the duke of puke

Okay, what bugged me about the teachers is that we see Heather Duke puking in the bathroom yet all three Heathers are getting detention for ditching class.

Heather Duke has bulimia. You know, an eating disorder that can ruin your upper GI tract and clearly shows some severe body image issues?

This is the same teacher who made the whole school stand in a circle to overshare because of the recent ‘suicides,’ but she apparently doesn’t care that a student has a life-threatening mental illness?

Some of the Batfam’s weird talents

Alfred: Can tap dance, something Bruce horrifyingly learned at a young age during a Christmas party where Alfred had one too many cups of ‘nog

Bruce: Can recite movie lines verbatim. It’s a part of his memory, but for some reason movies really stick in there. A lot more than anything. It’s a regretful talent, especially when the movie is bad. 

Selina: can train nearly every animal she meets. Those cats dont follow her around because of the treats she always has on her, eat your heart out cesar millan, she got the batcow to moo everytime Bruce talked for longer than ten seconds.

Dick: can tie cherry stems in his mouth. He literally acts like he’s in a porno every time he does it, cheesy pickup lines and everything so that everyone can get the full effect of the trick. 

Barbra: Speaks elvan. She was a hardcore Tolkien fan when she was growing up, her elven name is Idhrenniel.

Jason: can do that apple/arm roll that Aladdin does. He taught himself this neat trick during his brief attendance at GA. He had been given the role of the famous ruffian much to the families dismay. Jason never got to see the final production, Bruce pulled him out. 

Tim: Can perfectly mimic Bruce’s and Batman’s voice, something that comes in handy when pranking Jason. 

Stephanie: Never spells a word wrong, ever. She’s like a walking encyclopaedia, she just knows every word

Damian: Can write perfectly in cursive with both hands, with his eyes closed. He demonstrates this at school, often.

Cass: Can eat ghost peppers without flinching. When Harper saw this, she nearly puked. 

Duke: can guess people’s zodiac signs within moments of meeting them. He and his mum were hardcore horoscope believers when he was little. It’s partially why he’s so good at reading people.