the earth collection

🌲 Forest With Me Spell 🌲

The forest is full of peace and magick, bring it home with you to boost your spells and provide peace.


🌲 Bottle

🌲 earth (dirt, sand, rocks)

🌲 Assorted forest items (berries, leaves, flowers, bark, seeds)

(side note: do not collect or ingest anything that you are unsure about. Even if 99% sure about a plant id, don’t pick it. It’s for your own safety.)


🌲 Take your bottle on a nature walk or hike. This can be anywhere deep in the woods or in an urban park. Work with your surroundings.

🌲 Half way through you walk stop and collect some earth from the ground and place it in your bottle. This can be what ever is locally available to you, but should be as natural as possible.

🌲 Hold the bottle and dirt in your hands and center yourself. Focus you energy into the bottle and invite the earth to put in its own energy. 

🌲 Add other items from around you. These items can add additional effects to your spell. I added pine needles for protection, some dried wildflowers, and berries for regrowth.

🌲 After your bottle is full close it.

🌲 Keep the bottle close to you for the rest of your walk. Allow it to absorb the energy all around you.

Moving Forward

Keep the bottle on your altar, on you, or where ever you need it most. Allow it to project forest energy all around.

Feel free to create a diverse biome of energy be creating more jars with different parts of the forest.

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Astrology Ask ⟡

Mercury -Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Venus -Are you dating anyone right now?

Mars -What are your hobbies?

Jupiter -Do you believe in a higher power?

Saturn -What are you not good at?

Uranus -Do you have any weird habits?

Neptune -What’s your greatest wish?

Pluto -Does death scare you?

1st House -How do you see yourself?

2nd House -Would you want to be rich/famous? 

3rd House -How good are you in school?

4th House -Do you get along with your family?

5th house -Are you creative? 

6th House -Do you like work/school?

7th House -Are you a people person?

8th House -How well do you adapt to change?

9th House -Do you want to go to college?

10th House -What’s your dream job?

11th House -What would you change about the world?

12th house -What’s your favorite social media?

Fire -Do you like adventure?

Water -Are you an emotional person?

Air -Would you consider yourself smart?

Earth -Do you collect things?

Tag this with how you’d pass the time and fight off the existential madness of immortality if you were in the 17776 reality

Maybe love is like rain. Sometimes gentle, sometimes torrential, flooding, eroding, joyful, steady, filling the earth, collecting in underground springs. When it rains, when we love, life grows.
—  Carol Gilligan

Check out this color - purple garnet from Mozambique

hey so in this episode we learned that Rose had a trash pile where she hoarded stuff and we already know Amethyst hoards trash piles too, and they’re both Quartzes.

so I’m wondering if this is a typical Quartz trait, like they have a natural drive to collect things (like a dragon), perhaps because they’re a warrior Gem and perhaps collect trophies from enemies, but since Rose and Amethyst didn’t really do that kind of stuff Earth, they just collected things.

or perhaps this was something Rose did and Amethyst just learned it from her. Either because she wanted to be like Rose and she was mimicking her or maybe it’s something Rose specifically taught her, like it was one of their special things that they bonded over (maybe Amethyst felt off for being a quartz and not really feeling like one, so Rose introduced her to the collecting habit as a Quartz trait?)

I dunno, it’s very interesting to me and I’m really curious to learn more about this commonality between Rose and Amethyst