the dub is great

As I promised,I’ve actually dubbed these quotes that appeared during Jakei’s stream while she was doing these drawings. Apparently I have too much free time.

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Art, Cross!Chara, X-Gaster and Xtale!Frisk belong to @jakei95

(Gotta also give credit to @firereddragon​ for the quotes on the crazy yet great stream)

Dub (Can I even call this dub?) made by me~


Awww come on edge. It’s just a hug.

Comic by @muskka

aww feels good to voice fell pap Again been a long time

So take a look at what Jack wrote on the whiteboard, and in the video title.

If we want to take the meaning of ‘wubba lubba dub dub’ seriously (“I am in great pain, please help me). Perhaps we should be careful…

Because it’s not the 1st time Jack has brought that message to our attention.

Just a coincidence/ joke/ Easter egg? Could be. I don’t know. But video titles had double meanings in the past with Anti before. You guys have fun deciding!

(Expanded ideas on @your-cringy-brother‘s post you can read here.)

Sonny and Vincent

Vincent and his assistant are getting along juuust fine.

Quick dub on a busy day..

How can I not just like these guys? I love magic, I like characters that are purposely foils of each other, I like that Vincent has a rad ass bun, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT??

This comic….. HERE, is by @sparktwins a.k.a @spatziline, in collaboration with @moringmark, featuring Spatz’s OCs! WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD GO CHECK OUT!

Thanks for watching!

more than anything else, i love this one screenshot from the ending credits.

just…the softness, the domesticity, the quiet intimacy of this scene really gets to me. we don’t often see them together in quiet moments like this, which makes this especially lovely



i’m gonna try my best to remember to post this shit 

SO YE ALTERNATE APRIL WOOHOO!!! caretaker is a great fucking comic and I’m lowkey thirsty for chara I mean what

BUT ENJOY! The comic is done by the wonderful @caretaker-au, go give them some love for such a great job! ^W^



Valentines from the Void

In an attempt to stick to my New Year’s resolution of one W.D. Gaster dub a month, I’ve made this post to see if anyone would be willing to provide me with a little bit of content before Tuesday, February 14 or Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Is there something you’d like to hear W.D. Gaster say for Valentine’s?
Send it in! It could be cheesy pick-up lines, science pun-pick-up-lines, genuine compliments, sweet nothings, well wishes, specific shout-outs to folks you know or in-game characters, even some risqué humor!

If you do send something in, please specify if you’d like Void-Version sounding Gaster (the sound I’ve used for most of my dubs, deeper and with static and distortion, etc.) or Non-Void (used in two dubs only so far,) otherwise I will decide for you! If I get enough Valentine’s requests, I will most likely record them all in two combined bunches (Void-Gaster and Non-Void Gaster,) for simplicity’s sake, UNLESS specifically requested otherwise.

ALSO! I will probably not read anything longer than the character limit on an ask allows and will not record anything that is too overtly NSFW for my liking. That being said, I am not above some risqué humor, so feel free to send it in and see if it makes the cut!

I will stop accepting any requests or Valentine’s to record by Monday, February 13 (the day before Valentine’s) at the latest since that is when I will have the last opportunity to record them before the actual holiday.

I have no idea what the context for Gaster needing a map because he got lost in your eyes is- but that’s half the fun, right? Don’t be shy! Send in those asks and get your Valentine from the Void! ❤


Comic by @lyoth737

Voices by me

2nd Digimon Adventure tri. Film's Home Video Release With English Dub Slated for August 15
Shout! Factory confirmed with ANN on Thursday that its DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases for Digimon Adventure tri.- Chapter 2: Determination, the second Digimon...

Digimon Tri: Determination has an official English release date! ^_^ Here’s hoping they can get this one in theaters, too!

S E A L   T E A M   R I C K

OHH YEAA!!! SEAL TEAM RICKS IN THE HOUSE!! Oh man, Season 03 Premiere was so amazing!! wub-a-lub-a-dub-dub!! So many great new characters! Fav line: “He’s a spy. Blow him up. I’m gonna go take a shit.” I am so hyped for the new season!!

Rick & Morty [Season 03 Episode 01] - The Rickshank Rickdemption
At gathering on ‘politics of love,’ Sanders warns Trump could start a war
Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at the Sister Giant conference on Feb. 2. (Photo: Garance Franke-Ruta/Yahoo News)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, speaking at a conference on the “Politics of Love” Thursday evening, said he feared that President Trump would plunge the nation into war.

“This is one of the things that scares me most: For a demagogue to succeed, they need to cultivate hatred. Now the hatred may be against immigrants — we’re all supposed to hate immigrants, and maybe it’s other minorities, African-Americans, Latinos,” Sanders said. 

“But also I worry that the hatred will spill over to foreign affairs, and that we are maybe entering into a situation where a Trump needs a war — and war and war — to rally public support.”

Sanders spoke before a rapturous audience at the second Sister Giant conference, hosted by bestselling spirituality author Marianne Williamson, author of “A Return to Love” and “The Age of Miracles.” The conference was part of a movement Williamson has dubbed the Great Resistance of 2017. Attendees were overwhelmingly female — fans and followers of Williamson, who is among the leading figures in the New Spirituality movement in America.

The gathering, billed as “Creating a Politics of Love,” illustrates how normally inward-looking communities, especially of women who had expected Hillary Clinton to win even if they were not all-in on her candidacy, have been galvanized into action by the polarizing 2016 election outcome.

While the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches around the country struck a chord with the crafting lifestyle community — so much so that the marches wound up being visually defined by their pink hand-knitted and crocheted “pussy hats” — Sister Giant is seeking to mobilize what Williamson calls the “higher consciousness community” to resist Trump’s agenda and reach out to Americans who hold political views different from their own.

…“I know that some of your friends say, ‘Wow, this sucks,’” added Sanders. He acknowledged that some people are reacting to the moment by wanting to turn off the news, stop reading the papers “and kind of sink slowly into despair.”

“And to those people who say this, I say, as loudly as I can — not only for your lives, but for the lives of future generations — despair is not an option.”

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If you live anywhere near Denver, Colorado consider adopting a rooster from Danzing’s Roost Sanctuary. 

They have 13 roosters who will be euthanized on May 24 if they can’t find them a home. All of the roosters were seized from a fighting operation.Most of them have had their combs and wattles removed with scissors and without painkillers, in a process known as “dubbing.”  These roosters would make great companions but do not do well with other roosters.

Call 720-208-8400 or go to