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The 2nd Imaginary Symphony, Episode 2

Augustus: Auggie Plumb here.  You are listening to part two of the PBC’s broadcast of the 2nd Imaginary Symphony.  It is, of course, Platypus Night, the night in our month-long lead up to Platypus Eve, where all Paris goes dark.  The city of lights is extinguished and one finds not a single lit electric light or candle.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, at the strike of 8 in two hours’ time, the Parisians will gather with friends, with loved ones, with only the moonlight to light their way, and later this evening, waiting, all of us, waiting.

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Oyster Toadfish, Opsanus tau

The oyster toadfish’s scaleless, flattened body grows to about 12 inches in length.

It is a bottom-dweller found primarily within and around oyster reefs, in the Atlantic along the East Coast of North America, from Maine to the Caribbean. They are also found living among wrecks, debris, rocks, vegetation and other dark, secluded spots in the shallows during warmer months.

The oyster toadfish feeds mostly on small crabs and other crustaceans but will also eat mollusks and small fish.

(via: Chesapeake Bay Estuary Program)

photograph via: NASA (X) and Erickson Smith

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How would the companions react to sole finally getting the piece of pie out of that claw machine thingy

I love this prompt but I did it zero justice, I’m so sorry

Cait:  Every single time they went to the Dugout Inn, Sole always tried to get that damned pie out of the damned port-a-diner.  By the looks of everything else in the machine, that cake had to be years, maybe even centuries old.  She never made any sort of comment when they tried time and time again with wide, hopeful eyes, excitement brewing every time the claws would catch the edges of plate.  She was at a table doing shots when she about choked; a shrill squeal almost deafened everyone in the room.  The piece of pie in the port-a-diner was gone, and Sole’s face was absolutely beaming with excitement.  “Cait, LOOK!” They hoisted the plate up, before trotting over to her table and fumbling for a fork.  Cait was in a state of doubtful disbelief, uncertainty spilling from her expression.  “How in the bloody hell did you get that?” “I don’t know!”  They stared at the pie with excited, hungry eyes.  “Must be my lucky day, I guess.” Just as they went to dig their fork into their prize, the plate was swiped away by another patron who announced that he had been trying to get that pie for months, and there was no way in hell he was letting some pampered vault dweller have it.  Within a fraction of a second of finishing his sentence,  Cait had wound back and punched him straight in the nose with all she had.  She caught the plate as he dropped it, reeling back with crimson spilling from his nose.  “I’m guessin’ you ain’t very lucky then, eh?”  She placed the plate in front of Sole and dropped back into her chair, staring daggers at the man who tried to take their pie.  “Do it again and I’ll break all o’ ya fingers.”

Codsworth:   They were checking out an abandoned diner when he heard a sing-songy tone of wonder come from Sole.  When he turned, he saw their hands and face pressed up against the glass, admiring the sweet prize at the top of the rotten tower.  “You know, if it’s a pastry you want, I could always-“ Sole was feverishly pressing at the controls, trying to get the claw to operate.  Codsworth just sighed, waiting to continue his thought until after they were done.  They both watched as the claw dropped, snuggly grabbed at the edges of the plate, and hoisted it up into the air and over to the dispenser.  Sole was practically jumping up and down at this point.  “Ah, (mum/sir), I do believe that pastry is as old as you are… let me make you a fresh one when we return home.”  It was too late, Sole was already taking a bite.  The pie crunched as their eyes filled with disgust and disappointment.  They dropped the pie to the ground, spitting out what was in their mouth and sticking their tongue out to get the crumbs off.  “Ithth thryfthome!” they shouted.  “I beg your pardon?” They spit out whatever was left in their mouth before looking to Codsworth with a heartbroken expression.   “It’s styrafoam!” they repeated.  He let out a hearty chuckle before promising to make them a real, fresh pie whenever they returned to Sanctuary Hills.

Curie (human):  Every time the pair came across a port-a-diner with a delicious-looking cake at the top, the two took turns at trying to retrieve it.  This one was no different;  they both watched the claw with wide-eyed anticipation as Sole controlled it.  When the claw clamped down and actually raised the plate into the air, they both squealed in excitement and eagerly awaited the cake to be dispensed.  They decided to share it, and although it was a bit stale, they thoroughly enjoyed their prize as they ate it and shoved icing onto each other’s faces.

Danse:  Danse really didn’t understand why Sole always got so excited over the pie slices in those port-a-diners. Sure, they looked good, but nothing else in those things ever did, so that pie had to be centuries old and disgusting.  The prospect always excited Sole though, so he let it slide; he secretly enjoyed watching their excitement and was always a little saddened when he watched them give up in disappointment.  Still, he knew they’d never get it; the machines were obviously defective or broken.  But one day when Sole’s smile grew wider instead of falling into a frown, he couldn’t believe his eyes.  The claw actually carried the pie.  The pie was actually dispensed.  Sole actually picked it up, turning to Danse with pride and joy.  His eyebrows almost shot up to his hairline and his mouth was gaping a bit with disbelief.  “I can’t believe it!” they exclaimed.  Danse couldn’t believe it either. “You… you’re not going to actually eat that, are you?”

Deacon:  He was always giving Sole support when they tried to get that damn pie.  He even tried a few times himself, but decided that they were ultimately luckier, and he was just a charm to amplify their luck a bit more.  When the machine finally picked a piece of pie up, they were both absolutely stoked.  They were both cheering, Sole jumping up and down as Deacon patted their back.  “You got it! You got it!!!”  They got a little too excited with their jumping, though, and the plate fell out of the crane’s grip.  Deacon’s smile started to wither as his hands froze in the air.  Sole’s shoulders slumped as their brow furrowed and their eyes almost teared up a bit.  “So close…” they murmured.  It really upset him to see them so crestfallen, especially over something so small like pie.  As Sole half-heartedly rummaged through some drawers and cabinets in the diner, Deacon had found an old iron pipe.  He lined up his swing, and easily shattered the glass to the port-a-diner.  He walked over to a stunned Sole, pie in hand as he picked out a few glass shards.  “I told you, you got it,” he said through a grin. “Just uh… be careful you don’t eat any glass.  That’s probably not too fun coming out.”

Dogmeat:  Dogmeat always liked to watch the crane move around in the machine, he actually found it really entertaining and would bark lightly at its movements.  When it finally picked a piece up, he barked in excitement with Sole’s joyful squeals.  As soon as the pie popped out, Dogmeat jumped in front of Sole and snatched the pie for himself, wagging his tail as he chomped away, ignoring Sole’s exasperated sighs and stutters.

Hancock:  The traveling duo had stopped at an old diner to take shelter for the night.  The place was well boarded up and pretty secluded, so they decided to take a little chem break.  The chems set in, the giggles started, and then the munchies hit.  They rummaged around for any food left behind, fancy lad snack cakes, blamco mac and cheese, hell, even cram.  Then they saw it… the port-a-diner.  Hancock’s eyes glazed over with desire just as much as Sole’s when they saw that piece of cake sitting inside.  Sole had explained that they thought it looked like a cheesecake with a sweet cherry glaze with some whipped cream on top.  He wasn’t sure what that exactly meant, but damn did it sound good.  Sole started the machine up and ordered the pie, and they were both practically drooling before it even hit the dispenser.  Neither of them could hardly wait any longer.  When it finally came out, Sole picked it up with a little too much force and the cake flew up into the air and onto the floor.  They both stared at it for a good 15 seconds before registering what had happened.  “Shit!” exclaimed Sole, tossing the plate to the side and letting it shatter.  Hancock kept staring down at it with his mouth hanging open.  It just looked so damn good, even on this filthy floor.  He decided he didn’t care and got down onto his belly, picking up a piece and wiping the dust off. “Are you… are you really going to eat that?” “Yeah,” Hancock answered before popping a piece in his mouth.  “It’s really good.  You want any or nah?”  They shrugged; they had eaten worse.  They got down on the floor and the two ate the cake in silence before erupting in giggles followed by full blown, tearful laughter about eating stale cake off of the floor, high off their asses.

MacCready:  Even before he had traveled with Sole, he always wanted the pie or cake or whatever that was out of those food machines.  He never got it though, no matter how many time he tried or how many machines he visited.  It was like all of them were a sick joke.  Sole must have had the magic touch though; they came across one in their travels and actually managed to get the pie on the first try.  MacCready couldn’t believe it, and when Sole started eating it without any concern for him, he almost wanted to step in and ask for a bite or two.  They looked so content, though, that he didn’t want to bother them.  He just admired their enjoyment from a distance, and decided that was more than enough off a treat for him.

Nick:  Nick wasn’t a big fan of the Dugout Inn; he preferred the noodle stand in the middle of town for his eating, drinking, and socializing needs.  Any time Sole wanted to come in here though, he always followed; it just felt safer that way.  He would always sit in a corner by himself, smoking a cigarette and watching Sole.  Most of their time spent in here wasn’t even drinking or anything, it was just trying to get a piece of cake out of the busted port-a-diner.  It warmed his circuits a bit to watch them try again and again for such a simple prize, spewing small profanities and stomping a bit when they got frustrated after their twentieth try.  Something was so innocent and amusing about their tantrums, and it never got old to him.  He decided to run some diagnostics while they were there; the area was safe enough and Sole would surely be busy for a while.  When he came to, Sole was inches from his face with a huge grin on their face, eyes shining brightly with excitement and a tinge of disbelief.  “There you are! Nick! Look!” They shoved the cake in his face.  It smelled so sweet that he could almost taste it.  He smiled a bit as his golden eyes flicked back up to meet theirs.  “Well, would ya look at that,” he chuckled, “You must be the luckiest kid in the wasteland.”

Piper:  As soon as they walked into the Dugout Inn, Sole gravitated straight to the port-a-diner.  “Aww, c’mon blue, why are you wasting your time with that?  Everyone knows the thing’s busted.”  “There’s no harm in trying!”  Sole drew their lower lip between their teeth as they focused on the machine.  Piper just raised her eyebrows a bit in a huff as she walked past and plopped onto the couch.  She heard the machine whir again and again as Sole tried to get something out of it, muttering under their breath at every failed attempt.  The machine whirred again, but there was no muttering.  It was more like stuttering, and it was getting louder.  “H…. Hey! I got it! I actually got it!!”  Huh?  Piper turned her head to look back at blue, who was picking up a plate with a piece of pie on it.  “You actually got it?!” “Yeah!” They plopped down right beside her.  “Can you believe it?” “No, actually, I can’t,” she laughed, “This is definitely headlining news.  ‘Port-a-Diner Pie Prize Becomes a Reality’.”  Sole shoved a forkful of cake into their mouth a tried to speak through crumbs with a chuckle. “I think your title needs a bit of work.”  “Yeah,” she agreed as she stared down the cake, “it’s a work in progress. But how’s the cake?  You know, I gotta try a piece if I want to write about it accurately…”

Preston: Every time Sole tried to get a piece of pie out of a port-a-diner, he silently cheered them on.  He never said anything, but he really wanted to try it; it looked so good, like nothing he had ever had.  It looked so pretty too, and he would have loved to share it with Sole.  When the claw had managed to cling to the edges of the plate, a bit of excitement started to rise in his chest.  Sole turned to him with a wide grin.  “I can’t believe it! This is the first time I’ve gotten one of these!” They turned back to watched the plate be set onto the dispenser.  When they pulled it out, they held it under their nose and closed their eyes to inhale the scent.  “Mmm.”  They sat down on a ledge and pulled out a fork, taking a small piece and savoring it slowly, humming their content.  Preston just watched the General, not quite knowing how to ask for a taste for himself.  Luckily, he didn’t have to.  “Hey, Preston, c’mere, you gotta try this! You’ll love it!”  The corners of his lips drew up into a smile as he took a seat beside them, waiting for his own bite.  It smelled sweet, and tasted like a mix of sugar, chalk, and some fruit he couldn’t place.  It was like nothing he’d ever had, and he couldn’t wait to have it again.

Strong:  When Sole got the pie out of the machine, Strong didn’t really know what the big deal was.  It was just food apparently, and a small piece at that.  He idly waited by as they ate it, making a comment at the end how a glass of milk would have gone nicely with it.  He perked up at that and insisted that they hurry up and find the milk so that Strong can drink it to gain power and Sole can have it for their cakes.

X6-88:  He really didn’t understand Sole’s fascinations with the port-a-diners.  The food in them looked absolutely revolting, that cheap pie included.  Every time they wanted to stop to play with the machine, he tried to urge them forward but would ultimately let them waste however much time they wanted.  When they excitedly ran up to him with the pie, he just grimaced a bit.  “Why would you want to eat that?”

KickThePJ’s Tiny Monster Collection #7

The Glade Sage is an ancient mystic forest dweller. She lies deep within the realm of slumber for thousands of years at a time, absorbing nutrients from the forest around her, she grows wiser and stronger ready for when she awakens.

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A Compromise?

Alright! I FINALLY finished the Skylox prompt. After having like 400 words written on Word, I finally finished it. I swear I got distracted like thirty times trying to write this. I apologize if it wasn’t what you were expecting exactly, but this was how the story flowed for me and I seriously had this open on Word for two months. So hope you enjoy! More Prompts

A Compromise?

Sky x Deadlox

Rated T – One-shot

The time has come for the two most powerful gangs in Minecraftia to battle for their territories, but what if they didn’t have to?

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