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On this day in music history: November 8, 1994 - “Hell Freezes Over”, the eighth album by the Eagles is released. Produced by Stan Lynch, Elliot Scheiner, Carol Donovan, and Rob Jacobs, it is recorded at Warner Burbank Studios in Burbank, CA (live tracks), The Village Recorder in Los Angeles, CA and Sound Interchange Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (studio tracks) from April - August 1994. It is the first new album from the Eagles in fourteen years. It takes its title from a statement made by Don Henley (commenting that the band would play together again “when hell freezes over”.) after the Eagles’ tumultuous parting of ways in July of 1980. thirteen of the fifteen songs on the album are taken from a live acoustic set taped over two nights for an MTV special in April 1994, and is augmented by two new studio recordings (“Get Over It” and “Love Will Keep Us Alive”). It is a huge critical and commercial success, and is also issued concurrently on home video which also becomes a best seller (certified 8x Platinum). The home video release also features a 5.1 surround mix in Dolby Digital and DTS, also issued as separate a DTS disc. “Hell Freezes Over” debuts at number one on the Billboard Top 200, spending two weeks at the top, and is certified 8x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Of college parties and Eagles shirts

Someone asked where the college au for this post was and then, naturally, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and now here we are. (Except instead of a Rolling Stones shirt, it’s the ever famous Eagles shirt.)

“What the hell are you wearing?”

Harry whirls around to face his roommate with a frown. He’s a bit taken aback by how shocked Louis sounds. “What?”

“Does that say Eagles?” Louis asks, although they both know that he already knows the answer. “And why the hell would you wear that to the party of the year? I mean- I’m all for wearing comfortable clothing, and tees like that are pretty much a staple for me, but it’s not exactly your style, mate.”

Harry rolls his eyes as his friend plops himself down on the end of his bed.

“Where are your floral blouses? Your sheer tops that show off your nips? Your ruffles?”

“Remind me again why I’m friends with you?” 

Louis smirks. “Because we’re roommates. You don’t really have a choice, mate.”

Harry adds this moment to a long list of moments in which he’s regretted agreeing to move in with Louis two years ago.

“Also, since when are you into the Eagles?”

The long-haired boy shrugs. “Since last week.” 

“And you immediately went out to buy a shirt because you loved them that much?”

“I mean- It’s just a shirt,” Harry says as casually as he can. He turns around, then, mostly to avoid Louis’ suspicious gaze – and he takes the opportunity to grab his wallet off of his desk. “You ready?”

“Oi, hang on,” Louis murmurs thoughtfully. “This is about that bloke from the other day, isn’t it? What was his name- Blondie?”


“Ha! It is about Blondie,” Louis cheers, looking smug.

Harry almost regrets finding out Niall’s name.

“I had a feeling you had a thing for him. Never took you for the type to go out and buy a shirt just because he said they’re his favourite band though.”

“Shut up,” Harry scoffs as he leaves the bedroom. (Leaving the room accomplishes very little, though, given the fact that Louis follows him.)

“Is Niall going to the party? Is that why you’re wearing this, and not some sort of garden on your chest?”

“I’m ditching you the second we get there.”

Louis snickers. “Who knew that Harry Styles would become completely predictable when he actually fancies someone.”

“Scratch that, I’m disowning you instead.” He’s just about to open the front door when Louis claps a hand on his shoulder, which stops him in his tracks.

“In all seriousness, Harold, I think the plan is brilliant. There’s no way he won’t notice that shirt.”

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