the duffer losers

Okay I’m pretty sure that the book It, by Stephen King, is going to play a huge role in Stranger Things season 2. Spider monster??? 1984??? Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

malfoyswolfrunner17  asked:

Hi i'm the only Hufflepuff out of my friends they are either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. And they say that they would never want to be a Hufflepuff. But i have always been proud to be a puff. why is it seen as a bad thing to be sorted into Hufflepuff

There is this (ENTIRELY INCORRECT) belief that Hufflepuff is the house of rejects, losers, and “duffers.”  And we have several canon claims that people use to back up these beliefs.

>Draco Malfoy in the first book says that he would leave if sorted into Hufflepuff.  When Harry asks Hagrid, he says that a lot of people think that Hufflepuff is full of “duffers,” but before he can finish the sentence, Harry interrupts him.  And we all know that Draco is the awesomely cool bad boy making his opinions automatically the best opinions in the entire series (/sarcasm)

>In later books, it says that Helga Hufflepuff takes “the lot” or “the rest” which means that she isn’t going to turn away wizards and witches who want to learn.  A lot of people think that it means Hufflepuffs just don’t have any traits, even though we are LOYAL, HARD WORKING, and FAIR.  I mean, those are the ‘Puff actual traits.  You can’t read the books and argue with that without being WRONG.

>Hufflepuff basically always finishes last in the House Cup, which is kinda bullshit.  It’s done entirely because there is the big Gryffindor/Slytherin rivalry in the books and therefore, Gryffindor has to win every year.  We don’t know how Hufflepuff does in terms of getting points in classes, but Hufflepuff is actually a fairly decent Quidditch team [x].  But I’m pretty sure there’s a quote somewhere where JK talks about how she isn’t a math wizard.

All these points are moot tho because Hufflepuff is awesome.  We have Cedric Diggory, who is the one who was actually chosen to be the Hogwarts champion.  We have Tonks, so fuck yeah.  Hufflepuffs were the House besides Gryffindor who stayed to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts.  I mean, we Hufflepuffs know why we’re awesome and the trick is to continue to be awesome despite what people say or think you are.  If people would rather be muggles or squibs rather than be sorted into Hufflepuff, they need to reevaluate their priorities.