the dryad and the tree spirit

Best way to get started with spirit work: Talk to plants (No I’m serious. Talk to them.)

So I talk a bit about my spirit companions all too often and to be honest, it’s still a very new experience to me and I’m still learning a lot about it. I’m also learning how to travel astraly (which I’m getting a little better but still need a lot of practice). And I’m sure some of you have been wanting to get into it and don’t know how. But I’m about to share with you the best thing I’ve learned about trying to communicate with spirits:

Learn to communicate with plants first.

And here’s why I say this:

Imagine a hedge that separates you the physical plane from the astral plane. And to be able to get to the astral plane and talk to the spirits and astral beings on the other side, you have to get on the other side of that hedge. How do you do that? You can’t cut down the hedge; and you can’t walk right through it. You could probably find a way to go over it but that takes a lot of work. So what’s the easiest way to get there? 

By befriending the hedge. And how do you befriend the hedge? By becoming a friend to all plant life.

Plants have a presence in both the physical and astral realm. You see a tree here, you’ll see a dryad in the astral realm. You see flowers, you’ll see their spirits. All plant life, big and small, make up the hedge. They border on the physical and spirit worlds and are the gatekeepers. They let those who pass who they feel are worthy. If you befriend them, they’ll open a path and help you. They’ll guide you and teach you how to work in both existences.

And to be honest, they have a lot to say if you just listen to them. The tall trees have been around a long time; they have stories to tell. The flowers love when you notice their beauty. The grass will teach you things from their perspective. Just get in touch with nature!

Befriend the animals too. They coexist with them and they coexist with you (when we’re not hurting them with our destructive human nature). The plants look after them, and if they see that you care for all forms of life, they’ll start to see you as a friend.

If you can learn how to talk and listen to the plants, then you’ll learn how to talk and listen to spirits. After all, in order to befriend the dead, you have to befriend life; no matter what shape or form it comes in. Even if you’re not a green witch, this will really come in handy.

How To Work With Hounds

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Types of Hounds

  • Hellhounds: A demonic hound; ‘darker arts’; very good for beginners; can shift to a more human form (may or may not depending on their personal preference); Many varieties (Cerberus, Orthrus, Icarus, Rogue, Etc)
  • Heavenhounds: Angelic Hounds; ‘lighter arts’; has wings; can shift into a humanoid form if desired; takes on different types of dogs; can be good for beginners
  • Cu Sidhe (Irish)  / Cu Sith (Scottish): Faery Hounds; normally green, brown, or white; Appears normally as either an Irish Wolfhound, a Wolf, or a Greyhound; Beginners be cautious but not like, paranoid
  • Cwn Annwn: The Hounds of The Celtic God Arawn ; Grey; DO NOT CONTACT UNLESS YOU WORK WITH ARAWN / WANT TO WORK WITH HIM
  • Grim: Hounds of Death; Guardians; ‘darker arts’; Very Territorial; Intermediate
  • Black Shuck: The Black Dogs of Folklore; Super Sweet; So Nice; Good for Beginners
  • Gwyllgi: Welsh; ‘Dark Arts’; 50/50 shot; Caution; Intermediate+; Appear as a black dog or a mastiff
  • Barghest: Large Dog; Sharp claws, Toxic Teeth; Actually Really Nice; ‘Dark arts’; Intermediate
  • Madrai Dryads: Hounds who live in trees; My personal discovery; Brown with green eyes; leave trails of dirt where they walk; info post soon; sweet but shy; beginner friendly
  • Werewolves: Humanoid Shifters; Shift either at will or with the moon phases/extreme anger; man buns for dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys; beginner friendly sometimes, use caution
  • Familiars: Spirits of animals passed on; very chill; I would recommend these for anyone. {I have a wolf I got from a shop and she is the sweetest thing ever <3 )
  • Celestial Hounds: The Hounds of The Stars; Very spacey; They glow; harder to contact

How To Bond

  • Spend time with them and their vessel
  • Talk to them
  • Do fun things with them
  • Draw them
  • Give Them Food
  • Cuddle
  • Etc

Things That Help (No Seriously, I Wish I Would Have Been Told This Stuff)

1) Get A Damn Pendulum, this is the easiest way to communicate with any spirit, is user friendly, and very inconspicuous

2) Be patient. Do not fucking get mad when they mess up, explain why thats not ok or how it should be done

3) Set house rules, but don’t be a dictator about it

4) Develop a Mom™ Voice (I mean this in a gender neutral way, but you know that voice that your mom used that made you feel compelled to do what she asked or tell her what she wanted to know? Yeah, develop one of those. Its helped me so many times its not even funny. (it actually is kinda funny tbh)

5) Vessels aren’t supposed to be an uncomfortable trap for your companion, its supposed to make it easier to feel them and connect with them. Ask to make sure their binding (if they have one) doesn’t hurt them. If it does contact the shop you got them from, break the binding you did, or have someone else (like me) break the binding and redo it. (IF YOU GOT THEM FROM A SHOP PLEASE CONTACT THAT SHOP FIRST, I don’t like stepping on other peoples work unless they refuse to help, EVERY SHOP SHOULD / WILL WANT TO KNOW IF THEIR BINDING IS INFLICTING PAIN.)

If you need help contacting any of the above mentioned spirits, please message me and I would be glad to help you 

Conversation with an Oak Tree in my Backyard

April 15, 2017

**We communicated through feelings and thoughts, so the following conversation is a translation into more understandable text.**

I visualized roots growing from my body and reaching down into the earth to meet the roots of the oak.



Ummm… I wanted to introduce myself. I’m J. I’ve lived here for a while.

Yes, I know you.

Oh, okay! I’ve tried to talk to you before, but I never heard any responses, so I wasn’t sure if you had noticed me.

I didn’t have anything to say then.

Okay. So, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I am a protector, a caretaker, a healer.

And what do you think of humans?

I watch over all beings in my area. Humans, spirits, I make no distinction.

Your area? Where is that, exactly?

As far as my roots reach.

Do you have a name?

*silence* (I don’t know if this means “I don’t have a name.” or “I don’t want to tell you my name.” or “I just tried to tell you my name, but you were unable to receive it.” or something else.)

What do you like? As far as offerings go– music, food, drink, poetry…?

Acts of kindness and love. Words of appreciation. Water. Tea.

Thank you for your time.


The Signs as Types of Fairies pt. 4 (Water)

Cancer - Dryad
Dryads are female nature fairies who live in forests and trees, preferably oak trees. They are very shy and afraid of getting too far away from their inhabited tree. Every tree is connected to the Dryad’s spirit  which is why some trees appear creepy while others look peaceful. When the tree dies, the fairy will die with it. Dryads are very playful and non-violent which is why you will never see them hurting animals or humans.

Scorpio - Adhene (Manx Fairy, Cloanny Moyrn Fairy)
In many folklore or legends, Adhenes are fallen angels, banned from heaven but too good for hell. They are very shy, usually female fairies who love to play in waterfalls or dance on mountain tops. They look beautiful, even angelic but behave very mischievous when it comes to humans, stealing women and children when they wish. But they could never truly hurt someone because it is believed that their truest intentions are purely good.

Pisces - Asrai
Asrais are aquatic fairies that can either look like beautiful young maidens or children. In fact, they are hundreds of years old but only few humans will ever see them because they are very shy and constantly afraid of being captured. If an Asrai is caught or touches the sunlight, it will die, melting off into a pool of water. It seldom happens that people cross paths with this creatures but if they are touched by Asrais, they will forever have a body part colder than the rest of their bodies.


Magic the Gathering - Dryads

Verdant Rebirth, illustrated by Josu Hernaiz
The dryads of the forest have no stake in Ixalan’s conflict, but they hate to see any living being suffer.

Blossom Dryad, illustrated by Shreya Shetty
The only force on Ixalan not interested in finding the golden city is Ixalan itself.

Old-Growth Dryads, illustrated by Yongjae Choi
“The jungle was here before any city. It will be here when the last city falls.”

Dryads are spirits of trees, taking a nymph-like or treefolk form to relate to the humanoids that venture near their forests. They are found on a wide array of different planes. They feature most prominently in Dominaria, Mercadia, Ravnica, and Theros.  There are three dryad creature cards in the new Ixalan set.  These green creatures are not aligned with any faction / tribe.

Perhaps one of my favourite Dryad card illustrations from Wizards of the Coast may be Brad Rigney’s Dryad Arbor from the special set From the Vault: Realms.  To me, the artist was spot on by not going too far ‘Ent’ (from Lord of the Rings) and not too far Wood Nymph or foe which is quite a different thingy altogether.

After our group is subpoenaed by a walking stump and taken to plant court for our crimes against plants, we meet our public defender, telling us our charges is that our gunslinger, half dryad, created an abomination plant that eats them by accident, desecrating dead trees for a fire and not alerting their family that they died.

Gunslinger: I am only just realizing how ridiculous this situation is.

Fighter: ONLY NOW!? What the plant police telling us to stop in the name of the law or the fact you created an abomination against nature, wasn’t ridiculous?

A dryad (/ˈdraɪ.æd/; Greek: Δρυάδες, sing.: Δρυάς) is a tree nymph, or female tree spirit, in Greek mythology. In Greek drys signifies “oak.” Thus, dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, though the term has come to be used for all tree nymphs in general. (Nancy Ford Cones - Women in a forest, c.1925)

Dryad au

Dryad’s are tree nympths, they are basically bound to the tree and I just- So much can be done with this hellllpppp. 

- Tree nympths having specific characteristics of the tree they guard/posess. For example they may have ivy growing out of them and the leaves of the tree in their hair.

-Tree nympths who gaurd the wildlife in the trees, for example squirrels in oak trees.

-Dryad’s who posess bonsai trees being tiny.

-Tree nympths who posess fir trees being hardy and able to resist very low temperatures.

-Nympths that posess deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves during the winter and autumn) looking like normal people but looking very tired and less full of life.

-Parkour masters.

-Campaigning to protect trees in the city, or atleast move them from the city to somewhere new.

-Tree nympths who use photosynthesis? Sunbathing tree nympths sleeping just next to their tree.

- Tree nympths decorated with Amber.

-Tree nympths who are able to posess a new tree so long as it is the offspring of the previous which is still alive. 

-A monkey puzzle tree nympth visiting a jewellers shop who takes jet from a nearby mine, and finding jet from the leftovers of one of their old trees. (Jet is fossilised monkey puzzle).

-Agressive tree nympths who come from hawthorn or monkey puzzle.

-Nympths that live in your garden.

-That nympth witnessed your shameless house party.

-Modern nympths that decorate their tree on special occassions. Person A not liking the apple tree covered in decorative lights and demanding the dryad takes them down.

-Stop climbing mi tree.

-Naga that shares a tree and sleeps in the branches and helps protect the ree and in return can sunbathe on that one branch that sticks out.

-Bees honey being a part of the food source for the nympth.

-Throwing acorns at that centaur/person you don’t like.

-Nympth territory fights. “Scccuuusseee mmmeee III was going to plant mmyyy beech tree here!”

-Nympths with strong wills having pheonix trees (trees that will always regrow when you cut them down and poison them).

-A tree nympths mental state affecting their trees health.

-A tree getting an infection and a nympth bursting into the garden center like: I NEED YOUR FINEST PESTICIDE.

-I’m pretty sure it’s apple trees that do this but apple tree nympth finding out their tree will be the only one not being cut down and quickly collecting samples of other trees and adding them to the apple tree (as apple trees can merge and support other trees theresoneinNewyorkwhichisfabulous) so their nympth friends can stay alive.

- Nympths that merge like above getting all kinds of flower and leaves on them.

-Willow tree nympths having the flowing dangly branches for hair.

-Palm tree nympths having a personal umbrella-

Zodiac Mythical Races

Aries: Werewolves- also known as Lycans legend has it that they were a race of people who could purposely turn into larger-than-normal wolves, but some stories differ saying that it was a curse that turned a human into a half-man/half-wolf monster without his consent during a full moon.

Taurus: Dryads- also know as wood nymphs dryads were extremely beautiful and were literally the spirits of the trees. Legend has it that if the tree they were from died so would they. Love of nature, and an extremely strong tie to their home/roots nothing screams Taurus more.

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‘Nymph Watercolor’

Recently I found my Inktense and Graphitint colored pencils (both are water-soluble so that they can be blended like watercolors when water is added. Inktense is bright while Graphitint is muted and possibly erasable like graphite)- so I decided to try them out with a quick portrait!

I’m used to mediums where there is a greater level of control (pencil, ink pens, digital) so it took a little bit of practice to achieve a look I liked. I did my linework in dark blue and then added lines and scribbles of gradations from green to yellow, using magenta for contrast. Afterwards I carefully applied water and spread the pigment. Note: darker colors take more water to spread and if you can accidentally set the lines in without dissolving them!

Most watercolor artists I follow use white acrylic afterwards to define edges and add highlights, but since I did not have any on hand I photographed my piece and added the whites in with photoshop.

Because the color selection is so bright, I decided to paint a kind of forest nymph/fairy. These are definitely suited for fanciful creatures and floral pieces.

Overall it was a fun experiment and hopefully I’ll be able to make use of the pencils more in the future!

Full Moons Masterpost

Wolf Moon (January)

Also known as: Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon, Chaste Moon, Dusting Moon, Moon of Little Winter

 Nature Spirits: gnomes, brownies

 Element: Air

 Herbs: marjoram, holy thistle, nuts, cones, and seeds

 Colors: brilliant white, blue-violet, black, silver, rose, and burgandy

 Flowers: snowdrop, crocus

 Scents: musk, mimosa, pine

 Stones: garnet, onyx, jet, chrysoprase, Hematite

 Trees: birch, Hazel

 Animals: fox, coyote

 Birds: pheasant, blue jay

 Power Flow: sluggish, below the surface; beginning and conceiving. Protection, reversing spells. Conserving energy by working on personal problems that involve no one else. Getting your various bodies to work smoothly together for the same goals.

Edibles: sugar cookies and apple juice

 Altar Decor: pine branch, burgundy or rose candles, pictures of family and friends

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