the dune saga

“They were taught to believe, not to know. Faith can be manipulated. Only knowledge is dangerous. The true road knows and can show them only Absolut. (…) Priests created Ministry, to hide this truth. The surest way to keep something in secret, is to convince people, that they already know about it. Then, they do not ask questions.”

~ Frank Herbert (“Dune” saga)

the-4am-crew  asked:

68 and 69?

68- What’s your favorite movie?

It’sss a three-way tie between Drive, Frank, and Godzilla 1984! I gotta say that writing all of them down makes me really realize how odd these choices are lmao.

69- What are your favorite books?

The Dune saga, I love those books! Lovecraft’s writings are also up there even though they weren’t really books I guess, just shorts haha. All very dear to me.