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Favorite band, book and hetalian OTP

((I’m going to assume you’re asking me ^^;

Favorite band: I don’t have a favorite band, I think, I just like a lot of music. I’m not the kind of fan that obsesses over a band.
I mean, I have friends who just love 1D and have posters of them and go to their concerts and sure I like one or two songs of them they’re catchy, let’s face it but I’m not a fan of them.
But right now I’d have to say I listen a lot of Gueules d'Aminche, Imagine Dragons and P!ATD.

Favorite book: My current favorite book has to be Howl’s Moving Castle (and also the two sequels). I also love the Dune saga but I finished that long ago.

Hetalian OTP: So I’ve said before that I ship everything but I do have my OTPs. I mean, who doesn’t.
Here, have my current top 5 OTPs:

Thank you for asking! ))