the eagle band

the signs as popular songs from the 70s
  • aries: dream on // aerosmith
  • taurus: i'll be there // jackson 5
  • gemini: layla // derek and the dominos
  • cancer: piano man // billy joel
  • leo: american girl // tom petty and the heartbreakers
  • virgo: tiny dancer // elton john
  • libra: wish you were here // pink floyd
  • scorpio: hotel california // the eagles
  • sagittarius: bohemian rhapsody // queen
  • capricorn: go your own way // fleetwood mac
  • aquarius: imagine // john lennon
  • pisces: the joker // steve miller band

So about a week ago I got a message on this blog asking about what school I go to, and me and her discovered that our schools are in the same area and compete at the same competitions. And so this past Saturday at our marching band competition she actually found me by asking people where the piccolo was in my band! It is my favorite things.

The Signs As Classic Rock Bands (requested)

Aries: ACDC

Taurus: The Grateful Dead

Cancer: The Eagles

Gemini: Bon Jovi

Libra: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Virgo: Aerosmith

Leo: Black Sabbath

Scorpio: Iron Maiden

Sagittarius: Rush

Capricorn: Led Zeppelin

Aquarius: Van Halen

Pisces: The Doors