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For the character ask: Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko


1. gender/sexuality headcanon - I think he’s demisexual, as I understand it to mean.  And Katara is the sole focus of any sexual attraction/energy he has!  Also think if he experienced as intense a connection with a guy instead, that would’ve worked, too!

2. otp - Definitely Katara!  I flirted with Taang for five minutes, but I think they’re too incompatible to work as romantic partners

3. favourite friendship/brotop - I really enjoy his relationship with Sokka.  They’re brothers in every way that counts! 

4. first headcanon i think of - He’s not above using psychedelics and cannabis for mind expansion.  And despite his seeming favoritism towards Tenzin, I think he was also close to Bumi & Kya.

5. something we have in common - We’re really nice (or so I’m told) and easygoing

6. something we don’t - I’m not a vegetarian and don’t think I could be.  Sorry, Aang!

7. cinnamon roll or problematic fave -  A roll of cinnamon for sure!

8. overall opinion - I love him, and I’m sad that he died relatively early and never got to meet his grandchildren.


1. gender/sexuality headcanon - She’s straight, but if things were different, e.g., no age-appropriate boys in the tribe or not meeting Aang, I think she would’ve maybe experimented with other girls?

2. otp - Aang!  He’s the only character I ship her with!

3. favourite friendship/brotop - Oh, Toph.  They’re very different people who’ll never, um, see eye-to-eye on everything.  But they’re always there for each other no matter what.

4. first headcanon i think of - I think she developed Republic City’s hospital system and healthcare infrastructure, largely rooted in her belief in never turning away those in need.

5. something we have in common - We’re empathetic to a fault.

6. something we don’t - She has children, and I don’t!

7. cinnamon roll or problematic fave - cinnamon bun through and through!

8. overall opinion - She was my first favorite character in AtLA and will always be special to me!  I also have no problem with her characterization in LoK.  She’s in her mid-80s and probably wanted to chill the fuck out after everything’s she’s done.


1. gender/sexuality headcanon - Greatly prefers men, but if the right woman lit her fire, she’d be A-OK with that!

2. otp - Sokka, Sokka, and more Sokka! I’m down with Satoru as well.  I was into Toph/The Duke at one point, but my interest faded.

3. favourite friendship/brotop - Katara, for the reasons given above, but also Aang.  I think their friendship would deepen over time to where he considers her a sister.

4. first headcanon i think of - She NEVER tolerated police brutality or racial profiling as police chief.  In fact, those were grounds for dismissal.  I also think she’s more compassionate than she’d admit.

5. something we have in common - We’re sarcastic smartasses!

6. something we don’t - I’m nicer than she is.  

7. cinnamon roll or problematic fave - Eh, she’s just my fave.  Period!

8. overall opinion -  What can I say?  She’s my favorite AtLA character, and I love the rest of her family by extension!


1. gender/sexuality headcanon - I think he’s straight.  I can’t imagine him any other way (same with Sokka).  He’s also the first Fire Lord not to take concubines.

2. otp - Thanks to the comics, @dupreerose, and @madamebomb’s writing, I’ve come to prefer Suki!  I also really like Jin and think their relationship would’ve had potential under different circumstances.

3. favourite friendship/brotop - I gotta go with Iroh.  After all the horrible shit he’d been through, he needed a nurturing figure in his life.  

4. first headcanon i think of - He abdicated the throne and began traveling after losing his wife.  This was how he channelled his grief.  

5. something we have in common - We’re both awkward dorks now and forever!

6. something we don’t - I’m not as angsty and dramatic.

7. cinnamon roll or problematic fave - cinnamon all over!

8. overall opinion - He’s good people, and I want to know more about his family.  Who did he marry?  Is Izumi his only child?  What was their relationship like?  Is he close to his grandchildren?


Freedom Fighter Weekend 2014  //  Day 03 – Celebration

Much to Toph’s chagrin, she and The Duke held two separate wedding ceremonies: one in Gaoling (a rather stiff and pompous occasion hosted by Lao and Poppy and attended by every crotchety diplomat and mogul in the Earth Kingdom) and another, far more modest gathering in Gaipan several weeks later. Initially reluctant to undergo a second ceremony (“I didn’t even need the first one!”), Toph became more receptive to participating when she realized how much it meant to The Duke that the Freedom Fighters witness their marriage. Within days of her approval the Gaang had gathered a small, impromptu group of attendees (many of which had participated in the Day of Black Sun siege) and made preparations for a private ceremony. Avatar Aang married Toph and The Duke for a second time under the tallest tree of the Freedom Fighters’ hideout on the evening of the summer solstice in the presence of friends and allies. It was only after Aang (not ‘The Avatar,’ as he had been announced at the Gaoling ceremony) had declared the pair wed that Toph and The Duke considered themselves married, and to the end of their days they refused to celebrate their anniversary any day other than the longest of the year. 

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{ATLA/LOK Modern “First Kiss Video” AU}

Pairing: Multiple– Sukka, Jai, Kainora, Korrasami, Bopal, Toph/The Duke, Aang/On Ji, and Zutara
Rating: T
Words: 2,796
A/N: Hello! I just wanted to let you all know that this is in a modern setting with all the characters ten years older than they were in the show. The characters all coexist (no gap between the gaang and krew era), but they haven’t met each other before this, much like the video it was based off of. I got a lot of inspiration from the video, but because of personality differences, it’s also different from the video. I tried to get at least one pairing from what people suggested, but, unfortunately, in the end, I couldn’t do every single one. Also, I was really struggling between doing Korrasami or Makorra (as well as Jai or Mailee). I still hope you all enjoy it!
Warnings: Lots of kissing!! Also, please listen to {this} while reading.

“We asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time…”

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