the ear kiss that started it all lol

Punish Me ♡ 

Soryu Oh x MC
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder ♡

His fingertips grazed over your bottom lip as he slowly inched his face closer to yours. 

“What did you just say?”

You felt the rush of blood travel to your cheeks, forcing them to turn an embarrassing red hue. You didn’t know what took over you- though, from the look on his face, it seemed as though he didn’t mind either.

“S-Soryu.. I…” but, before you could say another word, his lips crash into yours- the urgency to feel you taking over as he pulled you closer into his chest. This was the first time he’s ever heard you call him that but, he didn’t anticipate loving the way it sounded leaving your parted lips.

“Say it again,” Soryu groans, his eyes giving you more of a pleading look. He awaited your response, grabbing you by the chin and staring into your [e/c] orbs with hope shining from his.


You looked away shyly as you heard him sigh, pulling your face closer to his with his lips gently swiping against yours. He pulled away, smiling tenderly at you.

“You don’t have to say it again… it just caug–”

“Daddy… I’ve been bad… Punish me,” You finally spoke and he turns toward you- eyes wide. The way you whimpered the word ‘Daddy’- Soryu’s resolve broke. He usually tried not to be so rough with you but, tonight… Tonight was a whole new ball game. Something within him switched and he couldn’t take you teasing him anymore- he wanted to dominate you.

He roughly pushed you over the wooden kitchen counter- your sweet moans filling the quiet room. Your bottom hiked, you look back at him with pleading eyes pushing your ass back toward him.

You could tell he tried not to be too possessive- to manhandle you but, the things you were saying and the way you kept moving your body, he couldn’t help it. 

And, He couldn’t deny how incredibly turned on he was.

“I… (Y/N)…”

“Show me what you want to do to me,” You whine feeling him grip your shoulders to spin you around. He grabs hold of your face, pulling you in closer. You close your eyes, kissing him tenderly– the spark between you two becoming a flame.

“I love you (Y/N),” He mumbled sweetly. You pulled him by his chin for your lips to reach his ear, whispering as if this particular sentence was meant for his ears only, “I love you too, Daddy~”

Soryu growls, your hot tongue running along the side of his neck. He was surprised at the gesture at first but, relaxed as you started to unbutton his trousers, pulling his erection from underneath his boxers. He groaned at the way you grasped it, kissing you deeper as you continued to stroke his length. He leaned back against the counter, gripping it so hard that his knuckles began to turn a ghostly white.

“Fuck (Y/N)…” Soryu groaned. 

All of his senses beginning to melt away at the feel of you.

((in regards to that vid of sam playing another day of sun on the piano. i also wrote this for my fellow friends w phat crushes on sam xoxo))

okay but can you imagine you hear sam playing the piano one day and you’ve always wanted to learn how to play so you walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his neck, resting your head on his shoulder and you mumble something along the lines of “can you teach me sammy” and he nods excitedly because his girl wants to learn how to do something he enjoys!!! and he has you sit right next to him, your elbows are touching, and he grabs your hands, resting them over certain keys. and he puts his hands on top of yours and presses certain fingers down to help start to teach you how to play. but you keep messing up and you’re laughing and he’s laughing and you can feel it from how close you are and it’s flooding your ears. your smile is so wide and you turn your head to kiss his cheek and he smiles just as wide and goes back to trying to teach you how to play a few notes. and wow what did i just write.

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The Time I Got Caught Getting Head...

One day out of boredom my ex and I decided to go to the school library to hang out and kill time. Now he’s maad horny. Tryna touch me under the table and shit lol. We decided to go for a little walk around and half way down one of the isles he stops me, turns me around and kisses me slowly. He slips his left hand down the front of my jeans and starts rubbin my pussy whilst kissin all up on me. Then he whispers in my ear “baby I wanna eat you”. I’m looking around to see if anyone’s about cause I’m scared of getting caught but at this point my pussy wet as fuck and I’m just ready.

So I’m tryna play it all cute like “noo baby not here”, but he don’t give a fuck. His dick’s hard as a rock against my thigh so I know he ain’t into no playing. He tells me to lay down and I do as I’m told. I’m on my back, knees in the air. He unzips my jeans and shimmies them to my ankles and spreads my legs. He starts playing with my clit with the tip of his tongue and already I start shaking 😍. He licks my wet pussy up and down, then in a slow circular motion then kisses it. I don’t really know what the fuck he was doing but boy, it was hitting the spot. It felt so good my legs started quivering and I’m suffocating him with my thighs😩😩.

All off a sudden I hear a deep voice say some shit so I got scared and sat up real quick! He’s still going to town down south. I’m looking around to see where this voice is coming from and its the fucking library security guard😩😩. He was patrolling around and clocked us but wouldn’t look in our direction😂😂. I have no clue what he said to us but we got up, I fixed myself and we speed walked the fuck outta there. I avoided the library for legit a fucking year because I didn’t want him to remember me. 3 years later and I still go to the library on edge looking for this guy so I can dodge him an he don’t catch me off guard. Fuck knows if he ever even saw my face but you never know 😂😂.

The End ✌🚶

KBTBB: Mc is a smut writer and how the guys would react. (Part 2)

ladystar0710 requested.
This is part 2. I’m writing it in a sea of blood. *blushing*. Hope you like it cuz idk how it is really. Lol~

“Hah~ So boring. The deadlines is coming, i’m almost out of time but nothing comes to my mind.” Ota heaved a sigh as he scratched his head trying to come up with an idea to finish his painting. Feeling bored, he opened his laptop and soon he found a smut fanfic blog on tumblr, which was getting popular among fangirls. He realized the main lead of almost all the fanfic was no one but him. Wondering how the author got to know so much about him and write those fanfic cuz there were many accurate details about him in it. That’s when he noticed the author’s name: “Koro”. He knew right away that it was you. Just then you came into his studio after finishing your work at the hotel. Ota would never let a chance to tease you slip so he called out for you immediately. “Hey Koro. Come here come here~ I have something to show you.” He covered your eyes with his hand and led you inside, after that he made you sit down on the couch facing the laptop. He slowly pulled his hand back and what you see on the screen was your smut fanfics. Your cheeks turned red as he smirked at you. “Naughty Koro~ Have i given you permission to use ME as your writing materials? More than that…it’s smut. Fufufu~” He pulled your face close to his by the chin while the other hand waving a whip. (I’m innocent guys.). He started taking you to the bathroom and took off your clothes in a flash. No matter how you protested, he still got you and cornered you. “Now Koro~ Repeat after me k? ‘Master, please punish me. Please take all of me’.” (I swear i’m not a masochist guys.) “There’s no way i could say that Ota!” “I won’t take no for an answer. After all it’s your fault from the beginning for writing all those naughty things using me as model.” He looked serious for a moment and it scared you like a poor puppy. That night, you were forced to say all kind of naughty things by Ota and he made sure you were punished properly. The next day you woke up seeing a new painting that was just finished by Ota. “Last night was amazing eh Koro? Thanks to you i came up with a great idea and finish this painting.”
(God. RIP Hiyori)

“Kid i’m home~” Mamoru said while flopping down on the floor. Beer cans scattered all around. That’s when he noticed your laptop was still opened. “Kid if you don’t use your laptop then put it away~” No answer. You ran to the convenient store to get some kitchen tools cuz there was almost nothing can be used in Mamoru’s kitchen. Thinking he would come home late, you carelessly let your laptop opened in the living room. Just when you came back: “Sweetheart let’s have dinner together.” Mamoru said while stroking you back up and down aggressively. “What’s gotten into you Mamo?” “Nurturing our love of course sweetheart.” He was acting strange. There must be something wrong but seeing him being sweet like that, you couldn’t help but listen to him while knowing nothing about what he was thinking. When you both were inside, he took out some beer cans and opened one of them. “Don’t drink it before dinner Mamo.” You said while taking off your jacket, he then turned to you and pushed you down on the floor, slowly taking off your blouse.  “Wha..what do you think you’re doing Mamo!!” “Sweetheart, you’re my dinner. what’s wrong with having beer while enjoying my dinner huh?” You realized the whole scene seemed so familiar. Just then he pointed his finger to your laptop which he moved to the table. “Wa..wait Mamo! I can explain!!” “I understand, so no need to explain. We can just turn it to real thing right?” Suddenly you felt cold on your chest. He was pouring beer on your body with a smirk on his face. His eyes fulled of lust. (Hiyori is on the way to heaven while writing this). He started licking it from your body as your cheeks turned deep red and getting hot by second. That night, he ‘tasted’ you to his heart’s content until you couldn’t take it anymore.
(I’m sorry that’s all for Mamo. *blushes*)

“Sexy Bones~ It’s tea time.” You were sitting on the couch, too focus on your smut fanfic which was in the middle of writing. He came and hugged you from behind. It almost made your heart stop. While hurriedly trying to hide your laptop, he caught a glimpse of what you were doing and he kissed your neck. “So you’re into that kinda thing Sexy Bones?” *smooch* He made a sound when kissing your neck on purpose and you could feel butterflies in yout stomach. “Shall we test how it feels like to do the real thing?” He smiled you seductively and his hands touched your bare skin under your shirt. “Don’t be shy Sexy Bones. Plus it’s been a while since we did it, it makes me want you even more.” Though embarrassed, you still did as he said but never expected what he’d make you do after that. “I was thinking of having you as my assistant more often, so i bought you this uniform. After all a doctor’s assistant can’t just wear casual clothes right?” Realized what he was making you wear, you were about to run off but he caught you right away and made you wear that sexy nurse uniform no matter what. Your collar bones were revealed, so is your chest. The skirt was too short for you and it pushed Luke to his limit. He pushed you down on the bed, stroking your thighs with one hand while the other hand stroking your collar bones. “Your collar bones are sexy as ever. I could never get tired of looking at it.” He whispered in your ears feverishly making you feel hot as well. Then he started shower you with rains of kisses. “I’ll make sure to examine every corner of your body, not just your collar bones, ___.” You blushed as he called your name cuz usually he calls you ‘Sexy Bones’. That night, there was nothing but the sound of your panting, your moans in the room as your body got ‘checked’ by Luke.

(RIP Hiyori.)


Yesh! That’s all. I’m sorry i didn’t include Shuichi. Hope you like it.
I really was out of ideas to write for each of them. Lol~ Too hot too embarrassing for my liltle kokoro.
/Accepting request./
(Master post)


Request: Clingy Calum

“Hey Cal, let’s go dance!” you suggest. You’ve been standing at the bar with him and the guys for a while, or what seemed like a while. You went out to get loose, not to just stand around and drink. 

“Maybe in a little while.” he says, rubbing your back with one hand.

“Well I’m gonna go dance and you guys can join me when you’re ready.” you say. It’s not a big deal to you if they don’t come, you just want to dance a little. Ashton, being the little hyper maniac that he is, follows you and you start dancing with him. You both start laughing because you’re both awkward dancers and you’re just having a genuinely good time. 

You feel hands behind you, turning you around.

“Hey Cal.” you smile.

“I don’t like it when you dance with other guys.”

“Then why don’t you dance with me?” you ask.

He sighs and starts to dance with you. Sooner or later, he begins to actually enjoy himself. You get in a sort of group with the guys and you and Luke start doing a lame dance move that you guys like to call, “the banana.” You start laughing really hard when Luke accidentally hits you in the face and he turns bright red. You feel a hand wrap around your waist. You look up at Calum and he looks a little mad. You excuse yourself to go back to the bar and all the boys join you.

“Hey guys, I think we’re going to head home.” you say, hugging each of them. As you’re walking out, Calum wraps one arm around your back to show that your his. As you’re walking home, he continually keeps holding onto your back or your hand. You enjoy that he always wants to show that you’re his, but after a while, it can get a little irritating. You walk past one of your neighbors walking their dog and you run up to pet him. After catching up with your neighbor, Calum grabs your hand, “well we should get going. It was nice to see you!” he says to the neighbor and drags you away.

“Nice seeing you!” you yell to your neighbor.

“You too!” he shouts back.

You unlock the door and walk inside. You go to sit on the couch and Calum sits right next to you, putting his arm over your shoulder. You turn on Frozen and cuddle closer to him. You hear the door open and Michael and Ashton are laughing their faces off. You turn to look and notice that Luke has a black eye.

“Oh my God… what happened?”

“Ok so this is the funniest story ever.” Michael starts.

“It’s not that funny.” Luke says, walking over to the couch. 

Anyways. So Luke was dancing again and he hit some girl in the face… again… and the girl had a boyfriend who decided to punch him in the face.” Ashton says, laughing again. 

“Oh my gosh,” you say, trying to hold in laughter. You finally get a hold of yourself, “are you okay?” you say, holding his hair back and looking at his eye.

He nods, but you know he needs to put ice on it.

You get up and walk over to the freezer. You see a hand come from behind you and grab a bag of frozen peas. Calum walks over to Luke and hands him the bag. You grab a towel and follow Calum. You grab the bag from Luke and wrap it in the towel. You place it gently on his face. 

“Hey guys, I think we’re off to bed.” Calum says, getting up and looking at you.

“Well, feel better, Luke.” you say, patting his back. You get up and follow Calum up to his bedroom. 

“What was that all about?” you finally ask.


“You’ve kinda been really clingy.”

“Have I?”

‘Yeah… I mean there’s no real problem with it, but I just want to know why.“

"I don’t know… I just love you.”

“I love you too, Calum. But–”

“How about I show you how close we can be?” he says, walking up to you and pinning you against the wall. He leans down and kisses you with passion. He slowly starts to run his hands up your back when you hear a piercing sound in your ears. You close your eyes and put a hand on your head.

“Oh my gosh. Are you okay?” Calum asks you.

“Yeah. I think Luke hit me pretty hard.” you giggle.

“Okay. Well let’s lie down then.” he says, scooping you up and laying you down. He takes your shoes off and his then climbs in bed, cuddling you until you sleep.

wow ok all my imagines start in bars

sorry was this okay lol

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5, 6, 92, 97, 118 ~~

5- Four Turn Ons
When my husband and my eyes lock in public and he winks at me LOL / Gentle ear play / When the conversation gets really deep and we start talking about our greatest fears and the solar system or some shit / Lip biting… these only apply to Alan tho LOL

6- Four Turn Offs
Playing “devils advocate” in every problem I vent about / People who belittle your problems by talking about a bigger problem that they’ve had / Rude to service-workers / Super “know-it-alls”

92- Kissed a girl?

97- Had sex in public?
Possibly… haha.

118- Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
No, not really. It was more admiration than anything. 😂

Teasing Exo(4) at parents dinner

Hello~ I’d like to know how would exo tease you while you are having dinner with your parents and what would happen if you were to stay to sleep at your parents place (sleep yeah….) If you don’t feel like doing it for all of them then Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen and Sehun will be fine ;-) Thanks~

I hope you don’t mind I only did these 4 i am so tired :( Sorry!!!! I made it a bit longer as a sorry lol x Enjoy ;)

(If you guys want more of this just request it)


Chanyeol: he would leave his hand in you lap and caress you every now and again. Every now and again he would lean over and give you small kisses and whisper dirty things in your ear. Once you are alone he will slowly move over to you and start roaming your body with his hands. He will flip you onto your back and pin you.

Baekhyun: he will make sexual innuendos in front of your parents. When you punch him he will just laugh it off and continue. He will talk dirty to you in your ear and grab your butt. Once you two are alone he will spin you around and pin you like chanyeol. he won’t care if your parents hear but will suppress his moans. He’s going as rough as ever girllll.

Chen: just like baekhyun he will joke in front of your clueless parents. Touching you all over under the table he will probably rub your clit as well. He might even try and finger you under as well. When you smack his hand away he will lick his fingers and pout. When alone he will try to make you even louder so you have to try even harder to not moan. he will laugh as you fail. what a little shit (<3)

Sehun: He would place his hand on our leg and squeeze every now and again. Soon running it up and down your thigh. he will eventually reach under your skirt and start stroking you under the table. Dirty boy. Once you guys are alone he is going to be all over you. He does not care that your parents are in the next room. he will clamp a hand over your mouth and have you right there and then.

You’re Drunk (Niall)

“Who’s driving tonight?” you ask Niall before you decide if you’re ordering another drink. He chuckled and shook his head. “I’ll drive. You have fun,” he tells you. His answer surprised you because Niall loves his beer. Before he could change his mind you ordered another of your own. 

Niall had taken you out to celebrate with the boys and a couple of your friends for their new fragrance. Niall should probably be the one drinking but he always is and you both knew that. You were actually touched he was letting you get this wasted because he knows he’ll be holding your hair back as you vomit it all back up at the end of the night. 

To be honest, you didn’t mean to go this overboard but your friends just kept handing you drinks and you didn’t have it in you to say no. By the time you found Niall in the club, you were trashed. Luckily, he finds you adorable in your giggly, drunken state. 

“Heeeeyyyy babyy!” you slurred as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He threw his head back and laughed. “How many did you have?” he asked. No judgement in his tone at all, mostly humor. “Uhhhh 7 or 10. I don’t think I can remember,” you tell him and laugh with him. You forgot why you were laughing but you couldn’t stop. 

Most of your weight was being supported by Niall at this point and if he were to leave you alone, you would surely fall. “Let’s go home, yeah?” he said in your ear. You nod and continue to use him for support as he leads you out of the crowded, sweaty, night club. 

The fresh air hits you once you get outside and it feels amazing. You didn’t realize you were humming to yourself, quite loudly actually, until Niall laughed. “You’re gonna regret this in the morning,” he said as you walk down the sidewalk to wherever you parked. “No no no no no. You are gonna regret this in the morning,” you say drunkenly. “Oh yea? And why is that?” he asked with amusement in his eyes. “Because, you let me drink. Plus you have to take care of me,” you say like it’s obvious. Niall laughs harder. You love that sound. “What makes you so sure I’ll take care of you?” he asks. You stop walking and step in front of hi so your face to face and intertwine your fingers in the back of his hair. “Because, you take care of me and I take care of you.” You pull him in to kiss you but was interrupted by your hiccuping. You immediately started into a fit of giggles, ruining the romantic moment. He rolled his eyes playfully and tried to pull you toward the car. “Jesus you’re drunk,” he said. All he could think about was getting you in bed to hold you and you could mumble drunken things and giggle in his ear until you fall asleep. 

 Heyy I changed my URL but I wrote this so you guys wouldn’t hate me. lol thanks! xx