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I need an episode where a girl has a crush on Chat.

Not Adrien, not Marinette, not Ladybug. Chat freakin’ Noir.

I need this girl to think the world of him. He’s heroic, he’s cool, his jokes are hilarious. She’s over the moon for him. And Chat is flattered, really. But he’s in love with Ladybug! So he turns her down as gently as he can.

Cue the akuma and a hilarious battle between the dynamic duo and a girl who thinks Ladybug is in her way. Bonus points for jealous!Ladybug trying to deny/reason away her jealousy.

It’s great that so many people are in love with Mari/LB and Adrien, but can somebody please be in love with Chat, too? Because there’s bound to be a person in Paris who’s noticed that he’s wonderful.

Mini Matchmaker Pt. 1 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Hi, my lovelies!! I’m still trying to ease myself off hiatus (you can read about that HERE ), but work got crazy again so I’m not sure when it’ll be official. BUT. I had this idea during my long day at work and I just thought it was so cute so I had to get it out. I hope you like it!! Any feedback or comments is appreciated. :)


Mini Matchmaker (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Characters: reader, Steve, OC Justice, Sam (mentioned) [modern au]

Summary: Your awful temporary holiday job takes a turn for the better when a handsome stranger enters your life. 

Warnings: none? Super duper fluffy!! A super tiny mention of death, but that’s it.

Word Count: 2436 (yeah this was supposed to be a drabble. oops.)

Tag list is below (LIST IS CLOSED I’M SO SORRY)

Part One  Part Two>>>

Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


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“These tights are the worst,” you muttered to your co-worker while still maintaining the fake perma-smile required for your temporary job. You tried to covertly pull up the tights that threatened to sag down to your knees while simultaneously resisting to scratch your itchy legs.

“Just remember, it’s almost over and think of the extra cash you’ll have for all the presents you’re going to buy me,” smirked the redhead, handing a cane cane to an obviously underwhelmed child.

“You wish, Nat,” you replied before ushering the next kid forward to take a seat on Santa’s lap.

With a frustrated huff, you considered your current situation. In addition to the awful red and white striped tights that were the bane of your existence, you wore a green velvet dress that fell to mid-thigh, a pointed green hat, and of course, the curly-toed shoes with bells attached. Just to add a festive touch of humiliation.

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I read that on a blog. It is a comment Luke Neal wrote to defend Sam. What do you think?

This comment was made during the first “shipper war”. This was during Abbie’s tenure as the anti’s “other woman” and it was made by Luke on his post of a picture of a poker table. This post came directly after a weekend spent in London by Sam, Cait, and quite a number of Cait’s (and Sam’s) friends. This caused much speculation as to the reason for this odd stand alone post by Sam’s best friend of a poker game- which is a traditional sort of activity at stag parties. Which, in turn, are a traditional sort of activity before a wedding. One comment even speculated about such on this post. Luke’s answer was simply that he couldn’t comment on that- as any comment made would, he feared, cause Sam to “disown” him. That is a long, long way from a no- and the antis blew up the post with Abbie comments followed in short order by the Cait and Sam shippers with Cait comments. It got ugly, and many of the comments made Sam out to be a “two timing so and so”. Which prompted the comment by Luke that you see here. He is asserting that Sam is not a “two timing so and so”, and defending the moral integrity of his friend. So if this truly was a stag party- then, as we all know now, it was not preceding any wedding of Sam to Abbie- and this was long before MM stepped onto the stage- then that leaves only one other possibility as to the identity of the lady… Shortly after this Luke deleted his social media accounts and has not reopened any others that fans know about or have access to. The “war” continued on Cait’s and Sam’s other friend’s accounts- particularly around the new year holiday spent in Costa Rica with much of the same group as was in London- but was ignored completely by all of them. It died out and was then resurrected on MM’s IG after she was declared the “new girl” by Purv. And then the dynamic duo got involved last May and it’s been open season on Sam Cait shippers ever since…

[ARTICOLO] 20 tracce coreane che toccano il tema della salute mentale per la Giornata Mondiale ad essa dedicata

“La musica conforta l’animo di un sacco di persone durante i loro momenti difficili. In Corea del Sud tuttavia, come poi nella maggior parte del resto del mondo, c’è un immenso stigma che circonda l’idea di cercare aiuto psichiatrico per problemi legati alla salute mentale e la musica pop nel paese raramente parla dei tormenti interni degli artisti che la creano.

In riconoscimento della Giornata Mondiale della Salute Mentale di questo martedì (10 Ottobre), ecco qui una playlist di alcune canzoni che affondano nelle nubi oscure delle emozioni narrate da alcune dei musicisti più famosi della Corea del Sud - molti dei quali mettono a nudo le loro difficoltà personali avute affrontando depressione, ansia, dismorfofobia e altre forme di disordini interni nelle canzoni che seguono.

1. Agust D (Suga dei BTS) - “The Last”
2. San E - “Counselor”
3. Heize - “Dark Clouds”
4. Epik High - “Over”
5. Luna delle f(x) - “Breathe”
6. Bobby degli IKON - “Runaway”
7. Lee Hi - “Breathe”
8. Bang Youngguk dei BAP - “AM 4:44”
9. Jung Joon Young - “Hold On”
10. Dynamic Duo & Chen degli EXO - “Nosedive”
11. Ha:tfelt - “Iron Girl”
12. 2NE1 - “Ugly”
13. BAP - “Wake Me Up”
14. RM dei BTS - “Always”
15. MFBTY - “Beautiful Lie”
16. Seventeen Hip Hop Unit - “Trauma”
17. BIGBANG - “Loser”
18. Nell - “Separation Anxiety”
19. Horan dei Clazziquai - “She’s Alright”
20. Jonghyun degli SHINee - “Let Me Out”.”

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Favorite kpop tracks of 2013

Here’s a list of my favorite kpop tracks of 2013!
the list includes 91 songs that you’ll be able to find below,
they are listed in alphabetic order + a link that will take
you to the video so you can listen to it.
I’ve been asked numerous of times to share my 2013
tracklist so here it is, hope you enjoy! Be sure to reblog
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Episode 15: KCON 2017 LA RECAP (the longest episode ever)

Davonna recounts her KCON LA 2017 adventures, including:

Interesting panels like Korean Hip Hop: Show Me The Money and Beyond,
Cross Cultural Clashes in Hallyu, the Sam Okyere Meet & Greet, From K-Pop Fan to K-Pop Professional, and Black American Music and K-Pop

Performances from SEVENTEEN, KARD, VIXX, Wanna One, Astro, NCT 127, Girls’ Day

(Almost) Getting into a fight with another fan at the GOT7 Fan Engagement

The power of Astro fans, VIXX, NCT Johnny (being over 6’)

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anonymous asked:

22 and 43 for Frank Castle please??

“Hey!…Shut up.” 

“W - who the hell are you two?” The man asked, voice laced with fear. “Well, my girl here likes to call us the dynamic duo.” Frank answered, nudging at you. “Hey!…Shut up.” You told him and he chuckled. “Do you seriously not know who we are?” You asked the frightened man. “N - no.” He stuttered. “Well, we know who you are. Mr. Rodrick Syphl.” Frank said, loading his gun. “And we don’t like what we’ve heard of you.” You added, taking out your knife. 

“How much money are you earning from the women you’re sending to Russia?” You asked, clearly pissed. “I bet it’s a lot. Enough to start your own playhouse with little girls.” You added, slowly sliding the knife down Rodrick’s cheek. “Now, you must help us choose. Frankie here wants to beat the living shit out of you and bash your head into a brick wall.” You told him his first option. 

“But I, have a much more creative mind. I was thinking, start by cutting you for every girl you’ve raped and sold off. Then we bring in the very special acid I stole from S.H.I.E.L.D. But then again…I’m not a very patient person.” You said before slitting his throat and letting his blood stain your face and clothes. “Damn. And they think I’m the brutal one.” Frank stated. 

“C’mon, if you don’t laugh then it’s just mean.”

“Remember that guy that pulled a gun on you and tried to kill you?” Frank asked as he poured some coffee into his mug. “Vividly, why?” You asked. Frank chuckled, “Won’t have to worry about him anymore.” 

“You killed Derek?” You asked. “Derek? You mean Daryl.” Frank said and your eyes widened. “You didn’t kill the wrong guy…did you?” You asked him. “Oh fuck.” He muttered. “Jesus Frank! The only reason S.H.I.E.L.D is looking the other way is because you’re killing the right people! Do you have any idea where they’ll put you if they find out you killed an innocent person?” You asked and he laughed. 

“Why the fuck are you laughing? This is serious!” You exclaimed. “I didn’t kill the wrong guy.” He said. “C’mon, if you don’t laugh then it’s just mean.” He told you and you scolded him. “I hate you, so much.” You stated and walked into the bedroom, locking the door. “It’s my room too!” Frank shouted. “Sleep on the couch, clown!” You told him.