the dusty rebel


Stand Up, Fight Back

This video, “Baltimore Uprising: Stand Up, Fight Back” is so powerful. “LGBT activists brought an incredible energy to NYC’s solidarity rally for Baltimore; a perfect balance of anger, determination and fun.”  - creator, Daniel Albanese of The Dusty Rebel. I could feel this chant in my bones. I thought about how often music and dance are a part of Black and other people of colour’s protest; so much really. I did think about how this group of LGBTQIA people gathered to protest on State violence and how often when the topic is State violence and its victims, LGBTQIA voices are often an afterthought, wrongfully so; meanwhile regularly engaged in protest, scholarship and activism. Couldn’t help but think of that. Reality. Anyway, this moment is really powerful and beautiful. The end is so epic. The chant is in my head forever.❤