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I decided to try and re-create Akira’s birthday page in the calendar! It’s definitely one I would like to re-visit and try again one day :D

Calendar page used with permission from the tg calendar blog

(That is spiderwort in the first photo, just very dead, the heat from our summer killed them early year… Also my cat umbrella was very late in the mail so I used my totoro one)

I headcanon that Vanderwood gets really into romcoms & soap operas but he'll never admit it

Like imagine him sitting on the couch with his hair in a ponytail & a glass of pink wine in his hands while he screams at characters to kiss or “oh my god Lindsay you can’t get back together with him after he cheated on you with Bethany! Holy shit open your eyes woman"

And as for the Kardashians? He’s obsessed and possibly has some of kylie’s makeup whenever he has to crossdress for a mission

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68 with 2D please???

(A/N: ok so this going to be both Gay™ and Lame™)

“How. The fuck. Are you– so motherfucking tall?”


It had been a particularly lazy day for you. You’d spent some of your day off cleaning, and most of it sleeping or watching television. Your sweet boyfriend, 2D, was set to be in the studio most of the day. Even as the sun was setting, you still weren’t expecting him for an hour or two. You turned on the stereo, flipping on one of your favorite bands, and retrieved a book from the nearby shelf. You got through a couple of chapters before dozing off.

When you awoke, 2D was just getting home. He walked into the living room, holding a few pizza boxes and a couple bottles of wine. He set them all down on the coffee table, and, seeing that you were awake now, plopped next to you on the couch. He pulled you in closely for a hug and kissed you on your forehead.

“Hey, sleepyhead, how was your day off?” He rested a hand on your thigh.

You smiled and yawned quietly. “It was… a bit unproductive. Just as I like it.” You motioned to the pizza and wine. “What’s the occasion, Stu?”

He wiggled his eyebrows at your playfully skeptical tone. “I’ve had a good day, and I wanted to surprise this real cute person I live with.”

You nudged him and giggled. “Fucking dork.”

Your dork,” he corrected, reaching for the food and alcohol. “And only yours. Now… White or red?”

You pondered for a moment. “Red. Seems like it’d go better with pizza.”

He obliged and handed you your bottle of wine and a pizza box. The two of you sat together, drinking and eating throughout the night. The sounds of you two talking and laughing over your music was a welcome change from the norm. 2D explained to you that the other bandmates went into the city for the night, so he took advantage of their absence and decided to have a quiet night in with you. The night became a lot less quiet as the wine took its effect, though. You both cleared your bottles and were buzzing heavily as you talked about anything and everything. When you were with 2D, you were able to explore. He never made you feel judged.

At midnight, the two of you decided that you weren’t done drinking. You went on a full search through the kitchen for any miscellaneous alcohol, and sure enough, you were able to settle on a bottle of rum. word of caution, dont drink both in one night irl, it aint worth it You raced each other out to the living room, almost dropping the bottle of rum in the process. You landed on the couch before 2D, so you got the first swig. You took it down with a wince; then came the burning. You coughed, hard. 2D rubbed and pat your back a bit.

“Y-you need anythin’, Y/n?” His voice was quiet and thoughtful.

“Yeah, I– I do. Can you get me a chaser or something?”

2D nodded and scampered off to the kitchen, returning a few moments later with two glasses of orange juice ginger ale. He sat down next to you and switched your cup for the bottle. You switched off like that until the bottle was half gone, and by that point you were both wasted. 2D kept telling you how drunk you were and it bothered you. Of course you were drunk. But you were still fine! you lying ass bitch smh

“Hey! N-no! I’m fiiiine. Watch, here, come on…” You stood up from the couch, almost losing your balance. You held out a hand to 2D. “Let’s dance or something. Dance with meeeee.”

You stumbled over to the speaker and turned the music up. An upbeat alternative rock song began to play, and you began to dance. badly You screamed the intro of the song as you started. 2D stared at you for a second before standing up and joining you. His skills were on the same level as yours, which was ZERO saying very little. The alcohol made everything a little harder to do, but you were enjoying yourself. As you looped around each other, nearly stumbling over the coffee table, you couldn’t help but notice how… well, how lanky your boyfriend was. It was really funny, actually– so funny that you stopped dancing and crashed into the couch. 2D stopped abruptly, and stumbled over to you in drunk concern.

“Hey… Hey! Y/n. Sweetie. Baby.” He kneeled next to the couch. “You alive?”

Tears rolled down your cheeks as you nodded. You couldn’t stop laughing. “Y-yeah, I’m totally good. I’m f-fine.”

He looked puzzled. “Wha’s so funny? Come on, lemme in on the joke.” His words slurred together terribly.

Your lungs felt like they were going to burst. “How. The fuck. Are you– so motherfucking tall? You’re– you’re like… a fucking… Mutant string bean!”

Your laughter grew out of control again, but this time, 2D was joining you. He had sunk to the floor and was cackling into the carpet. The two of you sat like that until you finally heard the band come back. Murdoc fuck off, pickle poked his head into the living room, asked what you were laughing about, and when you told him that he wouldn’t understand, he grumbled something about you moving up to your room. A few more minutes passed before both you and your boyfriend could get up and function again. You were both still super drunk, but that didn’t stop 2D from picking you up and carrying you to his room upstairs. where you proceeded to have cute, messy, drunk sex aww… gay


There are probably more, but those are the biggest ones. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz

Playing Dumb

Admin Marie

A/N: Sorry I have been so inactive lately! I have been drowning in school work. I should be more active again, sorry! Don’t forget to send in scenario requests!

Word Count: 1220

Genre: Angst 

Member: Suga (BTS)

Summary: You couldn’t play dumb for someone that didn’t love you anymore.

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You hated feeling the way you did. You weren’t even really sure how you felt, you just knew you hated it. You spent hours on end under the water streaming from your shower head, your knees tucked to your chest but no tears coming. How could you cry over something you weren’t sure was happening?

Deep down you knew, you knew he was with her right now, tucked away with her between the sheets. You wished for him to be home, you wished for him to be near you, to look at you like he used to, to kiss you like he used to. You didn’t look at him the same way though, so how could you expect him to?

You heard the front door open and you didn’t react, not wanting to see his face. The bathroom door creaked open and you stood up slowly, peeking out from behind the curtain. As you pull back the curtain, water droplets spatter against the wall and tiled floor.

“I’m back,” he says. You nod. “Jungkook made me stay at the dorm longer than expected to finish Mario Kart,” he says.

“I thought you were at the studio with Namjoon,” you reply blankly. He runs his fingers through his black hair. “N-namjoon brought me back to the dorm,” he says unsteadily.

“Whatever you say,” you reply. Under the collar of his white shirt, you see it. The only confirmation you need. A pink and red bruise, formed under the ridge his collarbone. You know it’s left by her, a token of her affection and her parting gift for him. “Looks sore,” you say bleakly, disappearing behind the curtain again. You finish in the shower, exiting it and drying off. You get into your pajamas and brush your hair and teeth and crawling into your bed. Yoongi is already there, snuggled under the blanket.

“Goodnight,” he says.

“How do you sleep at night?” You ask. His breath catches in his throat. “How can you sleep knowing that you’re sleeping next to someone you only stay with because you pity them? Someone that you lie to everyday?” You ask.

“Y-Y/N… I…” he trails off. You sit up.

“I… I can’t do this anymore, Yoongi. I can’t sit here and pretend I don’t know what you’re doing because I do, I’ve known for a long time. I am done playing dumb for the sake of this relationship,” you say, getting up and walking across the room. You slide a hoodie over your head and grab a bag.

“Y-Y/N… Don’t go. Please, don’t go,” he says, getting up and walking towards you.

“You love her, Yoongi. You love her, so what’s my purpose here?” You ask. “I don’t know why I’m here.” He’s at a loss for words. He opens and closes his mouth like there is something he wants to say but can’t get it out.

“I… I don’t love her. How could I?” he asks. You laugh at that statement.

“You spend most nights with her,” You point out. “Even if you don’t love her, you don’t love me either,” you say, zipping up your bag.

“You think I don’t love you?” He asks. You shrug.

“If you did, why would you be doing what you’re doing,” you ask, opening the bedroom door and walking down the hallway.

“Where are you going to stay?” He asks, trailing after you.

“If I tell you, you’re just going to follow me,” you reply. The truth is, you don’t even know. You wish you did, you wish you had somewhere to just go.

“You don’t have a place to go, do you?” He asks. You stay quiet, knowing lying to him will be useless. “Then let me leave, at least I have somewhere to go,” he says.

“I don’t want to be here. If you left, I would leave anyways so it would be meaningless for you to go,” You point out, tying your shoe at the same time.

“Y/N, let’s talk about this,” he says. You stand up and turn to look at him.

“We had lots of time to talk about everything. We would’ve had years, just to talk, but you made your decision and now I’m making mine. I respected yours even though I didn’t like it, so now you should respect mine, even if you don’t like it,” You say. He goes silent, not knowing what to say. You grab your purse off the table.

“Why are you being so monotone over this whole thing? Do you not care this is ending?” He asks you quietly, his voice sounding weak and empty, defeated. You turn to look at him, to really look at him. You scoff and shake your head.

“You used to know me, Min Yoongi. You used to understand me, you used to care about me, you used to love me. That person I knew and loved so much is gone, so no, I’m not sad this is ending because I don’t know who you are anymore,” you say honestly.

“Y/N, please. I can change, I can go back to being that person I used to be. We can fix this,” he pleads, reaching out for your hand. You take your hand away.

“Fix what? What would we be fixing, Yoongi? There isn’t anything to fix because this ended a long time ago. I don’t want to do this anymore,” you reply, refusing his pleads for you to listen. You pick your bag up and open the front door. His arm comes right beside your face and slams the door. He spins you around, causing you bag to fall from your grasp and hit the floor unceremoniously. He’s so close to you, you can feel his breath fanning across your face.

“Y/N, I can’t lose you, please. Please don’t go,” he says, a tear falling down his face.

“Why are you doing this?” You ask, taking his face in your shaking hands. “Why can’t you let me go, Yoongi?”

“Why are you letting me go so easily? Was it all a lie? Did you ever love me?” He asks, his whole body trembling.

“Of course I loved you! I’m just sick of sitting alone here while you’re out lying to me even though I fully know what you’re doing. I’m sorry, Yoongi,” you say, dropping your hands from his face.

“Please, please, don’t go,” he repeats, taking your face in his hands.

“I can’t stay,” you answer. “Go back to her, you want her more than me.” His face says a thousand things; things he wouldn’t even begin to know how to say.

“I don’t want her, Y/N. I want you, I always have,” he says, hugging you to his chest. You don’t hug him back, you stay exactly how you were.

“Stop,” you say, removing yourself from his embrace. “I don’t want to do this, I can’t. So just let me go.” You open the door, grabbing your purse and bag and walking out into the hallway of the apartment complex. Yoongi falls silent, watching your retreating back. Every step you take that sets both of you further apart hurts you, but not enough for you to turn around. It hurt a lot, but you couldn’t play dumb anymore, and you both knew that.

More of Ouma speaking german and Kiibo trying to translate


Kaede: dafuq did he just say-

Kiibo: uhm.. he called you old and asked Whats your problem?

Ouma: Halt die Klappe hässliches Stück Metall! Ich wette deine dumme Mutter ist sicher enttäuscht von so einem Ding wie dir…

Kiibo: wow fuck u.

Kaede: what did he say?

Ouma: Kaede halt dich raus.

Kaede: wha-


August 2nd - Mobile Masterlist

** - New scenarios

Ft. My shitty descriptions and names  ;)



  • Thunder Is Scary (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which reader has astraphobia and Seungcheol to the rescue
  • I Hate You, I Need You (Angst Ft. Fluff) Admin Chae || In which you find Cheol cheating and you hate him, but something happens and you need him
  • **Aged (Angst) Admin Angel || Based off of the aging Tumblr soulmate prompt


  • A Helping Hand #13 (Drabble) Admin Angel || In which your cheating boyfriend is an ass and Jeonghan helps you
  • Scary Movie Marathon (Fluff) Admin Angel || Exactly what it sounds like


  • Short Height (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you don’t like your height
  • **Our First Date (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which it’s your first date. 


  • Clingy #14 (Angst) Admin Angel || In which you have to leave to help your parents but knowing how Jun is, how will he cope?
  • **Exam Week 1: Before - Scroll down to the Series section
  • **Heartbreaker (Angst) Admin Angel || Based off of Jun’s Don’t Wanna Cry Teaser


  • You’re home #18 (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which he comes home after being away for a while due to work + food


  • Are You Free? #14 & #46 (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you both are famous and have no time for each other
  • A New Friend #13 (Fluff) Admin Angel ||  In which you meet him thanks to a friend and you guys automatically click
  • Pressure (Angst Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you’re a klutz and the svt members ‘bully’ you and Wonwoo doesn’t appreciate that
  • Road-Trip (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you and Wonwoo go on a road-trip Ft. Driver Hong 
  • **Stylist (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you are Svt’s stylist and he falls for you
  • **Best Friend! Wonwoo Admin Angel || In which you are stressed and Wonwoo comes over for a sleepover 


  • Lost Boy #25 (Fluff/Angst) Admin Angel || In which he gets lost in a foreign country
  • Musical Misfortunes #17 (Angst) Admin Angel || In which Jihoon is a newbie to love and expresses it with harsh actions
  • Of Course I Love You #43 & #50 (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you question his love for you
  • Will You Promise Me? #10 (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which he is a nervous wreck and he needs a therapy session
  • Stressed and Sorry #33 (Angst Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you’re feeling pressured stressed and need a therapy session
  • Brothers Not Just Bandmates & Minghao (Angst Fluff) Admin Angel || In which reader comes in-between the two bros
  • In This Rain (Angst) Admin Angel || In which Jihoon is sad based on I.O.I’s song Downpour
  • **Clutz (Fluff) Admin Chae || In which you’re a clutz and Jihoon takes care of you
  • **Your Stories Are My Favorite Song (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you read Jihoon your latest story


  • I’ll Protect You (Angst, Fluff, Dystopia thing) Admin Angel || In which all hell breaks loose and he has to get you out this mess but you’re tired of running
  • ** Sleepless nights (Angst Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you’ve had a bad day and you lay awake thinking about bad stuff
  • **A Day In Town (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you go downtown with Seokmin
  • **Growing up with Seokmin (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you grow up with Seokmin
  • **My Sick Love Ft. Chan and Mingyu (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you’re sick and DK comes with some help to get you better 
  • **Exam Week 2: During - Scroll down to the series section
  • **Confession (Angst Fluff) Admin Chae || In which you confess to Seokmin on the day he introduced you to his new girlfriend




  • Distanced Friends (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you think he is busy with work and school and ‘forgets’ about you
  • Coming out (Angst Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you tell him you’re trans


  • Bad Dreams (Fluff Drabble) Admin Angel || In which Chan has a bad dream and comes knocking at your door in the middle of the night.
  • A New Chapter (Fluff) Admin Angel || In which you got accepted into a Uni far away and Chan isn’t sure he’s ready for this new chapter that doesn’t contain you.



(Click to find out which member!)

Photo Imagines and Moodboards


  • Wine (Sensual?) Moodboard - Admin Angel || You’re drunk ft. wine


  • **Good Morning (Fluff) Moodboard - Admin Angel || idk,, In which you wake up and Jeonghan walks in


  • Get Out Of Bed (Fluff) Photo Imagine - Admin Angel || In which bf Joshua won’t get out of bed so you taunt him with food


  • Drunk (Fluff) Photo Imagine - Admin Angel || In which you’re a friend’s friend and he struggles to get you home.
  • Change (Angst Drabble) Moodboard - Admin Angel || In which you talk about moving and change


  • Kingsman (Angst Drabble) Photo Imagine - Admin Angel || In which you see Wonwoo doing his job
  • Dance With Me? (Fluff) Moodboard - Admin Chae || In which there is nightclub Wonwoo


  • Sunflowers (Drabble Fluff) Moodboard - Admin Angel || In which he is late with flowers


**Date! Seventeen

The Missing Piece (Jihoon Au) - Admin Chae

  • Summary: You are an art major in college and you’ve always gotten along well with others and worked as hard as you could which rewarded you with a streak of Straight A’s. Jihoon is by far the best music major in the school, which unfortunately you attended with him. You spent your years without ever running into him, but what happens when you finally meet the hot-tempered producer after an unlucky encounter? Even worse, what happens when you get paired up with this irascible person?
  • **Chapter One 
  • **Chapter Two
  • **Chapter Three

Photographs (Jun Au) - Admin Angel

  • Summary: Based off of the color soulmate Au where they see in color after finding their soulmate
  • **Part One

Sweets for the Seoul (Mingyu Au) - Admin Angel

Exam Week

  • **Exam Week 1: Before  (Fluff) Admin Angel || A scenario in which Jun comes to check up on you during exam week 
  • **Exam Week 2: During (Fluff) Admin Angel || A scenario in which Seokmin comes to cheer you up the week you’re taking your exams


lmao I forgot to post this yesterday whoops - Admin Angel