[The references] were written in the script, and they were absolutely embraced. We were allowed to push them, but they were definitely in the script. That was great because that gave us permission to just say ‘We know we’re doing Wonder Woman homages.’ So there was an absolutely magical moment when it was scripted that Melissa was to do the Wonder Woman twirl to put herself out when she was on fire. Lynda came and said, 'I’ll show you how to do it.’ I have on my phone a video of Lynda Carter showing Melissa Benoist how.

The #MilkyWay moving across the night sky over #JoshuaTree

Earth is Singing Like a Whale, Says NASA — Hear it Now
Need some soothing sounds to put your Monday blues in perspective? We've got you covered.
By Chris Taylor

That’s the sound of the Earth “singing,” as recorded by the awesomely-named Storm Probe mission — a couple of satellites investigating the famous Van Allen belts, intense radiation zones that surround our planet like a doughnut. The Storm Probes, launched last month, are mapping the density of charged particles.

The whale song is an audio rendering of radio waves captured by the Probes and caused by the two Van Allen belts, inner and outer. You don’t actually hear the audio in space, of course, but the radio waves — known as “chorus” — are for real.

People ask me why I’m vegan. I say “ethical and health reasons”… I lie… the real reason is that all vegans have one goal. We’re gonna eat the world clean of vegetables and anything plants. Slowly slowly, we join forces and try to destroy the earth. We eat crops, forests, fields and more. You think rabbits destroyed your garden? No, it is us. The vegans. We ate your plants. We’ll come back for the rest of the grass. There’s only one danger out there, it is us. We cannot be stopped. Due to active campaign and “awareness”, our army has grown. You had your chances long ago. Now it’s too late. Be prepared, because the earth will be ours.

Elemental HERO Terra Firma
“Elemental HERO Ocean” + “Elemental HERO Woodsman”
Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. You can Tribute 1 face-up “Elemental HERO” monster; this card gains ATK equal to the Tributed monster’s ATK, until the End Phase.

Can Be Found In: Premium Pack 2 (PP02-EN009), Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years (LCGX-EN075), Duel Terminal 4 (DT04-EN087)

The HERO archetype has so many Fusions in their card pool that is easy to create different very unique builds arround them. When they debuted the Extra Deck has no restrictions to allow players to carry as many Fusions as they wanted, but nowadays they have to choose wisely which HEROs to focus on. Unfortunately as new HEROs are released many of the previous members become easily forgotten, but that won’t overshadow their potential as one of the biggest archetypes in the game constantly gains new methods to work arround their Fusion Summons.

“Elemental HERO Terra Firma” is part of the Legendary Planets as well the featured HERO monster in the Gx manga, but easily ignored by the community. That’s because his ability, where can tribute a face-up Elemental HERO to gain its ATK until the end of a turn. But while not that impressive and potentially expensive for what it offers, “Terra Firma” has enough support to on the least become a reliable monster to take down strong threats with, to the point of performing powerful attacks under the right assistance.

Although the most popular Fusion HEROs have vague conditions to work, “Terra Firma” has the luck of his materials supporting his own arrival. “Elemental HERO Woodsman” can look or retrieve “Polymerization” at the start of our turn, while “Elemental HERO Ocean” will recover each other from the Graveyard. However we don’t even need to wait for their effects to trigger as with many searching options such as “A Hero Lives”, “E - Emergency Call”, “Reinforcements of the Army”, and “Fusion Conscription” we have more than sufficient tools to obtain both HEROs. Not only that, but “Elemental HERO Prisma” can replace one of them by milling them from the Deck, while “King of the Swamp” can either become a substitute or become a searching tool for “Polymerization”. In late game it won’t be harder to perform the Fusion Summon, as “Miracle Fusion” banishes the materials from the Graveyard while “Parallel World Fusion” places them back in our Deck after being banished.

As mentioned, “Terra Firma” will most likely be used to take down strong enemies if we have to, but has some mechanics to work with and expand his role. The most efficient setup arround the HERO is by tributing “Elemental HERO Absolute Zero”, an easy to summon Fusion (And can use the same materials as “Terra Firma”) which once leaves the field will wipe the opposite field and let us attack directly with a boosted “Terra Firma”. An abusable material to work arround his stat boosts is “Elemental HERO Neos”, as with the combined support of HERO and Normal Monsters along several revival effects like “O - Oversoul” and “Swing of Memories” we can constantly reuse it and even stack several boosts in a single turn. Combine these monsters with “Assault Armor”, allowing “Terra Firma” to attack twice and most likely lead us to an OTK. Speaking of “Neos”, “Terra Firma” can become a material for “Elemental HERO Neos Knight” to provide half his stats before the buffs fade away. Remember that “Terra Firma” can only gain ATK during our turn, so try to have some coverage against the opponent’s turns.

“Elemental HERO Terra Firma” is far from being a must have in HERO Decks, but has a lot of potential for a Deck of its own. Although his best plays comes from working along another Fusion and “Elemental HERO Neos”, HERO is so supported that is not that difficult to perform such odd setups and obtain powerful results. And even if we can’t pull big monsters and OTK to work with, a temporal boost along recovery and recycle effects like “Miracle Fusion” and “Fifth Hope” makes him a reliable monster to take care of any dangerous enemies. Unfortunately, while “Terra Firma” can shine during our turn is not that difficult to take down as we can only use his effect during our turn, requiring some assistance from other cards to survive the opponent’s turn. Overall “Terra Firma” is far from being one of the best HERO Fusions, but has good resources to assure good results under many circumstances.

Personal Rating: B+

+ Gains the ATK of a tributed Elemental HERO
+ Highly supported for his summon as well perform powerful setups and OTKs
+ Efficient enough to defeat strong enemies with

- Easy to take down during the opponent’s turn
- Requires a Deck of his own to obtain the best performance