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EEEE I just love you and how you write your domestic stuff! It is why i live!!! So i was wondering, Could you do some domestic living with gabe and maybe jesse? That would be awesome, but dont feel like you have to!

Thank you so much!! I love writing fluff! Especially for these two nerds so thank you for requesting this!!

Gabriel Reyes

  • Can I get an AMEN, please!
  • Takes every opportunity to rest his chin on your shoulder and wrap his arms around your waist
  • Walks around shirtless
  • Don’t drool pls he just cleaned the floor
  • Is a very tidy man
  • His military training is evident in the way he lives
  • Is great at folding laundry
  • Can cook like an absolute champ!
  • You guys always have a bottle of good tequila on hand
  • Is a handy man sort of guy
  • Can fix legit anything
  • Even if it’s with duct tape
  • Guts a room as a “project”
  • Loves having space to move around in but loves a cozy home
  • He designed the decor
  • Don’t lie
  • He designed the whole aesthetic
  • And it’s amazing

You can see him moving around from the light shining underneath the door and you can hear his boots clunking across the bare floor, you knock before entering since you don’t know where he or his supplies are. “Come in!” He calls, his voice muffled by the wood between the two of you, you open the door and close it behind you as you don’t want the chemical fumes in the rest of the house. He’s ripped up the carpet and chucked it out the open window, he’s also in the process of tearing down one of the walls. “Hello mi amor,” Gabriel grins as he kisses the skin just under your ear and you laugh as you push him away.

“You smell like dust, you can kiss me after you shower,” he looks offended and you laugh again.

“Well fine then, I wanted to show you something anyways.” He heads towards the window and you see a thick, worn book on the floor. As you step closer you realize it’s a photo album, a very old photo album. “Look at this, I found it in the wall.” He begins to flip through the pages with you, adding made up stories to some images, marveling at others. The two of you don’t realize how long you’ve been looking at the album until you’re chasing the last rays of light trying to see a picture of what appears to be a party.

“Let’s have dinner,” you propose as you stand, “then we can look at it some more.”

“Can I have a kiss now?” Gabriel doesn’t wait for an answer before he’s leaning forward with his lips in an exaggerated pucker.

“Have you showered?” You ask as you place your palm on his mouth and he groans against your skin.

Jesse Mccree

  • Kinda messy but always cleans up after himself
  • So his serape will end up on the floor but when he gets up again he’ll hang it up
  • Can cook the essentials
  • His specialty is pasta
  • He’s resourceful in his cooking
  • Like Baudelaire children
  • You’re sure it’s from his deadlock days
  • Snores but not too much
  • If you fall asleep before him you’re okay
  • Is very clingy
  • But not annoyingly so
  • Loves to stay in bed and just talk
  • Watches whatever is on TV
  • You’ve caught him yelling at Dr. Oz before
  • The two of you watch the Steve Wilkos show together
  • You’re best friends who just so happen to be romantically in love
  • Your house is quaint and has lots of character
  • There’s no specific design happening
  • It’s just home

Out of the corner of your eye, you see him meandering out of the bedroom as he scratches his stomach while his other hand is folded behind his head as he stretches, you turn to him and smile, taking note of the fact that he’s just in his underwear. “How’d you sleep?” You ask, adding some spices to the egg you’d just cracked into the pan.

“Mighty fine, ‘specially since I woke up ta you makin’ my breakfast.” His voice is still rough from sleep as he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses the side of your head. You make a noise and half-heartedly try to shove him off, which only succeeds in making him hold you tighter and pepper kisses along your jaw, cheek, and temple.

“Jesse!” You squeal as you try to turn your head away, but he just switches to the other side, “your breath stinks!”

“So does yours darlin’ but you don’t see me makin’ a fuss,” you can feel him smiling into your hair as he kisses you some more.

“That’s cause I’m making you breakfast,” his hands start to rub up and down your sides as you return your full attention to the eggs in front of you. “Go brush your teeth and I’ll kiss you.” He agrees nonverbally as he slides away from you and towards the bathroom, your eyes follow his ass as he walks away, watching his briefs hug his thighs.

“I know where yer eyes are, honey.” You snap to attention as he chuckles, cheeks burning as you slide the eggs onto a plate and place it on the table.

Munakata’s Sword Cracking

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...My Laboratory...

On my previous fanfiction, there has been a sudden occurrence of 56 notes… WHERE DID YOU PEOPLE SUDDENLY APPEAR FROM?! I mean, I’m fine with it bUT HOLY CRAP

Flug was used to being alone in his lab, he had everything to work for in that lab, his life, his food, his sleep, his emotions, his friends. He enjoyed being in the lab late at night to catch some glimpses of the stars through his curtain covered windows, drawing them back and tying them to one another to see more clearly.

To take breaks and take little naps, he’d watch them twinkle through the windows despite being late already on a project. It was fairly calming to him, kept him from going fully crazy and insane like the demon he sold his life to.

Sometimes, the big blue bear, 5.0.5., would crowd around him and curl up beside him, allowing himself to be used as an arm rest or pillow. The two were like servants to Black Hat, proving Demencia to just be annoying and useless in Black Hat’s eyes.

But in his lab, Demencia turned out to be  big help sometimes. If Flug had gotten seriously injured from his work habits and projects, she’d help him fix the wounds without the alarm from Black Hat.

She’d also keep him company whenever he was close to falling asleep, her annoying words usually keeping him awake to work longer on the project. Or when he fell asleep by the window, drowsily watching the stars, she’d wake him up by shouting that Black Hat would be angry if he didn’t get to work soon.

But he had bad memories in the lab too, memories like terrible wet dreams of his boss that he never would mention to A N Y B O D Y.

He’s been beaten to a pulp in that lab before for being a whole hour late for an auction with the project. He had been harassed by Demencia for his crush on their boss so many times. Including the tiem where she spoke out loud enough for the boss to hear, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE’S SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES HIM!”

It was enough for Flug to shove her away and put duct tape on her mouth and strap her to his recent project; an electric chair. Then, Black Hat applauded him for the effort, but now, Black Hat ignored it and carried out whatever he was doing previously.

It was as though Black Hat was tiring of constantly seeing Dr. Flug’s masked face. It even saddened Flug enough to consider digging through his memories for his old happiness in high school like his boss had instructed him NOT to do.

And after remembering certain happy memories, having a girlfriend in sophomore from earning medals by being a straight A student all of his education life in science and attending, maybe winning science fairs. All those happy memories made him weep at night, when he stared at those stars.

He missed those days, the days of accomplishing so much in such little time. He wasn’t sure which era of his life he liked more though, both were actually similar.

From the bullies in highschool who wanted his homework for science to a demon bully wanting his science projects to sell for self-worth. From the girls who annoyed him with their teasing to Demencia, his own creation who tortured him endlessly about every move he made and every word he said.

He couldn’t decide. He never would be able to actually. Both eras of his life were full of expression, fear, joy, happiness, accomplishments, and exhilarating events. All of it was around his favorite subject too;science.


Requested by: @vitalanidragonbane

Imagine: Being Garrett Douglas’ True Mate

Garrett Douglas x Reader

Warning(s): Smut, Sex, Alpha Kink


Garrett Douglas clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth together as he stared at you from down the hall. You were surrounded by your ‘pack’, all of you talking and laughing about something that Garrett could careless about. The only thing he could focus on was you. Your smile, your body, everything. You were leaning against the lockers, watching with gleeful eyes as Liam did a little dance move that made you laugh. Garrett took deep breath, trying to desperately control himself. His fist clenched and his fingernails dug into his palms as he tore his eyes away from you, instead glaring up at the ceiling so he could collect his thoughts.

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Random Flash headcanons

I have no justifications for these, they’re just random Flash headcanons bopping around in my head:

  1. Barry and Hal meet when they’re 36 and 38 years old, respectively.  Barry thinks Hal is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  2. Barry’s favorite place to sit is the floor.
  3. Cisco loves those little marbles that inflate in water.
  4. Cisco also wants sugar gliders.  At least two, but three would be ideal.
  5. Caitlin’s favorite sport is curling.
  6. Oh, and Caitlin owns two cats, a Siamese and an orange tabby.
  7. Iris is incredibly good at making things work.  She can unlock a car with a coat hanger, fix any home project with duct tape, and squeeze onto an already full couch without making anyone fall off.
  8. Iris is also champion navigator and the ultimate two AM “please bail me out of jail” friend.
  9. Cynco have at least four kids, possibly five (I’m thinking they adopt Caleb, their second-oldest son).  They want twice as many as Westallen because “your kids are speedsters.”  Cisco loves being able to barely hold them all, while Barry’s lucky if Don and Dar* are in the same room.  (Oldest to youngest: Thiago, Caleb, Natalia, Zoe, and Leonardo.)
  10. [Barry: “Like the Ninja Turtle?” Cisco: *fist bumps* “Like the Ninja Turtle.”**]
  11. *Dar is my nickname for Dawn, because naming your kids homophones is a recipe for disaster.  It’s short for “Dawn Rose West-Allen.”  Dar rhymes with car.
  12. **Don is short for Donatello.  Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
  13. Don is really, really good at stacking cups.  He gives Uncle Wally a run for his money. 
  14. He’s also really good at chocolate chip cookies.  (Making and eating.)
  15. Dar has a black belt.
  16. Thiago is the world’s greatest sleeper, proven to be able to fall asleep in any environment.  He’s also really unfairly good at Jenga.
  17. Caleb knows ASL.
  18. Natalia is our blind Viber.  She is, by far, the most accurate Viber.  Whereas Thiago gets only impressions and Caleb can’t Vibe at all, Natalia has Cynco’s level of control.
  19. Zoe spends too much time with Don and Dar and is convinced that she can become a speedster if she gets struck by lightning, so she’s a storm junky.  In her teens, she’ll often hitch a ride with the Tornado Twins to chase their namesake for fun.
  20. Leo likes Iris the best because he wants to be The Flash’s hero, too.  He ends up being Thiago and Natalia’s righthand man in the field.
  21. Barry has the skating into view technique mastered.  Wally is envious and keeps trying, with varying degrees of success.  One time he plows into Barry and together they pulverize a massive mound of snow in the subsequent crash.
  22. Jesse is more timely than both of them, but she likes the increasingly spirited struggle that takes place whenever Wally, also relatively timely, tries to get Barry, exceptionally late, moving.  He’s not above dragging him out the door half-asleep.
  23. Barry Speed-purrs in his sleep.  Jesse can do it consciously, but she doesn’t do it clocked out.  When Wally snoozes he makes very soft purrs that are completely inaudible and totally overridden by Barry’s rumble-like-a-tiger growls. 
  24. Still, Barry is really comfy to sleep on.  And he’s uber chill about anyone and everyone just falling asleep on top of him at some point.
  25. Including Oliver Queen, not that Oliver would ever admit it.
  26. Jesse is a champion ping pong player.  Pity the poor speedsters who challenge her for the title.
Bracelet of an Old Friendship - Lucas Till - MacGyver Cast

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(gif´s aren´t mine. Credit to their owners) 

request:  DEAR WRITING GODDESS, could you please do a imagine where, Lucas Till find a old bracelet from a childhood friendship that he lost, and they meet each other after years while he is participating from a interview/photoshot? THANK YOU QUEEN!

requested by: @nachorebelion (you´re my queen, my motivation goddess <3) 
A/N: I´m a total sucker for this idea! And I´m a sucker for Lucas Till since the Hannah Montana Movie. 
summary: An old bracelet, filled with memories, discarded after years of a lost friendship, found again under the circumstances of moving out from home, leading to an interview with a special aftermath. 
warnings: angst, sadness, lost friendship, cursing and fluff
wordcount: 2133. longest imagine so far (PS. I´m very proud of this one. Maybe the best imagine I´ve written so far) 

tagging: @kayladools 

fandoms I write for



He made his way to the attic. First now, he realised, how many treasures he had in those boxes, he had stored up there. He was at home in Georgia, visiting his family and friends, taking a break from the busy life he lived.

 The attic was filled with dust and a certain mysterious glow, that came from the cruddy, old windows. He smiled. Old toys, he used to play with as a kid, felt into his sight. It was kind of sad, seeing them shabby, ancient, covered in webs and dust, standing around and waiting, till somebody would use it. Boxes, small, large, wide, thin, were placed all around, still leaving place for moving your feet.

 He sighed. His fingertips touched the wood of the ceiling. It was the house he grew up in, and he just…left. Left memories behind, started to life in a total new place. He had stored those memories in boxes, he had stored treasures away, that he loved years ago.

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gabes character development from sad apathetic goth to hard angry obliviously edgy goth = him doing all of it ironically but the immediate rage and pain wrought by jacks presumed betrayal made him fully embrace the lifestyle and philosophy physically AND emotionally and now youve got this idiot looking like a diy duct tape project and hes happy with his benedict cumberbatch as sherlock psychopath quotes

Signs trying DIY's


Taurus: “So part A goes into part c and… I’ll just buy this at target.”

Gemini: “THIS IS SO EASY!“ *ten minutes later* “it was going so well…. What went wrong?”

Cancer: “This was supposed to be a bunny, but it looks like a potato… Goes to show everything is not as it may seem. “ *#potato bunny*

Leo: “That looks like it’s messy….. Mmmmm rather not. ”

Virgo: “Cool all done, Now time to sell it for 4x as much as the supplies. “

Libra: *Buys all the wrong stuff* “Well… Crap. ”

Scorpio: “In the end by Linkin Park Is the theme song for this project.“

Sagittarius: “Oh duct tape… What would I do without you? ”

Capricorn: “Where did all this glitter come from? No matter how many times I shower I still find it on me. “

Aquarius: “I want to try all of these!” *Tries none because they get distracted*

Pisces: “Aweee so cute! But now it’s just kind of useless. “


This is the video for our dress form tutorial, it goes into a little more detail for you guys!

Bushel and a Peck Part 1

I Love You, A Bushel and a Peck…

A story in which wives leave husbands and husbands miss wives, children are had and then children are lost, a tree is a nuisance, an arm is broken, a nurse is perky, and love is found.

AKA the Strange Magic Single Father AU no one asked for. 

A gift for goldwerewolf, who has been more than amazing. This is all yours girl. And I really hope that it’s enough to give back to how much you’ve helped and supported myself and this fandom. 

And a huge shout-out to thatchickwiththeheadphones. This may be a mere spicy on the salsa scale, but girl does it feel good to go back into the angst that we found our home in.

Bonnie Clyde and the Counselor are at it again. 

Here is the link to the story that started it all!

And the wonderful artwork that really kept it alive! 

THIS IS ONLY PART 1- AN INTRO TO WHAT IS TO COME! Stay tuned for more! Coming soon!

The day Bog’s wife left him it had rained.

She’d been gone before he’d had much of a chance to do anything about it and he still wondered if he could have in the end. Her side of the bed was as haunting as it was surreal, and he’d forever deny that she had even occupied it, forever dreaming that perhaps it would have been better for his hopes and his heart, emptied and hollow and abused, if she’d never been there at all.

It hadn’t been the first time that he’d found the bed empty. But something told him it was the last.

He’d done the best he could, really. To find her. His car was an old, greasy thing that smoked and rumbled, but he’d started it up and circled the block, looking out the windows at all the spots he knew she went. But the park was hosting a children’s party and the library was closed for renovation and the old warehouse sitting by the lake on the border of town was empty except for a few birds and used condoms. It was raining, and his black umbrella was covered in rips and did little, but he still held it over his head and shouted her name.

She never answered.

He didn’t expect her to.

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