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Always and Further than Forever (Kili X Reader)

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Request for anonymous: Kili X Reader -> hi!! Can you do a kili durin x reader where he gets jealous bc some guy is flirting with the reader and he angrily storms away and then the reader goes to speak with him and he reveals his feelings and she feels the same way? (A/N: I may have strayed a little bit from the storming away part, hope that’s okay)

Word Count: 1,138

A/N: I know guys, it’s been 2 months now and I am so sorry for not getting things out there for you but I am in a much better place mentally, and I hope this means I can get more work out for you guys xx.

The coat secured tightly around your body, did little to protect you from the raw, chill night air. The bustling noise of the tavern, on which your back rested upon, was the only incentive to stay where you were, avoiding the bustling crowd inside.

The door opened to your left and out of the corner of your idea you saw the stream of dwarves surge through the doorway into the open, white christened village. Flakes of snow caught in their long locks of hair, causing another uproar of laughter from the drunken bunch.

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Then you see this and you are drown by feels. Fili & Kili are the best! Great video Miss the Slayer!

Between Worlds (Thorin Oakenshield x Human!Reader)

Between Worlds (Thorin Oakenshield x Human!Reader)

A/N: Hi guys! So, this is a request of @deepestfirefun ! I hope that you will like it and sorry for the delay once again ^^’

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

It has been a few weeks now that you had woken up in Middle-Earth. Your life was upside down and your definition of ‘rationality’ had definitely changed in the past few weeks. Back in our world - where only humans cohabited and where there were no dragons, Orcs or Elves - you were living a peaceful life.

Or rather; a boring life.

You had longed for adventures and forbidden love stories for ages, always feeling at bay of the society and it’s high demands. However, when you had wished to be sent into Middle-Earth after watching the Hobbit for the hundredth time, you didn’t expect it to truly happen. You had woken up into the woods, your hair all over your face and covering you like a warm and thick drape. And this is where - and how - the company of Thorin Oakenshield had found you.

At first, they were all truly suspicious about you, considering the fact that you were a woman, wearing weird clothes and talking oddly. In their eyes, you were one of a kind. Never had they met a daughter of men like you. You were always cracking jokes, you talked with words that sounded foreign and you cursed a lot. Too much for a lady. You kept repeating that you were no lady but they simply stated that any woman should know how to behave properly.

You had been offended at first but you soon understood that they were only joking when during the first dinner, the company of dwarves started a burping contest. The company of Thorin Oakenshield was a merry gathering and you loved being with them. Your life had been entertaining since they entered your life and you wouldn’t want to change it. In a way, you missed your old world and your family but you couldn’t deny the joy of finally belonging somewhere.

Moreover, you had started t develop some really strong feelings for the leader of the company, Thorin Oakenshield. The dwarf was stubborn and rather rough with you at first but something about him drove you crazy, your heart beating like a drum every time your eyes crossed his or every time you would feel his calloused skin brush against yours. It was hard to control or to hide because you had always dream about this kind of unconditional love. However, you knew that you had to keep your mouth closed. Thorin was a king, or soon to be king, he was the face of the dwarves’ royalty when you were a simple girl from another world.

You sighed as you sat next to Fili and Kili by the fire. Thorin had finally stop the company for the night and ordered to set the camp in a small clearing into the woods. Everyone had his task to do so you started to help Bombur and Bilbo while they prepared the stew. After a while, Bombur finally asked everyone to let him work on his own, pretending that it was almost done (but you knew that he simply wanted to have a small share of stew before everyone and with no one noticing) so you went by the fire and sat next to the two Durin brothers. Bilbo ran off to speak with Gandalf and out of the corner of your eyes, you could see Thorin talking in hushed tone with Balin and Dwalin. You knew that these three were close but you always wondered why they would isolate themselves almost every night. As you watched the three dwarves from your spot next to Kili, the young dwarf decided to ask you about your world. The two young dwarves seemed particularly interesting in your world and its customs.

“Miss (Y/N), can you tell us more about your world?” Kili asked with a bright grin. Fili instantly nodded his head in agreement and a few other dwarves turned their attentions to you.

“What would you like to know?” Every time they would ask you about your world, you were a bit lost, not knowing where to start. Middle-Earth was so much different the Earth. For example, the music was completely different or also the courting customs… On Earth there wasn’t any kind of courting anymore or at least it wasn’t called courting but flirting and dating.

“Maybe you could tell us what the courting customs are in your world?” Kili said genuinely interested but you saw that there was something else behind his question as his eyes looked from his uncle to his brother’s smirking features.

“Well… hm… I could yes.” You answered a but embarrassed. If this was a normal subject of conversation for dwarves, it wasn’t for you.

“Go in lass, we’re all ears!” Fili nodded in encouragement. You smiled weakly then started to explain.

“Well… you see, there’s not really any customs for that matter in my world.” You tapped your chin with your forefinger, trying to find the right words to explain it.

“What? How is that possible?” Kili asked with raised eyebrows.

“Actually, we don’t call it courting. We flirt and date people but we don’t court them. It is in a way a courting process because you ask someone out on a date then you can get to know each other, flirt and stuff like that. But we don’t call it courting.” You ranted a little but it was a tricky matter.

“So it is like courting but also not like courting?” Kili seemed completely lost, his face pulled in a frowning expression that made you chuckle.

“Yes and no.”

“Your world is complicated.” Fili pipped in with a disagreeing tone, you chuckled again.

“That it is!” You said with a small smile.

“Then how do you know when you’re going to marry someone or when you’re engaged?” Kili really wanted to understand.

“Well… if after dating for a while, sometimes years, the man propose to the woman and if she says yes then you’re engaged until the day of your wedding. Then you’re married. But you can call off a marriage whenever you want during the engagement and you can also divorce if you don’t want to be married anymore.” You explained, chuckling even more as you saw Fili and Kili’s faces fell into a horrified rictus.

“Call off a wedding?” Fili exclaimed.

“Divorce?” Kili exclaimed in the same outraged tone.

“Yes.” You said as you nodded your head.

“But why could someone want to divorce from his or her’s One?” Kili looked at you in wonder but looked slightly horrified.

“Oh, we don’t always marry our Ones. We don’t really have Ones either in my world. You just find someone you love but I doubt that there is a undying bond between the two lovers’ souls.” You looked at the two brothers and they looked sad.

“So, you never found your One in your world? No one is waiting for you?” Fili asked, laying his hand on your forearm in comfort.

“Nope… there’s no one waiting for me.” You said just above a whisper. After all, the one you wanted wasn’t even from your own world.

Fili and Kili nodded their heads in understanding then decided to ask about something else. You spend almost an hour trying to explain how life on Earth worked while the two brothers kept asking more and more questions.

From the other side of the camp, Thorin was discussing important matters with Balin and Dwalin. They needed to decided which rode they would take the next day but Thorin couldn’t seem to focus.

“Thorin? Are you even listening lad?” Balin’s amused voice suddenly brought Thorin out of his daydream.

“Hm… sorry, yes I’m listening. I still think that we should contour this forest. We can’t see what is following us or if something is really following us or spying on us.” Thorin said in a serious voice but Dwalin shook his head in amusement and Balin grinned at the King.

“We agreed on that almost an jour ago, lad.” Balin said, making Thorin’s eyes widen but he quickly covered it up.

“I knew that…”

“Sure you do.” Dwalin said in a teasing way.

“I was listening but only with one ear.” Thorin admitted.

“Yes and you couldn’t keep your eyes off the lass over there the other half of the time.” Dwalin said again, making Thorin groan and look away. Balin glared at his brother, knowing that teasing the King about his feelings for you would not help the situation.

“Why don’t you go and talk to her?” Balin asked.

“Because… I don’t know. I just can’t.” Thorin answered then looked at Dwalin who nodded his head in understanding. Sometimes, expression your feelings can be scarier than fighting an army or orcs.

“I know this is hard Thorin but you should try to understand what exactly you are feeling for the lass.” Balin’s eyes shone with kindness as he looked at his King. “Who knows you might find an unbreakable bound between the two of you.”

“I don’t know, Balin.” Thorin was really confused about his feelings for you.

It is true that ever time he looked at you or into your eyes or every time her heard you voice or your laugh, his heart would swell so much that it would even hurt. This unknown and foreign feeling are him alive, haunted his thoughts and his dreams. He had spend hours of his lonely nights trying to understand what was happening to him but every time he would finally find a rational explication, he would deny it. This particular explication was impossible.

Another voice brought the king out of his thoughts but this time it wasn’t Balin’s voice but yours. You were standing right before Thorin and his two advisers with a small smile on your lips.

“Hm… sorry to interrupt but the others are going to sleep and I wanted to let you three know that I will go clean myself up down there.” You pointed toward the other end of the clearing where Bofur had found a small river earlier. “I thought that it was best that you knew I was just down there and not kidnaped by orcs or something…” You chuckled a bit shy as you felt Thorin intended gaze you.

“It could be dangerous.” He stated in his gruff but entrancing voice.

“I’ll scream if I encounter any trouble.” You almost pleaded, feeling the need to scrub the dirt from your skin. Thorin sighed but nodded his head anyway.

“Alright but be careful. If you’re not back in 15 minutes, I’ll come searching for you.” The king told you already worried.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be long. I promise.” You told him before storming away, finally happy to have some time alone to wash your sour body. “Thank you!” You called out before disappearing into the bushes.

Thorin sighed and shook his head in amusement to your cheerful behavior. You were his ray of sunshine in the deep darkness of his duties and sadness.

After a while, you had finally be able to scrub the dirt and dust from your skin. You were sitting on the thin white rocks above the river’s shore, trying to dry your hair as much as you could with the spare towel Ori had gave you. Your thoughts wandered when suddenly a song came up from a long gone memory of your world. You smiled almost melancholically and started to sing softly, each word dropping from your lips as a delicious sweet liquor.

“One morning
I heard you songbird
Cryin’ out loud
So I came to see what you were crying about

Your broken wing
The dirge you were warbling
Was it your own?”

You sang, lost in your thoughts and in the song, knowing that Thorin had come to search for you. He was scared and anxious when you did not come back after 15 minutes. However, his worries vanished in a thin smoke escaping his mind as he heard an angelic voice sing near the river’s shore. Thorin had followed the voice until he found its owner. You.

“Who was going to take care of you?
Who was going to care for you?

Were you blinded by the stars?
Is that how you hurt yourself?
Or did you lose a lover?
Maybe that’s why we found each other

I offered you my home
Your songs from start to end
I wanted to remember them

Who was gonna find you?
Who was gonna fall for you?
Who was gonna take care of you?
Who was goin to care for you?”

Thorin hid behind the bushes. He listened to your voice and watched you intently. You were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And your voice made his heart explode with adoration. Each word leaving your lips sounded like magic and honey. A soft and sweet melody to his ears.

“The days and nights they passed
I knew you would waste away
Stuck inside a cage
Still I hoped you’d stay

Now are you flying high?
Soaring above the sea
Or in the tallest tree?
And do you remember me?
Do you tell about this story?
Cuz when the bells ring
All I long to hear
Are the songs you would sing

Who was gonna find you?
Who was gonna fall for you?
Who was gonna take care of you?
Who was going to care for you?”

You finished the song and Thorin’s heat craved more. That is when he understood what this odd feeling that was gripping his heart for several weeks was. He had found you… his one. Thorin was in love with you, he could feel it now. He could feel the bond that was linking your souls and your lives. And for the first time in ages Thorin Oakenshield smiled. A real, beautiful and joyful smile spread on his features as he watched you. Then he decided to show himself, not finding to courage in him to stay hidden away from you any longer.

“You did not come back.” Thorin spoke up in his soft baritone voice. You gasped and jump at the sudden noise, not expecting anyone to be there. You turned around, ready to scream when your eyes landed on Thorin’s form emerging from the bushes.

“Thorin! You scared me!” You exclaimed with your hand on your chest as if to calm your beating heart.

“I apologize, it was not my intention, Amrâlimê.” Thorin answered in a soft voice that took you off guard.

“What did you call me?” You asked, not understanding a word of Khuzdul. Thorin walked on the shore to step in front of you and took your cold hands in his warm ones, enveloping them in his love.

“Amrâlimê.” He repeated in the same soft voice. You looked into his eyes and you were surprised to see love and adoration into his bright blue iris.

“What… what does it mean?” You asked, stuttering in anticipation.

“My love.” Thorin breathed out, so simply but those words coming out of his mouth meant so much for you and for him. You looked at him for several minutes not knowing what to do but Thorin did.

“I tried to find another explication to what I am feeling for you, (Y/N) but I now know that it was foolish. I am in love with you, utterly and completely in love with you. I am yours from now on, you will never loose my love. I promise that I will cherish you and protect you with my life if I have to. Even if you don’t return my feelings.” Thorin said in one time, looking straight into your eyes the whole time.

You looked at him with adoration and love, not understanding how lucky you were. This world was made for you. Middle-Earth gave you all you had ever wanted. A reason to fight, a purpose in life, friends, a family and a lover.

You closed your eyes as a single tear of joy ran down your cheeks. Thorin caught it with his thumb and cupped your cheeks you opened your eyes and smiled at your One.

“I love you too, Thorin.”

Your words were simple but your eyes talked for you. Thorin smiled and finally closed the distance between your lips. Sealing your love and your bond in a passionate kiss.

Everything For You

Prompt/Summary: What if Kili could grow a full beard, but kept it short for some reason?

Pairing: Kili x Reader

Warnings: fluff, Fili’s a little out of character (?)

Word Count: 1,625

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A/n: I’m participating in @sdavid09​’s “What If” Challenge, and this is one of the prompts I got. I’m sorry it took so long. Enjoy reading! :)

„Well, I’m much better at archery than you!” Kili told his brother with a grin on his face. This little war of arguments between these two had been going on for a while now.

It was late at night. Most of the dwarves were already sleeping. The ones that were still awake sat around the fire together, listening to Fili and Kili making fun of each other. Most of their arguments just had you shaking your head.

“Good for you but who’s the one better at hunting, hmm? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not you.” Fili told his brother, which made everyone around chuckle.

“He’s got a point there.” Dwalin, who was also still awake, stated and nudged Kili playfully.

“That may be, brother. But tell me this, who’s better at talking to the ladies? Me! You get all awkward and nearly shit your pants when a girl is only looking at you.” Kili laughed and pointed at his brother.

You let out a slight chuckle as well but quickly stopped yourself when you noticed, that Fili looked a little hurt.

“Ok boys, maybe you should stop now, don’t you think?” you asked, interrupting Kili who was still laughing.

“Wait y/n, I have one left.” Fili said and looked at his brother. Kili immediately shut down and glanced at his older brother, anticipating.

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What Did He Say?

Title: What Did He Say?

 Summary: When Kili decides to say something to you in Khuzdul, you have no idea what it means.  But that doesn’t stop the fallout that occurs with Fili, causing you to have to seek out some extra help.

 Warnings: None?

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

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 You were laughing at the story that Bofur was telling, completely entranced with the narrative.  Bofur was always an amazing story teller, you loved it when he would share stories around the fire.  You leaned back a bit and bumped into Fili, who was sitting next to you.  “Oh, sorry.”  You said as you shifted.  “Didn’t mean to bump you.”

“No worries, lass. Doesn’t bother me.”  He said back quickly, giving you a soft smile that made you want to melt.  Those blue eyes, those perfect blue eyes, you couldn’t think when they were looking at you.

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How my monthly friend...knocked out a King (CompanyXreader)

Words: 822

As the sun rises in the sky, you feel yourself drift back into consciousness. Opening your eyes you find yourself resting gently on the ground where you had fallen asleep the night before. Upon searching the others, you find them all asleep and sigh contently. Staring straight at the drifting clouds you embrace the moment of quiet and tranquility while you could, knowing that once the dwarves woke you would be bombarded by noise until nightfall.

Your calm is broken by a sudden pulsing pain across your abdomen, wincing you move to turn on your side when something splashes under your hips.

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Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: Hi guys! Here is the next chapter for Fallen Stars! I hope that you will like it! Thank you for all the kind words you guys sent me for this story! Love you! 

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x OC (Elentári) 

Tag list: @weirdnewbie @villainlove @fizzy-custard @fictionalquintessence @ealasaid @xalexandriaxk @maidenadventure @sdavid09 @lainternettuale @deepestfirefun @shewalksinanotherworld @fangirl570


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Chapter 3 

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Chapter 5 

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Chapter 4: Loyalty. Honor. A willing heart… This is not enough.

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The next day, Elen made sure to stay away from Thorin. She avoided his eyes when he tried to start a conversation or when he was simply staring at her. His temper was really getting on her nerves. However, Elentári couldn’t deny that his behavior hurt her feelings. It was an odd feeling for the elf because she was used to receive hate and disdain from others but she seemed to crave for Thorin’s kindness and approval. Elen shook her head as she rode next to Bilbo, the hobbit was telling her about the Shire and Hobbits’ traditions while Gandalf and a few others listened as well.

The day went by rather quickly and soon the company decided to camp for the night near the edge of a cliff. Thorin asked Fili and Kili to take the first watch and Elen stayed awake with them. The half-elf tried to stay away from the moon light. She wasn’t ready to show the entire company how her skin would shine with ancient blue runes as the cold light of the moon kissed her skin. They were already suspicious with the half-elf, Elen didn’t need to add some glowing moon runes to her situation.

After dinner, Fili, Kili and Elen settled before the fire, their backs against the hard rock of the mountain above and their eyes focused on the darkness. Elen sighed and watched everyone sleep, she noticed that Gandalf and Balin weren’t sleeping among the others, discussing something in hushed whispers. Fili took his pipe out and lit it while Elen watched Thorin sleep.

The king was sleeping sat on a rock next the fire, his back against the rock wall and his hands on his lap. He didn’t look as if he was peacefully sleeping, his face was tensed and his entire body stiff. Nevertheless, Elentári was entranced by his beauty. The king was tall for a dwarf, his body strong with hard muscles and rough skin. His hair was so dark that the few white steaks that shew his age, almost sparkled through the night. The position he was sleeping in gave Elen’s eyes a better access to his throat and the elleth blushed as her eyes followed the line of his throat to see soft black hair vanish into his shirt and armor.

Kili noticed his new friend staring at his uncle and nudged his brother then gestured in the woman’s direction with a knowing smirk on his lips. At first, Fili frowned at his little brother but then followed his gaze and saw the bashful looking elleth staring at his king. Fili smirked and winked at Kili before deciding to speak up.

“Like what you see, miss Elen?” Fili’s voice made the half-elf jump, her eyes blinked several times as if she had been brought out of a dream in the middle of the night.

“W… What?” She asked out, her head looking from her left to her right as if she was disoriented. Fili and Kili chuckled and shared a look.

“You seemed to like whatever you saw on our uncle.” Kili stated, smirking knowingly at the woman. Elen scoffed and glared at the young dwarves.

“I was just thinking.” She defended herself.

“Oh, aye! Thinking about how handsome our uncle is!” Kili exclaimed and Elen suddenly grabbed a wooden stick one the floor next to her and threw it at the poor young dwarf in an attempt to shush him. Kili ducked and laughed while his brother shook his head in disbelief and amusement.

“Shush you oaf!” Elen said playfully. “Your uncle made it clear that he despises me anyway.” She muttered, looking away and into the fire. The two brothers looked at each other then back at the elleth.

“He does not despise you, Elen…” Fili said and reached a warm hand to squeeze the poor woman’s shoulder.

“He’s just really… confused.” Kili offered as a consolation. Elen sighed and shrugged, not daring to look at her friends.

“Don’t worry, lads. I’m used to it.” She said, Fili and Kili were ready to answer but suddenly a loud snore made them jump and after a few second of silence, the tree of them started to laugh.

Elen observed as Gloin slept; tiny flying insects got sucked into his nose every time he inhaled, and they were expelled when he exhaled. Elen chuckled when she noticed Bilbo watching the scene in disgust. The hobbit finally got up and walked around. He couldn’t sleep with all the snoring of the dwarves combined and Elen started to wonder if she would ever be able to sleep on this journey. Bilbo walked over to his pony and Elen saw him give her an apple but not before checking to see that no one was looking. The half-elf quickly looked down and smiled at herself as Bilbo finally gave the apple to the pony.

“Hello, girl. That’s a good girl. It’s our little secret, Myrtle; you must tell no one. sh, sh” Bilbo’s hushed voice said. Elentári was probably the only one who was capable of hearing the hobbit, making her smile even bigger. However, a scream rang out into the night making Fili and Kili tensed as Bilbo turned around scared and ran back toward the fire.

“What was that?” The frightened hobbit asked. Elen’s eyes scanned the horizon beyond the cliff, her right hand running across the handle of her sword.

“Orcs.” Kili seriously said as another scream is heard. Elen saw Thorin jerk awake upon hearing the word “Orcs.” He looked around in alert, his hand gripping the handle of his sword as well. His eyes landed on his nephew then on Elen and he noticed the alert state she was also in.

“Orcs?” Bilbo asked, not knowing what those vile creatures were.

“Throat­cutters. There’ll be dozens of them out there. The lowlands are crawling with them.” Fili answered, as seriously as his brother.

“They strike in the wee small hours, when everyone’s asleep. Quick and quiet; no screams, just lots of blood.” Kili added but this time, Elen heard the playful tone in the young dwarf’s voice and she glared at him. Bilbo looked away in fright; Fili and Kili then looked at each other and began laughing. Elen rolled her eyes and punched Fili on his arm.

“Ouch!” He exclaimed playfully but Thorin’s voice stopped any complains coming from the Durin brothers.

“You think that’s funny? You think a night raid by orcs is a joke?” Thorin said in a bitter tone as he got up and stood before his nephews.

“We didn’t mean anything by it.” Kili told his uncle as he looked down in shame. Thorin looked at his nephew in anger and disappointment.

“No, you didn’t. You know nothing of the world.” The dwarf king hissed then he walked away to stood at the edge of the cliff, his hands crossed behind his back and his eyes absently staring into the darkness of the night. Elen watched him for a while but her eyes turned to look at Balin as he walked to talk to the young dwarves. He stood next to Elen and leant against the rock wall on his arm.

“Don’t mind him, laddie. Thorin has more cause than most to hate orcs.” Balin started, earning Elen’s attention. “After the dragon took the Lonely Mountain, King Thror tried to reclaim the ancient dwarf kingdom of Moria. But our enemy had got there first.”

Elen closed her eyes, as flashes of the Battle of Azanulbizar plaid before her eyes. Thousands of dwarves and orcs fighting in front of the gates of Moria, blood and death everywhere… Elen shook her head as screams of death filled her ears. A massive, pale, orc wiped out many dwarves with his mace, then Elen could remember seeing the Orc engage King Thror in battle.

“Moria had been taken by legions of Orcs lead by the most vile of all their race: Azog, the Defiler. The giant Gundabad Orc had sworn to wipe out the line of Durin. He began…” Balin’s voice waved with grief. “By beheading the King.” The old dwarf said as Elen opened her eyes to watch Thorin from her spot next to Fili.

Bilbo was listening closely to Balin’s tale, Fili and Kili as well. Elen’s eyes trailed up Thorin’s back, still remembering his agonizing scream as Azog - having defeated King Thror - held up his beheaded head as he roared and then flung the head, which bounced and rolled to Thorin’s feet. Elen sighed then looked back at Balin.

“Thrain, Thorin’s father, was driven mad by grief. He went missing, taken prisoner or killed, we did not know. We were leaderless. Defeat and death were upon us.” The old dwarf said, sorrow clouding his eyes until he turned his head to look at Thorin.

“That is when I saw him: a young dwarf prince facing down the Pale Orc.” Elen remembered struggling to reach the prince and the orc. Thorin was facing Azog alone and he finally got knocked away. Thorin fell down an embankment and landed on the ground before the helpless half-elf. However, at this time Elen was trying not to be seen by the dwarves, using her energy and her essence to move as quickly as she could. She could only be seen as a flash… A flash of white light and of a glowing warrior’s silhouette.

“He stood alone against this terrible foe, his armor rent…wielding nothing but an oaken branch as a shield.” Fili and Kili listened on, completely absorbed into the story as Elentári shook because of the intense memory.

She remembered seeing Azog leap to smash Thorin, but Thorin, grabbing an oaken branch lying on the round, managed to roll away in time and avoid the mortal hit. Azog continued wielding his mace against Thorin, who was still on the ground, but Thorin blocked the mace with the oaken branch - which he uses as a shield - over and over. Azog swung one last time and Thorin, grabbing a sword lying nearby, cut off Azog’s left arm from below the elbow. Elen recalled seeing Azog clutch the stump of his arm as he howled in pain.

“Azog, the Defiler, learned that day that the line of Durin would not be so easily broken.” Balin said, his voice waving with emotion and pride for his king. Elen looked at the two brothers next to her, they were wearing proud small smiles on their faces.

The elf then remembered that she started to back off when Azog was rushed into Moria by other orcs and when Thorin started to lead his people, yelling “Du Bekâr! Du Bekâr!” to rally the dwarves to battle.

“Our forces rallied and drove the orcs back. Our enemy had been defeated. But there was no feast, no song, that night, for our dead were beyond the count of grief. We few had survived.” Balin looked down as he remembered the death of his and Dwalin’s father that day.

Finding his body had been terrible for Balin. Elen had watched from far away, she saw the desolation, the sadness, the pain and sorrow that gripped the dwarves’ hearts as they searched the dead for they loved ones. And she remembered seeing him too. The young dwarf prince who had defeated the pale orc and saved his people yet once again.

Elen’s eyes landed on Thorin as he turned away from the view beyond the cliff; the entire Company watching him as they stood wide awake and in awe while staring at their king. Thorin looked at them quickly then walked between the dwarves toward the fire. His posture still as stiff because of the painful memory he had been drown into just a few minutes before. At this moment, Elentári knew why they were following him. He was their king but he also gave them hope.

“But the pale orc? What happened to him?” Bilbo suddenly asked Balin as he sat on a small rock next to the fire.

“He slunk back into the hole whence he came. That filth died of his wounds long ago.” Thorin almost growled at the hobbit while he walked back to his sleeping spot.

Elen frowned then glanced at Gandalf from under her eyelashes. The old wizard glanced at her then at Balin, the three of them worriedly sharing a knowing look. Elen’s eyes then landed on Thorin who was already watching her with dark eyes. Elen blushed then look down at her hands. Thorin knew that she had been affected by Balin’s tale but the truth about her was beyond what he could imagine or even suspect.

After that, the dwarves went back to sleep, Bilbo too. Elen stayed awake with Fili and Kili, her eyes watching Thorin sleep for a while before she finally decided to focus on sleeping before dawn. The next day would be really demanding…


Dawn came too quickly for Elentári, she hadn’t been able to sleep more than 3 hours last night after recalling the horror of the Battle of Azanulbizar. Consequently, her mood was execrable when she woke up. The dwarves had quickly eaten a light breakfast before everyone was already back on their ponies and ready to leave. Bilbo couldn’t help but yawn over and over as he sat on his pony, making Gandalf smile at the poor hobbit. Elen kept to herself during the entire morning, partly because of her mood but also because of the rain that started to pour down on them.

Elentári might have been an elf but she was quite different from the rest of her kind. She could feel the cold, the heat, the humidity… She could be bothered by the rain while other elves couldn’t care less. Elen sighed as she shook under her thick coat, she tightened the hood even more over her head in an attempt to stay dry and put on her black leather gloves. The dwarves weren’t as affected by the rain, they were always warm (something that Elen secretly felt jealous of) but some of them seemed bothered by the constant rain as they couldn’t smoke their pipes and their clothes were drenched, clutching to their skin. As Elen looked around to see how the company was doing she saw that they looked cold, wet, and miserable. Even if they were dwarves.

“Here, Mr. Gandalf, can’t you do something about this deluge?” Dori asked Gandalf who seemed as grumpy as Thorin that day.

“It is raining, Master Dwarf, and it will continue to rain until the rain is done.” Gandalf answered, annoyed by the rain and the dwarf. “If you wish to change the weather of the world, you should find yourself another wizard.”

“Are there any?” Bilbo asked curious.

“What?” Gandalf turned his head to the hobbit.

“Other wizards?” Bilbo clarified.

“There are five of us. The greatest of our order is Saruman, the White. Then there are the two Blue Wizards…” Gandalf said and Elen could see that the wizard couldn’t remember the two other wizards. “You know, I’ve quite forgotten their names.”

“Alatar and Pallando.” Elentári piped in, riding Shadowfax next to Gandalf.

“Ah yes, yes, indeed! Thank you, dear.” Gandalf thanked Elen. The elleth waved her hand at him as if to say ‘don’t mention it’.

“And who is the fifth?” Bilbo asked as Elen already smile, knowing who was the last one.

“Well, that would be Radagast, the Brown.” Gandalf said, looking at Elen with a kind smile. The other wizards did not like Radagast but Gandalf understood the lonely wizard and he even considered him his friend. Then Bilbo said something that made Elen completely loose control.  

“Is he a great Wizard or is he…more like you?” The hobbit asked, innocently. Gandalf looked slightly offended as Elen burst out laughing. She bent forward on her horse, holding her stomach as she laughed hysterically. That hobbit had definitely brightened up her mood. Gandalf glared at Elen who was trying to control herself as she wiped the joyful tears away from her cheeks.

“I think he’s a very great wizard, in his own way. He’s a gentle soul who prefers the company of animals to others. He keeps a watchful eye over the vast forest lands to the East, and a good thing too, for always Evil will look to find a foothold in this world.” Gandalf answered the hobbit, trying to keep him composure.

Thorin watched as the half-elf laughed. Her laugh had rung as a beautiful melody into his ears and his heart had stopped for a second. The grumpy dwarf had turn around and it was even worse. His heart started to hammered against his chest as his eyes landed on Elen. She was beautiful with her huge grin on her face and with the look of happiness that lingered on her face afterward. Her mood seemed to have an impact on the entire company, and on Thorin’s nephews especially.

Thorin hated the way he felt every time he looked at the elleth. He hated the fact that he was supposed to hate her but deep down couldn’t. He wanted to hate her, he wanted to be indifferent but that day like the last night he desperately wanted to keep her safe, to cradle her into his arms every night so she would feel safe enough to sleep. The King wanted to understand. He wanted to know who she truly was and what it was that he was feeling. The warmth that spread into his heart was so unknown for him… He did not know if he truly liked it or not.


The day passed by quickly once again and at some point, during the afternoon, the sun had come back. Elen removed her cloak and let her clothes dry as the warm sun kissed her skin. Unfortunately, the elleth had forgotten that she was wearing a white flannel under her leather jacket. When she removed the jacket, her white shirt stuck to her skin, showing her curves in a way that she didn’t feel comfortable with. The brown leather corset she was wearing over her shirt wasn’t really hiding anything. Elen blushed as she saw the king’s eyes on her for a brief second before he looked away. However, the other dwarves did not seem to notice so she waited silently until her clothes dried.

The sun quickly started to set as the company arrived at an old, abandoned farmhouse that was in ruins. It looked burnt down and destroyed but Elen felt something evil in the air. She looked around the place still on her horse. Shadowfax tossed his head and neighed to show his discomfort.

“I know, Shadowfax. I can feel it too.” Elen told her horse friend as she ran her hand through his mane soothingly. The dwarves dismounted their ponies, following Thorin’s lead.

“We’ll camp here for the night.” The dwarf king said. “Fili, Kili, look after the ponies. Make sure you stay with them.” Thorin told the two brothers. Elen glanced at them with a smirk, knowing that the king was making them pay for their joke on orcs. Kili rolled his eyes and Fili looked determinate to prove his value to his uncle. Elen quickly tended to her horse and gave the reins to Fili before following Gandalf as he walked into the ruined farmhouse.

“A farmer and his family used to live here.” The wizard said out loud but it was obvious that he was lost in his mind and not talking to someone in particular.

“Oin, Gloin.” Elen heard Thorin voice from her place next to Gandalf.

“Aye.” Gloin answered.

“Get a fire going.” Thorin ordered as he walked in Gandalf and Elen’s direction.

“Right you are.” Gloin answered.

“I think it would be wiser to move on.” Gandalf spoke out loud as Thorin appeared behind them.

“It’s not safe here.” Elen added just above a whisper as she tried to understand what happened to the family who lived in the farmhouse.

“We could make for the Hidden Valley.” Gandalf told the dwarf king who turned around and glared at the wizard.

“I have told you already, I will not go near that place.” The stubborn dwarf said, his eyes dark at the mention of elves.

“Why not? The elves could help us. We could get food, rest, advice.” Gandalf tried to persuade Thorin. His voice was gentle but Elen could hear the annoyed tone behind his words.

“I do not need their advice.” Thorin said glaring at Gandalf once more and moving from one foot to another in annoyance. Elen rolled her eyes.

“I understand why you hate Thranduil, trust me I do not like him either but Lord Elrond is completely different.” Elen tried to explain but Thorin turned his dark eyes to her.

“I told you before, I don’t care about what you think, elf!” Thorin barked suddenly, making Elen’s eyes widen.

“Are you behaving like that with all women? Or are you just a pig with me?” Elen asked the king with a sarcastic smile on her features. Thorin’s eyes widen and he took a step toward the elleth but Gandalf took a step to interfere.

“We have a map that we cannot read. Lord Elrond could help us.” The wizard said.

“Help?” Thorin exclaimed. “A dragon attacks Erebor, what help came from the Elves? Orcs plunder Moria, desecrate our sacred halls, the Elves looked on and did nothing. You ask me to seek out the very people who betrayed my grandfather and betrayed my father.” The dwarf looked betrayed that the wizard would try to convince him.

“You are neither of them. I did not give you that map and key for you to hold on to the past.” Gandalf huffed at the dwarf, annoyance evident on his face.

“I did not know that they were yours to keep.” Thorin hissed, darkly. Gandalf looked shocked for a second before her turned around and stomped off angrily, leaving the Company.

“Gandalf!” Elen called out, trying to reason him but she knew that it was no use when the wizard was in this mood. Elen sighed and watched her friend leave helplessly.

“Everything alright? Gandalf, where are you going?” Bilbo asked as the wizard stomped past him and Balin. Bilbo looked confused and scared.

“To seek the company of the only one around here who’s got any sense.” Gandalf answered in a huff.

“Who’s that?” Bilbo asked genuinely and innocently.

“Myself, Mr. Baggins! I’ve had enough of dwarves for one day.” Gandalf hissed, clearly angry about the situation. Elen sighed and looked back at Thorin as he stepped at the entrance of the ruined house.

“Come on, Bombur, we’re hungry.” Thorin said or ordered as if he didn’t care that the wizard was leaving them to their fate.

“Is he coming back?” Bilbo worried Bilbo asked to Balin. The old dwarf sighed and looked rather unsure.

This fight and Thorin’s mean words from earlier made Elen turn to face Thorin. She had enough pf his behavior, they needed Gandalf and his stubbornness was starting to get dangerous if it cost them the wizard’s skills and protection.

“Thorin… You should reconsider what Gandalf said. I know that you don’t trust the elves but the elves of Imladris are wiser and…” Elen said as she walked closer to Thorin but the king stopped her as he screamed at her.

“I do not care about those elves! I didn’t ask for your advice, half-breed! I did not want you here, try not to forget that! You’re not part of this company. The wizard forced my hand and now that he’s gone, it is just a matter of time that I send you away to roam this earth alone because no one will ever care about a half-breed elf like you!” Thorin shouted in the elleth face, hissing the last part with his eyes clouded by anger and hate. Elen gasped and walked backward in fear, she held her arms up to cover her face as she truly thought that the dwarf was going to hit her but nothing arrived. Elen lowered her arms and looked at the king in fear then suddenly his words hit her, she felt her heart clench as she watched the anger slowly vanish from the dwarf’s face and realization hit him. ‘You’re not part of this company,’ ‘it is just a matter of time that I send you away to roam this earth alone’, ‘no one will ever care about a half-breed elf like you’… Thorin’s words replayed in her head over and over as her biggest fear came back from the deep pit of her past. ‘No one will ever love you…’ a voice said in her head and before she could control it, hot tears ran down her cheeks as she stared at the dwarf before her.

His face was now a mix of guilt and horror at his own words but Elen couldn’t understand why he hated her that much. Thorin tried to reach a hand to hold her arm but fear gripped Elen’s heart again and she took another step back. Unfortunately, the elleth tripped over a wooden log and fell backward. She let out a small scream of pain as a tick branch pierced through the flesh of her right arm when she collided with the floor. The company tried to help her up and Thorin tried to walk closer but she rolled on her side and got up quickly, tears still running down her cheeks.

“Lass, let me look at it.” Oin tried to reach for Elen’s arm but she quickly backed up and ran to grab her bag on the floor. She called for Shadowfax, feeling breathless and suffocating as everyone watched her. They all tried to stop her except Thorin. He knew that he had crossed the line with the elleth. He knew that he had make a huge mistake by letting his anger go on her.

“Elen, wait! Where are you going?” Bilbo tried to stop her but she did not glance his way.

“Lass, please. You’re bleeding.” Oin tried as well.

Soon Bofur also tried to reason with the elleth but she simply tried to hide her face from everyone until she was on her horse and ready to leave. Then, she turned her face to stare at Thorin, her eyes filled with tears but empty of all life.

“You once said that all you asked for was loyalty, honor, and a willing heart… that you could ask no more than that… But that’s not true, this is not enough.” Elentári said before turning away and Shadowfax bolted down the hill, taking her far away from the company.

Far away from Thorin Oakenshield.

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Your Dwarf

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A/n: I couldn’t find a gif that made sense. Anyway this is the last installment of my Nori three-shot. Although I’m quite disappointed in myself that there’s not much Nori in here. 

Part 1 - Part 2 MASTER LIST

To say the battle was gruesome was the understatement of the century. It was literal hell. There were many fallen on all sides. So much elves. So much of your kin.

You pull your sword out of yet another orc and you notice four goats running up to Ravenhill. You grab onto a lose goat and follow the dwarves up the hill. You had a bad feeling about their destination. When you get there the four dwarves are looking around for, what you guess is, Azog.

They pull their weapons on you as you come up behind them, but they relax as they realize its you.

“What are you doing here, elf?” Thorin asks.

“I think you are forgetting that I am the one who let you go in the first place,” you retort, looking around as well. “Forgive me, your highness,” he says but you know he is not apologetic.    

“Where has Azog gone?” you ask, an uncomfortable feeling settling in your stomach. “We don’t know. We were just about to look. Fili take your brother and scout out the towers. Stay low and out of sight,” Thorin orders

“I will follow you both. Three is better than two,” you say and the durin brothers nod and Thorin just stares at you. You ignore him and lead the Durins ahead.

When you get to the towers, Fili makes you stop. “We should split up. We will cover better ground that way,” he says moving towards the stairs and that bad feeling suddenly returns to your stomach.

“No,” you say. Fili gives you an odd look. “Look, Princess-“

“No, prince. We will stay together,” you say firmly and your glare doesn’t waiver. He sighs and nods in agreement. The three of you scan the bottom level and you hear footsteps coming from the stairs and you were pretty sure they were not Thorin’s. You pull your weapons and the Durin’s follow. The three of you fight off as much orcs as you can before you are outnumbered.

“We must retreat,” you say, pulling your sword out of the orc. The brothers nod and the three of you leaving the towers. As soon as you are on the ice, you hear a shout. You three turn to fine Azog standing on the highest part of the tower and you realize that if Fili had left, he would’ve died a horrible death.

“It was a trap,” you hear Fili breathe. “Nice of you to notice. Let us make our way back to the others,” You say.

“Fili! Kili! Thank goodness you’re alright! Bolg has an army of gundabad orcs headed this way,” Bilbo says breathlessly as you find the two other dwarves.

How the hobbit managed to get up here you had no idea.

“Yes. We’ve noticed that. If it wasn’t for Princess, I probably would not have been standing here,” Fili says. “It’s Y/n. Just fyi,” you tell him, annoyed that he didn’t remember your name after you saved his brother’s life at Bard’s house. He sends you a smirk.

“I know, but I like princes better, princess,” he says and you roll your eyes at him as you see Legolas and Tauriel also making their way towards you.

“Muindor!” you exclaim, happy to see your brother alive and well. “Muinthel. I was worried you had perished,” he says and you shake your head. “I am fine. However we must take care of the orcs,” you say and he nods.

Together, the eight of you try to dispatch as much orcs as possible. Although after almost watching the hobbit almost get beheaded, you and Thorin had sent Bilbo back down the hill to ask for reinforcements.

Throughout the battle, you and Thorin had some how got separated from the group and were now facing the pale orc.

“Elf scum. You were the reason for my failure,” Azong spits out and you twirl your sword. You were not going to attack. This was Thorin’s fight and his alone.

Thorin moves first and every goes by in a blur. One moment Azog was floating underwater and the next Thorin was being stabbed through the foot. You hear footsteps behind you and you turn around to block an attack from Bolg. It was father and son versus elf and dwarf and after watching your brother get beaten, you were not too sure you could handle this.

You break the tension between the two of you and move to stab his chest. He catches it instead and pulls, hard, making you fly further onto the ice. He moves to you, but is stopped by Legolas and Tauriel. Bless your brother.

The three of you quickly dispatch him and you cry out as a sword pierces your flesh. Azog had left Thorin and now had his arm through your abdomen. He gives you a smirk before he’s suddenly beheaded by the king. You pull away from Azog and tumble onto your brother.

Thorin looks to be okay and so do the rest of the dwarves. You spy the eagles flying through the sky and Beorn and Rhadagast getting off of the eagles.

“Thorin,” you call out and the dwarf king limps his way over to you as Legolas lays you on the ground. “C-can you tell the thief that I will miss him?” you ask him, blood pouring out of your mouth.

“No, Lady Y/n. You will tell Nori yourself. You have been through too much to just leave us now,” Thorin says.

He didn’t know much about you, but he still held you in high regards after you let them go. Plus, Nori would not shut up about you and your future life together.

You smile sadly at him.

“I doubt that I will make it, King Thorin. Legolas. Please, tell father that I’m sorry for being such a disappointment,” you say again, slowly starting lose consciousness.

“Muinthel, just hold on,” Legolas pleads, but it goes deaf to your ears. You close your eyes seeing a very bright light and the image of your mother.

Pain. That is all you could feel. Very excruciating pain. What did you do to deserve this? You were just having a lovely conversation with your mother and suddenly your body was aching all over. You let out a rather loud groan and suddenly, you feel your head being lifted up and a cup being pressed to your mouth. You swallow slowly and open your eyes.

There in front of you is the starfished dwarf. Although, his braids did come out so it’s not really in the shape of a starfish anymore. You close your eyes as he lets your head fall back.

“That’s it. I must be dead because Nori would never be by my side,” you mutter. “You are everything but, princess,” you hear another voice say and you open your eyes to find Fili sitting on a chair. You look around again and Thorin is lying on the bed next to yours with several bandages wrapped around his body including his foot. You sit up quickly making you bump heads with Nori.

You both let out a groan and another hand pushes you back. “You should not be sitting up so soon, y/n,” Oin says and you lie back. “I’m still questioning why I’m still alive,” you say, trying to relax.

“Did you want to die you irresponsible elf?” Nori exclaims and you look at him in surprise. You didn’t take him as a serious dwarf.

“You go charging after four dwarves you don’t even know only to get yourself almost killed for said stupid dwarves,” Nori says earning a growl from Thorin and Fili.

“Oh shut it. You’re not king yet, Thorin,” Nori retorts glaring at the other dwarf. “And when I do become King, I’ll make sure you’re punished for that,” thorin mutters. “Oh boo hoo. What were you thinking, y/n? You almost died because of these two thicker headed Durins!” Nori exclaims.

“Arlight, Oin. Get me out of here before I murder the dwarf before he gets a chance to court her properly,” Thorin says, sitting up and wincing. Thorin leaves with the help of Fili and Oin.

“I think you’re being a bit too harsh,” you tell him, ignoring Oin’s prognosis and sitting up. “Of course I’m not! Thorin knew you were my one and yet he still let you almost get killed!” Nori shouts and you wince at the noise. “One?” you ask not understanding the traditions of dwarves.

“A one is someone who a dwarf is meant to be with for the rest of their lives.  That is what you are to me. The love of my life. Although a dwarf has a one, that doesn’t mean that their one has to love them back,” he says, looking at your blanket unsure if you could love him back.

You reach out to grab his hand and he looks at you.

“I thought I was quite clear on the fact that I was in love with, Master Thief. Why else would I let you go and then follow you against my father’s order?” you ask smiling.

“I just never thought that an elf could love a dwarf. Especially a thief,” he replies and you laugh. “Of course I could love a thief. Especially if it was you,” you tell him and with that you pull him into a kiss. 

When you both have to come back for air, you lean on each other’s foreheads, smiling happily. 

You pull back and reach for the chain on your neck and tug on it. 

“I do believe, Master Thief, that you have a braid to make,” you say, handing him his bead and his eyes widen.

“I did not expect you to have it still,” he tells you, taking his bead into his hand. 

“Did you expect me to throw it away?” you ask laughing. “Yes?” he asks back and you kiss his cheek.

“You, master thief, still have a ways to go,” you tell him and he smiles, tugging at your hair and putting a braid in your hair.

Your father was not going to be too happy, but you couldn’t care less. As long as you had your thief in your arms, you couldn’t be happier.

Hold On

Title: Hold On

ONESHOT (Or Twoshot if requested)

Words: 1,166

Author: forever-part-of-the-fandom

Imagine: Kili’s face when you take the arrow meant for him during the Barrel Escape

Rating: T

Notes/Warning: Some violence and Character Injury and maybe a couple of mistakes.


The moment the gates had closed in front of your barrels, halting your escape, you knew it was a matter of time before the Orcs would be upon you, never mind the Elves. You yelped one of those hell spawns jumped at you, baring its teeth and ready to make a bite. A sword was stabbed through its mouth and retracted as it fell into the water. You grimaced as you watched its mangled form of a body sink like a stone onto the riverbed.

“Are you alright, (F/n)?” Bilbo came into view, looking much like a drowned puppy and exhausted as ever. And surprisingly… thin. You shook your head. Later. Your eyes scanned keenly, searching for a way to open the gates when they landed on a worn, wooden handle sprouting out of a wall.

“Yeah…” you whispered absentmindedly “Kili!” you shouted, gaining the younger Durin’s attention and pointing at the lever. He nodded in understanding, scrambling out of the barrel and onto wet, slippery rock. You easily followed, retrieving an abandoned weapon and whirling in time to block an attack from an Orc and killing it where it stood with a roar. You saw Kili had done the same, wielding an axe, and cutting down as many of those beasts as he could. But no matter how many you killed, more followed. You noticed in horror as elven guards were killed brutally, their bloodied corpses dropping to the ground with a sickening sound of flesh hitting stone. You shuddered, ignoring it before jumping in to protect Kili’s back, parrying an oncoming blow by a poison-dipped blade and slaughtering the wielder. You spun to face the Company who still remained in their barrels, you gritted your teeth at them. They were currently fighting off as many waves of Orcs as they could with their bare fists, Bilbo trying his best to swim from barrel to barrel, protecting each Dwarf when they were snuck on. But mostly he lingered around Thorin’s and Ori’s; obviously scared for the King of Erebor and the youngest of the group.

“Kili!” you hissed, realizing you wouldn’t be getting much help from them anytime soon “Get to the lever! I’ll hold them off!” You parried another blow, leaning back slightly as a larger Orc added as much force as he could to make you topple over

“But-” the brunette began, eyes alarmed as his hands twitched around his acquired weapon to help you

Do it!” Kili flinched at your harsh tone before turning and doing his best not to slip as he ran for the wooden leaver. You let out a fierce shout as you managed to push your attacker off and stab it clean in the heart. You savoured the moment of nothing trying to kill you before you noticed an Orc in the corner of your eye drawing his bow, a poisoned arrow knocked. You looked at its aimed destination and you swore you felt your heart stop.


Alarmingly he was unaware of his surroundings and was almost at the lever. You didn’t realize your feet were already moving, aching in overexertion.  

Kili!” you screamed, aware that Fili was shouting the same thing as well “Get down!” the brown-haired dwarf’s head snapped to you just as your body collided with his, sending you both toppling over, you cupped the back of his head before he hit the unforgiving ground so he wouldn’t be hurt just as you felt something pierce your side. For a moment, you both lay on the stones, panting. You blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice. You were faintly aware of Kili calling your name and sitting up, his eyes were wide with abject panic. His mouth was slightly ajar in pure horror, his face soaked and sticking to his face.

“(F/n)…” he whispered, his voice so quiet you barely heard it over the sound of the ongoing fighting, he was looking down at your body and for a moment you thought he was staring at some skin that was exposed on your body before you felt something burning on your right shoulder. Hesitantly, you rotated your head to look at it and your blood ran cold. For the first time in your life, the words were stuck in your throat. The arrow was wedged into your shoulder.

There was an arrow in your shoulder.

And only now did you realize how painful it was to have one in. Your. Shoulder.

Finally, you let out a shrill, agonized, scream and rolled onto your left shoulder, clawing your right as you felt your body burn with lethal Orc poison.

“(F/N)!” you are distantly aware of the Company and Bilbo screaming your name before falling into battle once more. You allow your eyes to weakly wander and they lock onto an Orc, weapon raised high and eyes ready for blood shed. You moan a weak ‘Kili’ when the young dwarf immediately shields you from the blow using his own body. The attack never came; instead the Orc fell to the ground, an arrow sticking from the back of its head.

“Kili…” you groan, making Kili look down at you “T-he lever” you move your head and cough up a storm. The youngest Durin brother nodded in understanding, scrambling to his feet and yanking down the leaver, yelling in effort.

“Kili!” Thorin shouts, “Get (F/n) into a barrel, quickly before more Orcs come upon us!” the leader of the company’s words are harsh but you can pick out the, barely-there, worry.

“(F/n), I’m sorry if this hurts but I need to get you into a barrel, okay?” Kili says quickly and you’re already nodding before he finishes. “Deep breaths, (F/n), deep breaths” he brushes a few strands of your (h/c) hair from your face and giving you a withering look before his arms are sliding under your knees and behind your shoulders. You scream when he jostles your injured one. He mutters an apology but doesn’t slow his actions and he lifts you into your arms and jumps into an empty barrel that Dwalin keeps steady as the other members of the company float through the gate and down yet another waterfall. Your stomach clenches.

You both land heavily inside the wooden casket or a barrel and he manoeuvres you so you’re facing the water and your back is pressed against his chest and his arms are wrapped around your waist. Your knees are numb by this stage so you lean all your weight against him, his stance not wavering as you’re both sent careening down the waterfall and into a barrage of rapids. Each jolt send you crying out in pain and Kili’s arms wrap tighter around you as he does his best to soften each blow with his own body.

“Hold on, (F/n), please hold on” he whispers softly into your ear as your eyes droop, you’re body shutting down and losing the ongoing battle as you try to stay awake.

Please hold on.

Your vision went black.

Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: Hi guys! Here is the Chapter 5!! I hope that you will like it! Next chapter is one of my favorite haha so stay tuned ;) 

 Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin x OC (Elentári) 

Forever taglist : @weirdnewbie @villainlove @fizzy-custard @fictionalquintessence @ealasaid @xalexandriaxk @maidenadventure @sdavid09 @lainternettuale @deepestfirefun @shewalksinanotherworld @fangirl570 @meganlpie


Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 

Chapter 3 

Chapter 4 

Chapter 5 –> Current read 

Chapter 6 

Chapter 5: Ignorance

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Elentári hissed through her tears as she sat on the shore of a small river into the woods. The elleth was trying to clean the wound on her arm after she had pulled the wooden stick out of her flesh. She couldn’t help but wonder how a simple stick was able to pierce her skin so deep as her blood quickly soaked her white shirt and her hands. Elen finally stopped the bleeding after a while but her tears kept falling down her flushed cheeks even if she tried everything to stop them from falling. Elen washed her hands in the cold river then bandaged her arm with a cloth as tightly as she could. After that, she simply sat on the shore, looking at her own reflection in the crystal-clear water. Thorin’s words keep repeating in her head, again and again. She didn’t know why his words had hurt her so much… Or at least, she thought that she didn’t know. Deep down, the elleth knew that her heart started to beat harder for the dwarf king. She knew that his rejection hurt because of how much he meant for her. She felt a constant pull toward the dwarf, as if some divine force decided that theu needed to be close to each other. However, Elen would never admit what she felt because admitting it would be her downfall. She could not love someone who will never return her feelings. Her heart would break and she would fade away. She would die of a heartbreak like other elves before.

Elen closed her eyes as she felt her lungs clench in her chest. Why couldn’t she be loved? Her shaky hands desperately tried to dried her tears but nothing could do. Seeing Elen in such a state, Shadowfax trotted next to his friend and nudged her shoulder, trying to comfort her. Elen gasped for breath but looked up at the young horse. She reached a hand and stroked his mane slowly. The horse seemed to stare into her eyes with compassion and Elen smiled sadly at him. After a few more minutes, the elleth finally calmed down and started to realize that she wasn’t that far away from the company as she thought she was. Elentári frowned when she realized that even hurt she couldn’t be too far away from him. She groaned and ran her cold hands over her face, a newfound anger boiling in her heart. How was it possible to feel so many emotions at the same time? Her eyes slowly trailed up to look in the direction she came from, wondering if she will ever find the strength to face the company ever again.

Thorin couldn’t help but worry. His eyes were focused on the path Elen had ran off to as he sat away from the others. He had refused to eat or to join them as they all ate around the fire. He felt guilty for the way he had treated the elleth and also for his poisoned words. The dwarf king sighed and finally looked away from the woods as Balin made his way towards him. Thorin looked up to see his friend and adviser approach and stop next to him.

“I don’t know if we will ever see the lass again…” Balin quietly said, his voice laced with remorse. Thorin winced at the old dwarf’s words, guilt gripping his heart even more tightly. At this moment, he might even have been choking on his guilt as his throat tightened in a painful grip.

“I don’t know what to say…” Thorin spoke up for the first time since Elen left, his voice hoarse with guilt.

“Why did you lash out on her, lad?” Balin asked in a sigh as he sat next to Thorin who shrugged his shoulders.

“I do not know…” Thorin looked away from Balin. “She… she’s… I don’t know how she makes me feel. It is so… confusing that I can’t help but be angry at her for…” Thorin’s voice trailed down and he sighed as he closed his eyes.

“For the way she makes you feel?” Balin finished for his friend.

“Yes.” Thorin admitted, his eyes landing on Balin once again. “I don’t know what I feel but she is so different from the rest of her kin.”

“I think that deep down you know, laddie.” Balin answered the king. He reached up and laid a warm hand on Thorin’s shoulder, giving him an understanding smile. Thorin sighed and shook his head.

“I know that I crossed a line this time Balin, she will never forgive me. Why should she? I don’t deserve her pardon.” The dwarf looked down in shame, he knew that his behavior had been uncalled-for. All Elentári had tried to do was help since the first time he met her and he made her ran away thinking that she could never be loved when he… Thorin’s eyes widen as realization hit him.

Love? Was it ‘love’ that he was feeling?

“A simple apology will not suffice this time, lad. But I am sure that Elentári will find the strength in her heart to pardon you at some point. Show her that you didn’t mean a single word you said.” Balin advised wisely.

“I will try…” Thorin answered absently. His brain racing and fuming to try and understand how this could be possible. Was it fate? Or maybe Mahals wishes? Then, Thorin came to realize that Elen ran away, alone and in the wild. Anything could happen to her. Anything! He brought her to such danger because of his actions when it was his duty – as the leader of the company – to protect her and ensure her safety. “I should go after her and apologize.” Thorin declared as he got up quickly but Balin’s hand stopped him.

“No lad. It might not be a good idea…”

“But…” Thorin was about to protest when Fili bolted into camp, a frightened and agitated look on his face as he tried to catch his breath.

“Trolls!” He screamed. “There are trolls nearby! They got our ponies and Bilbo! Kili went to help him!”

Bilbo looked behind him in confusion as he tried to repeat what Fili and Kili had told him.

“Twice like a barn owl, twice like a brown­­once like a brown? Are you sure this is a good idea?” The hobbit turned around but the Durin brothers where nowhere to be seen.

The hobbit frowned and mentally cursed the young dwarves for leaving alone with three monstrous creatures. Bilbo observed the three trolls while still hiding in the bushes nearby. Tom, Bert, and William, were sitting around a fire on which a cauldron of something disgusting-looking was cooking. Tom was the troll who brought the ponies to their camp. William had some kind of dirty vest on and Bert was the cook. The last one was wearing an apron; ‘Quite odd for trolls.’ Bilbo’s hobbit mind observed as he slowly made his way towards the ponies.

“Mutton yesterday, mutton today, and blimey, if it don’t look like mutton again tomorrow.” Bert growled, his voice sounded horrible to the poor hobbit’s ears.

“Quit yer’ griping. These ain’t sheep. These is West Nags!” Tom hissed in Bert’s direction when William added his comment in the argument.

“Oh, I don’t like `orse. I never `ave. Not enough fat on them.”

“Well, it’s better than the leathery old farmer. All skin and bone, he was. I’m still picking bits of him out of me teeth.” Bert told him, sounding rather disappointed. William suddenly sneezed into the pot they have boiling over a fire.

“Oh, that’s lovely, that is; a floater.” Bert exclaimed.

“Oh, might improve the flavor!” Tom pipped in.

“Ah! There’s more where that came from.” William said as he began to sneeze more, but Bert grabbed him by the nose to make him stop. Bilbo, unseen, got behind them as he tried to get to the ponies.

“Oh no you don’t.” Bert exclaimed in anger as he threw William down on the floor.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” William whined in pain.

“Sit down.” Bert ordered. William sneezed again, this time into a handkerchief he pulled out from behind him. He sniffed for a long time as Bilbo, reaching the pen in which the ponies are held, attempted to untie the ropes. Suddenly, William turned towards him and Bilbo hide as best as he could. “I hope you’re gonna gut these nags. I don’t like the stinky parts.”

Bert hit William with his ladle, and William squealed in pain once again.

“I said sit down!” Bert growled once again.

“I’m starving! Are we `aving horse tonight or what?” Tom complained.

“Shut your cakehole. You’ll eat what I give ya’.” Bert seemed to be the leader of the three trolls, however Tom seemed a bit rebellious, trying to challenge the leader.

As William pulled out his handkerchief, Bilbo was able to see that the troll if wearing a long knife in his belt. The hobbit, unable to untie the ropes restraining the ponies, attempted to get the knife from the troll. It was a tricky task even for the small hobbit and Bilbo couldn’t help but

“How come ‘e’s the cook? Everything tastes the same. Everything tastes like chicken.” Tom complained once again about Bert’s cooking skills.

“Except the chicken.” William added with a disgusting chuckle.

“That tastes like fish!” Tom approved.

“I’m just saying, a little appreciation would be nice. ‘Thank you very much, Bert,’ ‘Lovely stew, Bert’; how hard is that? Hmm, it just needs a sprinkle of squirrel dung.” Bert answered his fellow trolls, indignation lacing his voice. William picked up a mug of a nasty looking drink trying to add it in the stew, but Tom got mad at him.

“There, that’s my grog!” He roared in anger.

“Uhh, uhh, sorry.” The other answered in slight fear.

All the while, Bilbo was trying to get the knife from William’s belt. Even when Bert made William tastes the stew, claiming that it was ‘beautifully balanced’. However, suddenly stood up and scratched his bottom. Bilbo felt completely and utterly disgusted by the trolls and he also cursed Fili and Kili for leaving him alone with the vile creatures.

“Me guts are grumbling, I’ve got to snaffle something. Flesh I need, flesh!” Growled Tom as William, about to sneeze, reached behind him for his handkerchief, but accidentally he grabbed Bilbo instead, and sneezed all over him. He then realized that he’s not holding any ordinary booger.

“Argh!!! Blimey! Bert! Bert! Look what’s come out of me ‘ooter! It’s got arms and legs and everything.” William exclaimed in fright and astonishment. The other trolls gathered around to look at the poor Bilbo.

“What is it?” Tom asked, watching the poor hobbit.

“I don’t know, but I don’t like the way it wriggles around!” William seemed afraid of the poor Bilbo in his hand as he shook him, covered in snot, off the napkin and onto the ground.

“What are you then? An oversized squirrel?” Tom asked suspiciously.

Bilbo looked at the three trolls, not really knowing how to handle the situation other than to be honest.

“I’m a burglar­­ uhh, Hobbit.” Bilbo caught himself just in time.

“A Burgla­Hobbit?” William repeated, his stupidity evident on his hideous face.

“Can we cook `im?” Tom asked, only interested in eating something other than the ponies.

“We can try!” William exclaimed and tried to grab Bilbo in his nasty hands but the hobbit dodged, only to be cornered by Bert.

“He wouldn’t make more than a mouthful, not when he’s skinned and boned!” Bert said as a matter of fact

“Perhaps there’s more Burglar­Hobbits around these parts. Might be enough for a pie.” Tom said, looking at Bilbo.

“Grab him!” The cook ordered but Bilbo did his best to escape their hands.

“It’s too quick!” William protested. As the trolls tried to catch Bilbo, he ran around trying to dodge them. Bert accidentally hit William with his ladle while trying to hit Bilbo. However, the hobbit was eventually caught by the legs by Tom, and he hold him upside down in the air.

“Come here, you little… Gotcha! Are there any more of you little fellas `iding where you shouldn’t?” Tom accused.

“Nope.” Bilbo answered quickly, looking around himself in search of something to do to escape.

“He’s lying.” William hissed.

“No I’m not!” The hobbit answered, slightly offended.

“Hold his toes over the fire. Make him squeal.” William added, making Bilbo look pale but suddenly Kili ran out of the bushes and cut William in the leg, making him howl and fall down on the ground.

“Drop him!” Kili ordered in a shout.

“You what?” Asked Tom in an astonished voice.

“I said, drop him.” Kili repeated, ready to fight.

Tom threw Bilbo at Kili and Bilbo landed on Kili, knocking them both down. That is when the rest of the Company charged out of the bushes yelling and brandishing their weapons. They began fighting the trolls, hacking, slashing, and hammering the troll’s legs.

Thorin let out his anger on the trolls, secretly hoping for Elen to be there by his side. A troll grabbed Ori and Dwalin landed on his knees just in time for Thorin to use his back to jump in the air and cut at the troll’s arm, making him drop the youngest member of his company.

As the dwarves fought, Bilbo made his way toward the ponies and grabbed William’s knife to cut the ropes, freeing the ponies. Tom, seeing this, grabbed Bilbo who wasn’t focusing on the battle anymore. The dwarves stopped fighting when they saw the trolls holding Bilbo by the arms and legs. The poor hobbit was frightened, he looked down at the dwarves, almost pleading them to do something.

“Bilbo!” Kili screamed and advanced in his direction with his sword ready but Thorin gabbed his nephew’s arm to stop him.

“No!” The king ordered.

“Lay down your arms, or we’ll rip his off.” Tom threatened the company. Thorin looked at Bilbo in frustration, then planted his sword in the ground. The others dropped their swords and weapons as well, Kili throwing his sword on the floor in anger and Ori doing the same with his slingshot.

Elen was still sitting in the dark, close to the river when she heard the sound of a horse approaching. Her ears caught the noise from far away but she waited to move from her spot on the riverbank. Her usual sword was tied up on Shadowfax so Elen reached for the one tied on her back and removed the cloth that was covering it. It was a beautiful sword; the design was odd for an elvish blade but yet only the metal it was made of was elvish. The design had been made by one of the finest smith among dwarves, one who was rather different now. The blade was long but perfect for the elleth’s small height, the color of the blade was almost white and some pointed and sharp design had been used near the handle. The horse stopped behind the girl, a low grumble following. Suddenly, Elen took the sword out of its sheath and turned around to face her opponent as she got up on her feet. However, her eyes widen as they landed on the grey wizard.

“Gandalf?!” Elen’s broken voice asked as she lowered her sword.

“My dear… look at you! What happened? Is everyone alright?” Gandalf asked as he dismounted his horse to reach his friend. Elen looked away but nodded her head.

“When I left, everyone was fine.” She told her old friend.

“Why did you have to leave?”

“Why did you in the first place?” Elentári answered the wizard with another question.

“Thorin…” Gandalf muttered knowingly. “My dear, whatever the stubborn dwarf had told you…” The wizard tried to say but Elen stopped him with a roll of her red and puffy eyes.

“He meant what he said.” She said bitterly. “Trust me, I know he hates me. That’s an understatement.”

“Thorin does not hate you, Elen.” Gandalf sighed, his face showing how done he was with the both of them. Elen and Thorin were both extremely stubborn and they both needed to understand the true meaning and feeling of loving someone and of being loved.

“He said that I was no member of his company, that I had no place among them, that he didn’t care of what I think. He said that now that you were gone he would send me away to roam the word alone. He said… that no one could ever care for someone like me…” Elen’s voice trailed off as Gandalf looked upon her with widen eyes.

“He did not!” The wizard exclaimed, outraged.

“Oh, he did.” Elen shook her head and turned away from the wizard, walking in her horse’s direction. She put her sword back on its sheath on her back, her hands painfully trailing over the leather on the handle. “I can’t go back there, Gandalf.” She whispered but the wizard sighed.

“I’m afraid you have to. I’m afraid that we both have to.”

“What do you mean?” Elen asked as she turned around to glare at the wizard. “I won’t go back to be treated like dirt. I won’t go back to be hurt once more. I cannot give my love to someone who could never return my feelings!” As soon as the words left her mouth, Elen’s eyes widen in shock and embarrassment.

“I mean…”

“This is exactly what you meant, my dear.” Gandalf told her with a kind smile.

“I can’t see why you are smiling, Gandalf.” Elen said bitterly.

“Oh, you will soon understand.” Gandalf gave her a knowing smirk and Elen just rolled her eyes but all of a sudden, the wizard and the elleth wiped their heads in the direction of where the company had set up camp. They both felt this odd shift in the air around them, as if something bad was about to happen.

“I am afraid that we really have to go back. And quickly.” Gandalf said sounding rather agitated. Elen sighed but got on Shadowfax anyway.

“I’m going for the company and Bilbo not for him.” She hissed but Gandalf smirked as he knew that deep down Elen couldn’t be away from Thorin for too long.

The trolls had tied Dwalin, Bofur, Dori, Ori and Nori onto a spit and were trying to roast them over a fire. Dwalin was roaring at the trolls as he tried to free himself, the others trying to do the same. The rest of the company, including Thorin, Kili, Gloin, Bombur, Balin, Oin and Bilbo, were tied up in sacks nearby the fire. The looked like a pile of fools, laying in different positions in their sacks and waiting to be eaten alive. Thorin looked rather calm for the situation they were in, he was trying to rip open the sack with his teeth as the others wiggled around desperately.  

“Don’t bother cooking them. Let’s just sit on them and squash them into jelly.” William suggested, impatient to eat something else than horses.

“They should be sautéed and grilled with a sprinkle of sage.” Bert affirmed to the two other trolls. On the spit, the dwarves started to shout.

“Is this really necessary?” Dori asked, still politely considering the situation.

“Ooh, that does sound quite nice.” William answered Bert, ignoring the dwarves.

“Untie us, you monsters!” Oin shouted, making the others shout in agreement.

“Take on someone your own size!” Gloin roared as well.

The dwarves on the spit and in the bags, all started to make loud noises and shouted to each other in fear. Bilbo looked as frightened as the dwarves but he staid quiet, listening to the trolls.

“Never mind the seasoning; we ain’t got all night! Dawn ain’t far away, so let’s get a move on. I don’t fancy being turned to stone.” Tom said, getting impatient.

Bilbo, hearing what Tom had said, had a sudden idea. His eyes widen and the hobbit mastered all his courage to speak up as loudly as he could.

“Wait! You are making a terrible mistake.” Bilbo said, catching the trolls’ attention.

“You can’t reason with them, they’re half­wits!” Dori argued as he rolled on the spit.

“Half­wits? What does that make us?” Bofur answered, keeping his teasing nature even while being roasted over a fire.

Bilbo managed to stand up, although still tied up in a sack. He faced the trolls with courage as the dwarves watched him, wondering what on earth the small hobbit was trying to do. Deep down, Bilbo knew that he had to buy some time. He had faith in Gandalf and Elentári, he knew that they will come back to help them at some point.

“Uh, I meant with the, uh, with, uh, with the seasoning.” The hobbit told the trolls, an unsure expression on his face.

“What about the seasoning?” Bert, the cook, asked looking suddenly interested in what Bilbo had to say.

“Well, have you smelt them? You’re going to need something stronger than sage before you plate this lot up.” Bilbo said, knowing that his choice of word would outraged the dwarves but they also deserved it. At least, Thorin did for the way he treated his new friend. The dwarves yelled at Bilbo and Thorin even called him a traitor, screaming it over the other dwarves’ insults. The ones in sacks even tried to kick him.

“What do you know about cooking dwarf?” Tom asked suspiciously, he seemed to be the more intelligent one of the three. Or maybe he was just more careful.  

“Shut up, and let the, uh, flurgaburburrahobbit talk.” Bert snapped, turning back to Bilbo.

“Uh, th­­the secret to cooking dwarf is, um­­” Bilbo stuttered, trying to find something to answer. After all, he knew nothing about cooking dwarves.

“Yes? Come on.” Bert said, getting impatient.

“It’s, uh­­” Bilbo couldn’t find something to say, the poor hobbit seemed suddenly at loss of words.

“Tell us the secret.” Bert insisted on knowing what Bilbo had to share.

“Ye­­yes, I’m telling you, the secret is … to skin them first!” Bilbo said in a half-teasing voice. Maybe it was payback for Thorin’s words.

“Tom, get me the filleting knife.” Bert seemed to smiled and wiggled his hand in the knife’s direction. The dwarves shouted once again at Bilbo.

“If I get you, you little­­” Gloin threatened but was quickly out of the hobbit view as he rolled over on the spit.

“I won’t forget that!” Dwalin added as he pointed his forefinger at Bilbo.

“What a load of rubbish! I’ve eaten plenty with their skins on. Scuff them, I say, boots and all.” Tom growled, doubting Bilbo’s words. This is when the hobbit saw Gandalf and Elentári slipping behind some trees nearby, on the higher ground over a huge rock.

Gandalf lead Elen in the threes, her eyes were watching the scene that was taking place before her eyes. She couldn’t believe it, she was gone for two hours and there they were! Captured by trolls! ‘Those stupid dwarves…’ She thought, stopping next to Gandalf as they reached the high rock that overlooked that trolls’ camp.

“We have to do something.” Gandalf whispered. “Bilbo is buying time but dawn is still too far from us.”

“Well… if you ask me, I find the situation rather amusing. And Bilbo is doing great, we do not need to pipe in right now…” Elen said as she leant against the rock and crossed her arms over her chest with an amused smirk on her lips. She watched as Thorin was tied up in a bag, he was trying to free himself but it was no use. Elen chuckled to herself.

“Elen!” Gandalf scowled at the chuckling elleth.

“What?” Elen scoffed. “Why can’t I have some fun for once?”

“`e’s right! Nothing wrong with a bit of raw dwarf! Nice and crunchy.” Elen heard William suddenly say and her eyes widen as she saw the troll grab Bombur, who was also in a sack, and dangled him upside down over his mouth. He was about to eat him! Elen took out the sword tied on her back and got ready.

“Not­­not that one, he­­he’s infected!” Bilbo shouted at the trolls and Elen watched as William turned around in shock.

“You what?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, He’s got worms in his … tubes.” Bilbo said, his face showing his own confusion at his words. Elen had to cover her mouth to contain her laughers, that hobbit was definitely the most amusing member of the company. William dropped Bombur back into the pile of Dwarves in disgust, squealing at the thought of eating an infected dwarf.

“In­­in fact they all have, they’re in­­infested with parasites. It’s a terrible business; I wouldn’t risk it, I really wouldn’t.” Bilbo quickly added, shaking his head in disagreement.

“Parasites, did he say parasites?” Oin asked in utter shock as he turned to look at Kili.

“We don’t have parasites! You have parasites!” Kili shouted, hurt by Bilbo’s words.

“What are you talking about, laddie?” Gloin asked in complete confusion.

The rest of the dwarves chimed in about how they don’t have parasites and how Bilbo is a fool. Bilbo rolled his eyes as the dwarves mess up his plan. Elen couldn’t help but slap her hand on her forehead at how obvious the dwarves were to Bilbo’s intentions and Gandalf sighed. However, Thorin understood Bilbo’s plan and kicked Oin and Kili who were before him on their sack. They turned around and by only sharing a look with their king, they understood and got along with it. All the dwarves began proclaiming about how they’re “riddled” with parasites and Elen couldn’t help but laugh in her hands.

“I’ve got parasites as big as my arm.” Oin shouted.

“Mine are the biggest parasites, I’ve got huge parasites!” Kili shouted as well.

“We’re riddled.” Nori screamed.

“Yes, I’m riddled.” Ori added.

“Yes, we are. Badly!” Dorin shouted.

Tom growled and turned to look at Bilbo. The other trolls looked lost and confused.

“What would you have us do, then, let ‘em all go?” Tom asked Bilbo, not buying it.

“Well…” Bilbo muttered.

“You think I don’t know what you’re up to? This little ferret is taking us for fools!” Tom roared and went back to the spit to make it turn quicker.

“Ferret?” Bilbo exclaimed, outraged.

“Fools?” Bert asked.

This is when Elen decided to act, she looked briefly at Gandalf and got up on her feet.

“Alright… my turn.” She said with a small smirk and Gandalf sighed out in relief. Elen got up on the rock and tapped her sword on the hard surface, making everyone look in her direction.

Bilbo’s eyes widen but a bright smile appeared on his lips while the trolls looked up at the elleth. The dwarves shouted her name, some relieved to see her safe and ready to help, others – like Thorin – scared for her safety if she got caught by the trolls.

“What is it?” William asked, talking a few step closer to the rock.

“A female!” Tom exclaimed.

“Catch her!” Bert shouted but Elen pushed herself up and jumped in the air.

Her body flew through the air higher than a normal being could and she brandished her sword over her head in a swift movement. She was too quick for the trolls as she rocketed down on William, her sword connecting with the troll’s shoulder and plunging into his skin and shoulder blade. The troll screamed in pain as Elen pushed herself in the air, using Williams back to push with her legs and took the sword out of his shoulder as she landed on the floor with a backflip. She looked up at the trolls, her hair falling over her face but the smirk was evident on her features.

The dwarves looked at her in awe, Thorin’s eyes following her every move with admiration. How could she be so agile? Elen suddenly ran in Tom’s direction who tried to grab her. She dodged his hand and slid on the ground and under the troll’s stomach, she pushed her sword up and sliced at his knees, making his shout in pain and fall down on his knees. Elen turned her body in the action and stopped her movement by pushing on her feet. She directly started to run in Tom’s direction once again and used his back to jump in the air, she pushed her body so turn in the air and brought her sword down on Bert’s face then landed on his shoulder. She jumped down on the floor, ready to stab Bert in the stomach when Gandalf appeared on top of the large rock above the clearing. Elen quickly ran toward Bilbo and grabbed him to pull him away from the three injured trolls.

“The dawn will take you all!” Gandalf shouted, appearing as a shadow as the sun blinded the company’s view.  

“Who’s that?” Bert asked, forgetting about Elen.

“No idea.” Tom answered as he looked up from his kneeling position.

“Can we eat `im too?” William asked. Then, Gandalf stroke the rock with his staff, splitting it in half, allowing the sunlight behind it to pour into the clearing. When the sunlight touched the trolls’ skin, they began turning into stone amidst loud screams and howls of pain. Within seconds, there were three stone statues of trolls in the clearing and Elen smiled up at the wizard. All the dwarves cheered for Gandalf and Elen. Of course, the dwarves on the spit, including Dwalin, still looked uncomfortable and the elleth chuckled when she heard Dwalin shout.

“Oh, get your foot out of my back!” The warrior screamed to no one in particular.

Elen ignored the dwarves on the ground and decided to free Biblo first. As soon as the bag was off the hobbit, he threw his arms around the elleth in a tight embrace. Elen’s eyes widen but she quickly hugged Bilbo back.

“You are back!” The hobbit exclaimed as he pulled away. Elen smiled at him and nodded her head.

“I couldn’t leave you alone with a bunch of dwarves, could I?” She said with a teasing smirk. “It was really clever to buy time, Bilbo. Thanks to you, the company is still alive and not missing any limbs.” Bilbo chuckled but looked rather unsure.

“I couldn’t do a single thing. We are alive thanks to Gandalf and thanks to you.”

“Don’t underestimate your courage Bilbo, nor your worth.” Elen smiled and squeezed the hobbit’s shoulder before running off to help the dwarves on the spit. She also wanted to avoid Thorin at all cost, she could feel his eyes on her back as she helped Dwalin down but she tried to hide her embarrassment.

“Thank you, lass.” Dwalin told her as she handed him his clothes. Elen smiled sadly at the warrior and turned to leave but Dwalin grabbed her arm, careful not to touch her wound.

“Uhm… I know we did not start on a positive note, lass but I wanted to apologize. I shouldn’t have been so… well… uhm I’m not good with apologies.” Dwalin mumbled, his cheeks flushed. Elen smiled warmly at him and nodded her head in understanding.

“Do not fret, Dwalin. Like I told you in Bilbo’s house; we did not know each other back then.” The elleth said, making Dwalin nod his head.

“You’re a valiant warrior, lass. I’m sorry I doubted your skills and your intentions.” His words touched Elen and she smiled at him then chuckled softly.

“Why thank you, master dwarf.”

“Don’t think that you’re making soft though. I’m still a better fighter than you.” Dwalin added to cover up his feelings. Elen laughed and shook her head.

“Is this a challenge?” She asked teasingly.

“Maybe it is…” Dwalin answered with a teasing smirk as well.

From his spot next to Gandalf, Thorin watched the elleth and his best friend. He couldn’t help but think that maybe if she had forgiven Dwalin so easily she would forgive him as well. Thorin teared his eyes away and turned to look at Gandalf.

“Where did you go to, if I may ask?”

“To look ahead.” The wizard answered.

“What brought you back?” Thorin asked.

“Looking behind.” Gandalf said and Thorin half-smirked at the wizard and bowed his head slightly in gratitude. “Nasty business. Still, they are all in one piece.” The wizard added.

“No thanks to your burglar.” Thorin’s voice spat bitterly.

“He had the nous to play for time. None of the rest of you thought of that.” Gandalf answered with a scoff and Thorin looked repentant. “And I think that there is someone who deserve an apology from you…”

Thorin looked shocked at the wizard’s words.

“I…“ He started but Gandalf wasn’t done with him yet.

“Elentári is one of my oldest friend, Thorin. She is entirely pure and loyal. She is a gentle, old soul but also one that you don’t want to anger. She is more than you think she is and you will kick yourself for the sadness you brought over her heart. You don’t know her like I do, you don’t know what she’s been though and what kind of rejection she suffered in the past. Your words had opened a wound in her heart that she has been trying to heal for decades…” Thorin looked down, feeling his own heart clench in his chest.

“I did not mean a single word I said… I do not know what came over me.” Thorin admitted to the wizard.

“It will take time for her to forgive you. However, her heart is pure and gentle. She will find the strength to pardon you.” Gandalf whispered as he saw Elentári walk in their direction. Gandalf and Thorin quickly turned toward the trolls and examined the statues.

“They must have come down from the Ettenmoors.” Gandalf said as Elen arrived next to him.

“I don’t like it Gandalf. Those trolls should not be there.” Elen said as she stared at the wizard, purposely ignoring Thorin.

“Since when do mountain trolls venture this far south?” The dwarf king asked in concern but his eyes were glued to the small elleth. She looked miserable, he could see that her eyes were still red and puffy from all the crying she must have done. Her injured arm must be throbbing in pain but she seemed to ignore it.  

“Oh, not for an age, not since a darker power ruled these lands.” Gandalf said gravely. Gandalf and Thorin looked meaningfully at each other and Elen clenched her fists.

“It cannot be…” She whispered.

“They could not have moved in daylight.” The wizard added, looking around them in search of a cave.

“There must be a cave nearby.” Thorin agreed and Gandalf nodded as he walked away. Thorin stayed behind, looking at Elentári and not knowing what to do. Then as she was about to turn away he called her name as gently as he could.

“Elentári…” His voice licked her ears in a soft melody, a fuzzy feeling gripped Elen’s heart but she quickly pushed it away. Elen did not answer the dwarf nor did she turn to look at him. Thorin sighed and hang his head low.

“I know that I don’t deserve your forgiveness… I don’t know why I said those things to you and I have no excuses but… you have to know that I did not mean any of those words.” Thorin said, looking at Elen’s back. “I am sorry, Elentári. I truly am.” The woman could hear the truth in the king’s voice but she couldn’t just forgive and forget.

Elen shook her head in disbelief and tried to walk away once again but this time Thorin stepped forward and took hold of her forearm as gently as he could. His touch sent a shock of electricity through Elen’s body but she quickly pulled her arm out of his grasp and slightly jumped away from the dwarf.

“Don’t touch me!” She shouted, now glaring at Thorin with her cold silver eyes. His own eyes held some kind of sadness and hurt as his hand was still hanging in the air. “Don’t you ever lay a hand on me again…” Elen whispered, dropping her eyes and look at the floor then quickly turned around and ran after Gandalf.

Thorin staid behind, shocked by how frightened and hurt she looked. The dwarf looked at his hands and couldn’t help but feel disgusted at himself, how could he hurt someone so gentle, so pure, so nice and sweet. Thorin closed his eyes but sighed as he felt Dwalin’s hand on his shoulder.

“Give her some time, lad.” The fierce warrior said as they both stared at the elleth from their spot next to the trolls’ statues.

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