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Summary: A 2k14 RaphxLeo fic focusing on the up’s and down’s of their relationship. Will mostly have one-shots for chapters, and some multi-parts. [Smut and/or fluff in some chapters, drama/angst in others. No character death.]

Author: MidoriEyes

Rating: Explicit (for language and smut)

Pairing: Raph/Leo

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Leo and Raph have a little team workout that only two overgrown mutants could pull off. :)


~:~ One-on-One ~:~

“Would you rather walk on hot coals, or a bed of needles?”

“Mmm… hot coals.”

“Wow, really? Even if it meant third degree burns?”

“I can take the heat. Better than a bunch of needles tickling my feet.”

“Pfft. Okay, Batman. Your right arm isn’t extending all the way when you come up - even it out.”

“Quit shiftin’ around and that won’t happen.”

Raphael tightened his lips and sucked in a steady rush of air as he brought the bar down on his clavicle, allowing it to kiss the patch of skin that had grown rough and discolored after so many years of weight-lifting. As he exhaled on the thrust, a single bead of sweat slid down to tickle his upper lip. Raph’s tongue swiped at the salty drop, further reminding him of how thirsty he actually was.

“Fuel me,” he said after locking his arms, the weight above him teetering ever so slightly.

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