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This lovely lady has asked me once again for a threesome or another couple. We are in the East Midlands area or the UK. Both of us are built on the larger side and she is bisexual.

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Department of Education: Think How I Feel: Mental Heath and Learning Difficulties in the British Curriculum.
The awareness of mental health and learning difficulties for children under 18 in the United Kingdom is lacking.Young Mind states that "one in ten children between 5 and 16 have a diagnosable mental disorder" ( Common for this age group are anxiety and depression. It is estimated that...

So, as probably none of you are aware, I’m a part of the regional youth board for my area, and that means I take part in meetings and whatnot to support local causes and try to instill positive change on a wider scale. 

March is the national action week for all youth boards across the UK, and my youth board decided last meeting that the issue we’re going to focus on for this month was mental health awareness. We have various events planned throughout the month as well as a lot of fundraising and online campaigning. 

The above petition is part of that online campaigning. Whilst many (okay, practically all) of the events are only things accessible to people who live in the UK- and more specifically the East Midlands- this online petition can be signed from anywhere in the world. 

The petition was started by a youth group and basically calls for the government to make education about mental health mandatory in the British curriculum- there’s a lot more information on the actual petition if anyone feels like reading up on it.

It takes less than a minute to sign and would really help in terms of spreading the word. Even if you don’t feel comfortable signing it for some reason or another, a reblog would help just as much. The more people who see the petition, the better! 

As someone who is both directly and indirectly affected by issues of mental health, I would be truly grateful for any and all signatures. 

Thank you, 


From White Dwarf 132, December 1990.

I think the top right photograph might actually have been taken at the Assembly Rooms in Derby(*) when it was the long-standing venue for the World Wargames Championships. I also think the guy in the glasses is Pete Taylor whose chaos conversions used to be frequently featured in ‘Eavy Metal.

If I’m correct it would have been one of the many demo games at the Derby show/con. It was always a big show (probably the biggest UK show outside of Salute) and attracted a lot of impressive games. Being in the East Midlands made it local to a lot of the GW crew and friends.

(*) Pronounced Darr-be not Derr-be.