the durselys

It pisses me off so much how in the books Parvati and Lavender are just pidgeon-holed as ‘fashion obsessed hair heads’ for most of the books?

I mean, they might not be, but that was the impression pre-teen!me got from reading the books?

And now I’m all … okay, okay Hermione is awesome and we all know it.

But that doesn’t mean Lavender and Parvati are stupid just because they are geared differently from Hermione.

Fashion is hella hard and it requires a lot of memorization and attention to detail? And honestly Lavender and Parvati seem to be pretty nice people, in the little glimpses we get of them?

And all I want is Harry, following the Weasley without getting noticed (because he is used to sneaking around without disturbing people or attracting their attention, owing to the Dursley for that) and getting through the barrier and on the train.

And Lavender’s father helping him out with his baggage, jokingly asking him to keep an eye on his little girl? You seem like a good lad, my Lavender is the most beautiful girl, I need a strong gentleman to keep an eye out until she gets to Hogwarts and she starts to learn magic, so are you up to it?

Which is, of course, not true. Lavender has been going to self-defense lessons for years.

But the man noticed that this was a little kid with no parents around, looking all alone.

He thought 'hey, maybe I can stick him with my kid and they’ll make friends’

(btw, as Lavender is not, as far as I know, confirmed as pureblood in canon, I am going with half-blood or muggleborn for her, I’m thinking muggleborn for this specific AU?)

And Lavender is all “Daddy!” and apologizing to Harry for her dorky dad the moment he is out of the door.

And very nicely avoiding to comment on his clothes because she knows how it feels to be conscious of how your clothes look on you and it’s clear to her eyes that the way Harry is dressed he is probably from some orphanage or something because those are huge hand me downs.

(Because fuck you 90s, being fashion conscious doesn’t mean you are an elitist bitch).

And her parents are looking at her from the Platform and instead of asking about Harry’s life, not wanting to put him on the spot, Lavender waves to them and starts talking to Harry all “Those are my parents, they are so fascinated with the idea of magic and what I will learn at Hogwarts, I can’t wait to write to them all about the castle. My dad works in an office as an accountant and my mother has a column in –” Insert popular teen magazine for 90s UK.

And Harry is a bit overwhelmed but Lavender isn’t staring at him, she is not forcing him to talk and she looks nice.

So he kind of starts to tell her about the Dursely y'know, not like he did with Ron about how terrible they are, but about Vernon working for Grunnings (Lavender giggles and says 'Oh I am so sorry but it just sounds like a really silly name? Grunnings.’ and she tries to stretch the word a bit and Harry laughs a little and says yes, because it does sound silly the way she’s saying it, he just had never thought about it. 'I think it’s Swedish or something’ he offers and Lavenders nods sagely because yes, that makes sense) and how Petunia lives at home and reads all sort of gossipy papers, but not teen ones so sorry, he has never seen Lavender’s mom’s column.

And then the door to their compartment open and Parvati and Padma’s mother (I don’t know if they are pureblood but I’m headcanoning them as pureblood for this one) politely asks if there’s space for two more girls and when Lavender and Harry, after looking at each other, agree, Madam Patil levitates their trunks in (much to the amazement of Harry and Lavender) and settles them above and then guides her daughters in.

She introduces them, putting her hands on her shoulders, cautions her girls to not get wand-happy and wishes everyone a happy Hogwarts year and then leaves them there, going back to the Platform to join her husband and tell him how she left their daughters in the presence of Harry Potter.

“He looked dreadful. Hard up at the very least. I think you should look into his family situation. His clothes, at the very least, were terrible.” She murmurs, softly. “I am sure our girls will adopt him before the ride is over, so you should look forward to hearing about him in their letters.”

Her husband, who knows all about his beloved’s wife tendency to take people under her wing and adopt dangerous animals and fell in love with her for it (as well as for other qualities she has) because he’s very much the same, smiles fondly at her for the last bit and nods seriously at the first one.

It doesn’t matter who the boy is. Well it does, because Harry Potter of course, but it also doesn’t matter because no child should be mistreated.

Also it’s kind of strange that Harry Potter would look hard up, considering it’s common knowledge his parents left him handsomely provided for, full tuition to Hogwarts already paid.

Lavender gushes about how beautiful the Patil twins are, which immediately conquers Parvati, who gushes right back at Lavender’s sparkly accessories.

(Look, I might be wrong because this was the UK and not Italy, and if I am please let me know, but I was a child in the 90s, I bought italian teen magazines, sparkly shit taped to the cover under a plastic sleeve was the shit with fashionable people.)

Of course the moment Harry introduces himself, the Parvati twins try really hard not to goggle, though they do look at his scar, and then Parvati starts asking a storm of questions about where he grew up, whether the Harry Potter adventure books right about all he did since he was a child, if not that what did he do since beating You-Know-Who.

Harry 'Do you mean Voldemort?’ is greeted by soft gasps, right until Lavender asks 'Who?’ and then Parvati starts telling her all about the horrible Voldemort and how Harry and his parents saved them all from that monster.

Padma’s brain on the other hand is whirring and she is the one who reassures Harry that he will do just as fine as everybody else, when he says that.

Lavender and Parvati interrupt their convo because Lavender needs to assure to Harry that she’s muggleborn too, so they will have to learn together and he will be just on par with her, while Parvati explains that magical kids do get a leg up because some of them are allowed to practice at home but that really, she will make sure Harry is up to date with everything that is 'stupefy’ about the magical world.

At which point, Lavender asks what 'stupefy’ means and Padma explains that it’s the stunning spell, so don’t say it while pointing your wand at anyone and Parvati adds that it means, well, the most stunning things around.

(What? Wizarding children should have their own slang).

So by the point Hermione and Neville come by, the group as already made the first basic ties and while Neville is greeted and introduced by Padma and Parvati to the rest of the group, Hermione goes on fine right until she hears Harry’s name.

Padma and Parvati thinks it’s … whatever wizarding equivalent is there of gauche, that Hermione would throw that torrent of words at Harry and just … presume to know about him.

Lavender is just hella protective of her new friend.

Tightly knit protective of Harry formation is achieved in 0.2 seconds.

Neville, who has been around other pureblood children but has been condescended upon by most of them (not Padma and Parvati, given that Parvati will stick up for him later on, but still, it was a general tendency towards a potential squib) has found in Hermione one person who has been nice to him to the point of going out of her way to help him look for his embarrassing toad, so he gets protective of Hermione right back.

So basically, Parvati tells Hermione that she should not barrage people with informations like that, Neville replies timidly that Hermione didn’t mean anything bad, she just like quoting sources, Lavender tells Harry that he doesn’t have to worry, they’ll look up all that stuff when they get to Hogwarts, Hermione gets huffy because of course she didn’t mean anything bad, she just thought Harry would know about that stuff, Padma asks why Hermione would think that when Harry has been raised in the muggle world, Neville goggles at the news that Harry was raised in the muggle world.

It’s a mess.

And then Draco Malfoy arrives, because he’s been making the rounds of the train to look for Harry Potter (saying hi to family allies on the way).

I am not sure who says what to whom for most of the ‘chat’ but what I am sure of is that by the end of it, Neville and Hermione are going to be best friends forever and an united front against snobby purebloods, Padma has icily informed 'Mister Malfoy’ that she will be writing to her father about how low the raising standards of the Malfoy have fallen to produce Draco as a result, in response to a snipe Draco made about telling his father about the Patil twins and the rabble they are sticking with, Parvati has informed Crabbe and Goyle that she had not thought they were better than this but they definitely need to find themselves friends who don’t just treat them like dumb muscle and Lavender has vowed to herself that it doesn’t matter to her how cute Draco Malfoy is or how attractive his silver hair are she will spell his hair and robes to look like something an 80s hairband groupie would wear, just as soon as she learns the necessary spells.

To make it simple, battle lines have been drawn, metaphorical blood has been spilled on all sides and the Harry-Lavender-Parvati-Padma friendship has been set in stone.

Ron, if you are curious about him, found a compartment that had Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas in it and spent a really amazing first ride to Hogwarts.

They both made sure Dean knew how Gryffindor was the best house there ever is and then they explained Quidditch to him and became fascinated when Dean explained football (to americans: soccer) to them, especially once Dean started sketching out schemes and stuff.

There are too many players, but it looks like exactly the kind of team effort chasers have to put together only spread through eleven people and that’s just wow.

170. Lily brings James over for dinner one day just after 7th year, and Petunia is there with Vernon. James tries his hardest not to say anything insulting or stupid, (while being very nervous) and at first his attempts are sucessful. Mr and Mrs Evans leave the room and Petunia says something about his nerves. James fires back by casually mentioning how her taste in men is just as awful as she is (goddammit Sirius for teaching me what a decent man is by a 3am conversation). Petunia shouts at Lily about how awful James is, Lily defends James….sorta. Mr and Mrs Evans run back in because the girls are fighting and the boys are uncomfortable. They stop the fight and James thanks them for dinner and mentions he should probably get going. He murmurs a spell that transfigures Petunia’s pearl necklace into bees and Vernon’s jacket into a sheep. James had left by the time it finished transfiguring. Lily walked out and scolded him but thought that was great. Vernon did get told about magic and avoided obliviation.

welcometomomuniverse  asked:

Hi, I'm doing some research right now in regards to fans imagining of harry potter. you were the first blog i found to suggest the idea that harry could be Indian. Do you have any specific headcanons in regards to this? Or what it means to you to have him be Indian? It's okay if you're not comfortable answering. Thanks.

This is a really great idea! I hope your research goes well. 

Well I began to imagine Harry as being half Indian because Harry as a character reminds me of my brother (who like me is half Indian). I always saw him as looking sort of like Dan in terms of skin colour and hair colour. 

It was only through Tumblr that I really started to look more deeply into it. A lot of people had Harry as mixed race in their minds and seeing all that art and those ideas allowed me to explore my own thoughts on it. 

Reading the books again (I read them at least once a year), I realised how meaningful it was that the Dursleys had never liked or approved of James Potter. They seemed to see Lily as having lowered herself by marrying him. To me, as a child of an Indian father and English mother, I KNOW that reaction very well. Sometimes it’s not said, but it’s implied and it gets to you. People called James lazy and basically hinted that he wasn’t good enough for Lily (Snape and Petunia mostly) which is a sure sign he was brown, because as far as I can see James was a good man who adored his wife and son. A lot of people will unfortunately always go out of their way to try and make brown men look bad. Not to mention that Snape’s superiority complex was so deep that I find it hard to believe that it just came from the fact James was cruel to him at school. I honestly believe it was partly because Snape held racist beliefs (at least when he was younger). He never could take it that Lily had chosen James over him. 

The stuff about Harry’s dark, messy hair seemed to fit too, because in our family we all have dark hair that curls. My brother’s hair curls if it grows long enough, and my dad has really thick dark hair as well. 

Then there’s how the Dursleys used to try and hide Harry’s appearance from the neighbours, which implied he looked noticeably different to his family. I always got the impression the Durselys and their neighbours were UKIP sort of people. You know, the sort who wouldn’t say they were racist but would be suspicious if they saw a brown person in a shop. 

I know the reason the Dursleys don’t tell Harry about James is because of the magic, but I also like to think that part of the reason was that they wanted to bring him up like a ‘nice English boy’ and keep him from his father’s culture. Everything about them screams trying desperately to make Harry ‘normal’ and to them ‘normal’ would probably mean trying to erase his links to his heritage. He might have found power and solace in that, and they wouldn’t have wanted that.

There’s also the fact that before James was murdered, he was making sparks of light fly from his wand to make baby Harry laugh. In 1981 (the year of the murders) Diwali would have fallen on October 27th, which is only 3 days before Halloween, when James was making the sparks. I personally feel this could have been to do with Diwali, since it is the festival of lights. 

Last (that I can think of right now) is how Harry’s eyes always stand out to people. They are obviously striking, and I think him being brown skinned and dark haired and having his mother’s green eyes would make that more prominent. My brother has green-ish eyes (inherited from our mother), despite the fact most of our Indian family (me included) all have dark brown. It’s definitely noticeable and something you might comment on. 

Thanks for the question by the way! These aren’t all my original headcanons, but I can’t really source them because they’ve come about through reading the ideas of lots of people and forming my own ideas for Harry through them. 


I really want to wonder…Is the wizarding world of Harry Potter really that blind?

Now, before you get all “What in Merlin’s saggy left **** do you mean?” Let me explain. 

Harry Potter, a boy with the lightning scar on his forehead,  wearing clothes that didn’t fit him, very thin, scrawny, small, on the train to Hogwarts.

I’m sure that Nurse Promfery would have noticed malnutrition when Harry continuously come into her care. 

I’m sure Fred and George must’ve of noticed the fact that Harry’s bedroom door was locked, with only a cat-flap for food. When they opened the door to the cupboard under the stairs, and notice how lived in it looked, with a small sign that was written in messy 6 year old handwriting with a red crayon “Harry’s Room.”

 Ron must of have noticed the bars on Harry’s window, that his owl is locked in a cage, how he would flinch if someone moved to fast towards him. 

Hermione must of noticed that harry was always unnaturally thin, and began to gain his weight back at Hogwarts feasts. How his essays seemed too simple, like he was holding back some sort of cleverness. How he dreaded going back to the Durselys. That he said “Are you mad? All those times I could’ve died and I didn’t manage it? They’ll be furious…” yet it didn’t seem like a joke?

Percy should have noticed that 11 year old Harry stared at the food like a starving man, like he hadn’t seen food for days. 

The professors should have noticed that his grades were failing in subjects, yet looked like he was holding back. (Harry was a smart shit, fite me)

Molly Weaselly should of questioned the fact that Harry did not expect presents for his first Christmas at Hogwarts. 

The Gryffindor Quidditch Team  should have noticed how harry doesn’t like to show his back to people. 

Rebeus Hagrid should have noticed how Harry was given the floor and a very thin blanket when he first met him. 

I’m sure people would have noticed the 10 years worth of neglect and abuse. 

So why did nobody say anything?

Also, I’m looking at Albus Dumbledore, because there is no reason to place a child in an abusive home.

My First Group Sex

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So friends yeh thi hamari 1st group sex ki story…..hope u all like

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Meet The Potters

July “Summer Tropes” @jilychallenge ~ @petalstofish vs. @bantasticbeasts

Prompt: this water fight was such a good idea but oops now your shirt is see-through and DAmn you look good –> Companion fic to “First Meeting”

She’d gone running to Sirius’ after a bad fight with her mum since her own boyfriend was ‘basically in azkaban’ (or so James’ owl had read) for breaking into a restricted area of the Ministry of Magic on a internship tour. Sirius was good as a shoulder to lean on when Lily needed to talk to about how annoying families could be but Lily had wanted nothing more than to see James’ calming stare. As if he read her mind, her boyfriend was standing in front of her with inquisitive hazel eyes that studied her long skirts and lightly flowered white shirt.

Even though the shock of seeing him standing there on Sirius’ steps bold as brass was taking up a large portion of her brain, Lily couldn’t deny that James Potter looked exactly like Prince Charming at that very moment.

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When I was a teenager, my best friend’s family became like a second family to me. His older brothers had a huge influence on my humor and social development, and his parents are absolutely amazing people.

My friend’s mom is a piano teacher, cancer survivor, and the most animated person I’ve ever known. The photo above is her in the Professor McGonagall costume she made this year.

Even though I’ve known this woman most of my life, I was still amazed at how well she fit the part!

At some point in time
  • Vernon Dursely: *scornfully* So what do YOU think about our economy, Potter?
  • James Potter: Well in all honesty Vernon i really think that the price spike for broom polish is completely unnecessary since they haven't made anything more recent than the current Cleansweep.
854. Dudley's daughter is a muggle-born witch. Needless to say, Vernon went ballistic when he found out. His anger was doubled years later when he found out she was marrying a wizard named Scorpius Malfoy. Petunia, on the other hand, supported her son and granddaughter, she just wanted them to be happy.

submitted by phoenixmartinez-ride

The Dudley headcanon you can pry from my cold, dead hands:

So here’s the deal:

Dudley, after transferring to a new school for sixth form, arrives with a new attitude about people weaker than him. He stays on the boxing team, sure, but he takes to heart Vernon’s blustery, approving comments about it being “the gentleman’s sport”.

So he makes friends–boxing friends, school friends, even a girlfriend. He likes being known for something other than laying people out, other than slamming people’s hands in doors, other than intimidation and cruelty. He remembers the Dementors, and Harry, and shudders.

When he boxes, he trains himself to hit well, not just hard–he doesn’t want to spare a single punch that doesn’t have to be there. It takes time, and hard work that he’s not exactly used to, but he improves. And improves. And he’s good. Very good. Sets-records good.

Dudley competes, and he wins. And wins. Wins sparring matches, wins competitions with other secondary schools, wins exhibition matches, wins regional championships, and, within a year, goes all the way to a national championship and finishes third. He’s never been so happy to be third. The local paper puts him on the front page:


Dudley spends his gap year traveling and boxing, scraping up some cash winnings and making a name for himself. Word spreads.

The offers start to come in–offers of management, of sponsorship. Dudley is flattered and tempted, but he goes to university because that’s what his mum wants. He reads political science because that’s what his dad wants. He enjoys it, but has no desire to be a politician. He wants to box while he can.

So he takes meetings with managers, with sponsors, with coaches, with publicists. Once he’s built his team, he considers his persona. His publicist throws out options: The Ox, The Crusher, Durse the Curse–Dudley reacts very unfavorably to that last one.

Dudley doesn’t want to be an animal, a killer, a curse. He wants to be the kind of captivating, artful boxer that holds an audience’s attention like a skilled stage magician. He thinks of an old headline, and about the best fighter he knew–

“Ladies and Gentleman!” The presenter begins, from the center of the ring. “It is my honor to introduce our reigning champ–”

The crowd roars.

“Sixteen stone of solid muscle. A left hook like a firework to the face. Some know him as Dudley Dursley…”

Another roar, and the audience begins to chant.

“But his devoted fans and disappointed challengers know him best as–

The Wiz Kid!”

I really want a movie about the marauders not just in their school life tho

I want to see baby potter, Sirius, lupin and Peter
I want to see the sorting
I want to go farther in depth to the family life of Lilly Evans
I want to see when they make the map
I want to see them figure out about Remus and his ‘furry little problem’ and not judge him
I want to see them bonding
I want to see their struggles to each become an animagus
I want to see those monthly outings
I want shenanigans
I want ladies man Sirius
Shy lupin
Young Snape and his death eater to be friends
Lily totally wrecking the curve in potions
James in DADA being awesome
James playing quidditch
The growth of James and lily’s relationship going from despise to misty eyes
How did James steal that snitch??
McGonagall being suspicious about their antics and slowly figuring things out like their animagus forms
Table conversation about Voldemort and his rise to power
Their life after school
Each of their roles with the order
When and how Wormtail gets coverted to being a death eater
His show decent into evil out of fear
The potters death
Sirius being the first to reach the house and his reaction
Lupin and his reaction
Sirius confronting Peter
The first few days of harry with the Durselys

I want them then to flash forward at the end, showing the fates of everyone involved. Sirius falling through the curtain. Lupin and his last dual. Wormtail in the Malfoy’s cellar. And finally I want it to end with how it all started. A pan out of a picture of the marauders+Lilly and of a certain potter telling his kids the stories of his father and his friends who were known as
The Marauders

We need this film

Why Dumbledor let Harry grow up with the durselys

So the realization just hit me, a little late I may say, but in the philosophers stone Dumbledor is so keen on making sure that Harry stays with the durselys knowing how terrible they are, and in the half blood Prince we learn the Tom/voldemort grew up in an orphanage. What if the reason why Dumbledor wanted Harry to grow up with the durselys was becuase he was scared that I’d he grew up else where he would end up just like him [voldemort]. I mean it probably was the reason and I was probably just overlooking it the whole time.

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Your opinion on Albus Dumbledore

I’ve been itching to have a little rant about this since I finished my reread!

I like Albus Dumbledore a lot. I like the twinkly eyed kindly Professor who jokes about ear wax flavoured beans and says his heart’s desire is a pair of woollen socks. But I love even more, the flawed Dumbledore who in fact sees himself in the Mirror of Erised surrounded by the family who he feels he let down, who begs forgiveness for Ariana’s death when being tortured by the cave potion, and who momentarily forgets that the ring is a horcrux and likely to be cursed in a fit of hope when he puts it on to see his sister again. I find it interesting that the champion of the power of love is made a fool of by it in his youth, and he who once sought power, chose to refuse the role of Minister and kept the Elder wand but not using its powers so as to save others from it. 

Dumbledore is not ‘an abuser’. He didn’t just leave Harry with the Durselys for a laugh, he had to because the protection of Lily’s blood that is ensured as long as he calls Privet Drive home. When he visits at the beginning of HBP he gives them a right telling off 

“I left him upon your doorstep fifteen years ago, with a letter explaining about his parents’ murder and expressing the hope that you would care for him as though he were your own.”
 Dumbledore paused, and although his voice remained light and calm, and he gave no obvious sign of anger, Harry felt a kind of chill emanating from him and noticed that the Dursleys drew very slightly closer together.
 “You did not do as I asked. You have never treated Harry as a son. He has known nothing but neglect and often cruelty at your hands. […] The magic I evoked fifteen years ago means that Harry has powerful protection while he can still call this house ‘home.’ However miserable he has been here, however unwelcome, however badly treated, you have at least, grudgingly, allowed him houseroom.”

to suggest that he just didn’t care about Harry’s welfare is nonsense. He couldn’t tell Harry that he had to die in order to destroy the piece of soul that resides within him, because Harry had to walk to his death of his own free will and offer his own life willingly in order for the plan to work. whatever Dumbledore did, he did for the greater good, his goals are ultimately noble and invested in the good of everyone.

Dumbledore is a flawed character who becomes drawn in shades of grey as the books go on, and it seems like people can’t handle that, hence the metas about him being a cold hearted manipulator who treats people like chess pieces and gave a 13 year old Hagrid a second chance and Lupin a job for scheming purposes, rather than simply being good natured and seeing the best in people.

also people need to get over him giving those points away at the end of term feast lmao. slytherin had won it for the past 7 years because snape is an unfair and biased dick, let someone else win this year. especially the kids who just took on voldemort and won, and who also happen to be the main characters and deserve narrative pay off at the end of the novel.

also, didyuhputyernameinthegobletoffiah is not the worst sin that the films committed regarding his character, but rather a symptom of the larger scale problem of taking away his calmness, in addition to his light heartedness and his sense of humour.