the dyke march

I have some thoughts about Chicago Pride
  1. The Chicago Dyke March included everyone–except Jews
  2. This was because they made people feel “unsafe”
  3. People were claiming “pinkwashing”
  5. “Well done Israel–Hitler would be proud” 

I hope you all are really proud of yourselves.

This D*ke March antisemitism is hitting me so hard. Of course all antisemitism hurts me, I’m Jewish. But it’s that much harder when it comes from another community of which I am also a part: I’m a lesbian. I’m consistently subjected to antisemitism in LGBT spaces under the guise of anti Zionism . But this? I’m going home to my family, who live exactly where Boy’s Town (the historic gay neighborhood in Chicago) and one of the biggest the Jewish neighbourhoods meet. Living there, in Chicago, as a Jewish Lesbian was the one place I really felt like could be authentically myself and true to all my intersecting identites. I always wanted to return, dreamed of raising a Jewish family there one day with my partner. Now that has been taken from me. That love, that sense of security, safety and acceptance. It’s gone. I just want people to know how personal this is for me so that when we’re talking about it, if you’re trying to defend the organizers of the March, you realize how real the impact of their actions is. For me and for people like me.

Hello everyone. Here are some photos of Israeli gay pride flags.

See how the top one is basically the Israeli flag (which is pictured below), but instead of white and blue stripes on the edges, it’s one half each of the rainbow? See how the one on the bottom is just the rainbow flag but with the Israeli flag placed in the upper right corner?

These pictures below show gay Jewish pride flags. They are just rainbow flags with a Magen David on top.

A flag with a Star of David in the center does not equal an Israeli flag. That would be like saying that these Muslim gay pride flags pictured below

are gay Turkish pride flags (Turkish flags are pictured below).

I feel some sort of way about organisations/events (recently, “Dyke March”) banning Pride flags with the Star of David on them and that way is not good at all. I haven’t read into the full details but people are citing reasons that these flags or people waving them were ‘pro-Israel’. When you co-opt pro-Palestine rhetoric to hurt Jewish people, LGBTQ or otherwise, it hurts us Palestinians, too. Banning Jewish pride flags from marches is not helpful, it’s hurtful and it is downright anti-Semitic.

“It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity which I have done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag,“ she told Windy City Times.

“They were telling me to leave because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive,” she added. “Prior to this [march] I had never been harassed or asked to leave and I had always carried the flag with me.”

The organizers of the march told the Times the event was a pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist one and that the flags made people feel unsafe.

The dyke march was made to be more inclusive. But it clearly isn’t there yet.
If a Jewish star makes you feel unsafe, how in the hell do you call yourself pro- intersectionality

Okay. I’m glad these people who were kicked out of the Chicago dyke march weren’t kicked out for having queer Jewish pride flags, but were actually kicked out for being part of a Zionist organization, but the fact that this story has had a lot of leftists saying “Well, actually yeah. It’s basically a gay Israeli flag so it’s okay that people feel uncomfortable seeing them” pisses me off.

If you don't understand why I'm angry:

I, as a queer Jew, have NO PLACE.
As queer, I have no place in the right. As Jewish, I have no place in the left. There is no place that wants me and accepts me. There is no place where I feel safe.
The only spaces I have left are Jewish spaces, and even those are being taken away, torn apart by “good Jews” and “bad Jews”.
I will always be the other.
While POC communities are getting the support they deserve, antisemitic attitudes are still prevalent, remaining unchallenged.
And it fucking hurts. And it makes me so angry. And if you don’t understand what’s wrong here, you need to check yourself, and maybe reevaluate your view of social justice. Because us Jewish people deserve more.

To all the queer Jews out there - I’m here for you. You are valid. You deserve safety. You deserve a place in queer spaces. It is the Chicago march that is wrong, not you. I love you, and I’m here for you.

anonymous asked:

Lmao did you see that Chicago Dyke March refused to apologize for their antisemitism before outright making their twitter protected so you can't see their tweets anymore

That’s because they’re weak and respond to literally every criticism the same way. Their statement states that they found out that the person they kicked out is with a Zionist org AFTER kicking them out for expressing Zionist apologism during conversations with some collective members. Which is still stupid. I know for a fact they didn’t kick out every homophobe because their collective appears to be made of them, based on their obnoxious politics around the word “dyke” and their weird defense of explicitly anti butch material. I dont buy their story anyway though, since that conflicts with messages I have gotten about that event since. Obviously I was not there, partly due to their homophobia, but that does not sound to me like what actually happened.

One thing that especially bothers me about the Chicago D*ke March is the implication that LGBT Jews merely existing is inherently pinkwashing. It politicizes LGBT Jewish identities by stating that all LGBT Jews exist to distract people from the Israel/Palestine conflict. And that is entirely antisemitic and a gross misrepresentation of LGBT Jews.

here’s a fb post written by a (jewish)
friend of mine wrt the controversy abt chi dyke march

“Ok I was there and this whole thing is BS.

There were these people there with rainbow israeli style flags and chicago dyke march is explicitly antizionist. Multiple Palestinians are core organizers of the march.

So people talked to them about removing their flags and had to argue/talk with them for over 2 hours. The group of people talking to the flag people included at least 7 queer antizionist Jews whom i talked to afterward, 1 of whom is my housemate and another of whom is my friend.

I was not part of the conversation but i watched it happen for the 2 hours it was going on for.”

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what happened at dyke march? ive seen posts talking about it but nothing on the incident itself

basically a bunch of jews holding a rainbow flag with a magen david were made to leave the march bc the march was “strictly anti-zionist and pro-palestinian,” because obviously all jews are affiliated with israel and palestinian jews don’t exist

the chicago dyke march have released a statement on kicking those marchers out for carrying the jewish LGBT+ flag. they say that the marchers were asked to leave because they “repeatedly expressed support for Zionism”, and that they’ve since learned that at least one of the marchers iaemployed by A Wider Bridge - a pretty nasty group that regularly infiltrate pride events to promote their political agenda and silence LGBT+ criticism of israel.

obviously the dyke march doesn’t want people like that marching alongside them, and nor would i. but they had no knowledge of this at the time!

let’s be real; they kicked them out because they thought the jewish LGBT+ flag was an israeli state flag with a rainbow superimposed on it. they even called it that in their statement today!

the dyke march kicked out the protesters because they see the star of david as an inherently zionist symbol. i’m guessing they’re thanking their lucky stars that one of the marchers HAS turned out to be a nasty piece of work, and you can bet your ass they’ll bank on this if they continue to get called out for it.

but it can’t conceal the truth: they have no idea what the star of david represents, and they’re quite content to go along with the far-right israeli line that israel is the sole, inescapable representative of the jewish people, which is obvious bullshit.

they’ve totally played themselves, in my view.