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw / Hufflepuff
Gavity Falls Avatar AU: Gravatar

So I was thinking about this today and here’s my idea for it.

~Dipper and Mabel are air-benders

~Dipper is the avatar

~Due to her happy-go-lucky nature Mabel is the better airbender of the two

~Like Aang, Dipper was going to be sent away to the  Eastern Air Temple to complete his training. Some of the monks in charge think that his bond with Mabel is holding him back.

~Dipper is furious about this and he runs away with Mabel on Waddles (Mabel’s flying bison in this AU). Cue events of Avatar canon universe. He, Mabel and Waddles are stuck in an iceberg for the next hundred years.

~ Stan and Ford are the sons of a prominent official in the firenation (Filbrick)

~Bill is firelord

~Stanford is an extremely talented firebender and mastered both blue fire and lightning at an early age. Lightning is his specialty.

~Stanley on the other hand is quite terrible (or perhaps just a slacker. No one’s sure)

~Dipper and Mabel are discovered in the arctic by Soos (a waterbender) and Wendy (a nonbender). They agree to help the twins travel the world so Dipper can master the elements.

~Fiddleford is the king of Omashu

~ Candy and Grenda are earth benders

Feel free to send me asks about this. I might try to write something eventually

What happened to Korra's sky bison?

At the end of “Beginnings, Part 2” (2x08), the shaman of the Bhanti Tribe presents Korra with her very own sky bison.

We see Korra fly off on this one:

Note the broken horn.

Do we ever see this bison again?  Did she just leave it at the Eastern Air Temple? Did she fly it back to Republic City?

The only sky bison we see for the rest of Book 2 is Oogi. Here he is in 2x11.

Here’s the beginning of 2x12.

In Book 4, when the Krew goes out scouting intel on Kuvira’s army, they’re riding on this sky bison:

I’m guessing that this is Oogi. (Or do sky bison horns grow back in?)

Seriously, what happened to Korra’s sky bison?

Conversation in the Cave (Legend of Korra Side-Rp)

Anuri and Korra weren’t but a few hours away from the Eastern Air Temple now, and they were making great time. While Korra remained on the bison, Anuri took to her winged wolf form and flew a little ahead of them, guiding the way.

Suddenly, off to the left a few miles away, the two distant cousins heard a distant rumble of thunder. A storm was coming and it was nearly there. “Korra, we better head down!” Anuri called over her shoulder to Korra. “There’s a cave nearby where we can seek shelter! Follow me!” And with that, she dived down into the forest below, but kept a steady speed so Korra wouldn’t lose her.

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Now that Korra and Mako are just friends but have a strong bond based on other things more than romantic love and sexual/erotic attraction how do you think their relationship works when they're on their 30-40. Lately i've been thinking about Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye and the peculiar dinamic as partners (i can't figure if they're lovers or what) they have. I can see something like this for Korra and Mako.

I intended to stick with what I was asked, but I guess the world nearly 20 years after the end of the show is more compelling than I thought.  XD;

Anyway, some setup:

At 40, Korra still hasn’t really settled down in a home of her own – she needs to move around too much for that to make much sense – but she’s made her base of operations on Air Temple Island (which is now run by Jinora; when Tenzin reached retirement age, he decided to turn the Eastern Air Temple into a monastery for airbenders who were more interested in the meditative parts of the culture than in being part of an international peacekeeping organization).  She’s there often, since the world is generally at peace – it took a decade for the Earth Republic to settle down after democratization, but the most that happens there now is tensions over trade disputes (which Kuvira insists would be less of an issue with a stronger central government, since at the moment the states are the ones with more of the power), and Iroh has successfully transformed the Fire Nation into a constitutional monarchy (he spent too long working for a democracy to feel comfortable as an absolute ruler).  It’s also close by a spirit portal, which is helpful for dealing with spirity issues.

At 41, Mako is the chief of police (Lin absolutely refused to step down for the longest time, but a run in with a particularly dangerous criminal not long after she turned seventy left her with a limp the healers couldn’t quite fix, and as her second-in-command, Mako did what he could to convince her that she’d done enough after that; she still shows up looking for ways to help protect the city every now and then, but she’s okay with not being on the job by now).  He’s great at his job and super-focused on ways in which cycles of crime can be forestalled – his apartment is still dirt-cheap, and he puts most of his money towards helping street kids build a future for themselves (he also used his position as chief to uncover the abuses of the orphanage that made it impossible for him and Bolin to stay there as children).

They see each other a lot because Korra doesn’t have enough to do and Mako has way too much, and she figures that if he’s going to live at work, he might as well have someone there with him after hours.  He never actually takes vacation time except when Korra needs backup as the Avatar somewhere outside the city.  Korra ribs him for his inability to pull himself away from his job mercilessly, but they both enjoy each others’ presence, and Mako is one of the few people in the city Korra can count on to keep her occupied (they often take advantage of a little-known law allowing for more severe punishments on people who try to attack the Avatar to take down Triad people who it’s hard to pin things on – criminals have a tendency to freak out and attack when the Avatar shows up unexpectedly ;) ).

On weekends, Korra sometimes drags Mako out of the office to go out to eat somewhere or walk through the park or something like that.  He always complains about it, but is legitimately glad for it once he’s there. 

So… it’s not exactly Roy and Riza, but it’s definitely a nice dynamic.  =)