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May. Seen at Queen and Peter St.

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Elf Ear Tips

I’ve had some inquiries about elder scrolls elven facial anatomy and bone structure and I thought I’d start out by showing how I tackle elf ears since they’re the most prominent feature in comparison to humans. This is my general approach to elves in general.

Since I mostly draw male dunmers I’ll be focusing my examples on them. Also this is just one of many possible approaches and not a rule.

First off, elf ears come in many sizes, shapes and colors in Tamriel and here are just a few comparison shots from in-game dunmer.

From left to right: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online

Now lets take a look at a human ear. I used one of my paint studies of a regular ear (my ear to be precise). It should be a lot brighter than in my drawing but I tried to give it a bit of contrast to wrap my head around it.

The landmarks tend to be broken down into a ‘hook and a ‘y’. Now to apply this to an elven ear I usually just ‘push out’ the tip and give it a crease (like a bent hook). I usually readjust the ‘y’ to ride along the upper ‘ledge’ but sometimes I attach them further apart. When I doodle I often skip the ‘y’ part.

I use the first one the most. I usually use the second one in combination with shorter elf tips since they can look very chubby and cute with the more rounder and soft shapes.

And some edits to my study to make it more ‘elf like’.

And here are some examples of how I’ve drawn some elf ears in the past; 

Thank you for reading! and if you’re struggling with anatomy or the likes I can really recommend Proko’s site and channel cause he doesn’t only show how to draw something but also how its built up and function.