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A smol plant

I understand a lot of people are excited to see the concept art Mercy, and don’t get me wrong I love the design too, but I also see with that a lot of people saying “We could have had a poc healer! That would have been amazing!”

Ahem, you’re forgetting my og boy over here, ready to boop your dumb butts off a cliff

Everything aside, the concept design is awesome, but tbh I’d love to have seen that worked in as a possible defense or tank character rather than another support. In the end it was the creator’s choice, so let’s drop the hate guys and just enjoy a beautiful design. Whatever your opinion may be, Mercy now is amazing too, and I for one am glad to have her stand as a strong female character in the game too. Peace!

I was a bit irked when I saw all the reactions to reincarnation as a theme or a belief in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Seeing so many people act scandalized or saying reincarnation is “stupid” as if it’s totally fine to disrespect so many people who believe in it bothers me (not to mention the fact that they’re basically calling angara stupid, since it’s a strong belief for many of them). The fact that it can be scientifically explained really doesn’t change how they reacted to this concept in the first place… 

Still, MEA is not the first time it was brought up.

Mordin goes on to add: “Appealing to see life as endless. Fix mistakes in next life. Learn, adapt, improve. Refuse to believe life ends here. Too wasteful. Have more to offer. Mistakes to fix. Cannot end here.”

So yeah, the salarians have this as a concept and Mordin Solus himself doesn’t think it’s “dumb.”

mbmbam sentence starters!

taken from various podcast episodes and the tv series! 

  • “idiot can’t make his own pancakes, how pathetic.” 
  • “what would you do if an arby’s manager punched you in the face?”
  • “shooting guys with master chief, my best friend.” 
  • “is bronze bulletproof?” 
  • “i would like to formally request that you start referring to me as ‘king nuggets’.” 
  • “for a fifty i would fight everyone around me in a one hundred foot radius.” 
  • “you dumb piece of shit.” 
  • “does anybody know how to curse a real sword?” 
  • “can you curse a nerf sword?” 
  • “it seems like you’re upset about literally every word in this sentence.” 
  • “don’t do a hit.” 
  • “i’m too fucking strong and way too fucking sexy to be murdered in this shower right now.” 
  • “you’re too strong to be killed.” 
  • “no one has died listening to a beyonce song.” 
  • “you thought the psycho was out there? surprise, the psycho is in here.” 
  • “i use the beyonce to keep me pumped up to kill somebody.” 
  • “batman jokes aside…” 
  • “this makes me so mad i could bust a nut.” 
  • “you’ve made me so frustrated i’m seriously about to bust a nut right here.” 
  • “i think if I see a guy in a bolo tie, i know it’s time to party.”
  • “you know what? boners are beautiful and that’s the way of life.”
  • “would you be shocked to find that the best ways to find demons is on yahoo answers?”
  • “can you cook and eat the beans from a beanbag chair?”
  • “i’m talkin’ ‘bout that dank herb!”
  • “i just take a lot of naps.”
  • “so many of emotions are hunger based.” 
  • “oh no no no no no.” 
  • “i’m not gonna be here one day. it’s all gonna stop one day.”
  • “she is a pure being of light.” 
  • “if you need me, i’m on my mobile.” 
  • “what do i say when i touch his dick?” 
  • “that’s like the sweetest dick.” 
  • “so this is the clown box.” 
  • “i abandoned my boy!” 
  • “abstinence until i die.” 
  • “yo, what the fuck, dog?”
  • “i’m the protector and king of chillidelphia.” 
  • “fuck you, nerds!” 
  • “i’m ready to bust a nut in this job.” 
  • “young, dumb and full of…you know.” 
  • “you’re a jerk person.” 
  • “EAT THAT SHIT, _______!” 
  • “premarital sex is only gonna get you one thing; pleasure. the second one is babies.” 
  • “just to prove that i’m gonna rip a phonebook in half.” 

team7fangirl  asked:

What's Haikyuu about? I already know it's about volleyball.

Hmm. Okay, i’ll try to explain it.

it’s basically the story of these two guys trying to make their school team be the best in Japan??

The story basically begins with the lead character (and my second favourite character of all time) hinata shouyou on his way to junior high school when he is momentarily taken by a volleyball nationals match between a school called Karasuno and some other irrelevant filler school playing on tv inside a shop’s window..namely, he’s taken by this short player from Karasuno nicknamed ‘the little giant’ who seems to be scoring points despite his obvious height disadvantage. In that moment little shouyou falls in love with volleyball and starts idolizing the little giant, so he asks about the club at school and it turns out no one signed up and everything is really sad and he can’t play volleyball in a team and he is literally the only sad ass member?? he still practices alone though, and asks annoys  his friends to help him occasionally. All of this in hopes that he will once get lucky enough to compete on a court one day..and when the day finally comes, he and his little chibi ass friends (whom he dragged to play with him despite them literally knowing 0 about volleyball) get SMASHED to pieces by the strongest junior high team in the prefecture. Worth mentioning, hinata and his anxious pee habit made him meet this guy nicknamed ‘the king of the court’ (supposedly just because he is an insanely gifted player) next to the bathroom and he ends making this dumb ass promise to literally a genius guy who is backed up by the strongest team while hinata’s best player is a guy who didn’t fuckin know what the position names meant

turns out au volleyball sasuke/haru/depending on what type of anime you like doesn’t like the idea of losing so he FIRES back

you’d think because hinata is a shonen protagonist he’d end up pulling some superhuman miracle and win but lol

in typical #shonenboiishatelosing fashion he makes this promise to angry intense bathroom guy

kageyama tobio aka king of our hearts is just really confused as to why Frodo the hobbit is crying and telling him all of this

but in good sportsmen ship just tells him to get stronger if he wants to stay on court.

After hinata’s heart glass gets shattered he goes back to practice vv hard, montage and everything, in order to beat the king that cut his career short.

Fast forward to high school and hinata joins his dream school karasuno and he is all ‘im going to get so strong im going to have a great team and im gonna gET MY REVEN- WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS HE HERE’

turns out kageyama is actually rlly fuckin school dumb and his shitty grades (and even shittier personality) kept him from going to the strongest high school in their prefecture despite him being a genius at tossin u the ball (something we all can do but he can apparently do it ingeniously????) so he is stuck here bc of his angsty really bossy social skills mess hated by everyone back story

at first they are all at each others throats but slowly by slowly their relationship develops into some borderline romantic comedy power duo (literally nicknamed the freak duo by their opponents) plot (that a lot of people including me otp bc honestly it gets p gay sometimes like wow is this the power of friendship or the power of boyfriends the line is getting blurry)

like uh they literally communicate like this??? but still understand each other

so using the power of friendship boyfriends and hinatas super fly jump they set out to take karasuno to the nationals. Along the way ofc there are other teams and characters we meet, all of which are explored and amazingly developed by the author. You literally cannot hate any of them even when they are the opposing team???

So that is basically hq??? a lot of volley?? a lot of friendship plots? a lot of amazing side characters that the author actually develops and includes constantly. There is also the bonus of the most chill (v active and full of amazing creators!!!!) fandom that is all in for any type of hc’s, ships, faves etc etc. It’s all love and chillness.

This series is like A+. Dynamic writing that never not once got boring or felt cheap? it’s always authentic and manages to increase the tension while remaining personal to the characters and their goals. Only Furudate manages to give a character a MILE of believable development DURING a match. Great series that will make you laugh 24/7, the animation is AMAZING holy actual heck..To animate a SINGLE frame of Hinata’s eye the animators used SIXTY different drawings??? In contrast to SP that animates using 1 to 2 drawings for FULL body frames??? The OST is also A++. you’ll start the series thinking ‘who cares about volleyball???’ and 10 in episodes you’re crying because you’ve adopted 20 fictional children and because ‘humans don’t have wings so they look for ways to fly’.

Fun fact: in the OFFICIAL made by Japanese people 100 best anime of all time list, Haikyuu!! was there!! Even shows like naruto weren’t!! that is how highly regarded it is…it’s vvvv popular?? specially in Japan it is everywhere.

in summary: 2 boys 1 ball

watch haikyuu!! trust me

First Instinct

Featuring: Daddy!Namjoon, You

Warnings: dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

Attentive was his second nature; protecting you was his first instinct.

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The apartment was quiet.

Namjoon shut the door behind him softly. The place was mellow, only soft yellow lights illuminating the place. The air was still, no movement. City lights peeped in through the windows, little dots here and there.

Stepping out of his shoes and placing his bag on the table, Namjoon made his way to the only room that was still lit.

Your room.

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Teen Wolf:

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My heart still can’t wrap around the fact that teen wolf is finally over. This cast has given me so much during the past year, happiness, sadness and to some people, it’s just some ‘stupid’ teenage girl show but that’s not the case for a girl like myself and many others out there in the world. 

This show has made me feel all kinds of good emotions during the year that I had finally discovered the show. This show made me laugh when I was sad or angry or annoyed, this show made me smile through all of the good moments that was shown to me and cry through all of the sad moments. 

This show saved so many people and to so people it may not be as much to them but it certainly is to the people that made them feel happy with their lives or content to themselves.

Originally posted by tweenw

This show showed me that it’s okay to be yourself, take Lydia, for example, the popular girl, the ‘dumb’ one in the group. She has developed into a strong, smart and beautiful woman throughout the seasons and I am so proud of her. She is one of many characters that has become their own individual.

This show was the main reason I started this very blog because I was reading through some imagines that I had come across. I had eventually started watching the show and instantly fell in love. I had started reblogging gifs and creating my own post using a gif on the internet or on here, then I wrote my very first imagine which is forgotten.

I just want to say a huge thank you to the cast of teen wolf for getting me to where I am today. If it wasn’t for this fun, amazing and talented cast then I don’t if I would have even started an imagine blog. 


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Kristoff Lullaby Lyrics

Pabbie said to keep you warm, and you have got to rest. I got you.

Thank you.

You’ll be ok. Just… think of Hans. Hold him in your heart.

You said Hans was a fault(?) and I was a fool.

No I didn’t.

Yes you did. And you said I was dumb for believing in true love.

Don’t listen to me.

I’m just a nomad living up here in the wild
I’m used to silence and snow
And I’ve been on my own since I was just a child
So what the heck do I know?

You’re not a fool to me
You live life fearlessly
Braver than the bravest of us do
You trust, you hope, you dare
You choose to feel and care
I thought that I was strong ‘til I bumped into you

What do I know about love?
What do I know about love?

Everything I thought I did
You’ve gone and changed it, kid
You’re what I know about love


She’s asleep.

Oh. That’s good. Come on.

How Could You? // Zach Dempsey.

Hey guys! I have so many imagines coming your guys way you just don’t understand. Also, i’m finally writing an imagine on my computer so this will come out in way better quality AND I can write faster yay! I hope you guys enjoy this one it was requested by @chloesalva! Happy reading.

Pairing: Zach x Reader

Request: Can you do one where Zach cheats on the reader and the reader finds out about the tapes? Thanks :)

Warnings: Cheating and swearing, if you’re looking for something with a happy ending this is NOT it.


Saturday night..

Readers POV~

“Hey Jess have you seen Zach?” I questioned. Zach convinced me to come to this dumb party. I’m not a party person at all, if anything i’m the exact opposite. Something about warm bodies all around me and red solo cups everywhere just aggravates me. Unfortunately, Zach’s convincing game is strong. So here I am, surrounded by drunk teens and searching for Zach. But that didn’t stop me from having a couple drinks.

“I haven’t seen him since when you guys walked in…want some?” Jessica slurred offering me a swig from her lipstick stained cup. I took four big gulps and returned the cup before I walked away. 

I needed some place away from all the sweaty figures, so I made my way to the bathroom for a breather. I opened the door to and saw two people. A girl on the sink and a guy standing between her legs, showering her neck in lustful kisses.I was about to close the door but the boy looked familiar to me. 

“Z..Zach?” I slurred, the liquor from before finally kicking in. He pulled away from the girls neck and snapped his head in my direction. His eyes were full of regret and sorrow.

I pushed past all the sweaty bodies in the house and made my way outside. My eyes were starting to form tears as I made my way down the sidewalk to my house which wasn’t too far from Jess’s place. It didn’t really help that Zach was my ride and I was anything but sober.

I heard quick heavy footsteps trailing behind me and I started to walk faster. I knew exactly who was following me. The boy that made all my troubles go away. The boy that made me forget all my problems. The boy I gave my heart to, and he destroyed it in return. 

“Y/N please stop I can explain!” He grabbed at my wrist.

Don’t fucking touch me!” I yanked away from his grip. He was shocked. He had never seen me angry like this and he didn’t know what to do.

“How could you..?” I questioned with a look of disgust on my face. He was about to talk but I cut him off.

“I’m an idiot for thinking that somebody like you could be in love with a girl like me.” Nothing I was saying was making sense, but that didn’t stop me from coming clean about everything. I told him about how I thought I was never good enough for him and how I would never be. I told him I never loved even though it was a lie. Soon my voice got louder to the point where people were pulled me away from him. 

Sherri  pulled me into her car and she took me home. The whole car ride was filled with awkward silence and a sniffle from me every now and then.

We finally got to my house and I put my hand on the car door handle but Sherri placed her hand on top mine.

“Y/N hold on just one second okay, sweetheart.” She spoke softly as she reached into the backseat and grabbed a shoe box.

She handed me the shoe box and rubbed the back of my hand with her thumb.

“Don’t open it now, open it when you get inside and don’t ask questions. Just listen.”

I nodded and thanked her then went inside my house.

I flipped the lid of the shoe box and looked at the cassette tapes inside. “Why would Sherri give me this?” I thought to myself.

I grabbed my moms old tape player and put in the first tape.

“Hey it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker.”

Monday morning..

Zach texted me about a million times this whole weekend. I didn’t bother to open any of the messages. Between him and the tapes I didn’t know how to feel anymore. My perspective changed on everybody and I even questioned myself. How could I be one of the reasons why Hannah killed herself? How could Zach be one of the reasons she killed herself?

I went to my locker to get my English book when I felt a large figure next to me.

“I don’t think you understand how sorry I am about everything, you’re the one person that made me feel better in life after everything that’s happened, and it kills me inside knowing that I messed up what we had. It kills me knowing that you don’t love me anymore.” Zach stated. I looked up at him and he looked horrible. There were dark circles under his eyes and his hair was all messy and untamed. His lips were dry and his face was pale. He really let go of himself.

“When I said I never loved you.. I lied. And ever since Saturday I’ve constantly told myself to forget about you just like you forgot about me that night. And then I heard your tape. And I really realized how pathetic you are. And I keep trying to convince myself to remove you from my life. But no matter what I do, I can’t stop myself from loving you. And that’s the part that kills me.” I shut my locker and walked away, leaving Zach standing there defeated and sobbing.

A/N: I’m not even gonna lie I cried while writing this. I really liked writing this. It was a challenge for me because i’m not used to writing things without a happy ending. But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this! My requests are currently closed i’m really sorry but I have a lot of imagines to write and I don’t want to keep people waiting. I have a couple more imagines coming out this weekend so I hope this makes up for the little dry period I had. I love you guys! Thanks so much for reading. :)  ps. (the gif isn’t mine)

Long Live - Chapter 8

Ahhh chapter 8 is finally here! I’m so excited for this one! Thank you to @mylasagnaisraw, @gaysonofjafar and @ilovemyspoopydad for beta-ing this chapter for me! You’re all amazing!  

Pairing: Prinxiety

Words: 1662

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Characters- Dean,Sam, sister!reader 

2000 words 

warnings- Bullies, fighting

The boy’s sister get’s into a fight at school and the brothers  storm angry into the school with out all the details. 

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You sat hands shaking as you watched your principle pick up the phone on her desk and dial your older brothers number. You sat across from her in a chair as she shot you sympathetic looks, she had the phone to her ear but was looking directly at you. You would have given anything to be able to disappear right then, but you were no angel.

Lucky Dean and Sam were home at the bunker this week, and  not away on some case. So when Sam’s phone rang he was able to pick It up with no distraction. “Hello.” Sam always answered the phone with caution if he didn’t know who was on the other line. “Hello Mr. Winchester, this is Kelly Brown. I’m the principal at y/n’s school.”

“Oh, is everything okay. Is y/n alright?” You’d been going to the same high school since you moved into the bunker three years ago and the school had never called Sam’s phone, so hearing this news put him on edge.

“Well you see, today in the lunchroom there was a fight involving y/n and another student, so we’re going to need someone to come pick her up. Just per protocol.” You heart sunk and you slid back into the chair, putting your hands in your pockets and pulling one knee up to your chest. Every second of this was like torture, three years you’ve been able to hide the whole thing from both of your older brothers, which is no easy task, and now one fight is gonna ruin it all. Their gonna find out everything.

“Y/N, got in a fight.” Hearing that grew Dean’s attention as well, instantly he was angry. You were the first Winchester sibling to really have a chance at school and you were throwing it away from getting into fights. How could you be so Irresponsible.

After Dean was aware of the conversation happening, Sam switched the phone to speaker so they could both hear the other end of the line.  

“No, I wouldn’t say that really, this will all be much easier to explain in person. I’ve got y/n in my office and the other student has already been moved, so if you could come in that would be great.” Sam and Dean were probably so angry, this woman wasn’t even giving them any one of the details, they’re probably thinking that you started the fight.

The next 25 minutes that you sat waiting for your brother to drive from the bunker felt like hours, you knew they were going to come storming in pissed, not knowing the full story and you could already feel the bruise forming under your left eye that you knew would make the whole situation worse once they knew what had happened. And all the while you felt the knot forming in your stomach growing larger and larger, because for three years you had been able to keep these bullies a secret from your brothers, but today it would all come crumbling down. 

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16 Days of Hemmo: Day 16 - Happy Birthday Luke!

I can’t believe I’ve watched you change and grow up for 3 years. I’ve seen you change the littlest things about you throughout the past year’s whether it be your hair or a new personality trait. It’s hard for me to watch you turn 21 because you’re the youngest and the most childlike so it’s hard for me to believe that you’re actually 21. It felt like yesterday you were 18 being a dork with your lip ring and your quiff. But you still are a dork, and that’s something I love about you. How you are so positive and happy all the time in front of us, not showing us the hard times that you go through, being so strong and smiling through everything. Always up and ready to meet fans, it’s like you almost can’t say no to us. And yes you would have your occasional dirty and dad moments here and there. I’m sorry if I couldn't tell if you were going through rough times, but I’m over the top glad that you’re still here smiling and making your dumb chicken nugget tweets. Not to mention that you are an amazing Dad to Petunia, treating her like the queen she is. You are so talented with your vocals and guitar skills, I can’t help to fall in love with your voice when you sing and play the guitar. The drastic change in your vocals from your first cover to now is beautiful, including your guitar skills which leave me speechless on how you were just playing guitar in front of a camera and now you’re running around on stage and doing guitar battles. I love everything about you, your broad shoulder, your eyes, your tiny nose, your long legs, your princess moments, your countless instagram stories, your love for your bandmates, and how you’ve helped me and many fans at rough times and made us laugh. Thank you for these past 3 years. I hope you have fun celebrating your birthday with your friends, Happy 21st birthday. Love you. 

pearly-pastels  asked:

hey! i was wondering if i could get a scenario with bakugou where his crush is always happy and cheerful and energetic, and one day he goes over to their house to give them the homework since they missed a school day, and he goes up to their room and hears crying? and then they explain that they feel like no one likes them and that the world would be better off without them, and he confessed to them? thanks, i've been going through a rough patch recently.

Sorry this took so long. When I got this request I wanted to make it something more then a story off the top of my head. This is personal to me right now so I hope it helps…

Bakugou Katsuki

“N-Nothing! Nothings wrong, you dork, don’t worry so much,” you said quickly wiping the wetness from your face with your sleeve. You didn’t know how convincing that would be when you probably looked like a mess after crying on and off all day. As you thought, it wasn’t.

“What the hell are you saying?!” He seized your wrist when you tried to hide your face. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

It was odd. His voice was harsh, like he was angry, but his eyes.. They searched your face almost desperately, as if he was looking for an answer. All you could say, in a much weaker tone then before was, “Everything’s okay. I’m fine…”

His eyes flared and you flinched, expecting his explosive temper to get the better of him and blow you both up. “Shit. You always do this! You always hide your feeling behind that dumb smile but we all know you’re not okay!”

You were speechless. How did he know? How much did he know? You looked down, embarrassed at his words. You didn’t want anyone to know what you were going through. You didn’t want to seen weak so you continued to laugh and smile despite how you felt. You tried so hard and here he was telling you that he’d known the whole time.

“It’s my problem! There’s nothing you can do so why tell anyone anyway?” You jerk your hand out of his grip and step back. Now you were angry and just wanted him to leave. “Who cares anyway?!”

“I FUCKING DO!” Before you knew what was happening, he had you in a hold so tight it literally knocked the air out of you and you could only gasp for air. His arms wrapped around you and crushed you against his chest. As hard as you tried to escape, it was like he was made of steel and he didn’t even budge. “If I didn’t I wouldn’t still be here and you know that! Now tell me what’s wrong, you dumb ass!”

With just that you felt you couldn’t hold back any longer. Whether you would regret it or not later didn’t matter. The fact was that he was here and you wanted to believe with all your heart the he did care and that maybe we would be strong enough to carry your burdens for you, even if just for a few hours.

“It’s just so frustrating. I try so hard and nothing I do ever works. I’m a failure at everything!“ By this time you were clutching at his shirt desperately and were fully aware of the wet spot on his shirt you caused with your tears but you didn’t care. The words just wouldn’t stop coming. “I know I have people who care about me but Im still afraid of them finding out how weak I am and leaving me. I feel so alone. I hate being so weak. I hate myself.”

And then you cried. All the pent-up anxiety and fear came out in waves and you just cried. And he held you. He didn’t say anything or move. He just held you until you finally were too tired to cry anymore.

When he finally did speak, his voice was soft but deep. So deep you could hear it in his chest. “Just so you know, I care about you a hell of a lot and something like this isn’t going to make me leave you.”

Dear Tumblr

In the wake of you scumbags wanting to fuck Pennywise, here are some other prospective boyfriends for your sick minds

  • Freddy Krueger - good fashion sense, looks good in hats, metal-working as a hobby, loves kids, actually a paedophile and undead serial murderer
  • Jason Voorhees - huge, strong as shit, into sports, dedicated to his goals, loves his momma, can’t die, his dick probably rotted away like decades ago, lives in a fucking lake so he’s like always soaking wet and smelling of algae
  • Leatherface - chunky and soft, kinda dumb, skilled with tools, literally wears the skin of his victims as a fucking mask
  • Michael Myers - child at heart, loving father, great in the kitchen, watches people fucking, doesn’t understand the value of life, murders people for a hobby including his own niece and incestuous daughter

steph-loves-sw  asked:

If Rey isn't Luke's daughter why do you think they wouldn't just come out and say it? Like Daisy did with the Rey Solo theory?

You’re referring to this interview, I’m assuming (X)?

Yeah, I think the main thing here is that Rey Solo is UTTERLY UNBELIEVABLE in the context of the film. Like, if she were a Solo, Han and Leia - and KYLO who GETS INTO HER HEAD for Christ’s sake - would have said something or clearly recognized her. I firmly believe that. It’s just so blatantly obvious she isn’t a Solo, so I think LF and Daisy both felt justified in saying, “Yeah, that’s dumb, sorry.” It - like the countless Snoke theories out there - was a theory with no legs to stand on to begin with.

And while I believe the film also does give very strong evidence that Rey is not Luke’s daughter, it’s left a bit more ambiguous at least, than Rey Solo.

In my opinion though, Rey Sky died before it even had time to breathe from the film. Here is what really drives it home for me, and it’s directly in TFA itself:

Early in the film - when Rey first meets BB-8 - what does she say?

“I know all about waiting. For my family. They’ll be back. One day.”

And what does Maz say later in the same film?

“You already know the truth…Whomever you’re waiting for on Jakku, they’re never coming back.”

Rey has already answered Maz’s question in the film - Rey directly tells us who she is waiting for: her family. Maz’s own quote spells out that “whomever she is waiting for” (which Rey answered before is her family) are not coming back

That’s pretty clearly spelled out, in my opinion. I’m not sure how much clearer they could be without Rey breaking the fourth wall and looking at the camera to say, “LUKE ISN’T MY FATHER.”

And extended canon hits the nail further into that coffin - read Bloodline and the Aftermath Series (any parts from Leia’s perspective), and it’s clear that Luke was too busy doing Jedi things to really care about starting a family. And, if he did have a family, Leia would have known about it (even if Luke had tried to hide it, her Force powers specifically center on connections with those she loves - Han, Luke, her son… she has visions about them often, so I believe she’d have sensed if Luke had a family or lover) - yet, she never even hints at something like that.

As for why I think LF has been so shifty and avoided answering this directly?

I think LucasFilm wants to keep an air of mystery around Rey. This includes her origins and - I think - her relationship and connection to Kylo/Ben.

If they reveal that she’s not Luke’s daughter, to the majority of the audience it takes away some of her mystery. Like, kudos to those of us who got what was right in front of our faces all along, but LF is likely taking advantage of the fan theories that predated the film’s release in order to steer the audience away from the trajectory of the real story:

Rey has some mysterious background we’ve not been introduced to yet and her connection with Kylo is more complex than simply just being related.

That’s my take, anyway. I just think LF is taking advantage of the fan theories as some harmless misdirection - they’ve never advertised her as a Skywalker, nor endorsed that as a reading (see: Pablo’s twitter feed). But… by god if keeping things quiet helps distract people from looking into the other possibilities of Rey’s mystery… by all means they’ll let people continue to speculate.

Solangelo rant

If you don’t ship Solangelo that’s ok. But here’s why you shouldn’t hate on it:

“The age gap is gross, Will is like 17 and Nico is 14” Rick confirmed that they were in the same age range, Nico being 14 and Will 15. Will was made cabin leader when he was young, if you recall the untimely deaths of Lee Fletcher and Michael Yew

WILL IS NOT PUSHY AND CONTROLLING IN CANON. Some shippers seem to think that Will just does everything he wants and doesn’t listen to Nico. NO. Will is described as being “laid back, like a cat in the sun.” Yes, he was stern with Nico in BoO but that was because Nico was literally going to DISSOLVE if he kept shadow traveling! Fanon Will: pushy, overbearing, constantly pushes Nicos buttons and is insensitive. Canon Will: steady presence, calming affect on people, only is pushy when he needs to be for his patients sake, JOKING IN A FRIENDLY MANNER WITH NICO WHO WAS PERFECTLY OK WITH IT!!! Nico is a very closed off person. Do you think for a second that if anyone tried to pry into his life and walk all over him he would stand it for a second?? No.

“It was rushed!!” In BoO Nico new Will well enough to provide a detailed character description. Also the fact that he paid so much attention to Will could point to the fact that Nico felt some attraction to him, even if it wasn’t realized. They also had nearly half a year to get to know each other before ToA.

“His coming out to Percy was dumb. That would never happen irl!!” Well maybe Rick Riordan, a straight cis man, doesn’t have any personal experience with coming out. Also, see below

THE PERNICO PROBLEM. “But Nico has been deeply in love with Percy for years!! He can’t just throw that away so easily and go chasing after someone else?!?” I see your problem and here are some answers. Yes, Nico had a very strong attachment to Percy. Percy was Mythomagic in real life and Nico probably had a little crush on him from the beginning. After Bianca’s death, Nico was broken and lost and who kept coming back and trying to help him? Percy. Saving him from Gyrion, trusting him about the River Styx and not blaming Nico for betraying him. Nico, still angry about Bianca’s death was torn between hating Percy for letting her die and his feelings for Percy, which would have been unheard of when he was growing up. Flash forward to HoH. Cupid makes him tell Jason about his crush and may I quote “I HAD a crush on Percy.” Notice the past tense. It’s been months, maybe years since he left CHB permanently. By BoO, he’s found Hazel, Reyna, and Jason, friends who he can trust. He knows this because Jason hasn’t told anyone about Nico’s crush on Percy and Reyna confided in him about her father. He’s been away from Percy for quite a while and finds that he’s ok with it. He’s shown slowly being more comfortable around others, even smiling at Frank. Forward again to BoO when he runs into Will Solace. For Nico, CHB is filled with bad memories. Bianca’s death, the other campers treating him like some weirdo. And here is Will, and old acquaintance. Strangely, Will doesn’t act like he’s evil or weird for being a child of Hades. He actually seems to care for Nicos wellbeing (although at this point it was more likely that Will saw Nico only as a patient) Cecil and Lou Ellen seem fine with him too and Nico starts to reconsider leaving Camp.

“Nico needs good friendships, not just a boyfriend!!” Did you not see the Jason/Reyna/Hazel thing I mentioned above? He ALREADY HAS GOOD FRIENDS. Reyna and Hazel are at CJ, but he can shadowtravel and visit them sometimes. Jason is going back and forth between camps. Nico also seems very comfortable with Wills siblings. Plus, do you think he and Will started dating the day after the war ended? No. They were probably close friends for months before revealing their feelings for each other. Dating someone doesn’t mean you can’t still be good friends.

“They always argue, they don’t seem very happy with each other!!” Have you ever heard of a ship where the character got along perfectly and never said anything wrong? No. And there is a difference between real arguments and playful bickering. The latter is shown in ToA and neither Nico or Will seem to have a problem with it. Every relationship is different.

“But they’re gay!! I never thought that Nico was gay and I don’t like it.” Sorry, can’t help you. Please leave and never come back.

Upon the Twentieth Visit

Member: Jeonghan
Genre: fluff/Slice of Life (idk if this is a fanfic genre but yeah)
Word Count: 1,536

The potion shop on the corner of Walnut Avenue was exactly 21 minutes and 43 seconds away from Jeonghan’s college dorm— so long as he left in between rush hours and flew at exactly 23 miles per hour— assuming his broom was in the proper condition, however today it was not. Jeonghan had visited the said potion shop 19 times since he began his freshman year at Agnes Sampson Magic Academy, however less than ½ of those shifts you (the reason he showed up) had worked. In conclusion, although Jeonghan had wasted an discommoding amount of time and an even more inconvenient amount of money at the small shop, his twentieth visit was when things actually began for the two of you. Additionally, his twentieth visit just so happened to be his most embarrassing.

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R76 Valentines Day 3: Soul Mates

got too caught up in all the types of soul mates AUs I could possibly do. Decided to go for something simple; your soul mate always comes back.

Also gross use of OW skins in this. I honestly just wanted an excuse to make Jack kiss Pumpkin Gabe’s jack-o-lantern head lol.

AO3 mirror

Jack unfolded the paper fortune, stared at it for a few seconds, then back up at the display. It was pretty gaudy, all things considered, but he expected nothing less at this point. He’d have probably been disappointed if it was less then completely over the top. Some early trick or treaters were already about even though it wasn’t yet dark out. Little kids with their parents wearing costumes of super heroes, or animals or little monsters. Jack just waited as it grew dark and the lights around the spooky display came up. A fat bowl of candy sat on a low altar at the feet of the scarecrow with a sign that said ‘take one. Have a great night!’

A pair of teenagers came up as the sun was setting. They looked at the scarecrow who had no head and was holding its own jack-o-lantern carved skull under its arm and then at each other, unimpressed. They each grabbed a fistful of candy. “What a stupid scarecrow. Who you think they’re going to scare with that? Babies?” They laughed as they took another fistful of candy.

“The sign says take one,” a voice said and the teenagers yelped in fright as the scarecrow stepped down from its perch onto the low table.

“Ha! Yeah. You sure got us, man,” they laughed it off but Jack could hear their blood pounding.

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