the dude does not play


listen, y’all can fight me on this but i firmly believe Johzenji would demolish everyone if there was a beach volleyball game between the teams

living in the athlete dorm when i’m not an athlete is so fun because all the other guys on my floor are at least 6 feet tall, some upwards of 7, and all built like brick shithouses, and then i’m a 5'5" scrawny twink who looks like a stiff breeze could snap him in half and you can tell that whenever the athletes see me they’re like ?????? what the fuck kind of sport does this dude play????? table tennis????? yahtzee?????????

David castro/Raphael

Can we take a moment to appreciate David Castro? I mean, the dude is 21, yet when he plays Raphael he does it with such maturity that I can totally believe that he has at least a hundred years of wisdom behind those eyes (I don’t know Raphael’s cannon age, but you get the point).

Also his Raphael persona has nothing to do with his real self persona and this shows how talented he is. I’ve only learnt about his real age recently and I was shocked.

I really want to see more of Raphael on season 3. I want to see his struggles as leader of the vampires, his difficult relationship with Simon, the aftermath of his “angel blood addiction” and I really want to see more of him and Magnus and more stuff about their past. He is such an interesting character. According to Alberto and a writer I can’t remember the name now, Raphael will blow us away. I can’t wait.

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A thought on the potential cancellation of House of Cards

I understand, but like…. wouldn’t a cancellation also be missing the point? Kevin Spacey has done something terrible and revealed himself to not be a person deserving of anything good in this world. BUT- who’s to say that Robin Wright couldn’t carry the show herself? Claire is a MUCH stronger character than Frank! Why does Robin have to lose a job due to the actions of her coworker? Why does Claire not get a satisfying ending because that dude who plays Frank sucks?

Kill him and let Claire run this show– she’s been leading it for years anyway.


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Another edgy v-kei au character

Maru is a girl dressed as a dude who looks like a girl n plays backup guitar n does backup vocals or somethin idk

im debatin on havin her wear contacts w black scleras cuz shes suppOSED 2 be nightmare mango but like idk. Part of me wants to be embarassed by this AU concept but like its not supPOSED to be serious its just some silly self-indulgent thing so I can draw edgy clothes


———— To be honest, I can’t tell where I was hurting anymore.
Man, I’m hopeless.
But I don’t want to give up such a fun position to anyone. ————