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Carlin Maggie by Jason Tyldsley
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This natural stone outcrop is known as Carlin Maggie and has the look of something imported from Easter Island, but it is natural. It is said to be a witch turned to stone by the Devil after she got on his nerves. (carline is an old Scots word for ‘witch’). The Devil threw a lightning bolt which had the effect of petrifying her. It is a rock pillar estimated to be 30 feet (9.1 m) high, on the Western slope of Bishop Hill.

  • polynesians: have oral history that references a faraway land of andes-like mountains in the east, cultivated sweet potato (a plant native to central america, not the pacific), literally call sweet potato by the same word used by the quechua and aymara people indigenous to the andes, left physical remains on islands a few km off the coast of chile, have genetic links with native south americans
  • white academics: hmmm it's very doubtful polynesians contacted south america.. they probably just stopped permanently at easter island for some reason after systematically navigating the entire south pacific. the sweet potatos floated to them across the ocean
A quick FYI for non pacific islanders for Moana
  • Even though you only know Hawaiians doesn’t mean she’s just Hawaiian, and yes, there are more islanders than just Hawaiians.
  • Her name isn’t Mo-wah-nuh, its Mo-AH-NAH. Honestly don’t even get me started on this one.
  •  Polynesian isn’t a language. Polynesia is a large group of islands that have their own distinct language, rich culture, and customs. There’s Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii, Easter Islands, etc…
  •  Moana isn’t one race she’s everything mixed into one because there are too many cultures to just base her off of just one island.
  • Maui, as you might have guessed isn’t based off of just one legend either.
  • Maui’s “War Dance” is called the Haka and they do that dance to scare their enemies before battle.
  • Fun fact: Moana means Ocean
  • Please don’t group all of the Pacific Islanders and their cultures into one.
  • Another Fun fact: Pacific Islanders are some of the best navigators of the Ocean to have ever lived. There has even been evidence of them being the first to travel to America. sorry not sorry Columbus.

So not being able to wear a hat is a punishment for human children (or at least Seekers) which might explain why Susan ripped off Frieda’s hat when she was retrieving her.

Also I think Gross has a weird fixation with bees.

So the other thing I noticed in DuckTales the Movie is Scrooge’s cane.

What exactly is up with Scrooge’s cane? It’s crazy enough that he can pogo on it, but apparently it’s also completely unbreakable despite being a thin piece of wood. Check this out:

BENT BUT NOT BROKEN. That’s a big, thick metal door against what looks like a brick wall, AND SCROOGE BROKE IT OPEN WITH HIS WOODEN CANE.



(Panel from The Mystery of Easter Island by Geoffrey Blum)


Essex was an American whaler from Nantucket, Massachusetts. In 1820, while on a voyage, the ship was attacked by a sperm whale. The attack was so severe that the ship sank. Miraculously, all twenty members of the crew survived. They managed to flee the sinking ship on three smaller boats. However, they were now stranded with little food and little water.

Due to the fact that their boats were far too small to brave the Pacific waves, the crew made their way to an uninhabited island - Henderson Island. They had been at sea for two days and after running out of water and food, they resorted to drinking their own urine and seawater. On this island, the crew found a freshwater spring and crabs and birds to feed on. Within days, however, they exhausted practically all of the island’s food and water sources. Knowing that they would most likely starve to death, several of the crew members decided they would try to reach Easter Island. Three of the crew members decided to stay behind on Henderson Island. They were much too weak to attempt the voyage. One by one, the crew members attempting to reach Easter Island started to die of starvation on the small boat.

After being adrift for several weeks, the remainder of the crew decided they would have to resort to cannibalism if any of them were to survive. In total, seven crew members were cannibalised, two of which were murdered by the other crew members after they had consumed all of the deceased crew men. 89 days after the Essex sank, the three surviving crew members aboard the small boat were rescued. Additionally, the three crew members left behind on Henderson Island were rescued by a ship called Surrey.


From North to South… a very long country in the world… And one of the most beautiful places on earth… Ocean, Mountains, Snow, Fields, Ice, Sky, Desert, Volcanoes, Valleys, Islands, Rivers, Big Cities, high levels of human development, peace and amazing people… heaven on earth…