the dyke march

I am personally very disturbed by the remarks made by Rob Dyke, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, and Jonathan “JonTron” Jafari. It’s so upsetting to see that after years of enjoying their content that they are still okay with making jokes about rampant sexism, racism, and especially anti-semitism. Fuck this, if you need me I’m going to be playing stardew Valley for the next four years until this shit blows over.

dudes at the dyke march

My peak trans moment (more like a peak trans week), was when I was reading about sex positivism (I was pretty sceptical about it) and everyone was angry about ‘a lesbian who attacked a transwoman at a dyke march’, with video 'proof’. I watched the video, which consisted of a transwoman and another woman yelling at Cathy Brennan while she just sat there and did her best to ignore them. That led me to her blog, which gave me links and search terms, and led to the 'cotton ceiling’. Oh hell no!


There’s nothing left for lesbians except tiny online spaces. Not lesbian bars, not festivals like Michfest, not events, not even goddamn Dyke Marches. All the bars are being closed mainly due to gentrification, Michfest closed because of a bunch of dickheads, our events have been bullied into “inclusivity” or else threatened until they shut down, and our Dyke Marches now include everyone under the sun. There’s nothing to build a real community anymore since apparently lesbians aren’t “inclusive” enough of the endlessly leeching and whining GBT.

This is majorly depressing and, in conclusion, to hell with the lot of you.