the dui's

Headcanon: What the Gods look like in Real Life

ICHTHYS: Heath Ledger (10 Things I Hate About You)

AIGONOROUS: Young Johnny Depp


DUI: Ezra Miller (We Need to Talk about Kevin)

TEORUS: Lucky Blue Smith

PARTHENO: Brian Whittaker

TAUXOLOUVE: Marlon Teixeria

LEON: Christopher Mason

SCORPIO: Francisco Lachowski

KARNO: Reece King

HUEDHAUT: Joshua Brand

KRIOFF: Benjamin Jarvis


List of My Favorite Star-crossed Myth Smut Fanfictions

All stories and credits to @iluvsexyvoltageguys - Best SCM smut stories ever!!

(New ones will be highlighted)

Warning: Mature

♈ Krioff x Reader

The dedicated body of yours……I’m afraid I’ll break you.

1. Mr. Silver

2. Only Yours

3. Say You Missed Me

4. Make You Scream

5. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

【♐ Tauxolouve x Reader 】

That feeling for you is eternal. It will never, never change.

1. Sexy Shower Time

2. All You Had To Do Was Ask (3some)

3. Wish Granted (3some)

【♎ Zyglavis x Reader】

You must be sick of seeing me naked by now.

1. A Visit From Zyglavis

2. Marking His Territory

3. Valentines Day with Zyglavis

4. I Need You

5. In Your Room (4some warning)

【♏ Scorpio x Reader】

Warning: This guy is super dangerous!! Watch out before you read

1. Handcuffs

2. Chill Out

3. Spice It Up (3some)

4. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

5. In Your Room (4some warning)

6. Forgiveness

【♊ Dui/Shadow Dui x Reader】

Warning: This guy is as dangerous as Scorpio!

1. I Do What I Want

2. Anything For You

3. Anger Management

4. Teasing = Punishment (4some warning)

【♍ Partheno x Reader】

Twisted nerve, twisted love.

1. Lust in Paradise

2. All You Had To Do Was Ask (3some)

3. In Your Room (4some warning)

4. Valentines Day with Partheno

5. Wish Granted (3some)

【♌ Leon x Reader】

Let’s hear more of those moans.

1. Leon’s Shirt

2. You Give Me Fever

【♋ Karno x Reader】

There’s no way I can keep my cool when you look like that.

1. Missing You

2. Valentines Day with Karno

3. The Morning After (3some)

4. I Thought You Deserved a Surprise 

【♑ Aigonorus x Reader】

I have no intention of ever letting go of the woman I love.

1. Party Favor

2. The Morning After (3some)

3. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

New stories are coming out yeah❤


When do you and your beloved god make first love

Since we already had season 1 routes of all 12 gods, I curiously make a summary to see in which chapter did you and your god have your ‘1st time’ and…… 


You’ll never know someone for sure until you try😈. Here we go: 

【Our shyest babe ram】 #1 and the only 1: Krioff 

When: Sequel epilogue story 03 (ending) 

Where: His room in heaven, more accurately, his sofa bed 

How: Thank goodness that he didn’t break you. 

(Since you’ve been waiting for so long 😂) 

【Can do it earlier and we won’t mind】

 #4: Zyglavis & Scorpio 

When: Sequel story 08 (ending) 

Where: in their rooms, in heaven (well I didn’t say at the same time 😁) 

How: Both are super sweet and caring (but always pretty intense after that) 

(Saying that cute thing against the rules, Zig!)


#3: Leon 

When: Sequel story 04 

Where: same as above 

How: Oh that’s wonderful! Just think about his divine power WOW❤️💕 

(Stop teasing you god damn beast!) 

I’m mostly surprised by him since he’s always so freakin popular among the goddess!!

#2: Hue & Aigo 

When: Sequel story 02 

Where: With Hue you are in a seascape hotel and with Aigo you are in his room 

How: Sweet, Soft, Romantic😊 

(That’s just a kiss you jerk!)

(Hey, look at these closet perv duo. Serious guys always surprise you the most!) 

#1: Tauxolouve

When: Sequel story 01

Where: In his room

How: Full of happiness, blissful, and worn out

(Yes you did. Why ask? XD)


The next morning is a total tragical scene: Lou’s crouching down near the bed and then loses consciousness. You dash out for help, only find that Hue is there outside:

(Old love new love, this is not good〒▽〒)

【Oh my, my】 

Actually, all these four have ‘that’ at the same time: Teorus, Dui, Karno, Ichthys 

When: Epilogue story 03 (ending) 

Where: Surprisingly, expect Teo who have it in his room, Dui, Karno and Ichthys are in the hotels (of course different ones, what do you expect?) 

How: No need to ask. You’re addicted to that. 

(Well~I know the other 3 are quite popular but why do you have it even before Leon does?? Karno, you little dirty sneaky crab, we caught you 👹) 


Partheno, you win! You are the ONLY God who makes love in the main stories!!

Story 05. Cabin in the woods. 

I guess no one else can break your record. 

*kneeling before the queen* orz……

SCM - The Gods' Ages

I’ve always wondered how old the gods are. I mean, they live for a very, very long time. So how old are they by the time they meet MC? Well here’s my take on that! :) I’m including their actual age, and also their ‘earth age’, so it’s like how old they would be if they were human..or..something, lol.

(This is not canon.)
I hope you enjoy this post!


Actual age: 388
Earth age: 27

Actual age: 371
Earth age: 26

Actual age: 343
Earth age: 24

Actual age: 363
Earth age: 24

Actual age: 412
Earth age: 27

Actual age: 130
Earth age: 21

Actual age: 307
Earth age: 25

Actual age: 1,068
Earth age: 29 or 30

Actual age: 397
Earth age: 28

Actual age: 422
Earth age: 30

Actual age: 410
Earth age: 30

Actual age: 901
Earth age: 28


The age she was before she sacrificed herself: 392

Age when she meets the gods: 23

Remember this is just my opinion and is not canon.

Thanks for reading! :D

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