the dye washed out and now i am blonde

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Yooo i remember that i unconsciously started to try every hair color Suga had. Like i literally had it grey and when it washed out i was like "alright, so now is bleached blonde like his" and the other day i was discussing which color i should try next and my brain went straight to mint green. I am quite ashamed of myself orz

OH GOD BE CAREFUL OF YOUR SCALP Yoongi has dyed his hair in lots of colors!! Once my flatmate saw him and said: “you should go with mint green” and I said “mint green is the color he only can pull off”(It would look super bad on me tbh) (but if u dye it mint green tell me ;^) I love that color)

I actually wanted to dye my hair orange because when hoseok dyed it for BS&T in that color and I thought it looked super nice!