the duke of puke

“It’s Normal” au CHANSAW

It was at least four months into the new school year when Veronica heard the weeping as she walked across the hall. It was coming from the nearly abandoned girls bathroom, that usually was reserved to whatever the Heathers wanted: crying, throwing up, attempting suicide, fucking guys, fucking girls; and fucking each other. The sky’s the limit to what they could do in that bathroom alone.

So, when Veronica heard the crying she automatically thought it was Heather Mac. Each Heather had a distinct sound when they went into that bathroom: Duke it was puking, Mac was crying, and Chandler was almost always moaning and panting. And everyone knew that, when the teachers passed by they knew to look the other way (except Fleming), nerds knew to back up, and if any straight girl heard the moaning she’d walk away, not wanting to be seduced by Chandler.

Veronica stopped dead by the door when she noticed something. it wasn’t Mac, no Mac’s was timid and had a lot of sniffling. She had to comfort so much since she joined the Clique, that she picked up all characteristics of Mac’s weeping. No, this was sobbing. Like rocking back to forth, hyperventilating, crying so hard that even china can hear you. It was probably a really bad day for Mac, even though Mac was happier and cheer ball for the most part, she did have some really bad days but still it didn’t, sound like Mac. Veronica knew that she should probably let it go. She had a class in five minutes and couldn’t be late, but then again Heather probably needed her in there, or whoever it was. Veronica could never walk by crying like that without helping her. Taking a glance to the far door where her teacher was waiting, Veronica opened the bathroom door and walked in. It was even worst in there, even Veronica couldn’t think it could be this bad. The tiles made it echo, an arena of sobs and tears. Peering across the room, she saw a familiar red purse’s handle under the door.. She knew she shouldn’t walk on. Leave her alone and avoid confrontation. She knew what the girl crying in the cubicle could do to foes, but she stepped on. Slowly and calmly, a second before she lifted another foot. Around three feet, there was a large sniffle. A silence went over the room and Veronica stopped dead. “GET OUT!” The demon queen erupted. “YOU B-bitch.” “Heather, its Ronnie.” Veronica said stepping in front of the door. She winced as what seemed like a roll of toilet paper hit the door. Resting her cheek against the door, the sobbing began again. Just go, she thought, she probably has something sharper to throw at her in her blazer. But she couldn’t. Even though Chandler was never the easiest, she couldn’t handle that Chandler was crying this hard. Even though she could deny it as much she wanted, Veronica cares about everyone in that damn school, and Heather Chandler has grown more and more, even more than JD. Veronica could see some qualities of chandler, not terrible, like Chandler let Veronica in her clique, she cared about Mac, and seemed to care about Veronica too. Maybe even romantically. But she still couldn’t figure if that was true. “Heather, are you okay in there?” Veronica said turning around on her back tiredly. “I’m-I’m f-fine. Leave me be, Sawyer!” Heather answered, her voice breaking. “No,” Veronica sighed. “You’re not.” There was another burst of sobbing that answered her. And without asking, she opened the door and felt a string being plucked as she saw Heather Chandler. She was on the top the toilet, her arms crossed and shaking. Her knees were up to her chin. Mascara was rushing down her red face, her hair in ruffles and her shoulders slumped so much you would believe that she wasn’t wearing shoulder pads. She was still shaking back in forth, blinking down tears and her lip shaking. Kicking away the toilet roll, Veronica walked closer to Heather, a foot away and looming over her. She couldn’t seem to say anything. Veronica always knew what to say to Mac, the same things to make her cheery again. But she never seen Chandler cry before, and Veronica was pretty sure no one ever has. Chandler was like a goddess, like not human. Someone above petty human emotions, and seeing this goddess crumbling infront of her. It left her speachless and her throat dry. Wiping away of fresh tears on her red blazer, Chandler stands up and meet eye to eye with Veronica. “My Grandma,” She started, straigting up, her eyes red. “Was diagnosed with brain cancer, a year ago. My dad told me before I left for school today, that the funeral will be this Saturday.” Veronica tried to choke back the gulp. Tried to think of something to say. Something to make her stop crying, to feel better. But now she couldn’t match wits with her. After a solid minute of staring into each eyes. Veronica grasped Chandler, and embraced her. Brought their warmths together. Veronica could still feel Chandler shaking in her grasp, but Chandler didn’t step back or slap her, which suprised Veronica. No chandler, gripped her harder, her nails piercing his back blazer. “It’s going be okay,” Veronica whispered in her ear. But heather broke away and shook her head, tears rushing down her stained cheeks. “Its not okay!” Chandler exclaimed, crossing her arms. She looked away, from Veronica gaze, and rushed away. but before she could Veronica held her arm as a wall. “Why?” Veronica said, tilting Chandlers chin to meet their gaze. “You can’t see me like this.” Heather whispered, her voice drenched in sorrow. “No one can see me like this. Vulnerable and weak! Hell, I can barely see myself like this.” Veronica smiled and then saw the beauty in Heather chandlers eyes. She was just a girl who had sadness buried down and emotion down in there. Leaning into her cheek, Veronica kissed Heathers cheek lightly. Gently. Barely touched. Heather eyes widened, and she opened her mouth, but didnt say anything. Veronica takes Heathers hand and guides them gently out of cubicle. Chandler lies her head on Veronica’s shoulder, and Veronica then knew that this could work. And there was spark to be lit. Before walking out, Veronica grabs a few dozens tissues and put them out for heather to take. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s normal. Everyone feels, it’s part of the human experiance.” Veronica said gently, smiling softly to Heather. Heather smiles back and lifts her head high and they walked out of the bathroom, hands together.

Okay, what bugged me about the teachers is that we see Heather Duke puking in the bathroom yet all three Heathers are getting detention for ditching class.

Heather Duke has bulimia. You know, an eating disorder that can ruin your upper GI tract and clearly shows some severe body image issues?

This is the same teacher who made the whole school stand in a circle to overshare because of the recent ‘suicides,’ but she apparently doesn’t care that a student has a life-threatening mental illness?

nichelec  asked:

Like Mac is clutching her phone ready to call 911, Duke is clutching a plastic bag in case one of them throws up, and Chandler though she looks the least concerned she's just praying none of them die because of this. 2/2

if one of them DOES puke, I could see Duke using the bag for herself bc she can’t stand the sight of vomit