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Stim Toy Hygeine

Something I haven’t seen any posts on yet (I’m sure they’re out there though) are about keeping stim toys clean.

I’m not an expert but this is how we clean toys and materials in the preschool where I work and how I clean mine at home.

  • Hard plastics (such as tangles): Hot soapy water and a cloth. Dry well.
  • Soft plastics, silicone, rubber, metals, wood: Damp soft cloth and a little soap. Use a clean damp cloth to clean any soap residue. Objects with holes such as rubber ducks can go mouldy so dry well.
  • Soft things that cannot be submerged (pom pom keyrings, stress balls, weighted blankets etc): spot clean with a damp cloth. Keep hands clean when using and avoid these toys as outside stim toys when possible.
  • Pacifiers and similiar chewing stim toys: rest in boiling water to sterilise before use and use hot soapy water to clean after each use.
  • Soft toys and fabrics: wash in laundry as directed on products’ labels. If they have rattles inside you can sometimes put them into a net laundry bag or a pillowcase in a normal laundry wash (some may require spot cleaning only).
  • You can use diluted bleach or other sterilising cleaner (such as those for baby bottles and toys) every few weeks to kill germs. 
  • When using slime, kinetic sand and other toys (such as beanbags) that cannot be cleaned, try to wash your hands before and after you use them and keep them in an air-tight container. 
  • I always carry around baby wipes and hand sanitizer to keep my hands and tangles clean when I’m outside.

Amaram: “Old friend, it’s been too long.”
Dalinar: “Too long by far. I’m glad you finally made your way here, after years of promises. I heard you’ve even found yourself a Shardblade.”
Amaram: “Yes. Taken from an assassin who dared try to kill me on the field of battle.”

What do ppl think about Grell’s wish to have children? It’s only brought up once in the books and I wondered what everyone’s thoughts are on whether it’s a genuine desire that fed into Grell’s involvement in the Ripper murders or whether it was only a sly tactic to gain Angelina’s trust?

I always wonder about this- I can’t decide what I think- so I’d like to hear any thoughts! (Pls message them to me, I do not understand how to respond to comments on posts D:)

After your boyfriend deepothroated my nut, I decided it was appropriate to give him a kiss, what a good slut, made sure I was completely dry, well wet but cum dry :D

Rarepair ship time~ Shoumob is pretty cute!!~ :^)) I kinda imagine Shou having a crush after a Certain Arc™ (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡ (Asdfghjkl; Mob forgave him oK,,,Im sorry if this is OOC,,,).

Lineart traditionally, colored digitally ( + played around with acrylic textures)!!

(Shoutout to @yama-sama for talking about Shoumob with me ayeeE (*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*) hahaha)

The toughest thing to explain to people is that weird place where chronic fatigue and brain fog intersect; where you’re so far gone that physical and mental energy are both being drawn from the same well, and the well is dry. When you’ve been on your feet and your muscles are screaming they can’t do anymore, and someone asks you a question and it’s more than you can muster to even open your mouth and make a sound. When critical thinking is the same as running a marathon and you can’t remember what you’re doing so you walk into a wall. It all just blends together until your brain and your body both feel like useless mush.

Look, if you don’t believe that climate change is real, there’s probably not a whole lot we’re going to say in the next couple of paragraphs that will change your mind (although you’ll no doubt read it anyway to try to refute us in the comments, so thanks for that). If you don’t want to take responsibility for the state of the planet, that’s on you. The rest of us are going to talk about our options.

Here’s the main takeaway: 2016 is on pace to be the hottest year on record. The current record holder? 2015.

The fallout from this is anywhere you care to look. Yes, California’s epic drought has improved, and is now “terrible” instead of “calamitous,” but did you know New England is also currently in a drought? Dry wells, thirsty residents, and massive amounts of dead fish – so all the fun parts of the Bible, then. Another fun factoid: In 2010, New Orleans had 13 nights when the temperature didn’t drop below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This year, it was 43. Combined with the fact that about one-third of New Orleans’ population doesn’t have air conditioning, that alone could have been one of the biggest missed stories of the year, considering the misery it caused.

Oh. And the ground in Siberia is now wobbling.

8 Huge Stories Nobody Paid Attention To In 2016

Vegan Grocery Shopping-Budget Style

This is my generic vegan grocery shopping template-it’s perfect if you live in a colder climate like myself and you’re wanting to eat cheaply as a vegan!🌱😊

1) Have a constant supply of starches, whole grains, beans and legumes at home. These are the fundamental base of my diet-they’re cheap, nutritious and widely available in most places. I stock up on oats, pasta, potatoes, dark wholemeal breads, noodles, sweet potatoes, brown rice and buy them in bulk/on sale. I’d recommend buying lentils/beans in bulk as well in dry weight as opposed to canned, try to vary the lentils, beans and pulses you use-aim to get beans and lentils in an array of shapes, sizes and colours for multifarious nutrition. I try to go for dark grains over white!

2) Buy frozen not fresh-frozen vegetables and fruits are just as nutritious but often significantly cheaper than buying them fresh-I like to get frozen berries, peas, corn, spinach, string beans, if you’re eating a lot of the surface area of your produce if you can afford it, go organic.

3) Fresh Produce Section: Here I try to switch up what I buy- I’ll often get apples, bananas, avocados, oranges, carrots, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, onions, eggplant, apricots, parsnips, whatever’s in season. I’ll also always get some dark leafy/collard/cruciferous greens (kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower) to make sure I’m getting enough calcium and other important micronutrients and vitamins.

4) Nuts and nut butters/seeds/dried fruit-I’ll switch this up a bit also, normally buying these products in bulk/when they’re discounted. I’ll often get almonds, cashews, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, tahini, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, walnuts and dried apricots, raisins, dried cranberries, dried figs, dates, dried prunes, sometimes dried mango. I don’t use margarine or olive oil in my cooking often because I’d rather eat foods in their whole food form and get the fats from there, (in saying this I’m definitely not against using oils/margarines that are palm oil free). 

4) Misc.other-I usually buy some tofu/tempeh, and if I’m too lazy to make my own haha I’ll buy soy/almond/coconut milks when they’re on sale. I’ll make sure to eat sushi nori/buy some seaweed to get some form of the DHA form of omega 3 fatty acids.

This is all I can really think of at the moment, sometimes I’ll buy some vegan junk food or vegan substitutes-like fake meats, yoghurts, ice cream etc but I don’t often crave foods like these :)

Some people were also asking if I take any supplements-apart from a vitamin D supplement in winter I don’t, I’m easily getting enough zinc, iron, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids etc. through the way I am eating but I get my blood tested every 6 months to make sure I’m on top of my nutrition and I’d recommend if you’re transitioning to veganism, you do too. For B12 I’ll either get that through nutritional yeast, marmite or I’ll buy plant milks that are fortified with it 👍

Spin Cycle

While texting @thesschesthair last week, and telling her I was doing laundry, she gave me this idea…This is unbeta’d and I just needed to get something out. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the lovely women who are a huge part of my life! (Tags at the end). 

Emma trudged into the laundry room of the house dressed in her grey robe, waiting impatiently for the drier to stop. 

“I could’ve sworn it said 15 more minutes 10 minutes ago!” she shouted at the wall. 

“Everything okay in here, love?” Killian knocked on the open door with his hook, startling Emma. 

She huffed in annoyance, but not at him. “I would be doing better if it wasn’t taking so long for the laundry to finish!”

Killian knew his wife better than anyone, even herself, and he knew her frustration went well beyond drying clothes. “Swan…what is this really about? You can talk to me.”

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