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I was wondering what side your Zircon is on? For example Blue Diamond's Zircon is defending while Yellow's is prosecuting

she usually defends! but her side is totally reliant on what her diamonds find most suitable :^O either way, she takes a whole lotta pride in what she does and is real good at using her skills and uh,, rambunctiousness :’^)

she was originally under pink diamond, but due to events she’s now under yellow <:’^)

New reference sheets

//This is for now, the new character will appear on the character page.

//Also check out the new theme please, I picked it carefully, and I hope my music tastes aren’t too lame.

//Still not capable of answering messages, I’m still resting a bit before fully socializing with people again.

No sleep ‘til Vegas.

(I’m too tired to put actual effort into the background *throws hands up* it serves it’s purpose)

I think it’s time I introduced Aidin properly? Because he’s one of the OCs I draw a lot alongside Nida and Deko (but I draw him the most I think!)


Aidin Learmont Rosswell

Pronounced A-ee-din. Not Ey-din.

Age 24, birthday on June 15! He’s a pianist and violinist, known in the industry as a prodigy. He lives in England, but moves to Paris later on - his second home. He is fluent in both English and French. He’s a dork. He likes to collect teapots. He has an older sister named Nida (She’s the girl with him in my current tumblr header!) who he’s very close with.

He’s in a relationship with Coral Creis (and in canon, married to him), a boy he met during his college days (my friend’s oc). Aidin’s— not bisexual, it just happened that the one person who took his heart was Coral, and he’s perfectly very okay with that. He loves Coral to the moon and back, and perhaps believes that he exists for Coral , to fall for the boy and shower him with all the love he could muster, in every timeline, in every universe - regardless if it’s still them in the end or not - no one else owns and would own his heart but Coral. 

Eri as his creator

I created Aidin as a support character for Nida, who was then in a roleplay group (that now has faded away). He didn’t have much depth as he was….kinda dead….literally. I revived him for another rp group with friends, and I’m glad I did! I love him to bits.

Eri as a roleplayer

Aidin was the first OC I RPed with a complete story.  I enjoyed writing him, and he made me discover things about myself I never realized was there. My OCs are all a part of me/all embody a part of me and it’s like he came to life just to make me realize he was there! That that part of me existed.

I am not open to RPs anymore unless it’s with people I know; Whenever I usually join one - it disappears soon after; and I feel bad for my bbs laughs. I’m glad both Aidin and Nida had a life after that one group dispersed; His stories mean a lot to me. Meeting new people and having them interact with my bbs for the sake of rping is currently out of my comfort zone and interest;;  Another reason why I’m not open for rps right now is– it might seem odd and I’m not sure if it’s understandable but - I’d like to keep Aidin company; 

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Sugarbush and Windflower ^^

sugarbush: do you have sweet tooth? if yes, what’s your favorite sweets? if no, why?

I say no as I munch on a twizzler.

I have a little sweet tooth, I think? Like I don’t like overly sweet things I rather have things bitter or sour but there are a few super sweet things that I do like. Like I like my cookies that are super sweet with thick icing and all. Like can’t handle super sweet drinks or super sweet cakes or foods in general but give me a super sweet cookies and I’m your girl. A friend would chime in that “It’s because I’m naturally so sweet.” That’s when I slap her with the -.0;; face and tell her to eat my shorts. (I actually say something else but I don’t want to repeat the word atm it’s not nice but she understands I jest)

windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them

Makin’ me pick favorites and all, Penny!!! Can’t do that what I can do is tell you the ones I stalk and wait for updates on shit all the time because I’m a dweeb.

  • @stephicness (RAVUS, her OCs, headcanons that rock my socks, freaking puns that slay me, This Is Ravus posts that make me giggle all day *plusmyfavoriteocofallfreakingtime*)
  • @themissimmortal (COR wonderfulness and good angsty smut, sweetest person around she is another sinnamon roll. )
  • @stunninglyignis (Artemis soulmate! Headcanons and I love tagging her in pokemon stuff and gushing about stuff.)
  • @blindbae (headcanons and freaking aesthetics, her angst sfw stuff kills me every time and her Gladiolus fic she’s working on killing me. )
  • @neko-otaku13 (awesome headcanon mash ups and over all awesomeness) 
  • @zacklover24 (prompto in wonderland and crossroads plus tagging me in fun shit and listening to me ramble all day in chat)
  • @hypaalicious (epic shit posting, torturing feels of dealing with fatal Gladnis and epic smut)
  • @diabolik-trash-heap (tentacles, some of my favorite kink stuff, kinky smut for days and introducing me into ardyn hell)
  • @louisvuittontrashbags (a fellow gladihoe who is great at writing for Ignis and Gladiolus!) 
  • @cupnoodle-queen (another fellow gladiho and her smuts are epic and Chasing Sun made me cry too much to admit)
  • @xnoctits (Slaying it with selfies, Prompto fic that I’m eager to read more about and a total ego booster!!!) 
  • @dirtyffxvconfession (Posting all those dirty thoughts giving me ideas for smut, plus I love see Sabrina stumble at the edge of Ardyn Hell) 
  • @mandakatt (MORE KITTIES I want to do adoption match ups! Sends the sweetest anons!! <3)
  • @mistressoli (NEEDLES! YASS Plus fellow kinky-twin! Tagging me in awesome stuff and just as openly pervy. :D )
  • @insomniacapples (Tagging me in the coolest stuff, always finding the cutest and coolest things I’m tagged in. Who is also the sweetest thing around, pretty sure she rivals Honey-Senpai….)
  • @misssarahdoll (always tagging me in awesome stuff too and sending me photos of sexy Gladiolus cosplayers and good stuff to my submission box that generally sends me in nosebleeds.
  • @valkyrieofardyn (FOR PUTTING ME INTO ARDYN HELL)
  • @lady-asuka (For tagging me in awesome Gladiolus things along with good Cor stuff too!)
  • @waifuthewhite (For being a super fantastic cheerleader!!)
  • @ffxv-positivity-blog (For posting the best positive thoughts around!)
  • @nifwrites (Overall headcanons and We Intertwined made me cry a lot too, and is well thought out.)

Okay this turned out to be a shout out post to people I adore as I really have a lot of favorites and can’t just choose 5. There are a ton more to all those who tag me in their fics and those who come to ask for help and those who just stalk my page and chat randomly with me, love you all, you are all my favorite shits and I wouldn’t shit you out for the world. :D LOL Can you tell I’ve had way too much coffee in one day?

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(I apologize for my growing obsession with Peter) Peter, what's your fighting style? do you specialize in anything? or do you just conquer all your enemies with the radiance of your smile, bc I'm pretty sure that would work too?


“You think my smile is radiant?” asks Peter.

“Are you certain?

“If I could win every argument with my face, I’d do so in a heartbeat. But lately, the world only seems to respond to fists… And I’m not very good with those. So I’ve taken to waving around a stick, instead. Odd habit, but it seems to have worked, so far.

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“Another quick fact about Space!Rev - He’s an oblivious dumbass,…”

what happened now

Okay okay, but seriously, on today’s episode of @tiefamat and I talk about our OC dweebs way more than is probably healthy:

Dresk kidnapped Rev for a spontaneous enercycle road-trip/date day that was really thoughtful (and totally not spontaneous at all but carefully pre-planned), and accidentally realized he was perhaps just a bit more attached to Rev than he thought oh no what do nope time to lie to myself and repress all those horrible horrible emotion things that I feel.  Rev, meanwhile, is an oblivious idiot and doesn’t realize any of this.  Vic and Lyrana are rapidly getting tired of Rev’s shit.  They love him, they do, but wow.  How.  Is he so.  Oblivious.

Fun things about Kevin

-Currently 18 yrs old
-Favorite color is pink
-His mother is Malaysian and his father is Spanish (can speak a bit of both)
-Suffers both from depression and heart disease but keeps it a secret because he’s afraid people will judge him and think he’s weak
-Looks like a lazy shit but is actually a hard working shit
-Has like 50 part time jobs he can’t seem to keep
-Barely gets enough sleep every night
-Has heterochromia (right- green, left- brown)
-Favorite food is turkey sandwiches
-Works out sometimes when he’s stressed
-Dreams of getting a motorcycle
-Decent sense in fashion
-Loves and will do anything for his parents
-Actually worries a lot but never says anything until needed
-Extroverted Introvert
-He’s an asshole.
-(An asshole with a good heart)
-Actually pretty smart and takes his studies seriously
-Secret nerdy dweeb